"So we know it's Martin Keys?" Sirius asked, "We have a positive ID?"

"Yes." James said, "Our insider got a picture and we have it confirmed. Although they all say he looks terrible, like his face is melting or something weird."

"Probably dark magic usage." Sirius said, "Remember that guy a few years ago that looked like that?"

"Wasn't Keys the fifth one in the dorm with Browning?" Minister Finnice asked.

"Yes sir."

"How is he doing?" Finnice asked they knew he meant Harry.

"Every time he talks he sounds like he's ready to vomit." James replied, "This is really disgusting to him but he's getting lots of valuable information."

"We have been stopping a few of the attacks. We do it randomly so that they don't realize we have a spy in their organization. The attack we stopped yesterday was on an all muggle town. We were able to get five wizards moved into the area before the attack so it looks like faulty recon. We're protecting him as much as we can."

"How high has he managed to get?"

"High enough, he really is a genius at this." James grinned.


"Take over the world starting with the ministry."

Harry moved quietly. He had managed to become the second in command. His raids for supplies were always successful while the attacks were showing dismal records. His raid earlier today was his first failure. He didn't want Martin to think he needed to be on the attacks instead of supplies. Harry had been sent from the house to try and locate another shipment that they could take. Instead he was using his time to take out the first of Martin's Horcruxes. His last two months he had spent a lot of time with Martin learning all about him. It was fairly easy to figure out what his three Horcruxes were but where he kept them was a little trickier. This first one was easy to find though.

The dilapidated house he was currently trying to enter was eerily reminiscent of the house that had stood here many years ago. Martin's infatuation with Voldemort was making him predictable. Little Hangleton wasn't so little anymore but this end of town was just as rundown as the house of Gaunt had been. Harry carefully took down the many layers of protection that had been placed on the house. He made note of each one so he could put it back therefore hiding the fact that he had been here. As he cleared each obstacle he would advance a little further. It took hours but he finally located the hidden room and removed all the spells. He pulled his dagger out of the scabbard and then reached for the sword.

Fred really was a genius, Harry thought. The scabbard he had made completely hid the sword of Gryffindor. It looked long enough only to hold a dagger and that's what it held. But after it was removed Harry could touch a spot on the inside and the sword of Gryffindor would pop up, then he could pull it out and use it. Anyone else who touched the spot would get nothing. No one else could even tell it would hold more than the dagger they could see. Harry loved how the handle of the sword would fit right down inside but the dagger would just sit on top.

He pulled the sword out and stabbed the replica of the cup of Helga Hufflepuff. Slytherin's locket and Ravenclaw's diadem were all he had left, well the replicas of them anyway. The cup's scream was still fading as Harry started replacing all the spells he had removed. Once outside he apparated away.

"What am I going to do Ron?" Ginny cried on her favorite brother's shoulder. He was the only one she could confide in as he was the only one who knew what Harry was really doing.

"First we need to tell Sirius." Ron stated.

"But I haven't taken all the curses off yet." she was too distraught to see the humor in her statement so Ron struggled to control his laughter.

"We'll invite him over for dinner." Ron said, "Be here and remove the rest of the spells and then we'll fill him in. Or do you need to feed him any antidotes?"

"When are we going to do this?"


"Fine but I'm just going to stay here, ok?"

When Sirius arrived at Ron and Jane's place he stopped cold just inside the door. Ginny was sitting on the couch with her wand out; he wondered what he was in for this time. When she raised her wand he was near full blown panic but it was short lived as he felt several of his issues disappear. Then she handed him what looked like a coconut candy.

"Don't worry." Ron said when Sirius hesitated, "That's going to clear away the rest of your problems."

He quickly grabbed it and ate it sighing in relief. Once he had enjoyed his problem free existence for a few moments he began to wonder, "Why?"

"I have to alter our plans, I can't play quidditch anymore." Ginny stated uncertainly.

Sirius started to protest but Ron interrupted, "She's pregnant."

"Just over four months. We were a little careless just before he left. I've been so upset I didn't even realize I was late." Ginny said miserably.

"We can't let this out." Sirius whispered, "Who knows?"

"The four of us." Ginny replied, "Jane confirmed it for me this morning. How am I going to get out of my contract without letting them know why?"

"Don't worry. From right at this moment you have a dangerous illness. For your safety from fans and media you are being kept in a secret location with a full time healer." Sirius said.

"But that's going to make Harry worry." Ginny protested, "He can't afford to be distracted."

"But if they find out your pregnant you could both become targets." Sirius said, "Harry's cover with them is his disgust with you. They think he's stringing you along for the money. When you're broke he's supposed to cut all ties."

"How's he doing?"

"He's gotten higher than we could have anticipated." Sirius said, "Things are progressing at a good pace."

Ron smiled until Ginny said, "No, I mean how is he?"

"Not as good as I'd like." Sirius said, "Physically he's great, but mentally this is really hard on him. He'll need recovery time. We're supposed to have contact tonight; do you want me to have him told?"

Ginny debated so Jane asked, "Did he want to have kids?"

"Yes." Ginny replied, "We just wanted to wait a little while. You know get the quidditch playing out of the way first."

"Then tell him." Jane said, "It may help him. Knowing his reasons for doing this has just increased will help him."

"But the distraction could put him in danger." Ginny wasn't sure about this.

"He needs to hear something good." Sirius said, "Besides we can warn him about the story coming out and he won't be worried about you. Not in the same way at least."

A cave, why did it have to be a cave? Harry had never liked caves after his adventure with Albus in Tom's cave. At least this one didn't have a lake full of inferi in it. Martin relied more on spells then on the scare factor. Harry guessed Tom's intimidation technique wouldn't work for Martin yet, hopefully it never would. After he entered the cave he couldn't detect any spells or magic except the Horcrux in the middle of the room. He carefully walked one slow step after the other continuously trying to detect any magic. He was worried; he hadn't detected any magical protections since entering the inner part of the cave. The pedestal in the middle of the room had no magic only the box like the one in the previous place that had held a horcrux. Harry stood back and blasted the box. It fell to the floor and started to glow. Harry quickly shielded himself and huddled against the wall the blast still cause him injury. The box hadn't held it like last time so he set about trying to find the real location. He only stopped to heal his injuries when the blood from a cut on his forehead interfered with his vision.

He finally found the Horcrux and had to stop and appreciate the intelligence. It was in the pedestal, he had to break the pedestal then he could destroy the Horcrux. This time it was the Diadem. Shaking his head he said aloud, "Wrong one, the cave held the locket."

"I need to know Ginny, how did you get rid of it all?" Sirius asked, "Our healers were baffled."

"Trade secret." she smiled, "I'm not allowed to let out Weasley secrets, you know that."

"You know if anyone else did even half the stuff you did I'd have them in solitary." Sirius growled.

"But you won't do that to me because you need Harry." Ginny grinned but let it fade when she said, "And I need him too so don't go getting him killed or even injured. This will seem mild compared to what I'll do if you fail."

Later that evening Sirius waited in the spot he was supposed to meet Harry in. He had waited for three hours when he finally decided Harry wasn't going to show. He wasn't looking forward to seeing Ginny tomorrow.

The noise of the place was deafening. Who would have thought to hide a Horcrux in a place with so many people? Each hiding place Martin had chosen was tied to Voldemort one way or another. The house was in the same place the Riddle house had been. The cave, while not the same cave, was meant to be like it. And now the muggle nightclub was on the spot where the orphanage had stood hundreds of years ago. Tom wouldn't have liked anyone to remember he was an orphan. He made himself invisible while in the loo and then he waited along a wall where he could see most of the place. Once all the customers left Harry used a mild muggle repelling charm to empty the rest of the building. Harry had almost missed this one. He had thought there was only three but he had found reference of a fourth in the room at Headquarters that held the locket. He couldn't destroy the locket until the rest were gone. Headquarters had to be the last stop he couldn't undo most of the protections on it. He would be tripping alarms and spells left and right, Martin would send contingents to check all the other places before he would confront the intruder at headquarters. The Aurors were prepared for that. Just in case there were more Horcruxes than he knew they would be in place to find out.

Harry stood in front of the display case that had a duplicate of the sword he had in the scabbard on his hip. The spell on this was dangerous in the extreme. If he had been facing this one last time he would have died. To this day he was surprised the three of them had made it through that year alive.

The building exploded as he knew it would. He stabilized it long enough to destroy the Horcrux and then apparated away while it burned to the ground. He was going to have to destroy the last one tonight. It was just like Gringotts, Martin would find out someone was hunting his Horcruxes.

Headquarters was a madhouse. People were running every which way scurrying to do their masters bidding. Right now he was looking for Harry, he wanted his Horcrux checked and protected. Harry stayed hidden until Martin decided he had to go check it himself. He didn't trust anyone else with the job. As soon as they were gone Harry attacked the last Horcrux. He wasn't careful in his approach this time he just blasted through the spells taking them down as quickly as possible. Luckily Martin hadn't protected this one as well as the others. He didn't think anyone could get the one hidden in his headquarters.

He had only just finished when he heard an amplified voice say, "Harry my friend come out."

He looked out the closest window and swore at the top of his lungs. Out on the lawn was every member of the organization plus three prisoners. The two red heads stood out with no problem, the sleek bun between them while not as noticeable still stood out against the sea of cloaked figures. Martin was the only one uncloaked. He sent a patronus to Sirius and then prepared to move out.

"Harry, I have your friends out here. Let us see if you meant what you said about them." Martin laughed cruelly.

Harry picked up the destroyed Horcrux and left the room. The front door opened as he approached it and he stepped out into the night. Dawn was approaching but had not yet arrived. He was mildly surprised, for him it had been a long night.

"There you are." Martin cooed like he was talking to a small child, "Have you been a bad boy Harry?"

"No." He replied curtly, "Never have been."

"What do you have there?"

"Just your Horcrux." He answered, "It's destroyed by the way."

"So you have found my secret."

"Wasn't hard. You don't keep secrets very well." Harry said, "You're not very original either."

"Well I know you've gotten this one, why not tell me where else you've been tonight."

"I think you know." Harry replied.

"Humor me." Martin's oily voice purred.

"Well I was at a nightclub earlier." Harry laughed, "The party was so hot it but the place down."

"Any other places?" Martin asked.

"No that was all I had time for tonight. Don't you think two Horcruxes in one night is enough?"

"But it's not enough for you to defeat me. You still have two left and after you die I'll make another." Martin started throwing curses at Harry.

Harry returned the curses ignoring the underlings as the Aurors had arrived and were fighting them. Ron attacked those closest to him and retrieved his wand as well as Ginny's and Jane's. Even with those three the Aurors weren't fairing well they were outnumbered two to one. But a few moments in a sea of red heads joined and the tide of battle turned.

The fighting continued between Harry and Martin, spells were exploding and rocking the area. The house they had been using as headquarters was beginning to show damage from spells and concussions of spells. After what felt like hours to Harry, Martin was beginning to tire; his spells weren't packing quite as much of a punch as they had before.

"Martin Brandle, give up. Your followers have been defeated and you are on your own." Harry heard Sirius make his announcement.

He saw Martin turn and fire a spell but he kept his eyes firmly on the dark wizard until he heard Jane scream, "Ginny!"

He turned at that and saw Ginny crumpled on the ground. He was dumbfounded for a moment until Sirius yelled, "Watch out!"

He turned back in time to see a spell reach him, his wand when flying and another spell was on its way. In the second between spells he thought, "He killed Ginny." What happened next Harry could never recall even years later it was a blank spot for him. All he remembered was a blinding pain took him when he thought she was dead. He woke up a few hours later in the hospital with Jane fussing over him.

His first word was, "Ginny?"

"She's fine." Jane said, "I knew the spell he used and was able to reverse it before it could do any damage. She'll be in to see you soon."

"What happened?"

"What do you remember?" Sirius asked from the door way.

"Hey." Harry grinned at him, "How are you doing? Great timing by the way."

"Thanks." Sirius grinned in return, "I'm doing better than you. Ginny removed the rest of the curses she set on me."

"Has he spilled the beans yet?" Ginny asked as she was wheeled through the door. At Harry's look of concern she said, "They're afraid I'll trip and fall. The spell left me a little disoriented."

"Not yet, I was just starting to pick his brain." Sirius replied.

"I remember Martin hitting Ginny with the spell and I thought he had killed her. Then he disarmed me while my attention was off him. The next spell felt like a crucio and that's all I remember." Harry stated.

"Well then you missed the best part." Sirius laughed for a moment, "I was really hoping you could tell me how you did it."

"Did what?"

"Part way through the crucio you stopped screaming and just stood up. He dropped the curse out of shock then you just pointed a finger at him. As soon as your hand was raised we were all hit with gale force winds that forced us to huddle on the ground. It was swirling around and you were at its center. Everyone was pelted with debris but no one was hurt by it. After the wind started you started speaking but I couldn't hear you. You shot a spell out of your hand, it surprised us because you were wandless. The spell created a white beam followed by a smaller pink one that spiraled around it. The spell picked him off the ground and then surrounded him; I could hear his screams over the wind. As suddenly as it started it stopped, the wind even dropped off. He fell to the ground dead and you collapsed." Sirius had told the whole story quickly still sounding like he couldn't believe what he had seen. This was confirmed when he asked the others, "Is that what you guys saw and heard?"

Jane and Ron agreed but since Ginny had still been unconscious she had missed it.

"I didn't realize I had chosen to use that spell." Harry commented thoughtfully, "That's an ancient spell I found late in my previous life. Once you choose to do it you can't stop until one of two things happen. Either they have remorse for their actions or they die. I never used it before because I wasn't sure the caster would survive."

"What does it do?" Jane asked.

"It shows you every bad thing you've done. You either feel sorry for your actions or die." Harry shrugged, "It occurs at such a pace that your true heart reactions are all that can respond. If he died he refused, in his heart, to feel anything for the people he had hurt."

"Then he was truly evil." Ginny said.

"You know the Dark Cloaks were his idea." Harry said, "But while he was gone learning more dark arts they started without him. He's the one that gave you the tip on the night they were trying to make their own Horcruxes." Harry ran a hand over his face, "It was their punishment for not following his orders."

"Ok, you have your information now leave." Ginny demanded, "Harry and I need to talk."

"If you live through this I'll talk to you later." Sirius grinned.

"Take it easy on him." Jane said, "He is still recovering."

Ron just waved as he followed the others out the door.

"Love you Gin." Harry said holding a hand out for her.

"You better." she climbed in beside him and cuddled.

"If this is my punishment you can punish me every day." Harry grinned.

Ginny laughed, they stayed still for a while until she worked up her nerve, "You remember that week before you left?"

"Of course, memories of that time are what kept me sane during all this. I kept it up so I could finish him off and come home to do it again."

"Well you'll have to plan this quickly or we'll need help." Ginny grinned into his shoulder. She was trying her bet to confuse him and it was working.

"Why would we need help from anyone else? All we did was stay in bed and have fun." Harry was worried.

"Well if we wait too long I won't be able to do that comfortably. And after I'm comfortable again we'll need someone to watch these three." Ginny stated.

"Why would you be uncomfortable with me? And just what three are you talking about?" Harry turned Ginny's face to look at him but the wicked gleam in her eye did nothing to clear his confusion.

Ginny picked up his hand and put it on her stomach. When confusion still showed clearly on his face she moved his hand around so he could feel the bump. As realization dawned on him he smiled. The smile grew until something else she had said clicked. The smile wavered a bit and his eyebrows rose when he asked, "Three?"

"The technical term is triplets." Harry shout of joy could be heard on three floors.