Chapter 2

Gilbert didn't see, speak or hear from Arthur for the next two weeks. In fact, Gilbert had all but forgotten the boy that he had met in the park, stranded under the shelter of a tree's branches as the sleet poured down. So when he was hit full in the face with a lump of snow so hard that Gilbird was knocked out of his hair, it was safe to say that he was more than a little shocked.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Gilbert shouted through a mouthful of snow, teeth tingling painfully from the icy cold.

He brushed the snow from his face and saw the newly named Gilbird lying bright and yellow in a heap of snow, looking dazed. Gilbert felt the freezing sting of ice on his cheek and growled, picking up a fistful of snow in one hand and the yellow bird in the other, settling him on a bench, where he gave a weak chirp before falling to the ground with a puff of snow, not too dissimilar to a tiny nuclear cloud. The albino turned to see the punk standing with that all-too familiar smirk on his face, rolling another snowball in his red-tipped fingers. Gilbert slowly gripped the snow in his fist into a tight ball behind his back and walked towards Arthur.

"Hey, Eyebrows." Gilbert said, smirk rivalling Arthur's very own, but at the new nickname, the punk's smile fell right off his face to be replaced by a scowl.

"Don't call me that, git."

Suddenly, Gilbert whipped out his arm from behind his back and threw the snowball as hard as he could in Arthur's general direction, the snowball smashing in his ear and pulling one of his piercings out. Arthur gasped as the freezing snow entered his ear and snarled.

Arthur scooped up snow in his now brilliant red hands, brightened by the cold and so did Gilbert. Then they attacked. By the end of it, Arthur was once again victorious and left Gilbert lying face down in the snow, panting heavily. He grumbled as he picked himself up, looking crestfallen.

"How come you always win?" Gilbert muttered bitterly. "You're shorter than me."

"And I had three older brothers growing up."

Gilbert crossed his arms, pouting.

"Ah, don't look so blue..." Arthur ran back to the place where he had been standing first. "I've got booze." He said happily, waving a two-litre of cheap beer in front of Gilbert's face. "It's not enough to get completely pissed off our faces, but enough to get a bit tipsy."

So the two trekked in the deep snow to some more secluded part of the park, the place where chavs and other drunken teens skulked in late hours when the park was meant to be closed, where they sat on a fallen tree trunk, passing the bottle to and fro until it was finished, and they were both visibly a bit drunk. Arthur's face was red and his acidic green eyes were drooping; Gilbert looked similar, though he gave the odd hiccup every now and then. Arthur pulled out a cigarette and tried to insert it into his mouth, at first hitting the side of his mouth but eventually succeeding.

"It's getting hot here, (so hot), just take off all your clothes..." Gilbert slurred drunkenly, beginning to pull his shirt over his head. "I am getting so hot, I wanna take my cloothes off..." He sang, off key.

Arthur glanced at his friend with drooping eyes and blinked slowly. He had gotten drunker than intended as he was quite the lightweight, he admitted. Gilbert wasn't so far gone, but the alcohol reacted badly with his highly explosive personality. He waved a hand, flopping it weakly.

"S..stop it. Put your clothes back berk." He said, frowning, going the slightest bit pink and averting his eyes. "You'll get a..a... ahh, what's it called?"

Gilbert snorted. "Don't be such a fucking fag, Artie. We're both men, d-dead sexy men at that, so what's the problem? Well, at least, I'm fucking sexy." He giggled and Arthur fumed. "And I'm far to awesome to get sick, you should know that by now."

Still Arthur looked away, burning brighter from alcohol and embarrassment.

"I didn't know that choo were such a pruuude." Gilbert moaned, poking Arthur in the side of the head, who swatted the albino's hand away.

"I'm noooot."

"Then take off your shirt, it's boiling!" Gilbert garbled, gesturing around to the surrounding snow.

Arthur scowled but proceeded to strip off his jacket and t-shirt, exposing his thin but wiry arms and chest. He shivered slightly and Gilbert grinned, slapping him heavily on the back and Arthur winced. Gilbert looked at Arthur, whose torso and arms were blossomed with the purple-green of slow healing bruises. One particularly large one bloomed from one shoulder to halfway up the back of his neck, hiding under his studded collar that was still wrapped around his neck. When Gilbert looked more, he noticed a slight, smaller bruise under the punk's choppy fringe.

"Holy shit, where did you get all those bruises?" Gilbert asked, alarmed, happy giddiness all but vanished, but still swaying slightly with intoxication.

Arthur rolled his shoulders and sighed, looking a bit sheepish, and giggly.

"I got into a little fight a-and looost..." He said, chuckling sadly. But his eyes were no longer hazed but sharp and bright.

"Well," Gilbert said, hiccupping, "If you see them again, tell me, we will kick their asses."

Arthur grinned. "Thanks mate." The punk slipped down and off the fallen tree trunk back into the snow, teetering before regaining balance. Gilbert was not so lucky and he fell face first with no shirt on into the freezing cold, gasping loudly. Gilbird took this chance to jump on his head. Arthur pulled Gilbert up and Gilbert slung his arm gently around Arthur's shoulders and poked him in-between the ribs.

"You're reeeally skinny, you know? You need more MEAT on your bones."

Arthur narrowed his eyes and pushed Gilbert's arm off him.

"You're not much better. Besides, my dad doesn't cook and the last time I tried I nearly set the house on fire. A takeaway from the local curry place and fish and chip shop is good enough for me."

The cold was sobering them, and Arthur's words were no longer so slurred, Gilbert's hiccups gone.

"If you come over some time, Ludwig will cook for you. He's fucking awesome at everything, especially German food though, and German food is awesome!"

"Ludwig's your brother right? What about your mum or dad?"

Suddenly Gilbert looked very sad and stopped for a little while before he continued walking by Arthur's side.

"Dad works a lot, he's barely ever home...My Mum's gone too, you know. Like yours."

Arthur glared at Gilbert and they both stopped, Arthur looking angry.

"How do you know about my mother?"

"You don't talk about her much and it's always only your dad. My mum passed away, a year ago, while we were still in Germany. Breast cancer." Gilbert said softly, voice raw, looking into the sky before glancing back at Arthur. "What about yours?"

"She's dead." Arthur said bluntly. "She was killed when I was nine." His eyes sparkled in a way familiar to Gilbert before he looked at the albino. "You're smarter than seem."

Gilbert chuckled, the mood was gone. "You're less badass than you let on."

Arthur growled and punched his shoulder. Suddenly Gilbert grabbed Arthur's shoulder and started dragging him along.

"What the fuck?"

Gilbert span round and pressed a finger to the surprised punk's lips, and pulled on his coat, not bothering with the shirt. A mischievous grin plastered his alabaster face and he bent down to mould a snowball in his hands before running behind a tree, pulling Arthur behind him. He pointed to a young couple sitting on a bench, snuggled in each other's arms. Gilbert gagged and made retching sounds as they started to make out on the bench.

"Fuck, they're practically sucking each other's faces off." Arthur snickered and picked up some snow, getting the idea.

Suddenly there were cries of outrage and screams and snow soaked the two strangers who jumped up and looked around. Arthur threw another snowball at the man, who proceeded to chase the boy while Gilbert jumped to shake one of the branches of the tree, dumping a whole load of snow on the sappy female who started to cry, large, over exaggerated tears. Hearing his spouse's sobs, he charged back and forth between the two teens who pelted him with snowballs before fleeing, laughing all the way. Gilbert nicked a cigarette and lighter of Arthur, lighting it and smoking it quickly, before he arrived home, Arthur at his side.

Author's note: First of all, a big thank you to MelodyOfStarshine for reviewing the first chapter, and also to anyone else who reads this story. Unfortunately, due to school, clubs and general family stuff, updates here will probably be quite irregular. Italics meant that it was in the past, by the way.

Drunken scene. Arthur is definitely OOC in this one, he's not too depressed or in his waiter outfit! Sorry if the drunks seem a bit fake, I haven't had any experience with drink as I'm definitely too young.

Chavs- I'm not sure if you guys over in the U.S. use this term, or know what it means, if you don't, look it up on urban dictionary, you'll get some pretty funny and for the most part accurate explanations there.

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