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Aloha Kakou is a Hawaiian phrase that means 'may there be love between us'.

"So which one of you is the bride?"

"Mary!" Steve exclaimed, giving his sister an exasperated look.

"What? It's a legitimate question," she defended as she sat sideways across the recliner. "Typically a wedding consists of a bride, a groom, and a bridal party. I'm just trying to understand what everybody's role is here."

Steve threw his head back and ran his hands through his short black hair.

"This isn't like a typical wedding," he stated. "It really isn't even a wedding at all."

Mary rolled her eyes. "Then what is it? Is it like a commitment ceremony?"

"Kind of," Steve shrugged. He wasn't quite sure what to call it. Hawaii didn't have any law that allowed for same-sex marriages or even civil unions. Instead, they had some form that he and Danny could file that would allow them to receive the same benefits as a married couple. It wasn't exactly what Steve had wanted, but it was the best that they could do. There was only paperwork involved, but when Kono had heard about it, she had insisted that they have some kind of ceremony to mark the occasion. It might not have been recognized in the eyes of the law, but it was for sentimental purposes.

Danny had been hesitant at first. He didn't want another wedding, claiming that he'd "been there, done that," but Kono had insisted that it wouldn't be like a typical wedding. It would simply be a gathering of friends and family to celebrate the union of two lives. There would be no preacher or Justice of the Peace to oversee the event, just loved ones. Danny had eventually caved and agreed to the ceremony.

Kono had taken over planning the details, and the two men were more than happy to hand the duty off to her. Neither of them had the first clue about what needed to be done in order to plan such an event. Steve had given Danny a hard time, saying that he should have at least some idea considering he had been married before. To which Danny informed him that he hadn't done a "damn thing but show up" to his wedding to Rachel. That fact really didn't surprise Steve at all.

"So, let me try to wrap my head around this," Mary stated. "You guys aren't technically getting married, but you'll have all the same benefits as a spouse would?"

"Basically," Steve replied.

"That's so stupid! Why don't they just let you get married like they would a man and a woman instead of making you go through a separate process?" she exclaimed.

"I don't know, Mar. You'll have to ask the politicians," Steve said as he lay down across the couch.

The last few days had been crazy trying to get all the last minute details in place for the ceremony. He still had a few more errands to run today, but Kono had told him and Danny that she had a surprise for them this afternoon at the house, so they couldn't leave until she arrived.

"When is Kono coming?" Danny asked as he walked into the room. "She said she'd be here before I had to leave to go pick up Grace – a time that is rapidly approaching." Steve shrugged in response and patted the vacant spot next to him on the couch. "What is this surprise anyways?" Danny continued, sitting down next to his fiancé.

"No idea," Steve mumbled.

Mary took the time to look at the couple. After Danny sat down next to him, Steve had moved and positioned himself so that his head was resting in the other man's lap. In response, Danny was looking down at him and fingering his hair while he spoke. They were a classic case of opposites attracting, but she found them to be kind of adorable too. There was her brother who was the big, strong, hulking kind of guy. And then there was Danny – the gentler, though no in no way soft spoken, man who, according to her brother, could fit the description of a nagging wife quite well at times. Looking at the two of them together confirmed her belief that all the good ones were either taken or gay – or, in this case, both.

A car door slammed outside and Mary laughed as both men jumped up. She followed behind them as they hurried to the door. Peaking over Danny's shoulder, she saw Kono walking up to the house with a blonde woman. Apparently Danny knew who this blonde was, became he wandered out ahead of Steve with his arms open wide.

"Casey? What the hell are you doing here?" Danny questioned as he hugged her.

"I'm here for your wedding or whatever it is." She waved a hand dismissively.

Steve looked at the visitor, and couldn't help but think that there was something awfully familiar about her.

"How'd you even find out about it? I didn't think you and mom were talking," Danny wondered, paying no attention to his partner's confusion. It clicked for Steve then. Danny didn't talk about his family much, but he remembered him mentioning a sister. Plus, he had seen a photograph somewhere of Danny with a woman who looked suspiciously like her.

"You think I talked to Ma? Has this island melted your brain? I would rather join the convent and take a vow of silence then have a conversation with her," Casey said vehemently. Steve couldn't help but think that she was like the female version of her brother. "Your girl Kono over there found me and told me about it. Which reminds me…" She turned and smacked Danny hard in the arm, "Why the hell did you not call and tell me?"

"I did call you. I even left you a message. You never responded."

"Oh shit, I must not have sent you my new number." She winced.

Danny raised an eyebrow. "Your new number?"

"Yeah, I had to get a new number because my psycho ex kept calling me," she explained as though it was no big deal.

"Psycho ex? Why didn't you call me-" Danny's voice ?

"Right, and what were you going to do from halfway across the world? I handled it." Casey stared her brother down, causing Danny to toss his hands in the air in fond annoyance. "Now, since my brother has no manners, let me properly introduce myself. Hi, I'm Casey Williams, Danny's baby sister and the black sheep of the family." Casey smiled at him sweetly. Steve stepped forward to shake her hand.

"Why does she sound so proud about that?" Steve leaned over and whispered to Danny as he stepped back.

"Because she is," Danny confirmed. Steve just stared at Danny and nodded.

"Hey, where's my niece?" Casey asked, looking around for the little girl as if she would suddenly appear.

"At school. I have to go pick her up," Danny answered.

"Ooh, I want to go!" Casey exclaimed, her eyes wide. Steve couldn't help but smile at the childlike enthusiasm that the blonde seemed to have. He got the feeling that she wasn't the type to take life too seriously.

"Danny, take your sister with you. You guys can catch up on the ride. I'll grab the bags and get everything set up," Steve offered.

Danny gave him a look of appreciation as he directed his sister over to the Camaro.

Steve watched the two siblings interact with each other, and couldn't help but notice how similar they seemed to each other. As they were pulling out of the driveway, he caught a glimpse of Danny's face and saw a look that he knew from experience: exasperated patience. Steve smiled as he walked into the house. He had a feeling that things were about to get very interesting….