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Gehrin American Branch, Nevada, 2006, 200 metres below the surface…

Dr. Emil Gannon, a silver-haired Scottish-born fellow with eyes as green as the Emerald Isle and a face that would make one think of Santa Claus- minus the beard- which his research team affectionately called "Old Man", slowly walked down the halls of the classified "Special Projects Division" section of the Gehrin American branch headquarters. He wished for his youth back, or even just a new pair of legs, ones that weren't wracked with arthritis, or in the case of his left leg, a rusted piece of cybernetic junk that squeaked more than a rusty door hinge. He was sometimes forced to limp along like someone who had sprained his ankle because the stupid prosthetic jammed up and stopped working outright. What he wouldn't give for both his legs to be whole and working like when he was a young man. Dr. Gannon had often fantasized about chucking the defective piece of shit out the nearest available high window. He'd also love it if a certain someone was right below said window.

'Why is it that when I'm in the middle of a happy thought, and I mean a really happy thought, that that sour bitch keeps riding my ass', Dr. Gannon thought to himself with a sneer as he tried to hurry up. Dr. Amanda Krane, the Special Projects Division Director, was badgering him constantly about his apparent lack of progress with his energy stimulant project. Lack of progress? Wrong! He was taking as long as he was taking because he didn't want anyone to wind up in a body bag, for God sake! Dr. Gannon had tried on several occasions to explain the dangers of rushing the project to Dr. Krane, but she wouldn't hear of it, and even began accusing him of sabotaging the project just to milk more funding from the Instrumentality Committee. Outrageous!

He had just come from yet another yelling match with Krane, and unbelievably, after they both went before the committee members to hash out the whole mess, the committee had decided enough was enough. They could honestly understand both sides of the argument, they said. One side emphasized wanting to do it right without losing personnel or materials in the process, while the other side voted for speed and efficiency without 'wasting' time and funding for 'unnecessary' equipment upgrades and safety precautions. The Committee had decided on a compromise, and what a compromise it was; Dr. Krane would be overseeing one of his energy stimulant experiments, but he would continue as project leader, but if Dr. Krane had some 'useful' tips for speeding things up, Dr. Gannon was to make use of her suggestions. In other words, "this is still your experiment, but she's the one really running the show".



A disaster waiting to happen. Dr. Gannon had tried repeatedly to make the Committee see reason, but they were adamant about their decision, but there was one tiny sliver of silver lining. Chairman Keel himself had stated, in no uncertain terms, "If Dr. Krane's suggestions cause more problems than they solve, you will be free to handle your experiments on your timetable, and your way, no further interference will be permitted". The look on Krane's face when Keel said those beautiful words were almost enough to make him forget about his bum leg and Krane's presence during this next test of his energy stimulant.

Dr. Gannon was taking his sweet time because of the very nature of what they were testing, and what it was being tested on. Three years ago, he had begun developing a radical pharmaceutical that could, theoretically, increase the electro-chemical output of living cellular matter. A smaller smattering of cells of any kind would be able to generate huge amounts of chemical energy, which could potentially be used as a clean and safe source of renewable power. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical company he had worked for, while honestly supporting his work, had gone under due to charges of corruption and embezzlement by the board of directors. He had managed, through careful planning, and being almost paranoid about his work, to set up a home-based lab where he continued to work. Thank God he patented his energy stimulant research, or he would have lost it all when the company went bankrupt. He did lose the funding though, and almost lost his house and all of his possessions too, if not for Lorenz Keel. The mysterious old cyborg offered him not only all the funding he could ever need or ask for, but also the chance to use his work to help people in ways he could never had imagined…at least until he saw a video recording of a powerful glowing giant turning all of Antarctica to slush.

He signed on the dotted line so fast, he thought he had sprained his wrist. He swore right there that not only would he be successful, but Dr. Gannon had sworn he would do all in his power to come up with a way to beat the other aliens that were coming. He had developed in tandem with the energy stimulant, a device that could generate an energy field that hampered living cells ability to generate electro-chemical energy, the central piece of equipment in all of his energy stimulant experiments. It boiled down to seeing just how much energy living cells could generate when augmented with his stimulant, despite having the dampening field cranked up. He wasn't testing his stimulant on human cells, though.

He was testing his stimulant on cell samples from the creature that destroyed Antarctica, which caused the deaths of three and a half billion people.

Dr. Gannon had been studying this remarkable entity's cellular structure for almost three years, ever since he had been rather easily convinced to sign on to this project. He discovered that this beings cells could actively absorb and metabolise ambient, radiant, and any other kind of energy, whether it was ambient heat or varying forms of electro-magnetic energy; electrical appliances would suddenly stop working or the lighting would flicker and die.

Dr. Gannon had a fair amount of experience with high-energy physics, achieving a double doctorate from MIT for that subject, as well as cellular biology before becoming the worlds first high-energy biologist, so his work was very helpful, even vital for this project. He had actually deduced how the cells could actively gather and absorb various forms of energy, and he even went one step further: he had discovered a way to interfere with this process, to block it outright. If this being, and the others of its kind that would soon be coming, were similar enough in that they acquired power the same way, he could use his research to create specialized hardware that could theoretically greatly weaken these beings, making them easier to combat.

He had taken so long in perfecting the work because he kept reworking the energy stimulant formula, always trying to push for greater energy output from the cell samples he worked with so he and his team would have a reasonably accurate baseline with which to establish the operating parameters for the energy dampening equipment. He had gone through several versions, finally arriving on his ninth and by far most powerful version to date. An even greater concern was safety; he hadn't been working in high-energy physics for fifty years, ever since he was nineteen, and not been paying attention to all those colourful warning labels on equipment and research materials. Now his work was being co-opted by that opportunistic little tart Amanda Krane.

As Dr. Gannon boiled at he prospect of Krane damaging his work and getting people hurt by being reckless, he suddenly felt like his lungs were being squeezed by a giant vice. He stumbled into the wall, unable to get a breath into his lungs. He braced himself against the wall and he started to violently cough and wretch. He frantically dug around in his lab coat pocket for something, a dribble of blood running down his chin. His digging was momentarily halted when he coughed up a huge splattering of blood on the wall. He finally found what he was looking for, the injection gun with his medication, but he couldn't keep a grip on it. He fumbled with the gun as it fell from his hands.

'Damn it all! Not now!' Dr. Gannon gasped in pain, sure he was a dead man walking, when a fellow researcher, a Dr. Joseph Carmine rushed up behind him and caught injection gun before it hit the floor. He jammed the gun against Dr. Gannon's neck and pulled the trigger, injecting the fast-acting medication right into the carotid artery. As the medication worked its magic, the pain seemed to fly away, and Dr. Gannon drew in a huge but shaky breath. He pushed off from the wall and took out a tissue from his pocket to clean his mouth off.

"Thanks, Joe. Thought Ol' Saint Peter was gonna finally get to grill me there for a second", Emil said as he shook his respected colleagues hand in thanks. He had met Dr. Carmine when he first started working for Gehrin. He had arrived at the American branch, passing through gate security and stood in the main foyer, hoping to get started right away. He had been introduced to Dr. Krane first thing. While she was an attractive young lady, she was as appealing emotionally as a frozen fish, with a constantly dour and condescending attitude. She had started to make some wicked comment about Gannon himself right out of the blue when he heard somebody say, "Back off, Amanda. Chairman Keel got this guys back", which drew their attention to a fifty-something man in biker clothes that looked like he had just come from a ride. He was resting with his back against the wall, a cheap cigar between his teeth, leather chaps over worn denim jeans, steel toed boots, and well-worn leather jacket and bandana to complete the picture.

Krane glared at the newcomer, but quickly slinked away as she didn't want to entice the man considered the US Armies newest golden boy. Dr. Carmine glared right back the retreating women, icy blue eyes sharp as knives from beneath salt and pepper eye-brows. When he stood straight, he was well over six-foot, a back unbent by the passage of time, and as well built as a light-weight prize fighter. He worked his shoulders as he walked toward Dr. Gannon, a huge smile spreading across his face as he jokingly said, "Welcome to Hell".

Dr. Carmine's work in physiology enhancement had caught his eye. Dr. Carmine, in turn, had been equally fascinated by Gannon's energy stimulant and energy dampening projects. They quickly realized that aspects of each others work could benefit their projects. Dr. Krane kept harping about them sticking to their own projects, but the two scientists ignored her passionately. Now they like two halves to a single coin, one could not be whole without the other.

As Gannon steadied himself, Carmine was the proverbial shoulder to lean on. He stood perfectly still as his friend steadied himself, not saying a word. What could you say, when your friend was as stubborn as a mule about his problems, whether it be trying to deal with them himself, or trying to deal with them on his own. Lung cancer was a bitch, and one that needed to be slapped down hard, in Carmine's opinion, but if he ever voiced that opinion in those particular words, Gannon would deck him for 'such inelegant language'. He preferred that his problems remained his problems, but if somebody just happened to be in the right place at the right time, who was he to complain.

"Well, Joe, thanks for being the rock on which I stand, but if I don't get to my dampener test, Krane'll shut me out of my own project". Gannon was once again limping toward his lab, but now he had Carmine tagging onto his heels. As the taller man slowly trotted along, Gannon looked over at his friend.

"Yes?" He asked. Carmine smiled , trotted in front of his friend and dropped to one to one knee. "Need a lift?" His older friend looked at the taller man like he on drugs, but decided what the hell. Dr. Gannon climbed onto his friends back and the two made their way toward Dr. Gannon's lab, Dr. Carmine giving his ailing friend a piggy-back the rest of the way, completely unconcerned about what any on-lookers might say.

Dr. Krane was not in a good mood. That idiot old fossil, Gannon, was late. She didn't care if he had the backing of the Council, he was a decrepit old fool who should just retire to some old folks home and die. Leave the real science to the younger generation. Though she had to admit, that Gannon's energy dampening system not a complete waste of time and resources, but the energy stimulant was just ridiculous. While she could see actual uses of the energy dampening gear in the field, the energy stimulant could only increase cellular energy production; what good would that do? It wouldn't necessarily give and Evangelion unit an advantage, maybe just a little better performance, but without the power cables and battery pack, an Evangelion would still be helpless, so what if its normal output was amplified by some wonder drug. It would wear off anyway, so where's the benefit?

Krane was about to give voice to her displeasure when the door to the lab opened and…well, she really wasn't sure if she should even try to describe what just jogged through the lab door. Dr. Gannon was riding on Dr. Carmine's back like a little kid. The old man had finally flipped his lid. That was the only thing she could think of. Well, that and he was making a total fool of himself

'And right in front of Chairmen Keel', she thought, shifting her gaze to the wizened cyborg as he raised a snow-white brow at Gannon and Carmine's antics. He actually looked amused instead of upset. At least He's having a good time, she thought. Both the Doctors caught sight of Keel, did a double take, and froze like statues. Dr. Gannon slide off his colleagues back and straightened himself out, cleared his throat, and addressed the chairman directly.

"Chairman Keel, what a surprise! I hadn't thought you'd be in attendance, due to your very busy schedule" Gannon became worried about how Chairman Keel would interpret the results of his experiment today, considering what he just saw. The results could be spectacular, but if Keel thought for one second that he wasn't taking things seriously, Gannon would be ejected from his own project, which that stick-up-her-ass Krane would love. He needn't have worried.

"Thank you for the warm welcome Dr. Gannon. And don't worry about your little show; I understand how prosthetic limbs can stab a person in the back at the most inopportune times", Keel responded, a small portion of cheer in his voice. He tapped his own prosthetic leg with his right fist, holding onto his decorative cane with his left. A distinct metallic ring could be heard as he tapped his leg. He raised his visor covered eyes to the two embarrassed doctors and chuckled as he said, "No need to apologize, again. Its good to know that even today, scientists, even rivals", he glared at Krane, "can be helpful to each other, in what ever way they can be".

Krane took a nervous step back. Not only because of Keel's glare, but because the time for the experiment was upon them. She didn't want to be too close when the 'accident' occurred. During the night before, she had used her security clearance as the Special Projects Division Director and gained access to Dr. Carmine's lab and obtained a small vial of his most up-to-date version of his combat enhancer. She then went to Dr. Gannon's lab and found an open canister of his energy stimulant The eerie green glow of the stimulant, for some reason or another, always unnerved Krane. Something that glowed shouldn't be injected into any living things veins, never mind a person and especially not an Evangelion unit!

The canister could hold up to two and a half litres of stimulant but had been filled to about one and a half litres. She took the vial of combat enhancer out of her coat pocket, but before dropping the vial in, she placed a tiny micro-chip on the vial. When she carefully released the vial into the stimulant, it sank to the bottom of the canister. The vial was made of a bio-degradable silicon and would break down over several days. Before she capped off the canister she put another bio-degradable vial in, this one filled with a glossy orange liquid. She knew that she'd be a dead woman if anyone found out she had even this small amount. To think, there was a being that rivalled the First Angel! This 'Lilith' as it was code-named had been discovered by an Archaeological tem led by the Chairman himself fifty years ago. She now rested at the bottom of Terminal Dogma in Nerv-1 in Japan. What no one knew, at least at the moment, was that a tissue sample had been taken from Lilith, about the size of a persons index finger, along with a small amount of the creatures blood. That same sample of blood and tissue was in the second vial that Amanda Krane had taken out of her lab coat pocket.

She smiled at thought of what would happen. When the Energy Dampener test begins, the resulting combination of the First and Second Angel's DNA, the energy stimulant, and even the combat enhancer, would devastate the lab, and she'd be well out of the way. She'd discreetly excuse herself when the test was begun, and make for the nearest emergency exit. She would trigger the small computer chip attached to the vial of enhancer, which would generate a sub-sonic signal that, while not affecting the sample canister in the slightest, the two vials hidden in the canister would dissolve into powder, releasing their contents to mix with the energy stimulant.

When those ingredients reacted to each other, the lab and everybody in it, including those annoying pricks Gannon and Carmine, and even Chairman Keel, would simply cease to exist. There would be no evidence of her involvement with the approaching disaster, and she'd be free to run things here as SHE saw fit. She looked upon the sample canister in question. Dr. Gannon had just locked it into pump that would inject that glorious cocktail into the test chamber. The chamber was designed with the ability to dampen energy output from energized angel cells to the point of killing them outright. That particular result would most certainly not be occurring.

"Okay folks, this is test number eight of the series five energy dampener. Before preceding, we will enable the emergency safety systems that were implemented for the purposes of this experiment. Should the cells become too energized, we can actively drain the energy from the cells into bleeding-edge capacitor cells designed for just such an occasion. The capacitor cells, by the way, were designed to store huge amounts of energy using something called quantum compression", Gannon announced to the lab technicians stationed at various monitors around the lab as he began keying in commands at his work station situated in front of a huge heavy titanium cylindrical containment chamber centered in the lab that stretched from floor to ceiling, inside of which was the primary dome-like test chamber that was set into the center of the laboratories floor.

'Like those stupid things will work!' Krane mentally sneered as she watched Gannon begin prepping the sample pump. The sample pump was attached to the end of a multi-jointed mechanical arm which would connect the pump to the test chamber and deliver a precise pre-measured amount of the sample. The robotic arm was mounted on a swinging servo-motor that allowed the robotic arm to swing out of the containment chamber for servicing and prep-work for other experiments. When the arm was ready, it swung back into the containment chamber with an electrical whir, a heavy panel dropping down and sinking into the frame, locking into place with a heavy clanking of multiple heavy physical locks and the harsh electrical shriek of the electromagnetic locks kicking in..

Krane slipped her hand into her pocket and triggered the sonic chips that would break down the combat enhancer and Lilith DNA vials, mixing them with the energy stimulant. It would be only a matter of minutes after the chips were triggered that the self-destructive brew would go from a gentle simmer to a catastrophic boil-over. Soon, she'd be the one in charge, and Chairman Keel's death would be chalked up to a massive lab accident. She noticed a glow coming from the transparent window in the side of the sample canister, and also noticed that Gannon hadn't noticed.


The experiment began as all the others had; Gannon had primed the energy dampening system for use and added the Angel DNA sample. He activated his dampening gear, but on a setting so low, the effects on the DNA would be negligible. He then opened the main valves for the sample container and prepped to administer a small sample to the DNA in the test chamber.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go", she heard Gannon say as he injected her cocktail-invigorated sample into the test chamber. The Angel cells were visible on a monitor connected to a high-resolution electron microscope which displayed false color-images. They seemed to move away from the small amount of glowing liquid that was deposited into the center of the testing chamber as though they were wary of it. Krane was beginning to wonder if the good doctors vaunted energy stimulant was actually working and the Lilith tissue sample was still viable.

She quickly got her answer.

Dr. Gannon had noticed a rather high cellular energy output, high even for the version of his energy stimulant he was using on the Angel cells. He began to turn up the intensity of the dampening field, but found it was having no effect whatsoever, which frankly shouldn't be possible. The data being collected by the sensors within the test chamber was being displayed on monitors throughout the lab, and it began to change VERY quickly. Cellular activity was going right off the charts, and the sheer amount of cellular energy was well approaching absurd-and even dangerous-levels.

"What in the hell is goin' on here?" Dr. Gannon exclaimed. He tried turning up the intensity of the dampener again, but this time he wasn't taking any chances and maxed it out. He should have seen a dramatic decrease in cellular energy output, but instead he saw even more output than a moment ago, as well as other cellular activity that simply wasn't making sense. He noticed Chairman Keel studying the data on one of the monitors and his face went three shades paler than they normally were.

"Dr. Carmine, your opinion, if you would be so kind!" Carmine jogged over to Keel's side to get a look at the data, and he also blanched, as well as choked out a gasp. He said, "Emil, we have foreign cellular matter in the test chamber! The DNA sequencer detected them just after you added the sample! If I'm reading this right, and I hope to God I'm wrong, the foreign cells look like they came from another Angel! And…what the fuck? My combat enhancer is mixed in there too!"

"Activate the energy induction system now! Hopefully, we can siphon off enough power to stabilize this mess!" Gannon yelled. He looked back to the monitors, and couldn't believe what he was seeing. The energy the two distinct cells sample were generating as they interacted was visible as a glowing, writhing mist that was swirling around inside the test chamber as though it were a living thing. The data on the monitors were showing rapidly changing patterns and frequencies, and even fundamental changes that were occurring with the cellular matter. The two distinct cell samples were actually combining into one new and distinct sample, and what made this observation seem even more insane, was that the new cells were undergoing real-time genetic mutation; a further shocking fact was that, upon further examination, the new cells were actually assimilating Dr. Carmine's combat enhancer, a combination of nano-machines and chemically-encoded computer software right into their own structures!

He knew that this was going to get worse, but maybe the energy induction system could pull enough energy out of the cells to at least buy some time before this thing blew sky-high. He looked over to Chairman Keel, about to ask him to help, but saw a resigned look on his face, unhidden by his visor, and he thought he heard Keel say, "Third Impact already? Damn, I'm not ready".

Gannon had no idea what he meant by that, but having survived Second Impact, he was in no hurry to try his luck with a third. He heard a loud electrical whining and saw that the induction grid was active, signified by brightly glowing piping along most of the exterior of the test chamber. He was very glad to know that there were a hundred of those high energy capacitors right beneath the lab. They would each absorb a portion of the turbulent energy that was building in the test chamber. Gannon quickly keyed in the final commands and the energy screamed through the bulky power conduits that connect them to the test chambers energy induction equipment. He really had no idea how much the power cells could hold, but he was going to find out now, wasn't he?

"Emil! The damn cells are already beginning to max out the new capacitors! But get this: the energy the damn cells are giving off is like nothing I've ever seen; and it keeps changing!" Chairman Keel seemed to stand a little straighter at that proclamation, and walked as quickly as he could over to the work station that Dr. Carmine had appropriated. He looked at the data on the screen and instantly realized something he once thought as impossible was happening right before his eyes. Even though the energy output of the fusing cells was still increasing, and quite rapidly, the transformation of the cellular structure was actually slowing to a crawl. In fact, on closer inspection, Keel discovered something he thought simply couldn't happen: The two separate Angel cell samples had combined into a singular and unique sample. The cells were born of both Adam and Lilith, but was completely new and seemed completely stand alone. The structure of the cells was now longer in flux, but as solid as bedrock. The cells, while still generating more and more energy, had finished combining and had even gone one step further, and had successfully incorporated the combat enhancer into their organelle structures and the energy stimulant had become integrated into the protein structure.

'The cells can actually produce a variant of the stimulant as part of their own chemical structure! This is insane! Instead of a miniature Third Impact, this fusion has created something so completely new, it has heretofore never before been known to man. The energy they are radiating is remarkable. I'm amazed the sensor and scanner equipment is still working instead of being reduced to worthless slag; The equipment is even now analysing the energy, and the results are staggering', Keel thought to himself.

He began typing away, beginning several simulations that would possibly answer his questions as to any potent uses of the energy. One simulation was quick to finish, showing that this energy was completely harmless to non-organic substances, and even had the truly bizarre quality of actually augmenting the functioning of electronic devices without damaging them. All of the high-energy diagnostic equipment in the lab, for instance, was being given a tremendous power boost by the energy it was analysing! Keel began to feel as giddy as a child in a candy store, something he hadn't felt in many, many years. He also noticed that the light level in the lab was getting substantially brighter, and it was getting brighter very quickly.

He looked over to the testing chamber and noticed that that very same energy which had captured everyone's attention was now streaming out of cracks in the test chamber. Keel's eyebrows reached the top of his head as he took several tentative steps backward, quite disturbed that the heavy titanium containment chamber was being burned through like plasma through tissue paper. Discretion would seem to be the better part of valour, Keel reasoned, but just as he turned to make dash for the door, a large crack split the test chamber almost from floor to ceiling, the blazing white-blue energy striking Keel square in the back.

Keel suddenly felt such complete agony, he lost the ability to rationalize the pain to something he had experienced in the past, and simply screamed. It was like burning alive from the inside out and the outside-in, like being torn apart and pulled in a multitude of directions, being crushed and cramping, twisted and squeezed, breaking and tearing, all seamlessly blended into perfect symphony of pain. Strangely, he also felt himself weightless, as though floating above the floor.

This was scant comfort to Keel as he noticed the casing on his right prosthetic arm begin to glow, and what amazed him even more, the glow coalesced into the hexagonal patterns of an AT-Field. As the light intensified, his arm seemed to begin to become immaterial and even begin to disintegrate right before his very eyes, so to speak. What was even more disturbing than his cybernetics beginning to be broken down by a mysterious AT-Field, was that the missing flesh his cybernetics had been used to replace was growing back, and very quickly, he managed to note, the AT-Field acting as a protecting chrysalis for the new flesh. Doctors Gannon and Carmine were also experiencing similar events, as Gannon's cybernetic leg vanished in an almost fiery aura, and a new living limb grew in its place, while Carmine simply seemed to grow younger right before Keels rapidly healing eyes.

As much pain as Keel was now experiencing, he found it rather comforting to know at least he'd no longer have to endure the constant jokes at his expense about being more machine than man. He would die a whole and complete human being. Well, at least in the physical sense, at the very least. The same agony spread down Keel's back and snaked inside his torso, thrashing about like a mad serpent, biting at every little thing. Keel thought he could scream no louder, but as soon as the torturous pain actually escalated, he soon discovered that, in fact, he could scream louder. His wail had long since ceased to be anything human, more resembling some hateful Banshee shriek, which somehow grew even louder as his internal implants were similarly destroyed to his external prosthetics.

It didn't take long at all for Keel to be reduced to a free-floating bare half torso. After twenty five seconds, he was a full torso with the beginnings of two new legs and right arm and a whole new left arm. Twenty five more seconds, he had two brand new legs and two whole arms; his back-bone was now completely real, made of real bone and marrow, nerve and cartilage. Every inch of anatomy that had been replaced by machine had quite simply regenerated, and now Keel looked at the world with two new fully functional eyes, his visor gone, no longer necessary. He quickly noticed two other things: firstly, he wasn't in pain anymore, and secondly he noticed that the two male doctors, now young men and physically whole, were floating above the floor as he was. Keel thought the insanity had finally ended, when the light began to die down, the light suddenly exploded to such an intensity, Keel thought his new eyes would spontaneously combust in their sockets. The light had such force behind it, it blew out all the doors, surged through every single solitary electrical circuit and wire, tore apart every single air duct into unrecognizable twisted wrecks, quite simply sweeping through the entire facility like a force of nature, and most importantly of all, propelled people through the air like they had all been fired out of individual cannons.

Keel's brain had finally had enough and simply decided to shut down. Before unconsciousness claimed the now whole and thirty-something Seele Chairman, and gravity reclaimed him and the two male doctors, he whispered, "Now THAT'S Third Impact!" Seele Chairman Lorenz Keel smashed into a bank of computers like a high-speed truck, newly youthful face first. The lab suddenly fell into an eerie silence, which was quickly broken when, somewhere on the other side of the ravaged test chamber, a groggy Dr. Carmine groused, "Yeah, well, that last part sucked balls!"

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