Ty the Tasmanian tiger: A New Enemy

I don't own Ty the Tasmanian Tiger nor its characters who are own by Krome Studios. I do own all OC's in this story.

Part 1: A New Enemy

Three months have passed since Ty defeated the Quinking and again Boss Cass has be put in jail with tighter security and Carlos McGuffin has taken presidency of Cassopolis, but Cass has a secret plan ready to be unleashed on Southern Rivers. Will Ty rise up to the challenge and defeat his new enemy.

Karlos is in his new presidential office filling out papers when he finds a button under his desk. Without hesitation he presses it and a door on the wall opens and Karlos decides to take a look. When he enters he finds that Cass hid a secret lab behind the wall then he notices a capsule with person in it and said in a confused tone "What in the world did Cass do in here," all of a sudden computer started to talk "Welcome back Boss Cass, Project: Kyle the Tasmanian tiger is almost complete." Karlos was shocked then he said "Project… Kyle… the… Tasmanian tiger" then he turned back to the capsule but quickly hovered over to the huge computer and began to look through Cass' computer.

While Karlos was looking through the computer, inside the capsule the computer spoke to Kyle "You know who you are, your mission and everything you need is on the table in front of the capsule" "Understood, My name is Kyle the Tasmanian tiger, a servant to Boss Cass and my mission… To destroy Ty the Tasmanian tiger" said Kyle in sinister tone opening his eyes. Before Karlos could find anything the computer said "Project: Kyle the Tasmanian tiger is finished, Boss Cass" Karlos then turned around to see that the capsule had opened and in front of it stood the beginning of a new Tasmanian tiger: Kyle the Tasmanian tiger.

Karlos couldn't believe the spectacle that he was seeing: the black fur and white stripes on the neck, arm and nose, brown shirt, black pants and red shoes. Kyle walked over to the tabled as the computer indicated and picked up a backpack of supplies and a pair of boomerangs then started walking toward the exit of the lab. Carlos suddenly got in Kyle's and said "Wait right there since Boss Cass is gone, you obey me" but Kyle put a smirk on his face. Kyle reached into the pack, grabbed a small dome shaped object and slapped it on Karlos' hover chair then made a run for the exit then jumped out of the office window into the alley and started to run until he put enough space in between him and the presidential house.

When Kyle was far enough, he pulled out a detonator and said "Sweet dreams" then he pressed it, back at the presidential house Karlos was trying to get the object off then the dome beeped then an explosion. Karlos was sent flying into his office then hit the wall, the guards heard and rushed to Karlos. After Kyle heard the explosion, he started his way to the city gate.

At the gate, Kyle saw two guards, walked up to them and said "open the gate, I have to get through" "No way kid we got an order from our boss not to let anyone through because of what happened at the Presidential house" said the guard on the left. Kyle got serious and said in an annoyed tone "I'll say it again, Let me through the gate NOW!" then the guards started to chuckle then the one on the right said "Nice try kid but we're two grown men and you're a 15 or 16 year old kid, the best you could do to is give us a wedgie" and both guards started to laugh. Kyle let out a sigh and said "If that's what it takes" then the guards stopped laughing, Kyle dropped the backpack and charged. Two minutes later, Kyle picked up his bag and said "You two are bad at you job, being beat by a 16 ½ year old kid." Kyle turned around and admired his work; the guard on the left was struggling to get out of the blue briefs jock- lock wedgie Kyle gave him and the one on the right was on the ground groaning from the Melvin that he got from Kyle yanking on his black boxer-briefs. Kyle walked over to the one groaning and grabbed the key card and opened the gate. When he got outside he found a jeep parked, hot wired it and rode it off to his destination: New Burramudgee.

Five hours later

Kyle could see that he was close to his target but he turned to see a missile heading toward him. He tried to dodge it but it was too late he got hit and the jeep flipped over. All Kyle heard before he blacked out was: over here get him out, get the stretcher and get him to the hospital. Kyle then heard a small cracking sound but was to dizzy to find out what it was.

Back at Cassopolis

The computer turns on and tries to locate Kyle's locator chip but is unsuccessful then says "Kyle has failed; now you must begin what he couldn't" then another door in the wall next to the computer opens, reveling another Tasmanian tiger in a capsule. The Capsule opens and the Tasmanian tiger runs out as quick as Kyle then the computer says "Do not fail Boss Cass, T…." then the computer put itself in standby to repair damages and to prevent loss of data.