Charlie heard it again, as he was going down the stairs. The sound of gagging and then vomiting. He was on his way to work, at the Welsh dragon reserve. He knew who it was, and was really worried. He quietly pushed the bathroom door open, so that he could see in. Bill was on his knees, bent over the toilet, with his head currently resting on his right arm, which was stretched out across the toilet seat.

Charlie edged in and closed the door, casting a silencing charm. He picked up a washcloth and dampened it. Lifting up Bill's hair, Charlie place the cool cloth on the back of Bill's neck. Bill moaned in thanks and then retched once more. He collapsed onto the floor next to the toilet when he was done. Charlie gently sat his older brother up and leaned him against the wall. He knelt next to Bill, wiping his face.

" gonna be alright?"

"Feel like I'm dying Charlie."

"Bill, I know you said not to, but I'm getting Mum. It's been a week now. She'll know what to do." Bill didn't argue, just nodded and allowed Charlie to guided him back to his bed. He climbed in and then curled up under the covers, shivering.

Charlie went down the stairs and woke his mother quietly. "Charlie? What's wrong?"

"Shh...don't wake Dad. Bill's sick and needs you."

Molly grabbed her wand and her robe. Shoving her arms into the sleeves, she followed Charlie to Bill's room. "Mum, I'm going to fire-call the reserve. I can't leave when Bill's like this." She nodded, understanding. Right after the twins, Bill and Charlie were the closest.

Molly crept into the bedroom, trying not to disturb Bill, in case he was asleep. As she neared the bed, she saw his blue eyes were open and almost pleading with her to make it better. She sat on the edge of the bed and gently brushed his long hair back from his face. "Charlie said that you're sick. What's wrong, Love?"

"Been throwing up, dizzy, really worn out."

"How long have you been like this, sweetheart"

Charlie came back into the room and sat at the desk in the corner. "Thought you were on your way to work?" Bill questioned.

"Not when you're like this I'm not. I may not be able to help, but I can always keep you company, hold the bucket, read a bedtime story." Charlie smiled at Bill, who chuckled and thanked him.

Molly started running her wand over Bill, trying to figure out what was wrong with her oldest baby. "Bill, how long have you been feeling sick?"

"About a week, maybe a little more...closer to two weeks, I think."

Charlie sat up in the chair. "Two weeks! Bill, you told me it had just started, the first time I found you."

"It's just the vomiting, dizziness and tiredness, right?"

"Yeah, Mum. Mostly."

Molly kept running her wand over Bill's head and chest, hoping to figure it out. Just to make sure it wasn't anything strange, she did a full-body scan. The results shocked her. "Charlie, go get your father." The tone of her voice brooked no argument. She performed the scan again, just to make sure the results were accurate. It came up with the same results.

"Bill, honey, how long have you felt even the slightest bit off?"

Bill thought for a minute. "Maybe 2 weeks, but not really more than that. Why?"

Molly shook her head. "We'll wait until your father gets here."

Bill felt his stomach turn over again. He sat up to head back to the loo. Molly conjured a bucket. After he was done, she banished the vomit with a flick of her wand.

Arthur came in, followed by Charlie. Charlie sat back down at the desk to hear what was wrong with his brother.

"Arthur, when you gave the boys 'The Talk', I believe you may have missed a rather small, but very important part of their education."

Arthur looked confused. "I did? Which part? I thought I had covered all the important things."

"Well, this is the part that deals with other wizards."

"Oh. OH! You mean I need to talk about that? That they can...the same as...? Never thought about it...Um...Bill? I'm going to assume, then, that you' another wizard."

Bill nodded warily. Arthur looked at Charlie. "Are you seeing a witch or wizard?"

Charlie coloured faintly. "No one, right now. The last person I dated was a wizard."

Molly's mouth opened slightly. "Both of you?" At their nods, she looked back at Arthur. "And you thought you wouldn't need to talk about it. Are any of the rest of you bisexual?"

Bill turned white as his stomach rolled over again. Molly handed him the bucket again and held his hair out of the way.

Charlie answered. "I know that Fred and George are, Ron's not, Ginny's not and Percy isn't either...he's gay."

Arthur's jaw dropped. "All of you? Well, except for Ron and Ginny? Well...I didn't know. I guess I'm a little surprised." Arthur paused. " guess that I'd better..." His voice trailed off into silence.

Molly humphed. "Well, if you can't, I will." She motioned Charlie over to where she could see her two oldest children. "Alright then. You've both been with men, right?" Both men flushed and nodded. "Okay, step one out of the way. You know what you're doing when you're with another man?" More blushing and more nods. "Good, on to step three. Did you know that, as wizards, you can become pregnant?" Dead silence. No nods, no flushing. "Found the problem Arthur. Alright boys, because we are witches and wizards, it is possible for each of us to become pregnant and carry a child. The wizard's magic helps to stabilize the body and the pregnancy. If the wizard you are with is extremely powerful, your chances are greater. As are his."

As she watched, Bill's face went the colour of blancmange. "Is he powerful enough, Bill?"

Bill slowly nodded. His colouring changed from milky white to positively green. He made a grab for the bucket, barely making it. Molly banished the contents.

She put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Bill, you're 26 years old, almost 27. I'm not expecting you to be a virgin." Her oldest son blushed furiously. "I wish that you'd known about this, so that you and your lover could have taken precautions. Not that I don't want grandchildren. But, you really need to contact this man and let him know."

Molly could not have predicted Bill's reaction to that statement. He went completely white and proceeded to pass out.


Harry Potter, Boy Who Lived, Defeater of Voldemort, ad infinitum, walked into the Great Hall for breakfast. He really wasn't feeling well, but he needed to eat something. Ron and Hermione were waiting for him, just inside the doors.

"Harry? What's wrong? Aren't you feeling well?" Hermione was worried. This was two days in a row that Harry had looked really unwell. She knew something was wrong, but since he wouldn't tell her what all of his symptoms were, she didn't know what was wrong. All she knew was that he was tired and moody.

Harry didn't know what was wrong, either. He'd been feeling off for the last few days. He'd put it down to the defeat of Voldemort and the fact that he was finally allowed free reign with his emotions. He'd been really weepy and tired lately. The tiredness he could understand, but not the tears. He didn't want to end up back in the infirmary, so he just kept his mouth shut.

The smell of breakfast hit him square in the face. He immediately turned on his heel and almost ran out of the Great Hall, leaving Ron and Hermione staring at his retreating back. Hermione's eyes narrowed. She was beginning to add things up in her mind. In this case 2 plus 2 did not equal 4. Ron saw the look and was afraid for Harry.

"Library, Ron." Her tone was enough to make him sigh and follow her. So much for breakfast.