Part 10: His Words

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Burramudgee Hospital-7:45 AM

Kyle was in a nightmare that he knew too well: The Day of the Tasmania Earthquake. He was in his body but he was witnessing it all happen all over again and he couldn't bare it. All he could see was the terror of his family dying when he heard a voice "Soon this will be everyone you care about" he turned and saw it was Tiger towering over him laughing. Kyle tried to run but he could still hear Tiger "Like when we were younger, your a coward Kyle, you run when everyone you love is in trouble and that's all you'll ever be" then Tiger laughed. Kyle kept running but fell and just coward in fear with the sounds of not only his family but his friends and the people of Southern Rivers.

Kyle then woke with a start in a hospital bed and he felt tired and in pain. He tried to move his arms but they felt like they were on fire and he winced in pain. Kyle then started to talk to himself "Man…my head hurts and my arms are in pain, I wonder if Tiger's okay" then he heard the door open. He sat up and saw it was Ty and Sly "Hey guys" "Hey Kyle, you feeling okay" asked Ty. Kyle sighed and said "Aside from the pain in my body and the fact that I might have cracked my brother's neck in several different places, I'm peachy" there was a silence then Sly said "It's alright Kyle, Tiger is fine" "Wait but how, I mean I hit him in the back of the neck when I had the earth stone in my gloves" said Kyle.

The door opened again and it was Julius carrying some kind of glass container "Hello everyone" "Hey Julius" said the other three. Julius turned to Kyle and said "Ah yes Kyle, I have some news on Tiger" "Really, what is it" Julius then put the container on the side table and explained "Tiger is in perfect condition aside from a few bruises" "What about his neck" "In fine condition, nothing broken although you did hit this" said Julius pulling out a small machine. The machine was a small sliver plate that had a small antenna and it changed colors but was beyond repair.

Kyle was confused then Julius explained "See this machine seems to be an mind controller" "You mean someone is telling Tiger what to do" "Not necessarily, see the machine has an antenna that seems to receive signals that not only disrupt one electrical system but also empowers the controller to manipulate the signals of the persons bodily systems and control the victim completely, inside and out" "So not just telling him what to do but he was a complete puppet" "Exactly" said Julius proud of himself. Kyle let out a sigh of relief then said "Well that's good, at least my brother is okay and he's not evil" "Kyle, we don't know if he's really responsible for anything" said Ty.

Kyle clenched his fist and said "I know he's innocent" then they heard screaming from down the hall, Kyle jumped out his bed but then he collapsed. Sly helped him up then Kyle said in pain "What is wrong with me" "Well Julius's little invention seems to have drained almost all of your energy and you muscles are weak along with your sight is probably blurry" said Sly looking at Julius. Kyle ignored it then almost fell but Ty caught him and said "At least let us get you some crutches" "Thanks" said Kyle in a tired tone. They eventually ended to an operation room and Sly opened the door, only to hear a boy in agonizing pain "PLEASE ALL I WANT IS MY BROTHER" and they cringed.

Kyle recognized the voice and it was his brother and he went into the room. The doctors were standing around a surgery table and Kyle said "What's wrong" "Mister Tasman, you should be in bed" "I don't care, what are you doing to my brother" "Nothing it's that he's in a state of shock" said the doctor. Tiger then started to talk again "All I want is talk to you again, my brother" "Tiger I'm right here" "All I want to do is apologize to him" "Tiger, please talk to me, I'm right here" then the doctor put his hand on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle looked at him and the doctor said "It's no use, he's in a deep dream and he is just speaking to himself" and Kyle just looked at Tiger with tears in his eyes.

Sly then said "Come on Kyle we should get you back to your room" "No I'm heading back with you guys" "But you can't in you condition" "I don't care" then he dropped his crutches. Kyle walked but then face planted and said "Okay I think I might need some help" "You're such a mess Kyle but I guess that won't change" said Ty helping Kyle up. They walked out of the operating room, leaving Tiger with the doctors hoping Kyle's hunch that Tiger was a good guy then maybe Kyle will be at ease.

They soon arrived at Bush Rescue, where everyone was in the meeting room. Dennis was pacing as Ty and the rest of them entered and to his surprise Kyle was with them "Kyle are you sure that you should be up" "Yeah it's okay so what are you holding the meeting for" "Ah yes, as you all may now, over the months Tiger has been stealing stuff from various places such as: the Ginger Beer factory, the Race stadium, Police bunyips repair station, and much more" "So what's you plan, Dennis" "Well, Sly I was wondering if you and the rest of your team to investigate the stolen items at said places" explained Dennis.

Just then, Kyle looked outside while everyone else talked and saw the hospital and was still worried about Tiger. His ears then refocused "… Kyle are you okay" "Huh, oh sorry Dennis I just saw a bird that's it" then everyone looked at each other with concern. Kyle focused on the meeting and asked "So what's the plan, Dennis" "Well, we need to investigate as soon as possible so we can catch who is truly behind this trouble, well meeting adjourned, Ty and Co move out" "Right away General."

Twenty minutes flew by as everyone prepared to leave but then a civilian came in "Frills are everywhere" then all heads turned to him. Sly looked through the window and saw 5 groups of 10 going toward the hospital. He turned to Ty and said "Grab Kyle we need to get to the hospital. "Don't have to tell me twice" said Ty running toward Kyle's room. He opened the door to see an open window.

The frills were at the door of the hospital and were looking for their boss. "Alright boys, our master is in there and we're getting him back" "Uh, boss…" "Just wait Jerry…" "But…" "Okay what, Jerry" said the leader as he saw Jerry pointing behind him. He looked and saw who he thought was Tiger "Master, you're okay" "Yeah I'm okay but you aren't going to be" said Kyle as he stepped out of the shadow. The leader being a simple minded frill asked "Did you get your stripes dyed" then Kyle just jumped and threw a boomerang at the frill's face. The other ones being the loyal henchmen started to run toward Kyle.

Kyle cracked his knuckles and said "You guys better get out of here before I knock you into next week" "Well what are you going to do, you Bush Rescue scum" yelled a frill. Kyle smiled and took out his glove disc and pressed the button to have them transform into his bunyips gloves. He tossed up two multi stones and took on the frills that were heading his way; his agility was nothing they had ever seen as he took out frill after frill then a Blue Tongue tried to throw a rock a Kyle but the stones landed in the slots and Kyle smiled. He ran toward the Blue Tongue and started to punch him rapidly and finish him off with an uppercut. He looked around and still saw that there were still three groups of frills left then decided it was time to get serious and put on his combat glasses. Kyle switched the stones to an earth stone and charged; he saw the glasses change from frill to frill gathering all data on the frills clothes then moved in one in particular.

He went behind the frill and griped his underwear then threw him toward a group of five. Kyle then jumped into a group of ten and smashed the ground causing a massive shaking. Most of them fell over and Kyle smashed the ground again with enough force to cause ground spikes to come up and catch most of the frills by their underwear. They screamed in pain which was music to Kyle's ears then turned to the last group, who were helping the wounded "I'll once, leave this town and I'll spare you the pain you deserve" "We aren't leaving without our master" said one frill "You're master is in jail, Tiger is my brother so don't you dare call him you're master" but then they heard glass shattering.

Kyle looked and saw his brother free-falling from five stories but then saw him push a sword against the wall. As he saw sparks fly, Tiger was losing momentum and was smiling. Once he was close enough to the ground, he jumped off the building and landed in front of the frills. His eyes shined a blazing red but then turned to Kyle and said "Hello brother" "Tiger what are doing out of bed" "Well isn't it obvious I'm here to finish the fight me and you started" and that practically broke Kyle's heart. To hear that Kyle knew that he had lost his brother forever then Tiger fell to his knees "My head aggggh, help me you insolent fools" "Yes my lord" then frills helped Tiger. He looked at Kyle and said "We'll finish this later, Kyle" but Kyle couldn't even respond.

An airship landed and the frills piled in but all Kyle saw was his brother leaving him. As the ship took off, Ty and the gang were running over and seeing that they were too late. Kyle saw the ship leave with tear filled eyes and fell to his knees "Why tiger Why, I thought I saved you but was I wrong?" but then looked at his friends. He wiped his eyes and stood up to only be hugged by his comrades "Don't you try a stupid idea like that again, Kyle" said Shazza. Kyle was so relieved that he had them but he couldn't forget that Tiger was gone but then he saw a piece of paper on the ground and broke free from the hugged and picked it up. He opened it and saw a message [Help me brother, please. I miss you –Tiger] then he turned it over and saw list of place numbered from 1-5 [ 1. Ginger Beer factory, 2. Redback gang, 3. Police bunyip Repair center,4. Burramudgee Construction Co , 5. Burramudgee construction Co] and he knew this wasn't the end. Sly stood next to him and asked "What did you find" "A lead behind Tiger's plan" "So you believe that he's evil now" "Not by a long shot, I will bring my brother back to my side" then Kyle felt a searing pain. The gloves were overheating so he had to take them off and started to explain everything to the group and knew what to do to stop Tiger's plan and probably bring Tiger back.