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Mmm... Edward's warm embrace, Edward's warm breath in my hair, Edward's warm, hard cock wedged up against my ass... I want him again. Now.

I wiggle a little, considering how convenient it is to sleep naked with your lover. Reaching back, I grasp his erection – oh god, it's so hard and silky and perfect – and position it between my legs. There's got to be a way to get this to work. Hmm, if I bend forward... oh, and move my top leg forward a little, I can get him lined up perfectly. Now push back and... OH MY!

"Good morning, sweetheart... is there something you're trying to tell me?"

"Um... yes, but I think you got the message." I moan as he starts to move inside me slowly, his hand grasping my hip and his leg working its way under mine.

He chuckles into my hair. "Oh yeah, baby...," a single, hard thrust making me groan, "...loud and clear."

Edward continues his slow, comfortable pace, pulling out almost completely then pushing back in until his hips can go no further.

"Oh Bella... you feel so good... so wet, so warm... so tight."

I pull his hand from my hip to my clit, and he moans as he begins an equally slow, swirling treatment of my sensitive nub. When he slips his other hand under my side to fondle my breasts, paying particular attention to my painfully hard nipples, I cry out.

"Edward... oh god, Edward... it's so good... you're so good..."

I try to quicken our pace, but he holds me still with the hand between my legs. "Uh-uh, baby. This one's going to be slow all the way to the end... slow and steady wins the race."

It feels like my every nerve ending is alive, my body screaming for fast and hard. My need builds and builds until I think I will explode... and then I do, screaming my release in a mixture of non-sensical utterances, expletives and I love yous.

Edward rolls me toward him, onto my back, and quickly positions himself between my legs.

"Can you take a little more, Isabella?"

I nod. "I'll take whatever you've got to give me, baby."

He visibly shudders as he sinks into me, moaning "I love you, Isabella... I fucking love you with everything I am."

More slow thrusts... it's so sensual. I want more of him, I need him deeper.

As if he reads my mind, Edward lifts my leg, like he did yesterday in the meadow, and places my calf on his shoulder. He pushes deeper, eliciting from me a long and guttural moan.

"Jesus, Edward... this is incredible." My voice is low and husky, and I feel his cock jump inside me.

"Let's try this, baby." He lifts my other leg and does the same on his other shoulder, then he pulls out and pushes in again... and holy fuck, he's even deeper. He grinds and swivels his hips, then pulls out, pushes in, grinds and swivels again. He repeats the pattern until I'm begging him for release.

"Edward... I need to come, please... it's so much sensation." I can feel tears of frustration and pleasure leaking out the corners of my eyes.

"Okay, sweetheart." He lowers my legs and then settles between them, slipping his arms under my upper back. "Reach above your head and hold on tight to the rails."

I grasp the rails and he grasps my shoulders, then he bends his head forward to kiss me. At the moment our lips touch, Edward drives into me hard and I shriek into his mouth.

It takes maybe five thrusts and my whole body lets go in an orgasm that feels like complete submergence in a pool of pure physical pleasure. Edward follows immediately, grunting and snarling through clenched teeth.

Panting, he gently pulls out and falls beside me.

Coo... coo, hoo... coo...

My post-coital bliss makes me giggly and I snicker at the doves, anticipating Edward's reaction.

Coo, hoo... coo... coo...

"For the love of all that's holy..."

He buries his head under his pillow.

Coo... coo... coo, hoo...

His muffled voice asks, "Can we serve them an eviction notice?"

"What? No way! This is their home. You'll get used to it, sweetie. Try embracing their joy."

"Bah, humbug."

I giggle some more and smack his gorgeous ass. "Oh, go get in the shower, you big baby. I'll make breakfast."

Coo... coo, hoo... coo...


It's crazy warm already at eight o'clock, so we decide that after meeting the cleaners, we'll stop at the diner for coffee and then head down to First Beach on the res. I shower quickly after breakfast and tie my hair up in a bouncy ponytail. We wear our bathing suits under our clothes because we will definitely go swimming, and possibly try a cliff-jump or two.

Edward looks me up and down as we're dressing. "You're not wearing your bikini?" He's disappointed.

I look down at my comparatively modest red suit. "Well, I could... if you want me to swim naked in front of everyone after we jump off the cliff. Bikinis and high impact water landings don't mix."

He growls. "You're right... and Quil would probably be there."

I scan his fine body, my gaze lingering below his navel. "I hope you can tie the waist of your trunks nice and tight, darling," I tease. "There's been many a poor boy shamed by loose shorts and cold water shrinkage."

He chuckles and pulls me into his arms. "Well, baby, the only person whose opinion of my package I'm concerned about is already fully aware of its potential. So I'll take my chances."


The cleaners estimate five hours for a thorough, guaranteed job, so we leave them to it with instructions to hide the key under a flower pot when they're finished and drive to the diner for coffee. Thankfully, neither Jessica nor Leah are there; we decide to stay and sit in a booth for a little while, side by side so we can peruse a day-old newspaper from Seattle together... and maybe snuggle a little. My phone buzzes – it's a text from Jared.

Hey Miss Cook! It's a beautiful day – you want to join Laurent and me at the beach? -J

I chuckle and reply.

We're just at the diner, then heading there. We might jump off a cliff too! -B

Oh really? Look up! -J

I glance up and break into a smile when I see Jared and Laurent climbing out of the jeep. They breeze in through the door and slide into the other side of our booth.

"Well, well, lovebirds... you got an early start this morning!" Jared holds up two fingers to the waitress who grabs two mugs and the coffee pot before heading to our table.

Edward replies. "Yeah, well... we had to meet the cleaners at Bella's house. They're going to do the place from top to bottom and get rid of all the broken glass."

Jared shakes his head as the waitress walks away. "Man, I am still floored that your own mother would do such a thing."

"What's this?" Laurent asks, emptying a creamer into his coffee. I glance up at Jared, my eyebrow raised.

"No, Miss Cook, I didn't say anything. It's not my story to tell."

I look to Laurent. "We'll fill you in, but I just want to ask a favour of you both." I reach for Edward's hand as my eyes travel back to Jared. "Please don't mention anything about my mother to Billy. You said he's doing better now, right? Well, I don't want him upset or worried over something he can't do anything about."

"Don't worry, honey," Jared assures me, "I don't want to stress him out either."

We proceed to tell Laurent about Renee's bizarre behaviour.

Laurent shakes his head in disbelief. "Sounds like Renee's mothering gene got turned off somewhere along the way. She is one crazy-ass bitch."

I nod in agreement, feeling a little sad that I have absolutely no defensive impulse left for her at all.

"Well, we should get going to the beach." A thought occurs to me. "Shit, I hope Leah and Quil aren't there... or Jessica."

Jared looks at me questioningly, so we spend another ten minutes telling Jared and Laurent about Jessica's fit outside Wild, and about Leah and her at Pike Place and here in the diner, and then finally about Leah and Quil, finishing with their impromptu visit at the swimming hole yesterday.

"Holy shitkickers, Bells. I had no idea all that was going down. I knew Leah had a thing for Jake... but we figured it was just a schoolgirl crush that was over years ago. I'll set her straight, I promise. I hate that she's calling you a slut. And I'm probably to blame for them showing up at the swimming hole, too. Quil was grilling me about you and I mentioned where you were going to gather mushrooms. I'm astonished he brought Leah with him, though. Jeez, I mean, how dim could he possibly be?"

Feeling Edward tense beside me, I squeeze and rub my thumb over the back of his hand. "Oh well, he paid for it. Leah gave him one hell of a slap across the face!"

We move on to the topic of the beach and decide it would be nice to bring Billy with us, so Jared and Laurent head off to collect him while Edward and I drive straight there.

"So, Bells, why do we need two pairs of shoes each?"

I had packed Charlie's and my worn old deck shoes from the cabin to bring with us.

"Because, if we do indeed decide to jump off a cliff," I grin at him, "we need shoes to wear to the jumping point, and then shows to put on when we swim back to the beach. And believe me, it's not a good idea to try and swim against the currents at the base of the cliff wearing shoes."

He nods. "Okay, that makes sense."

At the beach, the air is warm and with a very light breeze, the tide is just turning and the waves are minimal.

"It's a perfect beach day!" I exclaim, pulling out an old blanket. Edward helps me spread it on the sand. There are only three other people here, although I know that by noon, the beach will be quite busy.

I apply sunblock lotion to everywhere I can reach, then lie on my stomach next to him. "Sweetie, can you rub some sunscreen on my back?"

"Baby," he croons in his velvet sex voice as he trails his fingers down my spine, "I will rub whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want."

That makes me squeeze my legs together. "Jesus, Edward... if you say things like that, you'll turn me into a squirming mess."

"Mmm... I like that idea... you all messy and squirming... under me... on top of me..."


"I can't help it, Bella...," he's actually whining a little, "you've turned me into some kind horndog. I'm thoroughly addicted to your body."

He rolls over so he's half on top of me, thrusting his erection against my ass cheek and licking my shoulder blade. I shudder, almost losing my tenuous grip on my self control. I want to roll to my back and pull him on top of me... instead I jump up from the blanket.

Mmm... that is quite an erection he's got going there. My voice falters as I take in his beautiful body stretched out on the blanket.

"Che... Chef, would you kindly stand up and rub some of this into my back?"

He looks down at his impressive tent and back up at me with my favourite sexy smirk. "I am standing up."

"Argh! Okay, fine. I will sit down, back on to you, so you can put on my sunscreen... but no hanky panky!"

He pouts adorably as I spin and sit.

It should be illegal for a man's hands to feel so damned good.

"There they are!" As Edward groans and rolls carefully onto his stomach, I look over my shoulder to see Jared pulling Billy in the wheelchair that Jake adapted with ski-like runners so he could transported over the sand. Laurent walks beside them carrying their gear.

Laurent spreads out their blankets and Jared lifts Billy out of his chair, sitting him gently on a blanket and propping a wedge of foam behind him.

"Hi Billy! Isn't it a gorgeous day?" I turn to face him, then turn as red as my bathing suit when I realize where he is staring.

"Bella... you've got a love bite on your neck."

He smirks as I stammer for words; Edward, the traitor, just snickers into the blanket.

"I hope you have one too, Edward. Otherwise it's bad luck."

Now Edward's stammering.

"Edward, I'm hot. Let's go for a swim!" I jump up and reach for his hand, and I note that when Edward stands, Billy checks him for a hickey, nodding in approval when he spots it.

As we walk to the water's edge, Edward leans down and speaks softly into my ear. "You most definitely are hot, Miss Swan. I can't wait to get you alone again. In fact, I wonder what we could manage a ways out in the surf?"

Oh. My. God. I grab his hand and drag him into the water. We both let out a yelp at the temperature change, but adjust quickly and start to swim out. Thankfully, it's a fairly shallow slope, and when we reach a depth where Edward can stand comfortably with the tops of his shoulders just breaching the surface, Billy and the boys are small blobs on the beach. I wrap my arms and legs around him and kiss him hungrily.

"You." Kiss. "Are." Kiss. "NAUGHTY!" Deep, deep kiss with lots of tongue.

Edward wastes no time in sliding his hands all over my body, giving special attention to my cold, hard nipples.

"Turn so your back is to the beach," I order him. When he does, I slide one of my arms down from his neck and into the water. I pull the tie on his waist and slip my hand inside his trunks to grasp his erection. He hisses into my ear.

"I want to fuck you here in the water, Bella," he murmurs huskily. "Nobody will know, no one can tell what we're doing... we just look like we're embracing and bobbing in the waves."

The thrill of doing such a thing adds to my escalating excitement. "Now I wish I had worn my bikini," I complain, as I push his waistband down to his hips and pull his cock out.

He reaches down and, pushing the fabric aside, slips his hand inside the crotch of my suit. He slides his fingers along my slit, then buries two inside of me. I moan and buck against his hand.

"All we have to do is push your suit to the side, baby. Just like this." He retracts his hand and, keeping my suit hooked out of the way, he pulls me onto his cold, rigid cock. Ahh, I love the way it feels to be completely filled by him.

"Fuuuck, Edward. Oh my god, this is fantastic! I can't believe we're doing this!"

"Stay still now, baby. Keep your hips locked. I'll do the moving, and they won't be able to tell."

We stare into each others eyes as Edward pumps in and out of me slowly. The excitement and love I feel is reflected in his own expression.

"Is this going to become a thing for us? Screwing in public?"

I feel his dick twitch inside of me, then he moans, "Christ, Bella, you just said 'screwing'... that's so fucking hot. And yes, something tells me we both get a thrill out of being bad where we could get caught."

After another couple of minutes, Edward growls, "I'm close, baby."

"Me too... oh my god, Edward... I'm going to come soon... really soon... like now!" I tighten around him, my legs going rigid, and throw my head back. My cries are not quiet, but we're too far away for anyone on the beach to think it's anything other than a gull.

He grunts loudly and thrusts into me hard, one last time. "Jesusfuck, baby... holy shit."

After he pulls out, I swim a little ways away, allowing the water to clean me off before readjusting my swimsuit. With our permanent horniness sated for a while, we swim and play for a few minutes before heading back into the beach.


"See, it's like a natural stairway that leads up to the ledge." Jared and Laurent are climbing ahead of us, and Edward is behind me. I know he is quite enjoying the view because he is having a very difficult time keeping his hands off my ass. I love it.

When we finally reach the leaping spot, Laurent starts to have second thoughts. "I don't know about this, Jar. I'm feeling kind of scared."

Jared puts his arm around him. "It's okay, cupcake. It will be fine... trust me. It's unbelievably fun!"

Edward looks at me and mouths "Cupcake?" and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing aloud.

I speak up. "How about Edward and I go first, Laurent. Then you can see how easy and fun it is." Suddenly Edward doesn't look so relaxed anymore.

I take his hand in mine and step towards the edge. The water surface is about twenty feet below and the depth, even at low tide, is also about twenty feet. There are no large rocks or other obstructions in the area. In fact, people have been jumping from this spot all summer – Jared and I explained all this to our boyfriends on the way up here.

"Okay. So, look down there, see the way the cliff is straight or actually curves inward? All we have to do is step back a few feet, then run and jump. Just leave your legs extended and when you hit the water, bring your knees up so you don't go too deep. It's really easy."

Edward swallows and looks over at me. "I can do this."

"Of course you can, sweetie. It's such fun, you're going to want to do it again. Are you ready?"

He nods and we step back a yard or so. "Okay, baby. On three. One... two... three!"

With our hands clasped, we take a deep breath and run, jumping off the ledge and sailing down through the air. What a fucking rush!


What a fucking rush!

I pop to the surface and shake my head, then look around for Bella. She's swims up to me, a shining smile on her beautiful face. "Well?"

"That was fucking awesome, Bells. Let's do it again!"

She laughs. "I knew you'd say that!"

"Hey you two! Move on out of the way... I think Laurent is ready to try!" We wave up at Jared and swim off toward the beach.

I watch Bella swimming next to me and I am struck by how amazing she truly is. She's resilient, brave, strong, intelligent... and she is all mine. I swear, I fall in love with her more every day, and I couldn't be happier. Okay, I concede to my inner romantic. I could be just a tiny bit happier if we were living together... or even better, married. But it's a little soon for that – I don't want her to think I'm completely insane.

We trudge out of the water onto the beach where we left our second pairs of shoes. "So! One of us needs to go up there and get the shoes we left and bring them back. It was easy when we did this in big groups as kids because there was was always a shoe runner."

"I'll go, babe. Why don't you visit with Billy, and tell Jared and Laurent I'll get theirs too." We look back to see Jared has finally convinced Laurent to jump – they both whoop loudly as they fall.

I make my way up to the ledge and grab the shoes; as I approach the beach on my way back, I can see and hear a commotion a few feet away from Billy. It's Leah again, and Quil of course, and she is yelling at my Bella. Jared and Laurent are trying to intercede.

"Why do you have to be here, Bella? You ruined Jake's life! Why can't you just stay away!"

"Leah Clearwater!" Billy roars from his spot on the blanket. "You will come over here right now. Everyone, please give Leah and me a few minutes to talk."

I get to my girl just as Leah sits next to Billy.

"So, Bella. How long are you in town for? Maybe you'd like to come down to the pool hall for a game later?"

"Jesus christ, Quil. Are you a total moron? I. Have. A. Boyfriend."

"Yeah, and I have a girlfriend. But neither of us is married, so..."

Instant rage. I growl, startling them all, especially Quil. Grabbing him by the shirt, I lift him off his feet with one arm. "SO? So, she's taken, you idiot! She's mine. You will stay the fuck away from her. Got it?" With a heave I throw him back about six feet and he lands on his ass, much to the bemusement of Bella, Jared and Laurent.

"Quil, man, you've got to stop this. Bella and Edward are together, and it's like, permanent. This ridiculous obsession of yours must really be hurting Leah, and, dude, that's just not fair." Jared shakes his head and turns away from his tribe brother.


Bella is just stepping into my arms when we all turn toward Billy and Leah. Billy says something quietly to her, reaching out to pat her shoulder. It's clear what he has just revealed.

"NO! I don't believe it! It can't be true."

Jared and Bella both take a few steps toward Leah, and I follow my girl. Bella speaks first, softly. "I'm afraid it is, Leah. And I never knew until six months after he was gone."

Jared kneels down next to her. "Leah, Jake and I were together ever since our early teens. And we let Bella get terribly hurt because we were too cowardly to come out with our relationship. Jake was never a real husband to Bella, do you understand? Bella is not a slut. She is, in fact, one of the most innocent girls I've ever known. She and Edward have found each other, and their relationship is rock solid. So please, Leah... can you drop this vendetta against her? Because Bella doesn't deserve any of it. In fact, by marrying Jake, she might have saved you untold heartache... I mean, what if it had been you instead of her that Jake and I used as a shield?"

Leah looks from Jared to Laurent, back at Billy, up at Bella and me, and then at Quil. Her eyes narrow at Quil.

"Quil Ateara, I am sick of you. Don't come near me again."

She stands and walks to us. "Bella, I'm, um... really sorry for the things I said to you, and for what happened at the dance club. And I'll talk to Jessica." She gestures to Quil, who's still flat on his ass in the sand. "You can't help the way these idiot boys behave around you."

Turning to Jared, she simply states. "I loved Jake too."

Leah returns to Billy and kneels in front of him with her head down. "Thank you, Billy, for your guidance. I apologize for my behaviour. I will do better and endeavour to make my tribe proud."

Billy reaches out to touch her head. "Set your demons free, Leah. Live in peace."

As Leah walks away, Quil stands, brushing sand off himself. "What the hell was that all about?"

I turn and step towards him, but Bella grabs my arm. "Don't, babe, please? He's so not worth it."

Looking down, I melt at her beautiful chestnut eyes. "Okay, love." I pull her into my arms and kiss her hair. I glance up to find Quil checking out Bella's ass. Jesus, I've had it. This guy affects me worse than the Goosefucker and Aro combined. My inner caveman is going to make an appearance.

Possessively, I slide my left hand down to cup her ass. When he looks up at me, I sneer at him, mouthing "Mine." He takes a step toward us but Jared and Laurent move to stand in front of him. "Leave now, Quil." The timbre of my voice is such that Bella tenses in my arms and Jared and Laurent jump. Finally, Quil gets the message and reluctantly wanders off toward the parking area.


After Leah and Quil left the beach, separately, we all sat down with Billy and he regaled us with stories about Bella, Jake and Jared when they were kids. I could easily picture a cute little tomboy Bella riding bikes and climbing trees with Jake and his friends, and I fell in love with her even more. We went for one more swim and another cliff jump before calling it a day, and I decided we've got to get Em, Rose, Alice and Jazz out here someday to give it a try. In the parking lot, we made plans with Jared and Laurent to hike in a different area tomorrow. Jared promised a bounty of wild tiger lily and blue camas, more mushrooms and a great fishing spot. The area he will be taking us to is more remote, however, so he advised us to wear the bear bells and carry pepper spray.

On the way back to the cabin, we stopped at the local grocery to pick up some bison for making a stew in the hearth and then at the house to make sure the cleaners were done and the place was locked up. It was spotless and we could find no evidence of broken glass, thank goodness. As we were leaving, we retrieved the spare key from under the flower pot and I picked a sunflower and some peonies from the garden for my sweetheart.

We built a fire as soon as we returned and Bella browned the bison on the stove while I prepared the mushrooms, onions, carrots and celery. We threw the meat and juices, mushrooms, mirepoix and a cup of beaujolais into the dutch oven, along with some fresh sage, salt and pepper. Then we hung it on the crane and pushed it in over the fire.

Realizing the stew would take a few hours, Bella sent me to shower with the promise of a light dinner when I returned. She toasted a couple of everything bagels, using them to make smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, and served a small green salad with perfect lemon dill yogurt dressing on the side. I offered to clean up the kitchen while she showered and washed the salt water out of her hair.

I've finished the kitchen and retired to the front porch with a glass of the same beaujolais and some soft music from my iPod. Pink and orange are fading to pale grey-blue in the sky, some larger stars overhead are starting to shine brightly, and the doves are finally quiet... this is true serenity. I hope we can find a way to escape to this place a few times every year.

Ah... ever since the second night at Escala, this song has rattled around in my head. Bella is definitely my lady in red.

I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight,
I've never seen you shine so bright, you were amazing,
I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side,
And when you turned to me and smiled, it took my breath away,
And I have never had such a feeling,
Such a feeling of complete and utter love, as I do tonight;

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,
There's nobody here, it's just you and me,
It's where I want to be,
But I hardly know this beauty by my side,
I'll never forget the way you look tonight...

"You look so handsome, sitting there in the twilight."

Her sweet voice makes my heart stutter. I stand and turn to look at her... and christ, she's beautiful. Her long glorious hair is soft and billowy, her skin pale and luminous in the dim evening light. She's wearing my white button down shirt and those incredible metallic shoes with the fuck me heels that I didn't think she'd remembered to bring, making her wondrous legs look a mile long. She sips wine, watching me over the rim of her glass.

"I see you found your wine?"

She nods. "Mm-hm. Thank you... it's delicious."

"You look fantastic in my shirt, baby. Especially with those heels."

She takes a few steps toward me, then places her glass on the railing. "That's a pretty song you're listening to."

"Yeah... it reminds me of..."

"...the night at Escala, when we danced to Crazy For You, and you sang it to me."

"Yes. You were exquisite." I take a step towards her. "You always are."

Another song from my Forks playlist begins to play.

When your body's had enough of me
And I'm layin' flat out on the floor
When you think I've loved you all I can
I'm gonna love you a little bit more

I hold out my hand. "Dance with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

I pull her into my arms, and sing softly to her as we move.

Come on over here and lay by my side
I've got to be touchin' you
Let me rub your tired shoulders
The way I used to do
Look into my eyes and give me that smile
The one that always turns me on
And let me take your hair down
'Cause we're stayin' up to greet the sun

"You really like old music." Her fingers are playing with my hair, sending shivers down my spine, making my dick harder.

"I like all kinds of music, and some of these old ones are really damned romantic and sexy."

Got to say a few things that have been on my mind
And you know where my mind has been
I guess I learned my lessons
And now's the time to begin
So if you're feelin alright and you're ready for me
I know that I'm ready for you
We better get it on now
'Cause we got a whole life to live through

She giggles into my chest. "So, are you going to love me a little bit more?"

"Always, baby. Always." I bite playfully at her earlobe, then suck on it gently before trailing wet kisses down her neck.

It's killing me. I have to ask... or just check.

"So... what are you wearing under here, hmm?" My fingers travel down her back... it's some kind of underwear.

She giggles again, grabbing my hand before it reaches the shirttail and pulling it back up to her waist. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"You know I would..." I pull her closer and grind my erection against her. "Are you going to show me?"

A new song starts... she steps back and gives me a look that makes my cock ache. Oh yes...

Gonna wrap my arms around you
Hold you close to me
Oh, babe I wanna taste your lips
I wanna fill your fantasy, yeah

Biting her bottom lip, Bella reaches up and undoes the first button of the white shirt. "That's a perfect song."

I don't what I'd do without you, babe
Don't know where I'd be
You're not just another lover
No, you're everything to me

She continues to slowly unbutton her shirt, and I catch a hint of her cleavage and then... black lace? Oh god...

Ev'rytime I'm with you, baby
I can't believe it's true
When you're layin' in my arms
And you do the things you do

When she finally reaches the last button, I look back up to find the hint of a smile on her face. "Well? Are you going to help me get this shirt off?"

I step toward her, grasp the lapels and slip the shirt down her back. Jesus, it's some kind of teddy thing, but the sides are cut away revealing the flawless skin of her ribs and abdomen. I stop pushing the shirt at her elbows and capture it in one hand behind her back, effectively pinning her arms. Our eyes are locked and the ever-present electricity is building.

You can see it in my eyes
I can feel it in your touch
You don't have to say a thing
Just let me show how much
I love you, I need you, yeah

I bend my head so our lips are barely touching, our mouths open. Our tongues extend and graze each other, sending erotic tingles straight to my cock. Bella moans as I grasp her hair with my free hand, pulling her head back and licking and kissing my way from her chin to her chest. Trailing my tongue along her breast, I reach the lace that covers her nipple. Releasing her hair and bringing my hand to her front, I pull the lace to the side and swirl my tongue around her tightened areola, then I give the other side the same treatment.

I wanna kiss you all over
And over again
I wanna kiss you all over
Till the night closes in
Till the night closes in

"Edward," she pants, "...more... please... I need you."

I look into her eyes and see the same desperation I was feeling last night. "You've got me, baby," I whisper against her mouth as I pull the shirt from her arms and let it drop. Immediately she reaches for my belt and unbuttons my pants, pushing them and my boxer briefs down over my hips and wrapping her hand around my throbbing cock.

She looks up at me, her eyes filled with lust. "I want to suck this." Before I can even whimper in response, she drops to her knees and draws me into her hot, wet mouth... all the way so my tip touches the back of her throat. She moans with obvious pleasure as she sucks and licks, digging her fingers into my ass, and I fist my hands into her hair, trying not to thrust too hard. It only lasts a minute or so... and fuck if she doesn't draw a sudden and intense orgasm out of me.

"Fuuuck, Bella... jesus christ, baby. You're amazing."

She stands, looking wild and wanton with her hair messy from my needy hands, her lips red and swollen, and her gorgeous tits uncovered and framed by the black lace. I pull her to me, kissing her deeply and moaning at my taste in her mouth. Skimming my hands down to cup her ass, I mutter, "We need you out of this thing, sweetheart."

She pulls one of my hands between her legs. "Snaps," she growls as she rapidly pulls open the buttons of my shirt. I find the snaps and flick them open, and immediately sink two fingers into her dripping core. God, I want to bury my face in her pussy.

Pulling her with me, I sit back in the Adirondack chair I was in earlier. "Isabella, kneel up on the arms." She gets into position eagerly, placing her hands on the back of the chair on either side of my head. I haven't removed my fingers, and now I thrust them in and out, curling them over her G-spot.

"Oh god, Edward... lick me." Yesss... I slide down a little and plunge my tongue onto her clit, swirling and licking, sucking now and again. Her pose is so fucking erotic, her legs spread so wide... she is completely open to me.

"Edward... so good..." She begins to rock her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit and labia over my mouth and chin. "I'm going to come... ohmygod... oh... OH... YES... YESSSS!"

I look up as her spasms die down, slowly removing my fingers. The expression of pure bliss on her face is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. "Bella... you're so beautiful... god baby, I've got to be buried in you..."

I hold her hips as she slips her legs inside the arms of the chair and straddles me. We watch each other intently as she takes me in, sliding down my length until I'm balls deep in her soft heat.

"Jesusgod, Bella... you feel fantastic." I pull her torso closer and capture a nipple with my mouth; I suck hard and she hisses is response, holding my head tight against her chest.

"Fuck, Edward, it feels so good... your hard cock inside me, your mouth on my tits..."

I groan at her dirty talk and bite gently on her nipple before switching to the other.

I realize that with the shape of this chair, we can experiment a little. I pull my legs together and grip her hips. "Lie back sweetheart."

Bella slowly reclines until she is resting on my legs, then I assist her movement by sliding her up and down my thighs. We both moan as we look down to where we are joined, watching the slickness of my cock moving in and out of her.

"Oh god, Edward... that's so hot... so erotic... it's beautiful."

Her clit is swollen and needing attention, but I don't want to let go of her hips and break this rhythm. "Touch yourself, Isabella... show me how you can make it feel even better..."

The sight of her delicate fingers swirling around her sensitive nub makes my cock jump and twitch inside her and when she feels it, her eyes widen and she smiles. "You have a very talented cock, Chef."

That did it. "Christ, Bella. I've got to have you under me."

She nods in agreement. "Now."

I pull her against me and stand carefully so she can extricate her legs from the chair and wrap them around my waist. Still connected, I carry her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. "I want to fuck you hard, baby."

"God, yes... please..." She grabs the headboard... smart girl.

And a hard fuck is what I give her... with long, fast, desperate thrusts that drive us both into the oblivion of screaming orgasm.


Well and truly thoroughly fucked... ahhh, it feels so incredibly good. Edward once told me he would fuck me hard and fast until I screamed with pleasure. I giggle to myself as I add 'follows through on commitments' to my very long list of things I love about Chef Cullen.

"It seems cooked." Edward strolls back into the bedroom, deliciously nude, with a small steaming bowl of our bison and wild mushroom stew and two spoons. "Let's see if it's edible, shall we?"

I sit up yoga style, completely naked too and feeling glorious. I idly wonder if Edward and I should become nudists, then I giggle at the image of him bossing his staff around whilst in his birthday suit.

He sits next to me and passes me a spoon. "What's so funny, sweetheart?"

"Nothing in particular... um, can I make a request?"

"Of course."

"Will you cook for me naked some time?"

He halts the spoon that was headed for his mouth, raising an eyebrow at me. "If you'll eat with me naked afterwards."

I grin. "Done!"

He gives me his sexy smirk. "And done."

We taste the stew at the same time. Oh, wow.

He nods, "Mmm, it's good."

"Umami," I mutter, diving for another spoonful.


Bright and early, and even more thoroughly fucked if that's possible, Edward and I dress in jeans and long-sleeve shirts and pack a couple of knapsacks with water, thermoses of stew, spoons, forks, and a few just-in-case items like extra sweaters, socks, flares and silver emergency blankets. As I wash our coffee mugs and bowls – stew is also the perfect cabin breakfast – he sidles up to me and runs his hand over my ass, squeezing appreciatively.

"Jesus, Bella, is it possible for you to be not sexy for like, five minutes? I want you again, baby." He nuzzles my neck, his hot breath making me weak in the knees.

I laugh. "Welcome to my world, babe. I want you every time I look at you."

He presses his erection against my hip as I rinse the last of the dishes. "No way... that's my world. I've wanted you every time I look at you since your first night working at Wild."

"Well, I've got you again, Chef, because I've wanted you ever since you looked up at me from the street that evening I first met you! Damn... your eyes, your hair, your smile..." I look him up and down, "...your perfect shoulders and long legs... you made every girly bit I have tingle like live wires."

"Oh really? Well..." his brow furrows in thought. "I'll bet I've masturbated to images and fantasies of you a record number of times."

I blush... although I don't know why, after everything we've done with and to each other over the last few days.

"Well, you might have me there... but not by much." I shut off the tap, dry my hands and turn into his embrace.

Edward's eyes are suddenly on fire. "Do tell, Miss Swan."

"Um... well, you know... you're a very sexy guy and... well, especially during your bet with Alice... and then after that when you would get me all worked up and go home, leaving me to my own devices... and then there were the dreams."

Lifting me onto the kitchen counter and pulling my legs around his waist, Edward grinds into me. His voice is raspy.

"What dreams, baby?"

I slide my arms around his neck, squirming against him, seeking friction now that he's got me all hot and bothered again.

"Dreams about you... about having sex with you... about you moving inside of me, and your mouth on me... it was more than once I woke up experiencing a powerful orgasm just from dreaming about what you were doing to me."

With a strangled gasp, his lips crash into mine and he pulls me firmly against his hard cock, lifting me and heading for the bedroom as I rock my hips, rubbing us together.


Edward's lips break from mine and we lean our foreheads together, breathing heavily.


"HEY LOVEBIRDS!" Jared calls from outside. "ARE YOU DECENT?"

Letting me slide down his body, Edward squeezes my ass with the fingers of both hands extending between my legs, effectively pulling my pussy open under my jeans and making me moan.

"We'll finish this later, Isabella," he murmurs huskily into my ear. Oh, you're damned right we will, mister.


"That's a nice fish, Edward. But it doesn't come close to Bella's." Jared's teasing is lost on Edward because he doesn't care – he simply does not have a competitive nature when it comes to size of fish caught.

"That's cool, Jared... it will taste just as good."

"How shall we cook them, babe?" I ask as I watch the gruesome process of Edward gutting and cleaning the trout.

"I think a simple pan fry of the fillets... dredged in flour, fried in oil and butter. How does that sound?"


Jared pipes up, "Yeah... and you can fry some of the lily and camas roots we've collected, and we can have fish and chips!"

We? Edward shoots me a questioning look.

"I've got a nice bottle of Cabo Wabo and a bag of lemons back at my place. You guys cook, and we'll bring the booze."

Before either of us can answer, but as both of us watch our plans to 'finish this later' disappear into a night of tequila-laced debauchery, the jingling of Laurent's bear bells draws our attention. Racing back from his pee break behind a nearby stand of trees, he whisper-shouts urgently. "Um... I don't think the bear that's coming this way cares about the bells, guys. He's probably more interested in the fish guts!"

We follow his trembling, pointing finger to a point down river where a large black bear has stopped to investigate what is probably a blob of fish entrails caught in the rocks.

"Crap." All four of us said it at the same time.

"Okay, guys. Grab your stuff and let's scoot across that log over there that spans the river. Edward, why don't you toss a fish down the river bank a ways – it should deter him."

Edward chucks the fish he just cleaned and throws the strap of the wicker basket containing the remainder of our catch over his shoulder. He grabs my hand and we all jog to the fallen tree trunk.

"You first, Bella."

"But Jared, what if it's slippery... and you know how clumsy I am!" My knees are shaking just at the thought; I don't trust my balance.

"It's not slippery, Miss Cook. It's used all the time by fishermen and hikers. Now, get your pretty little ass across this river!"

Shit. Okay, I can do this... then, inspiration strikes.

"Edward, you go first. If you're on the other side, I'll be able to focus on you and cross without thinking about falling off the log."

"Bella, I can't leave you here like that!"

"You won't be leaving me, babe. You'll be helping me." I look back over my shoulder... the bear has finished with his entrails snack and is lumbering toward us. I look back to Edward, my eyes pleading. "Please, Edward? I need to have you to focus on... come on, hurry!"

Edward hesitates and Jared urges him on. "She's right, Edward. She'll do better if she has you to go to. Trust me, she always did have really bad balance, and this is not the best time to test whether she's gotten better! Now, go!"

With a final, desperate look into my eyes, Edward hops up onto the log and walks across quickly. Jeez – he makes it look so easy...

"Okay, Bells... now you. Laurent, you next and I'll go last."

"But Jar..."

"Don't worry, cupcake. I grew up in these woods... I'm used to the bears and the rest of the wildlife."

Shakily, I climb up to the top of the log and glance over to where Edward is waiting for me, his hand outstretched. "Come on, love. It's dead simple."

I look down – mistake. The water is rushing so fast... the turbulence make me feel dizzy. I close my eyes briefly and raise my head, and when I open them again, I focus on Edward. It's only about thirty feet... I can do this.

"Isabella, come to me now. Just look at me, put one foot in front of the other, and walk into my arms. Come on, baby." I begin to move forward.

A few moments later, the bear decides to warn us off by letting out a menacing roar. My heart jumps into my throat and I sprint the remaining two-thirds of the way across the log, leaping into Edward's waiting arms.

"Shit!" Laurent is right behind me, and Jared – the fucking show-off – brings up the rear by strolling across with a big grin on his face like he's just having a lazy morning walk.

"Crisis averted, scaredy-cats," he teases as he jumps down from the log, landing next to Laurent.

"Will it come across the log, Jared?" Edward asks, holding me tightly and rubbing my back soothingly.

"Nah... he's too big for that log, and we're not interesting enough for him to swim after. He's got the fish... he'll be happy with that. So... who's hungry for lunch? Why don't we hike a mile or so up the river. There's a clearing with a fire pit and some nice, flat rocks for sitting. We can perk some coffee, roast some wieners and try out that stew you brought, yeah?"


"I'm so proud of you, sweetheart." Edward is sitting next to me, sorting out our gathered mushrooms and roots as I arrange fresh grass in our fish basket and repack the remainder of our catch.

"Why, because I panicked?" I feel a little embarrassed about my issues crossing the river earlier.

"Bella, love. We were all nervous... well, except for Jared I suppose... but you faced your fear and did what you had to do. You did not panic... you kept your cool." He leans over and kisses me sweetly. "You're awesome."

This incredible man is mine. "I love you, Edward."

"I love you too, baby."

"Hey, lovebirds... either of you want more coffee?" We both hold up our cups and Jared comes to pour us some more.

Edward takes a sip of his coffee and looks around the clearing. "So, Jared, this spot is like a crossroads or something?"

Jared takes his seat next to Laurent. "Yeah... hikers, fishermen, trappers... they've all been using it for years, decades probably. It's known as Flat Rock Fire Pit to the locals. We've got names like that for lots of landmarks in this whole region. The swimming hole you guys went to a couple of day ago? That's known as The Meadow Pool." He chuckles. "And then there are the weird things that would make outsiders think we're all nuts."

That draws my interest. "Like what?"

"Oh... let's see. There's the White Grizzly that people say is a harbinger of doom; the Stone Circle that some say you can disappear through at certain times of the year; and the Ghost Cabin that hikers have claimed appears randomly in a little valley about ten miles east northeast of here."

Laurent laughs. "What, is it like Jacob's cabin on Lost? Is there a Smoke Monster too?"

We all laugh along... but I allow myself a moment of spook as I nonchalantly glance around the clearing, checking for creeping black smoke.


"I'm fucking exhausted." Edward kicks off his boots on the verandah as I unlock the cabin door. "And I've got blisters on my feet."

"Me too, babe. I haven't hiked that far in years." I ease my boots off and step gingerly inside. "I'm going to put these fish in the fridge."

Meeting him back in the living room with cold beer in hand, I ask, "Hey, we've got a couple of hours before Jared and Laurent make it back here. I'd like a hot bath and a nap. Care to join me?"

Ooh, there's my favourite grin. "That sounds perfect, sweetheart. Lead the way."

The hot bath works wonders for our aching muscles and blistered feet... and for the first time since we arrived at the cabin, we are naked together without having sex. It feels strangely even more intimate to share a bath and a bed, to cuddle unclothed, and to simply be together. That's not to say we aren't aroused – Edward is sporting an impressive erection and I'm... well, I'm like I always am around him. We are just too exhausted at the moment to do anything about it.



Coo, hoo... coo... coo...


Coo... coo... coo, hoo...

Drowsily I open my eyes... what the hell?


It's Jared.


I'm pinned down by Edward's arm and leg which are securely wrapped around me.

"Edward? Wake up babe..."

He grumbles and pulls me tighter into his embrace. Oh my... maybe I could just tell Jared to go home.


Crap... now I feel bad.


The shouting seems to have finally woken Edward, who is muttering a string of curses into my back while squeezing my breast and grinding his very hard cock into my ass.

"Edward!" I whisper as I manage to rotate in his arms to face him. "Edward... we have to get up now."

"I am up." Thrust.

"Oh god... we can't do anything right now, sweetie. Jared and Laurent are in the living room."

Coo... coo, hoo... coo...


That makes me giggle. "Babe, will you always be this grumpy if you can't get laid when you want?"

"Considering that it will only ever be you that I will want to get laid by? Yep. Abso-fucking-lutely." He buries his face in my hair and thrusts one more time against my hip before rolling away, muttering something about cooing cockblocking cocksuckers. I giggle some more, trying to ignore the need I'm feeling for him, too.

We dress quickly in fresh clothes, opting to stay in bare feet to ease our blisters.

Jared and Laurent are cuddling on the couch when I emerge from the bedroom.

"What time is it?" I forgot to put my watch on.

"It's seven-oh-five, Miss Cook. And it's a very clear evening, so I expect that cool mountain air will be coming down the valley soon. Shall we build a fire?"

"That would be great, Jared." He stands and heads out the door to the woodpile. Eying the Cabo Wabo on the coffee table, I ask Laurent, "Shall we have a shot of tequila to start the evening off?"

"Sounds good, Bella. Hey, will it be okay of Jar and I crash on your floor? We brought sleeping bags."

"Oh!" I glance at Edward who has just emerged from the washroom, his expression blank. "Um, sure, Laurent. The couch is actually a fold-away bed, and there are spare pillows in the closet... so you guys will be all set."

I bring the bottle and lemons into the kitchen and Edward follows me, heading for the fridge to retrieve the fish.

As he places the fish in the sink and turns on the water, I walk over and slide my arms around his waist, resting my cheek against his back. "Are you mad?"

"Mad?" He sounds genuinely surprised.

He shuts off the tap and turns around, resting his forearms on my shoulders because his hands are fishy.

"No, sweetheart... I'm not mad." His voice is soft and smooth, and his beautiful viridian eyes are gazing into mine. "I don't get mad over stuff like this, Bella. I was cranky when I first woke up, and more than a little horny." There's my lop-sided smirk. "But making love to you is something to cherish and be thankful for every time it happens, and it's far too beautiful an experience to attach anger to in any way, even in it's absence."

I'm melting... and speechless.

"Besides, Isabella, our relationship – while dominated by sex over the last few days – is not about sex alone. It's about joy and devotion, loyalty and trust... sharing... partnership... and above all else, friendship."

I'm nodding in agreement, but still speechless...

"Of course, that's not to say that I wouldn't like to strip you bare and make passionate love to you here on the kitchen floor... and the table... and the counter... against the wall..."

Finally I can make a noise. I blush and giggle as he pulls me closer, placing sweet kisses on my forehead, cheeks and neck.

"I love you so much, Edward. You're every woman's fantasy come true."

"I love you too, Bella. But I only want to be your fantasy come true... just like you're mine."

He captures my lips and we kiss gently, tenderly... sealing our declarations of love.

"Where's the tequila gone, Miss Cook?" Jared struts into the kitchen just as Edward and I pull apart.

"Whoops, sorry lovebirds!" He doesn't look sorry – he looks... pleased?

Sidling up to me as I begin to cut a lemon, Jared puts his arm around my shoulder and kisses my head. "I'm really happy for you, Bella. Seriously."

"Thanks Jared." I glance over my shoulder toward the living room. "I'm happy for you, too. You guys seem to be getting along really well."

"Yeah... we are. You know, he's the only other guy I've ever been with, besides Jake."

I don'y know why, but I'm shocked. "Really? Wow... I just assumed that... I don't know... that you were living the stereotypical lifestyle."

He shakes his head. "Nah... that's not for me. I mean, a lot of gay guys do live like that... you know, very promiscuously... but not me." He looks at me pointedly. "And not Jake."

I smile and nod. "And not Laurent?"

"No... Laurent is a one guy kind of guy too. We're both a couple of old souls... happy to be together, finding what we need and want in one another."

Edward's voice interrupts our conversation. "Alrighty... I've got the trout filleted and chilling. How about that shot of Cabo Wabo before I get into the lily and camas?"

As if on cue, Laurent wanders in. "The fire's burning nicely now. Did I hear something about a shot?" I pass around the lemon wedges and salt while Jared pours our tequila.

Laurent holds up his tiny glass. "To new friends."

Jared is next. "To old friends."

Edward follows suit. "To good friends."

They all look at me. Umm... "To best friends... and lovers."

Edward smiles and kisses me, and Jared kisses Laurent, and then we down our tequila.

"Who want's a beer?" I retrieve four beers from the fridge as Edward opens the bag of lily and camas roots that we collected today.

"Jared, what do you do to clean and prep these?"

While Edward and Jared work on the roots, Laurent and I set to making a salad with the remainder of the veg we brought from Esme's garden.

"It's too bad we don't have a guitar here. Jared was telling me how Edward wowed the bonfire Friday night."

I nod enthusiastically. "He was awesome. And do you know, he doesn't even have a guitar anymore?" I lower my voice. "I've been thinking of getting one for him."

Laurent glances over his shoulder and leans in to my ear conspiratorially. "Bella, I have a friend who owns a very good music shop down at Pike Place. Why don't you let me hook you up? He'll give you a good deal... he owes me a favour."

I whisper back, "That would be perfect, Laurent! You can get my cell number and email from Jared... send me the info, okay?"

He nods.

"What are you two muttering about over there?"

Laurent answers. "Nothing JarJar... just girl stuff."

I look at Edward, who's looking at me with very wide eyes. He mouths, JarJar? and I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.

Edward deep fries four small batches of root – two batches of each variety with different seasonings – which we all taste test as part of our dinner. The fish he dredged in flour and pan fried.

"Edward, this fish is delicious. It's the best trout I've ever had, and believe me, I have had a lot of trout!" I really have.

Jared concurs. "Seriously, Edward. What did you do to it?"

Edward shrugs. "It's a very basic treatment. I dipped it in a beaten egg, then in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper, and fried it in a combination of vegetable oil and butter in the cast iron pan. The key is to not overcook it. By the way, Bells? That pan has the best patina I've ever seen on cast iron. Never get rid of it."

I nod. "I know! It's a hand me down from my great-grandmother Swan. It's the best thing I've ever cooked on."

"Why didn't you bring it to Seattle with you?"

"I guess because it belongs to this cabin, you know? It's one of the things that makes this place so special."

Edward nods. "I was going to ask you to bring it back with us, but I see your point. It does add to the beauty of this place. And it's one of the many reasons I'll be bugging you to come back here over and over again."

Jared pipes up. "So, what did we all think about the roots?"

Laurent begins. "I like both types, and I preferred the cumin-chipotle seasoning."

I nod in agreement. "Yes. Both roots fried well and their texture was appealing. And I would definitely choose the cumin-chipotle."

"Me too. I didn't think I'd like the chipotle, but it's a nice balance to the natural starchiness of the roots. What about you, Edward?" Jared asks.

He grins. "It's unanimous. But I still want to try a couple of other ideas back in my restaurant kitchen."


"Okay, yes... I admit that last shot of tequila was one too many. But Edward, you did pour it for me."

He chuckles. "Fair enough. I concede that I did indeed encourage your one shot over the line. If I hadn't been just a little tipsy myself, I'm sure I would have thought about your relative size versus your alcohol intake and not poured that last shot."

I snort. "Just a little tipsy? Oh, babe... you were one shot away from dancing with a lampshade on your head."

Astonishment and wide eyes... "I was not! I was perfectly just a little tipsy."

I laugh, rolling my eyes and shaking my head at him as we speed east on the Olympic Highway toward Lake Crescent. There are lots of secluded little turn-offs along the lake shore. I wonder if Edward has thought about his car sex fantasy lately. He hasn't commented on the fact that I'm wearing a skirt. The fact that I'm sitting here next to the hottest man I've ever met wearing just a t-shirt and skirt – that's right, no underwear of any kind – combined with the fact that we haven't had sex in over twenty-four hours... well, it's got me a little worked up. I glance covertly at Edward's lap. AHA! He is thinking about it... he's just waiting to see what I will do.

"Edward, stop the car. Right there, in that little road." I point to a small dirt road lined with tall trees. We pull to a stop, completely hidden from the highway. He shuts off the engine and looks over at me with a very sexy grin. My nipples harden instantly, and I'm sure he noticed... he's told me about using his peripheral vision to check me out in the past.

"What's wrong, Bella?" he asks in a husky voice.

"I've got a problem... and I was hoping you could help me out." He swallows, his eyes burning into mine, as I kneel up on the passenger seat with my legs apart and reach for his hand.

"I'm so wet, Edward. See?" I pull his hand between my legs and up to my pussy. He moans quietly as his fingers delve into my folds and feel the slipperiness there.

When he pushes two fingers deep into my core and circles his thumb over my clit, I shudder and mewl to him, "I want you so bad, baby." I slide one hand up over my t-shirt to my breast to pinch and roll my erect nipple, then I lean over and whisper into his ear, "I want you to fuck me, baby... fuck me up against this shit-hot car. Show me you want me too."

He groans loudly and pulls me toward him, his mouth latching on to one breast over my shirt and his hand grabbing the other.

I pant at him, "Do you want me, Edward? Will you take me, right here, up against your car?"

"God, yes," he hisses around my nipple. Reluctantly, he lets go and pulls his fingers from my throbbing pussy, and in a flash he's around to my side of the car, pulling me out. Oh, right. There's my other surprise... I slipped on my fuck me heels while we were driving.

"Christ, Bella." He lifts me, all the way up to the roof of the car and pulls my legs over his shoulders, pushing my skirt up to my hips. "Fuck, baby, you're so hot... lie back."

I recline and his mouth descends to my sex, his tongue driving into my core and his fingers fondling my clit – it makes me shriek with pleasure. "Jesus, Edward... that's so good... oh my god, I love your tongue..."

He pulls back long enough to answer me. "And I love licking your pussy, baby... you taste like heaven."

His words... oh my god his naughty words. I can feel my core start to tighten. I lift myself up on my elbows so I can watch him. The site of his messy bronze hair between my legs evokes deep, primal emotions and feelings of ownership. He's mine.

"Oh god, Edward... I'm going to come soon... I want you to lick and suck on my clit, baby..."

He growls, a deep, sexy rumble, as he replaces his tongue with two fingers and then drags his tongue up to my clit. His fiery eyes meet mine as he gently grazes the bare, fleshy lips on either side of my sensitive nerve bundle with his teeth, then he wraps his lips around the nub, closes his eyes and sucks. I explode.


His hands leave my skin for mere seconds, then he grabs my hips and pulls me down off the roof and onto his rock solid cock. I wrap my legs tightly around him and he pushes my shirt up over my chest, lowering his mouth to my tits with a loud moan. And oh my god, he feels so good moving inside of me, filling me, his talented mouth sucking and licking my nipples, one then the other. He is ravishing my body, pushing me to the brink again, making me feel purely woman.

Selfish... it's making me selfish. I want to come again and I don't care if he's there or not. This is what he's doing to me, this is the kind of power he's giving me over myself. I reach down to swirl my fingers around my clit... fuck yes, I can feel it approach.

"Baby, I can feel you... you're going to come again... I'm with you sweetheart, come with me... come with me now, Isabella..."

"YESSSSSS! Edwaaaard... ohmygod... ohmygod..."

"FUUUUCK! Yes, baby...oh yes... jesusgod... holy fuck..."

His mouth is on mine and we're kissing deeply, passionately, desperately. There are tears trickling out the corners off my eyes.

"I love you... I love you so much... Isabella, you're perfect, you're a goddess... my goddess"

"I love you too, more than anything... that was, oh my god, that was... incredible..."




As we turn onto our street, Edward pulls my hand to his lips. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For your beautiful gift to me."

I'm a little lost... he sees my confusion. "For your first time, Isabella. Thank you for letting it be me."

Oh. Jeez, why am I blushing? "As far as I'm concerned, it will only ever be you, Edward."

We pull up in front of the restaurant and he turns to me, his eyes burning with intensity as they gaze into mine. "That's what I'm hoping for."

The atmosphere in the car is suddenly thick with unspoken desires about the future, our future. "Isabella, I..."

"You're back! You're back, you're back, you're back!" We both turn to find Alice bouncing outside my door and Jasper standing beside sporting a huge grin.

Grinning, I look back to Edward. "We're home."

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Mirepoix – In French cuisine, an aromatic combination, traditionally of onions, carrots and celery, that provides base flavour to a wide number of dishes such as stocks, soups, stews and sauces. Other cuisines have similar triad flavour bases (e.g. Creole, Italian).

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