Summary: Harry travels back in time to change the future, but something doesn't go exactly the way he planned. Neville is the boy who lived.

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Chapter 1

Time of my life

Maybe 6 or 7 o'clock. He had no watch to really know, but he could guess by the way the sky looked. It was sunset.

The sun was disappearing in the horizon, as if it was trying to hide behind the far away mountains; it looked beautiful, the sky was an orange color that made everything looked as if it were on fire.

Peaceful. That is what how he felt. Peaceful. Or as peaceful as he could be.

It would be a perfect time to just sit outside and maybe read a book or just stare into the beautiful landscape, to relax.

The trees and grass were alive. The green that painted everything around was showing there was still life. Life was still a possibility, it was still something you could have.

It was something to appreciate, something to be thankful for.

You could even hear one or two birds chirping, maybe it was spring.

It didn't really matter what the season was. It didn't matter what day it was, not even what year it was. At least not to him.

Not a single voice could be heard this night, no children playing, no annoyed parents trying to get their kids inside. Nothing. It was quiet, except for those birds.

London for the first time ever, was in total silence.

It would be a happy moment, if you didn't really know the cause of such silence.

There wasn't even one soul alive to disturb the that he knew of, at least.

Only one person lived. Only one survived. Him.

Why was he the only one that survived?

What made him so special?

Though it couldn't really be called surviving. He was dead inside, he felt as if he had no reason to live. Everything and everyone he cared about no longer existed in this world. Not even as ghosts, he had looked.

He felt no interest in anything anymore. Nothing really mattered.

He was around 23 years old, he wasn't sure, time wasn't important anymore.

He had messy black hair, he was tall and you could tell he had once been in great shape. You couldn't really expect it to still be that way when the man barely ate, when he barely got out of his house. Not that you could really call it a house.

It looked as if the walls could fall on any moment, as if something supernatural kept it as it was. Maybe it was.

His most prominent feature were his eyes, brilliant green eyes, that once had been hidden with glasses. His friend had, a long time ago, helped him get his full sight back. Now you could see those beautiful green eyes from miles away. Especially since it were the only eyes that could be seen in miles.


Hopelessness was the only emotion that held those eyes.

The man, whose name was Harry Potter, though his name wasn't really important anymore, had been fighting an impossible war for years.

He had seen his mentor, friends and family die. He had continued fighting by himself in memory of everyone he once loved, for everyone he still loved. He had tried, but his oponent had demostrated that experience was a huge advantage. Even though Harry had come into a huge surge of power on his seventeen birthday, he was still untrained.

He felt there was no point anymore. Who was he fighting for now?

His parents had died when he was one year old, they had died to save his life. For some unknown reason their murderer hadn't been able to kill him and had disappeared instead for eleven years.

Ironically, those eleven years could have easily been the worst years of his life.

His parents' murderer hadn't harmed him physically, except for a lighting shaped scar on his forehead. He had harmed him every other way there was possible.

He had made him an orphan. He had deprived Harry from love, from everything a kid needs: a mother and a father, for that Harry had always hated that evil being.

Because of that night, his mentor had decided his safety was more important than his happiness. Something Harry had hold a grudge for, for a long time.

His mentor, if you could call him that, had left him in the footsteps of his aunt's house. His mother's sister, a woman who had despised him from the moment he saw him, maybe even before that.

For the first eleven years of his life, he hadn't understood why.

He had thought his name was Boy Freak Potter, until he was 5 years old and had gone to school for the first time.

When the teacher had asked for everyone to introduce themselves, a skinny little kid had introduced himself as "Boy Freak Potter". They where the only 3 names his family had ever called him.

He wasn't sure if the order was right, but he thought it was.

Everyone had laughed thinking he was being funny, but because of his low self-esteem he had thought they had been laughing at him.

His teacher, Miss McClaire, had been shocked to feel the sincerity in the little boy's voice when he had introduced himself.

She had informed him of his name: Harry James Potter.

Harry had had to admit, he liked that name better.

Miss McClaire had called Harry's family over to have a talk with them with had only resulted in a severe punishment for Harry once he was in his house.

All he could do now was remember everything he had lived. To try and find a reason to keep living.


"What were you thinking? You wanted to make us look bad didn't you boy?" a purple faced large man yelled at Harry. The threw him into the house and closed the door after his wife had come in.

"My name is Harry" the little boy stated trembling, trying to seem confident but failling miserably. He had tears falling from his eyes, he was laying in the floor in front the large man, of his uncle.

He was scared, but now that he knew his name, he wanted to be called Harry.

His aunt was on the stairs just staring at him with hatred in her eyes. She was holding a young, whale of a boy with blonde hair, that was currently laughing.

The blonde boy watched how his cousin was being punished, he didn't know the reason, but he knew he deserved it.

"Don't talk to me in that tone!" yelled his uncle after he kicked him on the side, "After everything me and my family had done for you, you should be thankful we didn't left you in the streets when we found you"

Harry wanted to say he was sorry, but the pain wouldn't let him do anything.

"We should have known you were going to be just like your mother, pitiful and worthless" his aunt interrupted, "Only someone as stupid as my sister would have married a workless and drunk man. Of course that would get her killed" his aunt started rambling, "She just never thought about anyone but herself, selfish. She had to go out and get herself killed in that car crash. I'm sure she did it on purpose just to make my life miserable. She knew I would have to take you in, since I am such a good person. She must have known what you were and didn't want to be near you for any time longer" her aunt finished saying.

"Go to your room!" his uncle yelled, while he helped him up roughly and tossed him inside a small cupboard located underneath the stairs.

He locked Harry inside.

Harry had stayed there for 3 days.

End of Flashback.

Harry had been changed into the same school as Dudley, his cousin, after that.

No one had ever tried to help again.

He had never had any friends. Not even the teachers liked him

Everything changed when he turned 11. His life became better, became something worth fighting for.

Something he always thought was impossible, happened.

He was told he was a wizard, and he had a place in a school named Hogwarts.

He was told by his first friend, Hagrid, that he had been accepted to the best magical school in the world.

Even though his life had been in danger for at least once a year, Hogwarts had been his home. He hadn't felt happier anywhere.

In his first year, a professor, who had been possessed by his parent's murderer, had tried to kill him.

In his second year, a diary and a basilik had almost achieved it.

In his third year, a convicted murderer was thought to be after him, but then found out the man was innocent. In fact he learned the supposed murderer was his godfather. Harry almost had his soul sucked out by a hundred dementors.

In his fourth year, his parents' murderer had come back.

In his fifth year, the evil man had tried to possess him and he had found out why everything happened to him. Stupid prophecy. His godfather died that year.

In his sixth year, the white masked men, who were known as Death Eaters, had entered Hogwarts and killed the Headmaster.

In his seventh year he had ditched school and had tried to go after the evil man. His two best friends had died that year.

Next year and until the current year everyone that he had once known, had been killed.


"Harry Potter. How does it feel to have killed everyone you loved?" a snake faced man asked him, the man that had been trying to kill him most of his life.

"I didn't kill them. You and your dogs did" Harry answered him, barely standing. He was lifting a long piece of wood with his right hand. Battered and bloody clothes, broken nose and a swollen eye. He wasn't going to show weakness, not if he could help it.

Everyone present started laughing. One of those laughs stood out; Harry would know that laugh anywhere.

He turned abruptly to where he thought the laugh was coming from, all he could feel was pure hatred.

"Bellatrix, I'm glad you are here. After I kill your master, I'm going to kill you" Harry promised the woman who had killed his godfather a long time ago.

"Oooh, poor little Hawy thinks he is going to win" mocked the woman, giving one step forward.

Harry knew who it was, even though she had her face hidden behind a white mask.

"You want to know what I did to the mudblood and the bloodtraitor?" a man stepped forward, closer to Harry. Harry turned a little to the left, and if it was possible he felt even more rage inside.

"Lucius" Harry spit the name out, I'm going to avenge them, you can be sure of that" Harry gritted.

Everyone started laughing again.

"Oh Harry is almost a pity that I have to kill you. I have to say you have been my best entertainment for the last years. It will be quite boring without you, I have to admit" the snake-face man taunted.

"I'm going to kill you Tom. I'm going to do it for my parents and my friends" Harry promised him, trying to maintain his balance.

It wasn't meant to be.

He was too weak.

He fell hard on the floor, his legs couldn't hold him anymore.

Everyone laughed one more time, this time with more force.

"Just so you can't say I'm evil, I'll give you a chance to try again. You can live for a while longer" the man, who Harry had called Tom, told him with a smirk before he disappeared. All the white masked men and women after him, leaving him bleeding behind.

End of Flashback

That had been 2 years ago.

Tom had been playing with him, and Harry knew that. Not even calling him Tom worked anymore.

The evil man had won.

There was no one left, but Harry, opposing him.

In that time, Harry had found the house he was currently living in. He never left it.

Hermione, one of his best friends, had been researching of a way to win the war before she was killed. Harry had continued with her work.

It was hard work, and he was progressing very slowly. He was almost there though, he was sure of that.

And he was right.

After 2 and a half years, he had finally finished.

Everything was ready.

Everywhere, in the floors, walls and ceiling, something was carved. Some things were drawn, with what looked like blood.

Harry was standing in the middle, with the same long piece of wood that alwas accompanied his hand.

He had a smile on his face and determination in his eyes.

He was going to make a change.

He was going to help everyone.

He was going to win this time.

"Zeit ist wichtig" muttered Harry.

A blinding white light quickly started surrounding him and the house, disappearing quickly after, leaving only burned grass behind.

While the light surrounded him he heard a voice, though he didn't understand what it said.

"Man kann die Vergangenheit nicht ändern, aber ein anderes Leben leben"

A hole opened in the sky for less than a second, but it was enough time for the sky to throw something forcefully out.

You had to have paid attention and know exactly where to look for to have been able to see it.

It all happened too fast, what everyone felt was how dark and cold it got.

A black shadow fell through the sky.

Before you could really notice, the stars could be seen again in the sky, accompanying the moon as if nothing unusual had just happened.

The shadow fell rapidly towards the floor and hit the ground hard.

Harry stayed there for a couple of minutes, groaning and trying to get control over the pain.

Just when he thought the pain was manageable, he stood up as quickly as he could, which wasn't too quickly, and started taking notice of his surroundings.

He had no idea of where he was.

Nothing could be seen that could give him an idea of where he was.


"What are you doing Hermione?" Harry asked curiously to her friend.

"We are going to win this war Harry, and this is how we are going to do it. I just need to… it shouldn't take long" Hermione answered half paying attention at what she was saying, never lifting her gaze from the parchment she was currently writing on.

"She has gone barmy mate. She only sits there and writes. She has been like that for 2 days now" Ron, his other best friend said without getting up from his bed. He was using a sleepy voice, "Try getting her to eat, maybe she will listen to you"

Harry took the parchment away from Hermione and lifted it up his head, laughing, "Come on Mione, you have to eat something, and you should sleep a little"

Ron after seeing what was going on, got out of bed and stood behind Hermione.

"Throw it at me Harry" Ron yelled at his friend laughing.

Harry made the parchment into a ball and threw it towards Ron, who caught and lift it over his head laughing.

Hermione turned towards Ron and started trying to get it back, but both boys were considerably taller than her.

Ron threw it back at Harry, making Hermione turn back towards her other friend.

"Harry James Potter and Ronald Billius Weasley stop playing right now and give me that back" a very angry Hermione ordered in a dangerous low voice. That shocked both her friends. Ron gave her the parchment back.

"Would you at least tell us what is so important about what you are doing" Ron asked her, scared of making her angrier than what she already was.

"Why is this going to help us win the war?" asked Harry with no care in the world, trying to get the parchment away from her again.

"Harry don't you dare!" warned Hermione, getting Harry's hand away from the piece of parchment.

"Hermione I'm being serious. Explain to us what you are doing and if we think it's important we won't interrupt you again" Harry promised her.

"You are not Sirius" Hermione joked, with a little smile in her face.

Ron tried to hide his smile behind his hand. Harry had no idea how to react.

Not seeing Harry smiling Hermione felt guilty, "I'm sorry Harry, I don't know why I said that. I think you are both right. I need to sleep and eat something. My mind isn't really working at the moment"

Harry seeing her friend starting to get distressed smirked, "Tell us what you are doing and I'll forgive you" Harry promised Hermione.

"Harry! You made me feel so guilty!" Hermione told him swatting him playfully in the arm after seeing Harry's smirk. He was playing with her.

"Please Hermione, let us help you" Ron told her, once he knew that it was safe to get near his friends. He sat down across from Hermione.

"Fine, but it will take a while" Hermione answered.

Harry sat down in the bed and waited for Hermione to start explaining.

End of Flashback

He had been sorry for interrupting her after learning what she was doing. She had been right. It was what was going to help them win the war. Yes, them.

He was going to make sure there was going to be a "them" again.

First, she had explained everything in only a way Hermione could have understood, taking on her famous lecture tone.

After almost half an hour of explaining, she finally noticed the confused looks Harry and Ron had on.

That is when she had realized they had not understood what she had been trying to explain. That had made her blush.

He missed seeing his friend blush.

Remembering that moment, made Harry smile.

They had acted carefree, like normal teenagers, even though the topic had been anything but normal.

She had then started to explain everything in a much simpler way.

At that moment, he had realized just how much of a genius Hermione really was.

Only she could have done what she had been doing.

It was brilliant.

The perfect plan.

Dumbledore had once told them that traveling through time was dangerous, illegal, and that you had to be careful to not make big changes.

Hermione had explained that that didn't really apply here.

It wasn't illegal, since there was no government.

It wasn't dangerous, since what made it dangerous was the fact that you could accidentally kill yourself. If you travel to a time were you didn't exist, then it wasn't dangerous.

Finally, the point of it all was to make big changes.

Hermione had found a way of making a sort of time turner, that could get anyone back in time years, instead of hours.

She had used the basic theory of the time turners that already existed and modified them to make them what they needed.

The new, improved, time turner could move you forward as well, making it easier than waiting for the time to pass to get back to their time. Like the basic time turner did.

The three of them were to go back to 1981. October 31st 1981 to be exact.

While Harry made sure Voldemort didn't kill him or his parents, Hermione and Ron would make sure Bellatrix didn't hurt Neville or his parents.

They were going to hide them without even Dumbledore knowing where, so Voldemort wouldn't be able to find them.

Hermione was also trying to find a way to make Voldemort disappear, for at least the same 11 years that he had disappeared in their time, without getting the Potters killed.

That way, they would be able to have a life, and prepare before they had to fight him again.

Somehow, getting their memories into their younger selves so they would know what was coming.

She had the basics of what they needed to make it happen, she just had to make it work somehow.

After she had explained, Ron and Harry had become engrossed, just like Hermione.

They had been trying to help her with her it.

They had needed to make sure it worked.


"Harry look out!"

Harry dived out of the way just in time to see a green light hit just were he had been standing a second ago.

"Thanks Mione" He yelled back, quickly standing up.

It was a fight, there was no denying that.

They were losing.

It was a blur of lights.

He couldn't really see how his friends were doing.

He hoped they were alright.

At least he knew Hermione was still alive and near.



Avada Kadavra!

Spells could be heard being yelled by everyone.

At some point the Death Eaters had taken their masks off their faces. That made it harder to know who was in what side.

He didn't know who was an ally, and who wasn't.


"Aaaaah!" Harry started screaming, feeling as if a million knives were cutting him everywhere in his body. He just wanted it to stop.

It felt as if hours had passed, before the spell was taken off.

"Oooh Harry, does it hurt?" he knew and hated that voice. That awful mocking baby-like voice.

It was Bellatrix.

"I would glady help you end it, but my master wants to help you personally" Bellatrix stated.


Harry couldn't move.

He could feel Bellatrix breath near his ear.

"My master wants you alive and free for now. Enjoy his mercy" Bellatrix got up, "We are done! Lets go" she ordered. Everyone apparated away. She conjured the Dark Mark right above Harry, just before she apparated as well.

End of Flashback

He hadn't understood why he was left behind while he was there, until Ron had found him and lifted the curse.

Those words still got him nightmares.

"They took Hermione"

They had tried everything they could think of to get Hermione back, but they had no idea where she was or who exactly had taken her. They had gotten themselves into countless fights and killed countless Death Eaters with no result.


"This is a suicide mission" Ron stated but not backing down

"Lucius knows where Hermione is" Harry repeated, for what it felt like the millionth time that day.

They were currently outside Malfoy Manor, waiting for the perfect opportunity to get to Lucius and make him talk.

It had been 3 months since the last time they had seen Hermione.

She had to still be alive.

"Malfoy must be sleeping, we need to act know" Harry said in a hushed voice.

Ron nodded and started walking towards the entrance being careful of not being seen, or triggering any wards.

When he saw everything was according to plan and making sure no one had seen Ron, Harry started to walk after his friend.

After 3 steps Harry couldn't move any further. There was a barrier stopping him. One which Ron had been able to walk through seconds before.

"You really thought it would be that easy?" a voice was heard from the darkness.


"Ron!" Harry yelled, seeing his friend slam into the ground.

That is when he saw them.

Lucius and Draco Malfoy.

Draco was walking towards Ron, while Lucius was walking towards him.

"Don't you dare touch him! I'll kill you both" Harry threatened, trying to get through the barrier with no luck. He was slamming his fist into the invisible barrier. Kicking it, and throwing every curse he could think of at it.

Draco turned towards him and smirked, while pointing his wand at Ron. He could do nothing but be an observator, not being able to do anything else. Draco levitated Ron in front of him, towards his house.

"Say goodbye Potter. You won't ever seen him again either" Lucius told him and turned away from him, walking behind his son.

He stayed there for weeks trying to get through the barrier, with no luck.

Almost one month after that when he woke up to start fighting the barrier again, he saw them.

Both of them.

Ron and Hermione dead just in front of him.

They were standing, obviously with the help of magic.

He could see their lifeless eyes and their pale skin.

They were dead.

He stood there not daring to believe what he was seeing.

"Now you are alone" he could hear Lucius voice, even though he couldn't see him.

End of Flashback

Lucius was right, now he was alone.

He had to change that.

He finished what Hermione started, following all her notes and instructions.

He was going to do by himseld, what they had all planned to do together.

He had to save them.

He had to be able to save them.

All of them.

Change was going to happen.

He apparated quickly from wherever he was, to his planned destination.

Harry had only one thing in his mind. He had to get to Godrics Hallow and save his parents and then get to the Longbottom house and save them as well.

Without his friends help, he had to do everything himself.

He had to do it right.

He will get his memories into his younger self, and he will kill himself after that.

He needed to rest, to at least be in peace.

Hoping that the new Harry would do things better than him.

He apparated quickly from wherever he was, to his planned destination: Godric Hallow.

What he didn't expect to hear was a loud angry voice yelling his name.

"Harry James Potter!"

To say he was in shock would be an understatement.

He had thought he was stronger than this.

He couldn't move.

He had heard that voice, only when dementors had been near by.

There she was.

His mother.

Standing in front of him. A very angry Lily Potter.

She looked just like he remembered her from the photos he had seen. Maybe a little older, but she still looked beautiful.

"Answer me young boy!" a very angry Lily demanded.

"What?" Harry hadn't heard a word Lily had said.

"You are just like your father! One of you is going to give me a heart attack one of this days" a very frustrated Lily started ranting. The fireplace lighted up and said man stumbled out.

The man looked exactly like him, but older.

It was James Potter.

His father.

"You got in trouble?" James asked him, with a wide smile on his face. James was trying to get the soot out of his robes. Smiling at the sight that welcomed him home.

"James Potter!" Lily exclaimed angrily.

"I mean. Harry you are grounded you shouldn't do that, you know its wrong! Think about what you did while you are confined into your room" James scolded him, in the most serious face he could master.

"You are impossible" Lily said exasperated, throwing her arms into the air.

James was scared "What did you do to get her like this?" he asked Harry in a hushed voice, so only he could hear.

"What?" asked an even more confused Harry Potter.

"Now I made her mad as well, I'll be sleeping in the couch for sure. Don't you want to make a place for your dad in your room for tonight, since this is technically your fault?" James asked him, still wearing an amused smile.

But before Harry could figure out what was going on, the fire lit up again.

"Prongs!" A man with black hair black eyes and elegant robes started screaming desperately, as if he was dying.

James started laughing hysterically at his friend's antics.

"Sirius Black stop yelling this instant!" Lily yelled at the new arrival.

Sirius was smart enough to act scared and shut up instantly. He walked towards the other two men in the room slowly and never took his eyes off the scary redheaded lady.

"Whose fault is it?" Sirius asked in a hushed voice to his best friend, but making sure Lily could hear as well.

It annoyed Lily to no end, since she knew she wasn't being taken seriously.

"Harry's" James pointed to his son, trying to get his laughter under control.

"Prongslet! Whatever you did was wrong don't do it again!" Sirius told Harry in a stern voice, ruffling his hair. "Now that you had been punished enough. Lets go out and play quidditch" a now excited Sirius told Harry excited.

Lily now looked furious. With her arms crossed on her chest, red on the face, which match her hair perfectly.

"Don't move!" Lily warned, glaring at the three boys in front of her. They all froze in their place.

Both James and Sirius took it literally and stayed exactly the way they had been when Lily made the order.

Sirius had an arm up in the air and a huge smile on his face.

James had one foot up, on his way to turning around towards the quidditch field.

Not paying attention to what were supposed to be two grown men, she walked towards Harry and stood just in front of him.

"Where were you?" Lily asked in a low dangerous voice. It reminded him strongly of Hermione.

"What?" asked for the third time a confused Harry Potter.

Lily then started crying, covering her eyes with both hands. She had been scared to death and now her son wasn't taking her seriously.

How could he not know how terrified she would be of not knowing where he was.

James and Sirius stopped playing and both went towards Lily trying to comfort her. They were at loss to what to do and how to react.

"You could have been killed or kidnapped, I didn't know where you were for hours. I have been dying of worry" Lily said between sobs, with her face buried in James chest.

"Prongslet, I think this is the time when you say you are sorry" Sirius nudge Harry towards his mother.

"Sorry?" Harry tried, but it sounded more like a question, since he had no idea what he was supposed to be sorry for.

Something was wrong.

Lily wasn't supposed to know who he was.

"Harry you really worried your mother, I think she deserves a better apology than that" James told him, this time seriously.

James was holding Lily in his arms, trying to calm her down.

"I honestly don't know what is going on" Harry said in a confused and sincere voice, more to himself than to the people that were currently in the room with him.

It was the wrong thing to say.

Lily pushed James away and turned towards Harry with fire in her eyes.

"You don't know what is going on? You don't understand why your mother is so worried after she tried to wake you up and found out you weren't in your room and didn't hear anything from you until now?" asked Lily getting louder by the second.

"I'm so sorry" said Harry this time sincerely and feeling guilty, even though he really didn't understand what was going on.

Calming down a bit Lily asked again "Where were you?"

"I just wanted to go for a walk and I lost track of time" Harry answered the first thing that came to his mind, hoping they wouldn't notice he was lying.

It worked.

"Harry, its perfectly normal to be a little scared and nervous. It is a big change. But that is no excuse to do what you did" a sympathetic Lily told him with warm in her eyes.

That only scared Harry.

How did Lily go from furious to warm in less than a second?

"You can write us every time you feel lonely, and when you don't feel lonely anymore, keep writing" James warned playfully, trying to now calm his son.

"Don't be scared Prongslet, you will love Hogwarts. Besides you are more than ready for Hogwarts" told him Sirius, with a wink.

"Why is Harry more than ready for Hogwarts Sirius?" asked Lily in a warning voice, while James tried to get as far away as possible without being seen.

"Don't move Potter" Lily stopped her husband, before he could fully get away.

"Nothing Lily. I just meant he is old and mature enough to go to school and be away from his parents and godfather. Even though it'll never be the same as his home, and he won't want to come home for the holidays. Then he will meet a pretty girl and marry her and never come back. We will never see him again. Don't go Harry!" Sirius started explaining playfully to Lily, and finished crying holding Harry tight.

"Calm down Padfoot you are scaring him" James told his friend, trying to get him to let go of his son, with no luck.

"But Prongs, your son is leaving you tomorrow forever. You won't see him again" Sirius cried out.

"I just hope that is true. Otherwise I'm going to hex everyone in this room for waking me up" a girl in the stairs threatend, looking quite angry.

She had dark black hair in light curls falling to her shoulders, dark brown eyes and light skin. She couldn't be older than 9 years old. She was wearing red pajamas.

"Sorry darling, your father and his friend were being over dramatic... again" Lily apologized to the girl.

"Could you please keep it down?" the girl asked in a sarcastic tone.

"But your brother is leaving you! Doesn't that kill you" Sirius asked in a very dramatic high voice.

"Come on uncle Sirius, you know better than anyone that he will never leave me. Maybe he'll leave you and mom and dad, but never me. So no, it doesn't kill me" the girl answered with a smirk on her face.

"Oh what I would give to be you so Harry would never leave me" Sirius cried out once again holding Harry, with no plan of ever letting go.

"This is getting ridiculous. We all went through this when we were 11. Are you going to act this way when Danielle goes to school as well?" Lily asked Sirius and then turned towards Harry.

"There is nothing to worry about, you will go to school, make friends, owl me everyday and come home in a few months for he holidays. A few months. 4 moths" Lily said standing very still, "It's too long" Lily sighed, her eyes getting moist.

"What am I supposed to do with two crying people?" asked James to no one in particular.

"Hex them" Danielle said with a serious face, which made James laugh.

"Come one Padfoot. Harry can't breathe" James told him, not really wanting the show to end.

Reluctantly, Sirius let go of Harry and calmed down.

"Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I'm sure Harry wants to get ready" James was trying to save his son from another emotional attack.

"Yes, we wouldn't want Harry to leave anything behind" Danielle said with a smirk.

James knowing full well what Danielle was trying to do with that, glared playfully at her. This way, neither Sirius nor Lily would ever let Harry go.

Even if his wife was acting strong, he knew it was killing her to see Harry go to school.

Sirius ran towards Harry and hugged him again.

"Please don't leave us. We will love you more than the awful girl you want to marry. I'll buy you all the firewhiskey you want" Sirius started to cry out.

James started laughing and Danielle just stared in shock and glee at the scene below.

"You will do no such thing! Do you understand me Black? If he ever gets drunk I'm going to blame you and I'm going to make you wish you'd never heard about firewhiskey" Lily threatend Sirius.

Sirius stopped crying and hugging Harry.

He now looked terrified.

"No firewhiskey for Harry ever" Sirius promised Lily "Sorry Harry, you have a boring mom" Sirius told Harry in what he thought was a hushed voice that Lily wouldn't hear.

"Sirius Black get out!" Lily demanded.

Sirius ran towards the fireplace and floo away.

"I think it's time everyone went to bed" Lily ordered.

Danielle was the first to turn around and go back up the stairs. In almost no time a door being shut closed, was heard.

"Amm.. " Harry started to say.

"No Harry, it's late. Whatever you want to say can wait until tomorrow. Bed now!" Lily interrupted him.

Harry walked up the stairs, still confused about what was happening.

He was sure he did everything correctly, Hermione made the calculations and he was sure they were correct.

What happened?

He was supposed to be on the 31st of October 1981 saving his parents from Voldemort.

For some reason his parents knew him, even at his 23 year old self.


Why would he be going to Hogwarts?

Did he become a teacher?

Why were his parents and Sirius so tall?

Why was he still leaving with his parents?

How were his parents alive?

He had obviously not gone back in time, was this a parallel universe?

Harry walked up the stairs towards the second floor.

He wasn't sure which was supposed to be his room.

If he was honest to himself, he was pretty tired and just wanted to sleep for hours and not think about anything.

The second door to his right was a red one with his name –Harry James Potter- written on it in black letters; that must be his room.

He opened the door and closed it behind him slowly, making sure not to slam it shut.

In the dark he started looking for the light switch, then he remembered this was a wizard's home. There was no electricity.

Where was his wand?

He couldn't find it anywhere on him.

Starting to panic, he almost didn't notice there was now light in the room.

Thinking maybe he dropped it, he looked ahead where he could see his full reflection in the mirror that was hanging on the wall.

"Ahh!" He screamed as if he was being tortured

Lily and James opened the door to Harry's room with their wands in their hands, trying to find the danger.

What made his son scream like that.

"What is going on?" a scared Danielle asked, running into her parents when she entered Harry's room.

"Danielle go to your room now" James ordered her daughter, leaving no place for her to argue.

A little scared and curious, Danielle obeyed her father and ran out of the room and back into hers.

"Harry slowly walk to us" Lily told her son still looking for the possible threat.

Harry forgot about what he just had seen on the mirror, he was even more confused if that was possible looking at his parents in auror mode. He had no idea what was going on, he didn't move.

"Harry, listen to you mother!" James ordered in a stern voice, which made Harry move quickly towards them.

"Where is he Harry?" James asked in a cautious voice.

"Where is who?" Harry asked in a hushed voice.

"Whoever threatened you" James answered.

"What?" Now Harry was confused again.

He was threatened?


By who?

"Why did you scream Harry?" Lily asked looking at her son a little annoyed. She put her wand down, seeing there was no threat.

Harry had the sense of looking ashamed.

"Harry, why did you scream?" asked Lily again.

James put his wand down seeing there was no threat. It had probably been a prank.

Was it a prank?

James started laughing.

"You wanted to say goodbye with a prank didn't you Harry?" James asked between laughs.

"I don't get it, what is so funny about screaming?" asked James, he abruptly stopped laughing and looked confused.

"It was funny in my head" Harry answered, lying through his teeth. He hoped his parents will leave the room, so he could see himself in the mirror again.

He was feeling sure his eyes had being playing a trick on him.

"Harry James Potter!, Two heart attacks in one day? Go to bed right now young man!" Lily ordered angrily.

They left the room and Lily slammed the door shut after James got out.

Harry not understanding why he felt so guilty, walked towards the mirror and almost screamed again but stopped himself on time.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He thought he would only be able to see himself that way was, if he ever decided to look at photos.

There was an 11 years old Harry Potter looking back at him.

He didn't look exactly as he remembered himself at that age though.

For once he didn't look as if had ever skipped a meal in his life, there were no bruises on him, and his clothes fitted perfectly.

What is going on?

Harry dared looked at his surrounding.

He was definitely in an 11 years old boy's room.

Blue walls and blue carpeting, white covers on his bed with small quidditch players on brooms on it.

Toys and clothes tossed randomly in the floor.

Even if he had gone back to another time than what he intended to, why were his parents alive if he was 11 years old?

Who saved them?

"Man kann die Vergangenheit nicht ändern, aber ein anderes Leben leben"

Those words he heard in the light must be important. He needed to know what they meant.

He wasn't even sure what language it was, he thought it was german but he couldn't be sure.

How was he supposed to figure it out?

Should he kill himself like he had planned?

Should he give himself a chance to know this people who looked just like his parents, and who he truly wished, acted just like his parents would?

Harry couldn't take his eyes off the mirror, even if it scared him to death to be on his 11 year old body. He couldn't help but feel happy to see himself like that, healthy, he must be happy here.

It was decided then, he would give himself a chance; he wanted to be happy.

He could still save his friends, and his parents were already saved.

Sirius wasn't in Azkaban and he even had a sister, a younger, sarcastic, little sister.

He could at least take it as an investigation, to know the situation he was in.


"Harry James Potter! You better be awake" a voice, he figured must be from his mother, could be heard.

Harry woke up abruptly. "My mother?" he asked himself.

Everything that had happened the day before came back to him along with a huge headache, that made him lay down again on the bed.

Harry heard the door being opened a second later.

"Mom! He is still sleeping" Danielle screamed.

"Get out!" Harry yelled at his sister, holding his throbbing head.

"Mom! Harry is yelling at me!" Danielle yelled back.

"Harry stop yelling at your sister and get downstairs now!" Lily yelled from downstairs, he guessed.

Knowing he wouldn't win this fight he got up and tossed a pillow at Danielle "Get out!" he ordere. Danielle started laughing and closed the door behind her.

Slowly he started looking for clothes and found a pair of dark jeans and a black t-shirt, which he put on after he got a quick shower.

Going downstairs he started to look for the kitchen, which was were he guessed his family must be in.

Before he could truly walk into the kitchen he felt someone suffocating him, he was beginning to panic trying to get who ever it was off.

"Sirius leave my son alone, he can't breathe" he could hear Lily saying.

"But Lily, I won't be able to do this ever again" Sirius whined, without letting go of Harry.

"Mphmm Phmm"

"What was that Harry?" Sirius asked, letting go of Harry.

"Can't breath" Harry said, trying to get air back on his lungs.

"Sit down. Breakfast is ready" Lily announced and everyone sat down on the table waiting for Lily to serve the food.

Sirius moved his chair as close to Harry as he could, making harry nervous and missing his personal space.

Before Harry could really know what was happening, Sirius took his plate and started making weird noises. "Choo choo! Come on Harry open your mouth, here comes the train. Choo choo!"

Harry did open his mouth in shock, he couldn't believe Sirius was acting this way, but Sirius took it as an invitation to put food in his mouth.

"Padfoot I think Harry can eat by himself" James stated, trying hard not to laugh, something Danielle wasn't even trying.

She was rolling on the floor holding her stomach.

"I know how to grab a fork" Harry told Sirius carefully, taking the fork from his godfather's hand.

"No! who taught Harry how to grab a fork? He is going to leave us!" Sirius cried out stubbornly, keeping a tight hold onto Harry's fork.

And the fight between Harry and Sirius started, a battle of wills, who was going to keep the fork?

Sirius won.

The train stayed.

"Choo choo!" Sirius could be heard saying throughout breakfast.

Harry had an annoyed look the whole time, something everyone else enjoyed.

"Go get your trunk Harry. We need to get to Hogwarts express and it's getting late" Lily said trying to stifle a laugh.

Not needing to be told twice, Harry ran towards his room leaving a crying Sirius and a hysterical James behind.

"Harry we need to go!" Harry heard his mother yell fifteen minutes after he got into his room.

He ran back down dragging his trunk behind him. He almost halted at the foot of the stairs when he saw Sirius hadn't calmed down, if anything he was being even more dramatic.

Anyone would think someone had died.

"Sirius if you don't calm down you are not going with us" Harry threatend, hoping that would work. internally he was enjoying every moment.

"Did you just call me Sirius?" a shocked Sirius asked.

"Isn't that your name?" asked Harry knowing he was walking into a trap, but not finding the way out.

"What happened to being called Padfoot? Uncle Padfoot?" Sirius started crying again.

"Padfoot get a hold of yourself or I'll let James do this overdramatic show when Holly goes to school" Lily threatened half seriously.

That definitely worked and Sirius looked as if he hadn't cried in years, smiling and dragging everyone into the fireplace so they could go.

Who is Holly? Harry wondered.

20 minutes later the Potter family and Sirius Black, who was an honorary part of the family, were in front of the Hogwarts express saying goodbye to the eldest of the Potter children.

"Harry you are a man now. Have fun and make us proud" said a serious and cold Sirius, only putting one hand in his shoulder while saying it.

A big change from the Sirius from early in the morning

"Is that fine Lily?" asked Sirius with a smile on his face turning towards Mrs. Potter.

"You can say goodbye Sirius" Lily said exasperated.

Sirius hugged Harry tightly and started crying again, saying Harry's name over and over again.

"Come on Padfoot we all want to humiliate Harry before he goes" Danielle said trying to get Sirius to let go of her brother, which she succeeded.

"My big loving brother, write everyday! Don't you dare forget me!" cried Danielle loudly making Harry wish Sirius was the one giving the dramatic show.

It was less humiliating than having a 9 year old girl cry, like how his sister was crying right now.

"That is enough!" Lily got Danielle off Harry.

"Now Harry, write everyday! And use clean underwear, brush your teeth at least three times a day and don't you dare not take a shower everyday. Remember you are a grown man now so don't forget to shave and use deodorant, girls don't like smelly boys…" Lily started rambling making Harry's cheeks start burning.

James couldn't stop laughing, while the rest of his family said goodbye to his only son.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to Harry?" Lily asked James.

James controlled himself, if you could call that control and gave a mischievous look to Harry, which made Harry fear for his life, social life at least.

"My dear Harry…" started saying James.

"I love you too dad, bye" Harry told his father and ran towards the train.

"Hey! Not fair! It's my turn to say goodbye!" James shouted after him but Harry got on the train before James could say or do anything else.

Random Facts:

I used a translator

Zeit ist wichtig : Time is important

Man kann die Vergangenheit nicht ändern, aber ein anderes Leben leben: You can't change time but you can live another life

I know the idea has been done but this is the type of stories I like to read, so I thought I would try to write my own.

I will be putting the dates as a random fact at the end of each chapter, unless you ask me not too.

Danielle won't be a huge part of the story yet so she won't be mentioned too much for now.

At the moment Danielle is 9 years old.

Danielle's full name is: Danielle Kelly Potter.

Her birthday is on the 5th of April.

Lily isn't supposed to be emotionally unstable, in the last chapter. I was trying to portray her as a mother who hadn't known anything about her 11 year old son for a day, she was supposed to be angry, sad and relieved at the same time.

Sirius isn't really dying of sorrow, he is just being dramatic because he thinks its funny.

James and Sirius are acting immature, it's an act they do.

Danielle is a little sarcastic and likes to get her brother into trouble like any other little sister, yet he loves his brother very much.

Sirius does have 3 children, 1 girl and two boys.

I am still not sure about the pairings since I don't think Harry is ready for that, he is a little unstable since he has been alone for a couple of years just thinking about how to kill a man, even if that man is Voldemort.

By magic, when someone enters the room and wants the light to go on, it does, same goes if you want it off.

James Potter and Sirius Black are aurors.

Lily doesn't work, at least until Danielle goes to school.

Holly is Sirius' daughter who won't make an appearance in the story for a long time.

You can make any questions you like and I will make sure to answer all of them in the story, maybe in the next chapter maybe not until chapter 20 but I will answer it.

Date: unknown, 31st August 1991 and 1st of September

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