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Vic Sage AKA The Question strolled through the halls of the Metro Tower humming a sugary pop song under his breath.

He rounded the corner towards his room, halting for just a fraction of a second when he passed the room that at one time belonged to Huntress. He frowned underneath his mask knowing that with that small acknowledgement meant an unhappy day. He didn't really like to think about her, what they had been to each other, how deeply he loved her.

He hadn't seen much less spoken to Helen in several years. That's how he dealt with pain; when something hurt, ignore it. It wasn't her fault though, it was his.

He had loved her, so, so much. That was part of the problem. The other half was that, for some reason he never really understood, she loved him too. He partially wished she didn't; he wasn't good enough for her, wasn't right for her, wasn't the type of man she deserved.

So he let her go.

It was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do.

He remembered her face when he told her he wanted to end things. How confused and hurt she'd been, how she'd been barley able to choke out a simple question; why? What had she done wrong?

He couldn't even look her in the face when he said he simply didn't care about her anymore while his conscience begged him to stop hurting Helena like this. She didn't deserve it. But it was for the greater good, this way he'd be able to stop holding her back and unintentionally ruining her life.

She was just to good for him.

So she'd left their apartment that they has shared since Cadmus tortured him, tears of anger and pain streaming down her face as she yelled at him, screaming her head off and occasionally throwing things at him as she stormed out of their apartment and out of his life.

He didn't even try to defend himself. He knew he deserved it.

She said a lot of things that day. She told him she hated him and hoped he burned in Hell, called him a lot of things. Swore him out in Italian. He had to fight back every fiber in his body screaming at him to take it back and apologize and just stop hurting her.

He hated that he had to hurt her like that.

There wasn't a single night after that when he didn't find himself missing her and hating himself for putting the only person he loved through so much pain.

He couldn't even do a check up on her to see if she'd moved on. He knew if he did he'd end up broken and desperate for her love again and his plan would have been ruined.

He couldn't destroy her life anymore, couldn't be that selfish.

He fought back a sigh as he continued walking down the hall alone, memories of him and Helena still drifting through his mind. They were together for almost three years; most of his happier memories came from those three years. Breaking into government offices, the thrill of waking up every morning and seeing her in his bed sleeping peacefully, all those long, passionate nights of making love. . .

He shook his head, those times were over and done with.

If only for Helen's sake.

The rest of the day passed by without much significance, thoughts of Huntress occasionally drifting through his mind.

He buried himself in his work for a while, distracting himself. He absently flipped through a file as he strolled down the hall until he ran into a green blur.

"Hey watch it-oh, hi Vic." Green Arrow finished tonelessly.

Vic blinked behind his mask; Ollie hadn't talked to him in years. Again, that was partially his fault. After he ended it with Helena she had sought out Dinah as a shoulder to cry on. Dinah had been furious at him for hurting her friend and told Oliver not to talk to him. By talk, she meant threatened to stop sleeping with him. Ollie complied.

"Hello Oliver." He responded. "Where are you running off to?"

Ollie glanced around for a second as if to make sure Dinah wasn't hiding in a closet waiting to ambush him. "The med-bay."

"Is Dinah hurt?" He asked slightly surprised.

"Uh, a friend of hers is." Ollie said vaguely.


"No. . ."


"No. . ."

He felt his stomach turn cold as an idea formed in his head. ". . .It isn't Huntress, is it?" He asked, dreading the answer.

". . .Yeah." Ollie admitted awkwardly.

"What happened?" He exclaimed before he could stop himself.

"She was in a fight, you know, we get in those sometimes." Ollie shrugged. "Dinah said it was bad, though, blood everywhere. Why?" He asked. Ollie then realized that he was standing alone in the hallway, Question having run off to the medical rooms before he could finish.

"Crazy. . .Face-less. . .Ungrateful. . .Bastard." Ollie muttered under his breath as he walked away.

Q raced to where the examination rooms were, utterly terrified at the thought of Helena dying.

He needed her to be okay, she just had to be alright. He knew it didn't matter she was no longer his; if she was hurt he was going to be a wreck. Please let her be okay, please let her be okay, please, please, please, dear God let her be okay! He thought frantically speeding off to the med-bay as fast as he could.

He just needed to know she would be fine, then he could go back to the way things should be.

He reached where the injured were kept and nursed back to health, adrenaline pulsing through his veins. He saw the light on in an operating room, signaling it was in use. He stumbled over to it in a daze, trembling slightly in fear at what he'd see.

He hadn't seen Helen in seven years, had her appearance changed at all? Did she cut off her beautiful raven hair flowing past her shoulder that he used to run his hands through at night? Did she gain weight or loose her figure? Was she going to be furious if she found out he'd came by to check on her?

He felt his breath catch as he saw her. His beautiful, invincible Helena had never looked so beaten. She had a broken arm and bandages on her body, a few thin cuts on her face, and a gash on her right leg.

She was still incredibly beautiful. His shoulders sagged; he had been missing her more than he realized. Why did tragedy always seem to bring them together? Helena didn't deserve so much pain in her life.

He didn't even notice the small girl standing next to him, staring intently Helena. He was to lost in staring at her, remembering how unbelievably good it felt to have her body against his, how sweet her lips were, her dark eyes he'd feel himself getting lost in if he wasn't careful. . .

"Hey, what are you doing here?" The little girl asked. He didn't even hear her.

"Hellooooooo? Mr. Fedora-guy?" She tried again.

"Dude!" Still nothing, it was like talking to a wall.

"Hey! You with the face!" She called, knowing that applied to everyone because everyone had a face.

Vic jumped, when the hell did a kid get here? He turned to face her and ask her why she was in space.

The little girl gaped at him. He doesn't have a freaking face! "Whoa, dude sorry if I offended your planet or something, I thought everything had a face so it could live. Well actually plants don't, but they're not really alive. I mean they are, but not like us, like they can't go to the movies. Actually they probably could if someone brought them there, they just need help getting there I guess."

Question stared at the child. She was very tiny; short and skinny unlike most of Americas youth today. Tan with slightly frizzy charcoal hair flowing to her waist, big, intelligent blue eyes staring at him oddly, and a mouth that seemed to small for all those words to be coming out of it.

She was still talking. "Me and Mama have a few plants 'cause she doesn't want any animals, which stinks. I want an animal, you know because they're so cute. I like puppies and pony's and kittens and horses and chicks and pony's and and frogs, but I don't think frogs can turn into prince's if you kiss 'em. That would be so cool, but why would you want to try? I mean gross, kissing a frog! But um, sorry if I said something bad which I do a lot because Mama says I have a motor-mouth and Uncle Ollie says it to and he says I need to be a little quieter. Oh, I'm not being quiet, am I? Sorry, I'm shutting up now."

She closed her mouth and continued staring at him, waiting for him to do something. He tried to do a mental review of what she had told him, something about pony's and plants while trying to come up with some useful information. "You're Oliver Queens niece?"

"Mm-Hm, Uncle Ollie's like my favorite Uncle. I have a ton but I don't know them because they're bad and Mama hates them. Actually, Mama doesn't really like anyone in her family that much." She added thoughtfully.

"Why are you on the Watch Tower?" He asked in a hurry to check on Helen.

"Oh." Said the little girl sadly. "Aunt Dinah beamed me up 'cause my favoritest person in the world got hurt."

"Huntress?" He exclaimed in surprise. "How do you know her?"

The little girl looked at him oddly, as if she was trying to figure out if he was kidding or not. "She's my Mama!"

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