Hey guys, sorry for this really, short chapter, but it's better than nothing right?

Kurt Hummel I still don't know what Blaine Potter's last name is!

Blaine Potter Im telling you Kurt, it's Potter!

Wes Smith No its not.

David Adams Blaine, stop deluding yourself.

Blaine Potter Im surprised you know that word :)

Wes Smith You better be nice Blaine, or we could tell your lover boy your last name…

David Adams Mwahaha

Blaine Potter … You guys suck

Kurt Hummel Hey guess what? I HAVE A NAME WES!

David Adams Yeah but, we don't like saying your name

Wes Smith Because then Blaine goes all lovey dovey and ugh

David Adams And then he starts talking about you

Wes Smith ugh

Blaine Potter ...You guys need to go sit in a hole.

Finn Hudson Blaine, Kurt does that at the mentioning of your name too

Kurt Hummel Finn Hudson, you GET OFF MY FACEBOOK STATUS!

Finn Hudson Yes mom. *rolls eyes*

Kurt Hummel I'll give you 10 seconds to get off. Otherwise, I'm inviting Blaine over.


Wes Smith Ahaha, that boy is whipped

Kurt Hummel No Blaine, I will not wear those clothes.

Blaine Potter Come on! I'll tell you my last name if you wear them.

Kurt Hummel No… well…

Mercedes Jones Kurt, his last name is Anderson.

Blaine Potter Thanks for ruining my advantage over him

Wes Smith When we say not to tell, you don't tell, alright Mercedes? But good job. Those clothes are ugly.

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Mercedes Jones Anything for my best friend :)

Blaine Potter changed his name to Blaine

Wes Smith Does this mean you admit you aren't Harry Potter?

Blaine Nope. I just see no need to try and convince Kurt my last name is Potter anymore.

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Kurt Hummel Good boy. Cya in 10?

Blaine Definitely.

Santana Lopez S.l.u.t. she's a slut. S.l.u.t. she's a slut. :)

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Puck Did I get that song stuck in your head?

Santana Lopez Yes. His other songs are stuck in my head too.

Rachel Berry What sort of song is that?

Quinn Fabray It's a song by Scotty Vanity. Slut.

Rachel Berry …. You guys like weird music.

Mercedes Jones WE like weird music? More like YOU like weird music.

Santana Lopez Took those words right out of my mouth.

Will Schuester No Brittany, we will not sing Slut.

Brittany :(

Santana Lopez Look at you Mr. Schue, disappointing Brittany.

Will Schuester Santana, it's not going to work.

Santana Lopez Damn.