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Helena felt a shiver travel down her spine as Vic kissed her neck. "Oh, God, I missed you." She mumbled against him.

"How could you miss me? I never went anywhere." He replied as he tightened his grip around her waist.

"This time." Helen reminded him. "But enough of that, let's just get started already."

He paused and looked up at her. "Hurm, you're even more passionate than usual."

Helena smirked and plopped herself down on his lap. "That's because I was off duty for the past few months, Mister. But now that I'm back you are so mine." She growled with a deep kiss.

"I could think of worse things." Q admitted while laying down and pulling her on top of him. "Though, I can hardly feel any pain since Cadmus. Between that and time, my body's not as sensitive as it used to be."

Helena grinned wickedly. "I'm taking that as a challenge." She speared her hands through his hair with a deep kiss, nibbling his bottom lip and getting ready to claim him hers the way she liked best. "So Vic, are you ready to-"


The couple groaned. "He has to do that now?" Vic grumbled.

Ever since their son Charles Aristotle Bertinelli-Sage had been born, the couple hadn't been able to physically indulge in each other as much as they both liked.

"I'll go get him." Helena sighed as she got out of the couples' bed.

Vic fought back a groan of annoyance as he reclined back into the bed and sighed. It wasn't fair, the second Helena had found out that he had yet again impregnated her she made the one rule no man ever wanted to hear; no sex for another seven months. Considering everything else they had done in the bedroom he had simply assumed it would be a little extra work, but no.

Helena had put her foot down with this rule; no sex until their baby was born.

He frowned, that had been the plan. But ever since Charles had been born they'd been to busy and tired to do anything. Tonight, they were finally supposed to have their way with each other; but apparently that idea was slowly fading away.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by his ever-so lovely Helena entering the room, a small bundle in her arms. "Move." She playfully ordered as she flopped down on the bed.

Helena smiled as she stared at her infant son. "He's so beautiful..."

"Men are not beautiful." Vic corrected.

"But he's not a man." Helena replied happily. "He's my beautiful baby boy."

Vic decided not to correct her this time. "What does he want this time?" He sighed.

Huntress glared at him. "He's a baby, Q, he needs a lot of attention. You don't have to be a grump."

"I'm not being a grump."

"I'm sorry, a huge grump." She corrected herself. "What's with you lately?"

"Nothing." Vic said quickly. "It's just, well, we haven't, uh, done anything in a while and I'm getting, uh..."

"Oh? Oh!" Helena exclaimed as she caught his drift. "Jeez, why didn't you say something, moron. I already told you I was going to have you tonight, calm down." She rocked their son in her arms. "I think he's hungry."

Vic was about to respond that he would gladly buy the younger redhead a cheeseburger after he had thoroughly made love to the mother of his children when Helena absently tugged off the lower half of her nightgown and removed one luscious breast.

Helena was to busy attempting to feed her picky child to notice Vics' stare. "Uh..." Q trailed off as he watched the infant latch on to his mothers' breast and begin to eat.

Helena suddenly noticed the look on Vics' face. "What?"

"Nothing." He muttered. It really wasn't fair; those were supposed to be his.

"What do you think he's going to do? Take them away from you?" Helena scowled. "You know they're there for things other than you playing with them."

"I know that." He said defensively.

Helena was about to inform him that he would get his share after their son was satisfied when she was aware of her name being called. "Mama!" "What?" Helena called back. "I'm feeding your brother!"

"But there's a bug in here!" Bella called back. "And it's on my ceiling!"

"Kill it!" Helena suggested. "Use your shoe!"

"But it's a spider!" The seven-year-old squealed. "It's, like, the size of my face!"

Huntress rolled her eyes and gently dislodged her son. "Here." She smirked while placing him in Vics' arms. "Take your kid."


"I'll be right back, God!" Helena exclaimed in exasperation. Honestly, he was acting like a toddler who had gotten his favorite toy taken away. Well, toys. She thought as she walked out of the room.

She knew he was in the mood and had been for much longer than she cared to think about and that the no sex rule had been a huge pain for them both. But hey, going from having an awesome six-pack to a giant belly didn't exactly do a lot to make a girl feel sexy. Besides, while Helena enjoyed being dirty and keeping it hot in bed, she had to draw the line at that.

Something about the thought of having your man work his way over you while you had a baby in you was a little to weird for her. Plus, all those important doctors said babies could hear things in the womb, and Helena did not feel like explaining to a young child what those weird noises he always heard were.

Q stared down at the infant in his arms. The smaller redhead looked up at him curiously and began to suck on his thumb. Vic took a second to marvel at how unbelievably fragile his son was before remembering he was slowly having his job taken away from him by the bundle in his grasp. "Yeah, well, just remember I saw them first." He grumbled.

It was very unfair; once Helena had gotten pregnant her breasts had swelled up and practically doubled in size. While Helena considered this annoying, Vic was praying to God that she would cave and he could have her incredible chest at his mercy. The one time he wasn't permitted to touch her she was unintentionally driving him wild with desire.

While Vic absolutely loved the little guy, he did have needs. The problem was so did little Charles who Helena seemed to have given all of her time too. The infant looked up at him again and Vic swore the little rugrat looked smug as if to say But who's she giving them to now, old man?

"Besides; I get to use them long after you do." Q replied somewhat smugly; and deep down he couldn't help but feel like he won the debate. Charles ignored him and decided to attempt to roll onto the mattress. "No." Vic corrected as he readjusted his grasp on the squirming child. "You might have been made here but you have your own bed. Just because your mother lets you in here doesn't mean you get to stay."

"Aw, is my biggest baby arguing with my youngest?" Helena teased as she wandered back into the room.

"Of course not." Vic huffed in slight embarrassment. "Do you really think I would try to engage debate with someone who can fit their foot into their mouth?"

Helen ignored his comment. "Does little Charlie want to play?" She cooed.

Charles Victor Szazs grinned; he knew this game very, very well. "Of course he does are you kidding m-oh, wait, you were talking to hi-never mind."

Helena laughed as she took Charlie into her arms. "Aw, you've got your poor Daddy thinking like Mommy does." She turned back to Vic with a smirk. "Just let me put him to bed and I'm yours. Then we can play with that little Charlie."

"Finally." Vic muttered before he could stop himself. Helena turned to walk out of the room when Vic suddenly placed a hand on her shoulder. "No, you stay." Before she could protest he added, "Every time you leave we don't get to...entertain ourselves. Let me put him to sleep."

Helena felt her body relax as she once again handed her baby boy back to Vic, kissing his forehead gently. "Okay, but if he starts to cry again-"

"I know, I know." Vic sighed. "Just get on the bed and get ready."

"Already am." Helena assured him, giving him a playful smack on the butt as Vic exited the bedroom.

"Save that energy for later." Vic sent her a heated stare. "You're going to need it."

He heard Helena laugh as he quickly shuffled into the hall. "Look here son," He began. "Mommy and I both love you very much, but I need to be loved, too. So you're going to be nice and quiet, okay?"

Charlie looked at him strangely before erupting in a fit of giggles. "See." Sighed Vic wistfully. "That's what I very nicely asked you not to do."

"What's going on?" Asked Bella as she entered the small hall. He gaze instantly fell onto her brother. "Charlie's okay, right?"

"Of course." Vic assured her. "You're brother's just going to sleep now. On that subject, why aren't you in bed?"

"There was a spider the size of Kansas on my ceiling; no way was I letting that thing crawl into my mouth and make me accidentally swallow it." Bella scowled. Her gaze softened as she looked at her darling little brother, "Can I hold him?"

Vic felt his denied jealousy melt and felt it be replaced by a much warmer feeling; love. "Of course." He said quietly, bending down and gently placing the infant in her arms.

"He's really small." Bella observed. "And he kind of looks like a leprechaun, you know, with all the red hair."

"I have red hair, does that make me a leprechaun?"

"No, you're too tall." She shrugged as she handed back her brother. "Can you tuck me in?"

"Well..." Vic felt his gaze travel back to his bedroom door.


"But your mother smells like coconut." Vic protested.


"Alright." Vic sighed in defeat as he guided her into her room. "Lay down." The young girl complied, lifting up the covers and snuggling underneath them while waiting patiently for her father to preform the nightly ritual. She turned back to her Daddy. "Well?"

"Good night." He said softly, giving her a light peck on the cheek. He quickly moved to leave the small room.

"Uh, hello!" Bella rolled her eyes in exasperation, wondering why Daddy was in such a hurry.


"You didn't say it." She sulked.

A blank look; then, "Oh." He wondered when he had gotten so single-minded when it came to sex. He decided to blame it on the ban Helena had put on him. "Good night, I love you."

"There you go." She smiled. "And I love you, too."

"Good." Vic nodded, strolling out of the room once more and entering the one across the hallway. He gently placed the infant into the small crib, absently touching Charles' bright red hair.

For a moment Vic couldn't help but marvel at what he had created with Helena; two beautiful children who would most likely be able to kill a man with their bare hands by the time they were ten. He placed the now sleeping child in his crib and placed a soft kiss on his sons' cheek, whispering his affection before once again leaving and re-entering Helenas' room.

"So, are you ready?" She purred.

"Absolutely." He said quickly, feeling his energy return to him. "Are you?"

"Lay down and I'll show you." She replied smoothly. He did as he was told, pulling her against him and running a hand through her hair. "Are you okay?"

He nodded slowly. "Just thinking."

"About what?"

"You, me, our children, sex..."

"All the good things in life." Helena agreed, cuddling to his side.

"You know, I wasn't expecting this." Vic admitted.

"Expecting what?"

"Us. The first time it was amazing, and I never thought we'd get a second shot." He explained.

"Yeah." She agreed softly. "We got really lucky." She suddenly turned to him, a heated and playful look on her face. "So, are we going to do this or what?"

Vic just smiled. "That is the question."


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