Summary: Harry travels back in time to change the future, but something doesn't go exactly the way he planned. Neville is the boy who lived.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

Future Harry is Harry

Possessed Harry is Voldemort

Spirit form of Voldemort is The Dark Lord

The Diary is Tom Riddle

Words in this chapter: 6,716

Year 2

Chapter 19

So far, like a distant star

"What happened?" the healer asked everyone in the room.

"We found him like that" James answered.

The healer looked towards him obviously not believing him.

"He ran away last night" Remus explained.

The healer got back to Harry and did some diagnostics spells on him.

"He has a broken arm and a broken foot. He injured his knee, lost a lot of blood and is magically and physically exhausted" The healer said.

"You can help him right?" Sirius pleaded.

"I'm going to have to remove and regrow the bones on his arm and foot" the healer explained.

"Do it" James said.

"He has to have some rest for his magic and strength to come back" the healer kept saying.

"How long?" Sirius asked.

"Maybe a week" The healer answered.

"A week?" Remus asked.

"He almost drained his core" The healer stated.

"He won't get out of that bed in a week" James stated back.

"We will tie him up to the bed if we have to" Sirius told James.

The healer nodded and moved towards Harry to vanish the bones in his arm and foot.

Very early in the morning a knock was heard from the front door. The knock in itself was very suspicious. It was too early for anyone to visit, and their friends tended to only floo in, mostly unannounced.

James would surely get it though. It had been very suspicious that her husband hadn't been in to see Danielle all day and night. She thought her husband must have been exhausted. It had been a very traumatic event. She was very grateful that her baby girl was now going to recover fully, even though she hadn't woken up yet. She was still distressed about the fact that they didn't know what had happened to her. How were they supposed to keep this from happening again if they didn't know what this was?

The knock was heard again. Where was James?

"James?" Lily called for her husband.

She hadn't moved from Danielle's room since she had collapsed two days ago.

James didn't answered. She waited a couple of minutes but still nothing. The knocking was becoming more insistent. Lily thought her husband must still be asleep.

She kissed Danielle softly on the forehead and for the first time, walked out of the room. She walked down the stairs towards the front door.

The knocking was beginning to annoy needed to see them with such urgency?

"Who is it?" Lily asked annoyed, once she reached the door.

"Undersecratary to the minister, Dolores Umbridge" the person on the other side answered in a very arrogant manner.

Lily sighed in annoyance. Not that woman again!

Lily tried to compose herself and opened the door.

"Good Morning" She greeted.

"I wouldn't say it was a good one" the toad like woman said. She passed shoving Lily lightly before being invited in.

"Would you like to come in?" Lily asked in a sarcastic manner once the woman was already inside and sitting down on her sofa.

Lily closed the front door and walked towards the ministry employe.

"Would you like something to drink?" Lily asked.

"Tea" The woman answered, getting some folders from her pink bag.

"Of course" Lily said with a tight smile.

Before she could walk out of the room, a tired looking James walked in.

"Who was at the door?" James asked with a yawn.

"Mr. Potter" Dolores greeted, making him turn towards her.

James got startled and looked now awake.

"Miss Umbridge" James greeted in surprise.

Dolores just smiled in what she thought was a sweetly manner.

"Would you like some tea?" Lily asked her husband.

"How about coffee?" James asked.

Lily nodded and disappeared towards the kitchen.

"I thought you had house elves" Dolores stated once Lily was out of the room.

"We do" James answered and sat down in a sofa across from the intruder that was now in his house.

In less than 5 minutes, ones that had been passed in complete silence, Lily came back with two cups of tea and one of coffee.

"Thank you" Dolores said when she got offered one of the steaming cups.

"How is your son?" Dolores asked abruptly.

Lily looked confused and James got suspicious.

"He is fine" Lily answered putting her cup of tea on the small table in front of her.

"Is he really?" Dolores pressed.

"He is" Lily answered, getting annoyed.

"I heard you beat your eldest child last night" Dolores stated calmly.

"What?" Lily asked angrily, getting as red on the face as her hair.

"I have the noted from the healer that saw him yesterday right here" the woman showed them a dark pink folder.

"My son hasn't been seen by a healer. My daughter is the one that WAS sick, and she wasn't beaten either" Lily said trying very hard to not kill the woman in front of her.

"But he was" Umbridge opened the folder, "A broken arm, a broken foot, an injured knee, magically and physically exhausted, among other less serious things"

"Let me see that!" Lily demanded, extending her arm for the woman to hand her the folder.

"And you tried to assure me last time that your children weren't being mistreated" Dolores said in a condescending manner.

Lily ignored the woman and took the folder. At the top of the parchment was his son's name -Harry James Potter-.

She read everything there was to read, the woman wasn't lying.

"What? How?" Lily asked puzzled.

"We don't mistreat our children" James stated angrily taking the folder from Lily.

"Are you denying what the healer wrote?" Dolores asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We don't know how he got those injuries" James said with a low voice.

Lily narrowed her eyes and looked towards her husband.

"Did Harry see a healer yesterday?" Lily asked slowly.

"We found him like that" James tried to explain.

"You found him?" Lily stood up, "Was he lost?"

"Just for a couple of hours" James tried to calm her down, he stood up as well.

Dolores just got more comfortable on the sofa and continued drinking her tea.

"He was lost for a couple of hours?" Lily shrieked, "When were you planning to tell me?.. Where you planning on telling me at all?"

"Well… " James started to say.

"You weren't! were you?" Lily accused her husband.

"It was just a couple of hours" James said guiltily.

"It says here you said he had been lost for almost 24 hours" Dolores interjected.

James narrowed his eyes threateningly towards the intruder in his house.

"24 hours?" Lily shrieked.

"I'm sensing this is a bad morning" Dolores said, putting her cup of tea on the table and gathering her things, "I should come back another time" She stood up, smiled at her hosts and walked herself out of the house through the front door.

"Did he really had a broken arm and foot?" Lily asked in a normal tone of voice.

"The healer is regrowing his bones" James said.

"Regrowing?" Lily shrieked once more, "Where is he?"

"He is in his room" James sighed.

Lily walked out of the room and sprinted towards her son's room.

Once she got there, she couldn't help letting some tears out her eyes. The sight of her son with bruises all over, no bones in his arm or foot. Yet he looked as if he was sleeping peacefully.

"How could you not tell me?" Lily asked between sobs once she heard her husband breath behind her.

"I'm sorry" James said honestly, "I didn't want you to worry even more"

"He is my son" Lily stated looking directly into James' eyes.

"I'm really sorry" James told her feeling very guilty after seeing the worry in her wife's eyes.

"What did the healer say?" Lily asked.

"He needs to rest for at least a week" James answered.

Lily nodded and turned towards Harry again.

"They will be fine" James promised his wife and hold her tight from behind. Kissing her softly on the top of the head.

It had been a tough couple of days for the Potters. Neither of their children had woken up yet.

Both healers had been in to see both their children. Both had said they were on to their way to recovery.

Harry was supposed to wake up at the end of the week, Danielle any moment.

Harry still looked as if he had wrestled a full grown dragon. Danielle looked like an angel.

The last day of December, both of them were having breakfast in their kitchen with Laura and Sirius.

They all were silent, it had been this way for more than a couple of days. Sirius and Laura still felt they had to be there for their friends, they shouldn't be alone in this times.

Laura couldn't even begin to imagine how her friend must feel, she didn't know how she would react if anything happened to her children.

Harry was becoming prone to being seriously injured, once last year, and now this.

Maybe changing schools was exactly what Harry needed.

Being in Hogwarts hadn't really helped the boy. From being the light of the party, he had become very withdrawn.

Lily was startled abruptly.

"She is awake" Lily announced before bolting out of the kitchen.

The rest of the people that were in the kitchen right behind her.

They all went inside Danielle's room, where she was stirring, obviously about to wake up.

Lily sat down on the bed beside her daughter. She started to try to calm her down by making soothing noises and caressing her cheek with love.

It helped, Danielle stopped stirring and was breathing more calmly.

"Everything is ok" Lily whispered to her daughter and smiled. A sad smile, but a smile nonetheless.

There was movement in Danielle's eyes, even though she hadn't opened them yet. Laura smiled, feeling happy for her friend. At last, at least one of her children was going to wake up. She needed that reassurance that they were going to be ok.

Finally Danielle opened her eyes, the light obviously hurting them she closed them quickly.

Lily's smiled was now genuine.

"Danielle?" Lily asked.

James moved closer to the bed.

"Baby?" James asked.

Danielle just grunted and turned over.

James just laughed.

"Baby, it's time to wake up" James said laughing.

Danielle grunted again, and made no move to do what James asked.

"Danielle" James tried to sound stern, but failed miserably.

Danielle grabbed the covers and put them over her head. Everyone started laughing at that.

Startled about hearing other voices than the ones from his parents, Danielle opened her eyes and sat up on her bed.

"Why is everyone in my room?" Danielle asked, her voice not sounding like her usual self.

She put her hand on her throat trying to feel what was wrong with it.

"Oh baby!" Lily threw her arms around her daughter and started to cry on her shoulder.

"What?" She asked confused. Danielle looked at everyone in the room trying to ask with her eyes what was wrong.

"You did the worst prank ever!" Sirius accused with a smile.

"Prank?" Danielle asked confused. Lily let go of her.

"You are forbidden to do anymore pranks ever!" Lily tried to sound stern, going along with Sirius.

"Could someone explain what is going on?" Danielle crossed her arms annoyed.

"You are so cute" James said in a baby voice, ruffling her daughter's hair.

Danielle annoyed, swatted her father's hand away and pouted.

They all laughed harder.

"Don't worry" Lily said with a smile, "Everything will be alright soon"

"Was something wrong?" Danielle asked concerned.

"You have been unconscious for a couple of days" James explained sitting down on the other side of the bed.

Laura and Sirius, thinking it was a family moment, got out of the room to leave the family alone.

"I was sick?" Danielle asked, after her parents had explained what had happened to her. At least the little they knew.

They both nodded.

"I don't remember being sick" Danielle said a little scared, "I feel fine"

"You are now" Lily said with a smile, grabbing her daughter's hand tightly.

"What did I have?" Danielle asked.

"We don't know" James answered softly.

"Why am I alright now?" Danielle asked.

"We are not sure" Lily answered, "We are happy you are alright"

"I don't get it. How could I be as sick as you said I was, and now I'm as if nothing had ever happened?" Danielle asked confused.

"We are going to ask Harry as soon as he wakes up" James answered.

"Harry?" Both woman in the room asked at the same time.

"He took the diary with him when he disappeared" James explained to Lily.

Lily looked confused, but then it dawn on her what the diary meant.

"What diary?" Danielle asked curiously, "Where is Harry?"

"We think you had a cursed diary, and it was what was making you sick" Lily explained to her daughter.

"That is our theory" James said.

"What diary?" Danielle asked again, and then her face showed recognition.

"Is there something you want to tell us?" Lily asked with a slight stern face.

"It was supposed to be a little prank" Danielle said guiltily.

"What was?" Lily pressed.

"I took the diary and the stone from Harry's room, I saw him hid them" Danielle explained with her head low.

"The diary was Harry's?" Lily asked concerned.

"Yes" Danielle murmured.

Lily looked scared towards her husband.

"He is alright" James tried to reassure her.

"No he is not!" Lily stated angrily.

"What is wrong with Harry?" Danielle asked concerned, interrupting her parents.

"We don't know yet" James explained.

"You don't know yet?" Danielle asked confused.

"We will ask him as soon as he wakes up" James said, letting slip a little anger and annoyance in his voice.

Danielle looked scared.

"You haven't told me the whole story have you?" Lily accused.

"Harry disappeared with the diary, the healer told us Danielle was going to be alright, and then he comes back like that" James explained.

"You think he had something to do with Danielle's recovery?" Lily asked.

"We will ask him as soon as he wakes up" James said angrily.

Danielle had been forbidden by her parents to move from her bed the first day she had been awake. She hadn't been able to sneak out, since there was always someone with her. Even Holly had been there. As always that girl just puzzled her. She had said with relief that she was happy it was her again. Who else was she supposed to be? Thankfully she had been there for only half an hour before her aunt Laura ushered her away, saying Danielle had to rest.

Hadn't she been resting for the last week? Did people actually think she needed to rest even more?

She was dying to get off the bed. She needed to see Harry.

She waited until midnight to make sure her parents were asleep. Her mother had conjured two bunk beds for her and her father in Danielle's room.

She quietly and carefully tip toed out of her room towards Harry's room.

She opened the door, and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

She clapped her hands so the lights would turn on. The sight made her gasp, quickly putting her hands over her mouth.

Harry looked as if he had been beaten. His arm looked weird as if there weren't all the bones there were supposed to be there.

Her father had told her they thought Harry had saved her life. She owed him her life. A couple of tears escaped her eyes.

She took her hands off her mouth and walked towards the bed.

She carefully got into the bed with her brother and fell asleep with one arm around him.

"I love you" She whispered before falling asleep.

Early in the morning Lily woke up, it had been a very uncomfortable night. The bunk bed she had conjured wasn't a very comfortable one.

She looked towards her daughter's bed and saw it empty. She gasped in surprise and got off the bed quickly.

"James" She woke her husband up, "Danielle isn't in her bed"

James got up quickly, still a little dizzy from sleep.

"What?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

"Danielle is missing" Lily stated.

James looked into his wife's eyes still trying to comprehend.

"Wake up" Lily swatted James' head lightly, annoyed.

"I'm up, I'm up" James stated, rubbing his head.

James got off the bed and walked out the room.

"Where are you going?" Lily asked annoyed.

"She must be in Harry's room" James answered while walking out of the room.

Lily walked after her husband, hoping he was right.

They walked inside of Harry's room. Lily couldn't help but smile at the sight. Danielle was sleeping peacefully, hugging her brother.

"We should take a picture" James whispered to her wife, she nodded.

"Cuki" Lily whispered. A house elf appeared in front of them, "Could you get my camera?" Lily whispered to the elf.

Cuki nodded and disappeared. A second later she was back with the camera in her hands. Lily thanked the elf and took the camera from her.

She took a couple of pictures of her children and smiled.

"We should let her sleep" James yawned.

"I'll start breakfast" Lily said with a smile, and closed the door behind them.

Danielle woke up and sat down on the bed, still sleepily.

She rubbed her eyes trying to fully wake up, a yawn escaped her mouth.

She looked towards Harry and saw that nothing had changed.

She smiled sadly and kissed him softly on his cheek before getting off the bed.

She should get to her room before her parents found out she had disobeyed them.

She walked out of her brother's room and towards her. but got caught just outside of her door.

"Sneaking in?" James asked with a smirk.

Danielle turned towards her father with a guilty expression.

"Oops?" James asked still smirking with a raised eyebrow.

"Oops" Danielle said cheekily.

"Since you are feeling so much better, you are going to have breakfast with us" James put and arm on his daughter's back and led her to the kitchen where Lily was preparing breakfast.

Danielle was led to the kitchen, where she saw her mother putting the table.

"Glad to see you fully healed" Lily smirked once she saw Danielle entered the kitchen.

Danielle put on a guilty smile.

"Sit" Lily ordered, to which her daughter quickly obliged.

"Glad to see she still knows how to obey an order" James stated, and sat next to his daughter.

Danielle smiled guiltily to her father.

"Take that guilt off your face" James genuinely smiled.

Danielle took it off. Lily put a plate in front of her with scrambled eggs and a couple of pieces of bacon.

"Eat everything" Lily ordered, Danielle felt as if she was starving, so she nodded and started eating as soon as she grabbed the fork.

Lily put another plate in front of her husband and filled one for herself. They both started to eat along with their daughter, happy to see her awake and with a huge appetite.

Sirius along with his family flooed in after lunch. Remus and Peter behind them.

They all were genuinely happy to see a healthy and happy Danielle again.

The twins tried to make her play with them, to which Laura had quickly put a stop to, saying she was still a little weak.

Danielle couldn't help but feel annoyed at that. Weak? She had been sleeping for days! If anything she had more energy than ever!

But her mother had agreed with her aunt, so she couldn't even argue.

Sirius made some jokes to which everyone laughed, and to which Remus made a fake annoyed face, as always.

Danielle laughed several times in the day, just being happy to be with her family. As weird as her family was. She was even happy to see Holly.

For what she had heard, she had been very close to death. She felt very grateful to be here. She wanted Harry to wake up to thank him so much for helping her.

Danielle knew her parents were very annoyed at her brother for whatever he had done in the day they hadn't known where he was.

Danielle couldn't help but only feel grateful, whatever it was he had done, it had saved her. She didn't care what it was, she owed him her life.

She loved her brother even more than before if that was possible.

It was all her fault, she knew better than to talk to a thing that could talk back.

She had made her parents worry about her, she had made herself sick, and she was responsible for her brother's injuries.

She had to make it up to them someway, she just didn't know how.

Danielle excused herself saying she was going to the bathroom, and walked towards her brother's room.

She just wanted to make sure he was alright.

Danielle didn't want to remind her parents about Harry still being unconscious, which was why she had lied.

They looked exhausted. It was her fault.

She walked to Harry's room and opened the door.

She walked inside and closed the door behind her.

She clapped her hands so the lights would turned on.

As soon as the lights were turned on she gasped in surprise.

Voldemort opened his eyes.

"Headmaster!" a voice interrupted Dumbledore while he was trying to establish which muggle candy tasted better, lemon drops or nerds.

Trying to not let other people know what he did on his spare time, he put a stack of papers above said candy and turned to where the voice had come from.

"Yes?" he asked the not accustomed seen man that was trying to push Phineas out of his portrait.

Dumbledore tried to hide his amusement at the obvious annoyance the ex Headmaster was showing to his visitor.

"Headmaster, there is a hurt student on one of the top floors!" the man said quickly while trying to shove Phineas off the portrait.

"A student?" Dumbledore was shocked, there weren't supposed to be any students in Hogwarts. The school was supposed to be closed.

Dumbledore himself was supposed to vacate the castle the next day.

"Where?" Dumbledore asked, getting up from his chair.

"Follow me" the man said and disappeared out of the portrait.

Dumbledore, knowing the man would be on the first portrait located outside his office, he left it in a hurry.

He followed the man who was appearing and disappearing through several portraits in the room so Dumbledore could follow him.

A few minutes later they reached the floor where the hurt student was supposed to be.

"I left him here" the man said, every other portrait looked as confused as the man who had gotten Dumbledore to come here.

"Does anyone know where the student went?" Dumbledore asked the other portraits.

"He could barely move" one said.

"I thought he was going to lose conciseness" another said.

"We left to find someone to help, when we came back the boy was gone" A lady in a long red dress explained in a calm voice.

"Did you know who the boy was?" Dumbledore asked the lady.

"I had never seen him before, of course I never see any student. No one comes to this hall anymore" the lady explained.

"How did he look like?" Dumbledore asked.

"As you can notice, the hall is too dark to actually see anything with detail" the lady said.

"Age, hair, skin, anything?" Dumbledore pressed.

"Young, dark, light" the lady answered in a detached manner.

Dumbledore knowing he wasn't going to get anywhere just thanked the lady and walked towards his office one more time.

He hoped it had only been a nostalgic student, and that said student hadn't really been hurt.

He would have thought the Weasley twins would do something like that, as a last goodbye to their school.

There was nothing left in the school anymore, it couldn't have hurt to have a visitor for the night.

He only hoped the student wasn't really hurt.

If he was able to disappear, he must not have been.

"You look much better" Laura told Lily with a smile.

"I am" Lily answered with a smile "i just need Harry to wake up so everything could be perfect again"

Laura smiled.

"True marauder" Sirius smirked "I bet he has a great story for why he disappeared"

"He is going to be grounded until he is off age" James said angrily.

"Oh come on Jamie" Sirius put his arms around James.

"Jamie?" Lily asked with a giggle.

James took Sirius arm off him.

"You were worst than him" Sirius pointed out.

James blushed, and Laura and Lily smiled.

"We should first listen to his explanation" Lily said.

James raised his brows in surprise.

"I am just happy he and Danielle are alright" Lily smiled genuinely.

"I am too" James agreed, "Harry should wake up anytime now"

They were all talking and laughing together when a squeal was heard from upstairs.

Scared, Lily and James ran to see what had surprised Danielle with Sirius and Laura in tow.

Danielle squealed in delight, she ran towards who she thought was her brother and hugged him tightly.

"You are awake" She stated.

Voldemort just nodded, not sure yet where he was.

"I'm going to tell everyone" Danielle bolted out of the room.

Voldemort sat up. It took a lot of energy off him to just sit up. He saw he was injured.

Stupid Potter, he hadn't taken care of their body.

He saw that the bones in his arms where being regrown. He must have been given some skelegrow.

Foul tasting potion.

The room he was now in looked like a child's room.

He must be in Harry's room. Which meant that girl must have been part of his family. Maybe a sister, obviously younger.

The door to his room was opened and several people walked in.

A man who looked just like Harry walked in, he must be Harry's father he thought, James.

A woman with red hair ran towards him and engulfed him in a hug.

Lily Potter.

He didn't hug her back, but restrained himself from pushing her away.

Everyone started to tell him how happy they were he was awake. As if opening his eyes was a great accomplishment.

He guessed that it would be for Harry, so he let it slide.

Everyone looked happy except for a little girl.

He looked her straight in the eyes.

She looked a little suspicious.

She narrowed her eyes at him and walked out of the room.

Voldemort was sure he would have to keep one eye on the girl, she knew something.

He could distinguish The Potters, Lupin, Black and Pettigrew. He smirked when he saw the rat man.

"How do you feel?" Lily asked him.

Voldemort just looked at her.

"Are you tired? Do you want us to let you sleep?" Lily asked, concerned in her voice.

It was very hard for Voldemort to not make an annoyed look, he just opted to nod stiffly.

"Everyone out!" Lily ordered, and ushered everyone out of the room.

He was starting to get a huge headache. Someone was trying to get his attention.

Voldemort smirked and closed his eyes.

He walked through his mind until he saw the reason for his headache. Standing in front of him was a confused looking boy.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

Voldemort just laughed. He couldn't help feeling victorious after seeing a weak looking Harry Potter in front of him. The boy could barely stand up, even though it wasn't even a physical Harry, but only his soul, his magic.

"This isn't your body" Harry stated angrily.

"It isn't yours either" Voldemort smirked.

Harry looked shocked. Harry had known this wasn't technically his body, but he hadn't really paid any attention to where the soul of this body was.

"You are still not strong enough to fight me" Voldemort stated.

"I am" Harry narrowed his eyes, ready to fight whoever was standing in front of him.

"You exhausted yourself while fighting my pet, you almost drained your magical core" Voldemort said.

Harry gasped, dawning on him who he was talking to.

"Voldemort" Harry murmured. Voldemort smirked, with triumph in his eyes.

"What are you doing in my head?" Harry asked barely containing his anger.

"It isn't your head" Voldemort smirked, "It was bad calculations on my part, and wrong information from one of my… friends" Voldemort explained.

"The half prophecy?" It was Harry's turn to smirk.

"You know about the prophecy" Voldemort was a little surprised, he hadn't thought the old man would tell the boy anything. Specially after seeing how little trust he had on the boy.

"Dumbledore told me on my sixth year" Harry answered.

Voldemort looked at Harry closely, and saw that the boy he thought was 12 years old looked a lot older than 12. It was Harry's turn to smirk.

"I know about your prizes" Harry taunted.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes slightly.

"I destroyed all your horcruxes" Harry stated with an evil smirk.

Voldemort's face contorted to rage for a second, before going back to a calm expression.

"Obviously not" Voldemort stated, he put his head higher.

Harry's smirk disappeared.

"I am still here aren't I?" Voldemort taunted.

"What.. who are you?" Harry asked.

"What was a better way to put it" Voldemort smirked, "I guess I'm the last horcrux"

Harry was shocked.

"I was a horcrux?" Harry asked feeling disgusted with himself.

"Are" Voldemort corrected him.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You are a horcrux" Voldemort smirked.

"Neither can live while the other one survives" Harry stated.

"What?" Voldemort asked.

"It was the last part of the prophecy" Harry explained.

"It would have been better to know the full prophecy before I decided to attack you" Voldemort said a little annoyed to himself.

"Now how do I get you out of my head" Harry asked angrily and disgusted.

"It is not your head" Voldemort laughed, which sounded terrifying coming from him, "You have to kill yourself" Voldemort stated with an evil smirk, after he controlled himself.

"I will if I have to" Harry threatened.

"Even if it meant killing whoever's body this is?" Voldemort smirked, while pointing to his surroundings. Harry's was crestfallen, he knew he wouldn't kill an innocent, not even if it meant killing Voldemort.

Voldemort started to walk away to conciesness.

"Where do you think you are going?" Harry yelled after him, trying to catch him, but not having the energy to do so.

"Until you are able to fight me back, I am taking control of this body" Voldemort told him without looking back.

Voldemort opened his eyes once more. He had gained a little knowledge.

Knowledge was power.

He knew Harry must have somehow gotten them into an alternate universe since he was younger, the Potters where alive, and this was obviously a Harry's 12 year old body.

He knew Harry had destroyed the rest of his horcruxes, he had told him that. Even though it made him wary of the fact that Potter had to much information on him, it didn't really preoccupied him. It didn't matter here. His body wasn't even in this universe.

He knew it was impossible to get back into that universe, so he wouldn't even try.

He had to know if there was a version of himself here, and where he was. Maybe he could do things right this time.

He had learned for the time he had been in control of this body while at school that Longbottom was the boy-who-lived, which meant he had decided to go after him instead of Harry in this universe. Why he had decided on the excused of a wizard, was beyond him.

Since the boy had the hyphened name, it must have meant his body had been destroyed here as well.

The Longbottom boy must be a horcrux as well.

Maybe the fat boy was the one that could kill the version of himself in this universe, but Harry was the only one that could kill him, and he wasn't going to do it as long as he was in this body.

Maybe he could help the Longbottom boy to get rid of the other him, so no one would be on his way.

Voldemort smirked to himself.

Now that was a plan.

He had stayed in bed with the excused of being too weak to even try to stand up. It disgusted him to say, he was actually weak. The almost boneless arm and foot that Harry had gained to this body, made him limp. So he was using his time to plan, it was smart to plan ahead. That way he wouldn't make the same mistakes of underestimating his opponents like he had done on the past.

Even one year olds could destroy a powerful Dark Lord if they had the help of their mother. He had learned that the hard way. He was now stuck in this body because of that mistake.

He was going to make sure to kill the version of Severus Snape in this world for not giving him good information in his world.

The only advantage he could see for now was Peter Pettigrew. So close to the Potters still. How had he managed that? He was going to use him, that rat was going to help him.

He had read sometime in his life about a resurrection potion, he was going to use that to resurrect the version of him in this world if he was the spirit he was imagining him to be after the attack. He needed that Voldemort to have a physical form in order to destroy him. Of course he was going to do that after he had destroyed all his horcruxes. Who better to destroy the Dark Lord's horcruxes than the Dark Lord? After that he was going to help Longbottom kill him. As a victory present he was going to kill Longbottom.

Being left alone was an impossible thing to be apparently here. The girl kept coming in to the room and asking him questions about how he was feeling. She just wouldn't take the hint about him not wanting her to be there.

This was were his acting skills would be tested. He had to make this people believe he was family. He had to be able to live with a constant headache, since it seemed Harry wasn't going to give up.

Random Facts:

Date: 26th, 27th, 31st December, 1st January 1992

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