Kurt Hummel Wishes that some people would just admit their feelings.

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Wes Smith Blaine I think he's talking to you dude.

Kurt Hummel Nope. Just some big meathead.

Wes Smith Who?

Kurt Hummel Ask Blaine.

Dave Karofsky has joined Facebook.

Mercedes Jones how in the heck did I become your friend?

Blaine I was wondering the same thing.

Dave Karofsky I have my ways.

Blaine Is confused how he became friends with Dave but so long as he didn't add Kurt…

Kurt Hummel He did.

Mercedes Jones Aww poor baby. How about you come over and we can watch Rent?

Kurt Hummel YAY! Okay!

Kurt Hummel Is going over to Mercedes to watch Rent! 3

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Mercedes Jones Kurt. *shakes head*

Kurt Hummel has changed schools to Dalton Academy.

Mercedes Jones Awwwwwwwwww stupid meathead. We will miss you.

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Rachel Berry I generally don't befriend the enemy. But Im glad the exception is you. Your voice is a loss to New Directions.

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Kurt Hummel Uh Rachel? That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me… Even though you did befriend Jesse St. James

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Puck You are a creep Jesse. Gonna miss you Kurt.

Jesse St. James I resent that.

Blaine Kurt Hummel is the worst spy ever. Just saying.

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Kurt Hummel HEY! In the words of St. James (Curse his soul) I resent that.

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Jesse St. James You guys suck. I resent that.

Rachel Berry DISLIKE!

Santana Lopez She's learning the ways of normal regular people. I'm so proud. *wipes away a few tears*

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Rachel Berry Santana Lopez is my mentor 3 :)
Santana Lopez Good you mastered smileys. On to Seduction. *rubs hands evilly*

Brittany Can I help?
Santana Lopez Sure Britt. Meet at Quinn Fabray's house.

Brittany YAY!

Quinn Fabray How did I get dragged into this?

Santana Lopez You just did.

Rachel Berry Coming over now.

Rachel Berry changed her status from single to in a relationship with Finn Hudson

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Kurt Hummel FINALLY! You guys were driving me crazy, with those looks of lust and then blushing and looking away… Just no making out when I'm home, kay?
Mercedes Jones You go white boy.

Finn Hudson Well Kurt you better leave home now….


Rachel Berry Sorry Kurt.
Quinn Fabray So I guess the Seduction Lesson worked, right Santana Lopez?
Santana Lopez You got that right. Kurt, are you sure it isn't kinky? *waggles eyebrows*

Kurt Hummel …. They aren't brave enough to be kinky in front of me. I would attack them.

Brittany With kisses?

Kurt Hummel No Britt. 3

Brittany Then how? With dolphins?

Kurt Hummel Sure Britt. I love you.

Kurt Hummel has changed his relationship status from single to married with Brittany

Santana Lopez Brittany, no! You cheated on me. I got a plan Kurt and you are not going to be happy…

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Blaine has changed his relationship status from single to married with Santana Lopez

Kurt Hummel No you brat. At least I have MET my wifey before.

Santana Lopez Don't be jealous of our love. Come over to my house at 5, Brittany, Kurt Hummel, and Blaine!

Santana Lopez Hottest. Thing. Ever.

Kurt Hummel Santana, that was awesome. Except you were staring at Blaine and I and making us watch you and Britt but…

Brittany Kurt you and Blaine making out was super hot. 33 Does this mean I can kiss you again?

Kurt Hummel *facepalms* Thanks Britt. No sorry, stick to other guys and Santana.

Brittany Can I kiss Blaine?
Blaine No sorry Brittany. But Kurt that was fun.

Puck So wait… Santana you make Kurt and Blaine make out at your house, and then you and Brittany made out?

Santana Lopez Yep win win for all. Blaine and Kurt can get over their frickin sexual tension and realize they both like each other, I got to watch two guys make out, then Britt and I.

Puck Kinky. *waggles eyebrows*

Kurt Hummel *facepalms*