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Supreme Nerv Commander Gendo Ikari and Nerv Deputy-Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki both felt their jaws drop at Dr. Carmine's admission. The man just admitted to exposing Pilot Ikari to a potentially hazardous and alien form of energy, despite what it did to himself, seemingly without doing any kind of research into what it would do to a child! Was the man delusion, crazy? Was he stupid or negligent? What the Hell was wrong with this guy?!

Deputy-Commander Fuyutsuki felt his hand whip to his concealed side-arm, but the Commander quickly grabbed his wrist and sternly shook his head "No". The two men exchanged heated looks, but they both turned their attention back to the ghostly pale American who was looking right at the two of them. He smiled sadly and walked back toward them as he reached under his coat as though to pull out a gun, but what he pulled out was a rather large glass bottle of Jack Daniels No.7©. He walked over to his abandoned bag and after rummaging through it, pulled out three large tumbler glasses. He placed the glasses at three places along the table and gestured to the two men to be seated. The Commander arched a brow while Fuyutsuki looked a bit thrown.

"You want a full and proper explanation?" Carmine began, "We're emptying that damn bottle".

He popped the cork off the bottle and poured a half serving into each glass. The other men turned to each other, but decided that they could actually get a straight answer from the American without violence. If necessary, it would come later.

As they took their seats at the table, each man approached his first drink differently; Fuyutsuki swirled the drink in his glass and breathed in the aromas like a wine connoisseur, Gendo appraised what he saw and weighed pros and cons, while Carmine simply shook his head and downed his drink like he taking shots. The other two men looked at him like he was completely nuts and looked at each other before shrugging and following suit. While the Commander hummed appreciatively, Kozo almost coughed up a lung. He glared at the other two and asked, "What?" trying to restrain his coughing fit.

Carmine raised his glass to the Deputy-Commander after filling it again and slowed pulled on it. As he did, a wistful expression crossed his face, and he began his odd 'explanation'.

"Well, fellas, its like this: When we first met Shinji, he was a mess, as seeing his mom die the way she did, never mind what being abandoned by your dad would do to ya", Carmine began, giving the elder Ikari a pointedly dirty look. " We started off slow; we introduced ourselves, of course, didn't want to be rude, and we started asking small questions, stuff you wouldn't think twice about. We asked these questions of Shinji's Aunt first. Simple stuff like how your day was going, what do you do for a living, that sort of stuff. After about an hour or so, 'cause she really didn't trust us much to start with, we asked her to ask questions about us. I was a bit behind so Emil and Lorenz started things off, and considerin' our weird eyes, mistrust is something easily understandable", he pointed at his own bizarre eyes that looked more like they belonged in the head of some huge dog.

"The meeting started off kinda on the bad foot 'cause Shinji got a hello hug from Emil; no creepy stuff going on, but his Aunt gave Emil a piece of her mind and Emil mouthed off. Keel jumped in and acted as referee. For over an hour, we talked to her first trying to convince her we weren't the bad guys but we eventually got a chance to talk to Shinji. He was very shy, closed off, and it took us a couple of days to get him to really open up but when he did start to open up, we each took turns doing good old fashioned fun stuff with him; everything from baseball to basketball, colouring books and story telling, whatever it took to get him to open up, to just be a happy little boy again. When he really started to heal, in his head and his heart, we helped him confront how his mom died, and we told him it was okay to cry. That poor little guy weeped like a water fountain after we helped him him get past all the blocks in his head. He cried himself to sleep in Emil's arms. I carried him up to bed and tucked him in, and despite what he confronted that day, he slept good and dreamed good dreams. Why? Because we were right there with him, talking to him, consoling him, just bein' a shoulder to cry on, tellin' him it was okay to cry, that even after all that had happened, his mom never stopped lovin' him".

"Mind you", he continued, "We left out the part that his mom intentionally got absorbed by Unit-01, but he was too young to hear that at the time".

Gendo Ikari almost choked on his drink. Yui had wanted to be absorbed?! That was ludicrous! Wasn't it? She had honestly hoped to be able to pilot the Evangelion instead of Shinji. She had wanted her son kept out of it, but had dreaded what might happen it it failed. Intentionally absorbed? BULLSHIT!...Wasn't it?

Gendo had always known Yui had had serious misgivings about using Children for pilots, and had tried to avoid such future action, inevitable as it seemed. She had meant to protect Shinji from a life of turmoil and strife, but with this new revelation, Carmine made it seem that a life of turmoil and strife was exactly what Yui had in mind. Such a colossal blow would render Shinji incapable of really connecting to anyone, save the very person he had thought lost. This very trauma would allow him to connect to his mother who had become, in essence and in literal, the empowering core of the Evangelion unit. That very same trauma would make him a natural pilot, but also a socially stagnated and emotionally challenged introvert. A cruel stroke of genius that while solving one problem, created many more.

Gendo Ikari downed what was left of his whiskey and prepared to give Carmine a piece of his mind, starting by introducing Carmine's mandible to his left fist, when the enigmatic American pulled out what looked like an old journal, with the Kanji for Yui's name elegantly embroidered on the front cover. Gendo slowly took the book, despite his own misgivings and earlier denial, hoping against hope that he would find some entry, some passionate expression against the future Project-E, but instead he found, among a great many other things, this:

"My name is Dr. Yui Ikari, and I deserve to die.

I am going to ruin not only my only child's emotional and psychological development, all for the sake of creating a lasting monument to mankind. I'm going to ruin my beloved husband as well. He has shown me nothing but love, understanding, and a level of devotion that is beginning to scare me.


He would burn this world to ash for me, and that is exactly the kind of mind-set that I need for this plan to work.

I know that if my treasured son, or my loving husband, or, God help me, both of them discover and read this journal, then I will lose the only two people in this miserable world I have ever truly given a damn about. I hate this sad and damaged world, and since I have discovered that our time, humanity's time, is done, I have no compunctions about ending it. I, however, am not some doomsday loon seeking to end it because it is God's will, or some other such nonsense. The Third Impact we will engineer will reduce all of man to LCL, quickly, painlessly, and instantaneously.

My son, my darling baby boy will become a god, and from there on then, he will be forever free from pain, from sadness, because everything will be for him to create, and recreate, to his hearts content. Unit-01 will become a great monument in space that will tell others who pass this way that mankind existed; it will be when all of the art and monuments of Earth have crumbled to dust, it will be when the sun itself burns out and dies.

My name is Dr. Yui Ikari, and I deserve to die".

Gendo Ikari screamed in rage as he threw the journal across the room. He stopped himself from throwing the glass of whiskey, though. He filled it and downed the glassful, repeating six times. He sighed angrily and address the American scientist, "Its all true, isn't it?"

The American nodded sadly. Gendo leaned back heavily in his chair as he took notice of the Deputy-Commander's sad, yet knowing look.

Kozo Fuyutsuki coughed and said, "A couple of days before the initial test of Unit-01, Yui told me her plans and what she wanted to accomplish. I was a stupid, foolish, weak old man because I let a crush on a former student stop me from calling the nearest psychiatric hospital and committing her. I was, no am even worse than her because I could have stopped a very good portion of this misery and I choked".

The Commander made a scoffing noise and shot back with, "Dear Kozo, you are far better than you think, simply because you gave damn, because you truly regret what has passed, and sir, If I may be so bold, my old sensei, you want to make it right somehow. So, Dr. Carmine", Ikari asked as he turned back to the odd American, "What else have you to tell us? I imagine that your recent revelations would be hard to top".

Carmine tilted his head back as he swallowed another pull of whiskey, glancing at the bottle, realizing that, it was in fact, now empty. He had one more revelation in fact.

"When I was a colonel in the US Army, in command of a squad of dedicated, go-for-broke Army Rangers, I earned the name 'Red Ranger of The Deep South'. Just check into American history during 1997 and you'll find it".

Gendo Ikari and Kozo Fuyutsuki both paled at that particular name as the American got up and began to walk away, stopping and turning to face the two shocked men. He whispered, "I murdered every living person in five American Deep South towns".

Misato was speeding toward an address she had received in a text from Dr. Gannon over her cell phone. She was excited about seeing Shinji again, and right now she genuinely didn't care if he looked like some kind of monster or whatever, she'd be glad to just have the kid and his crazy guardian back with her and okay. She had a lot of things to work out, but she knew that she was sick of doing it on her own. After what happened to Ritsuko, she realized her judgement could very well be impaired, trained to deal with emotional loss or not. She and Ritsuko had been like sisters in college. She still could not get her head around the revelation that Ritsuko had been under orders when she tried to sabotage Dr. Gannon's project, that she had done something like that at all. Well, Misato realized sadly, the idea that Ritsuko had done something untoward was not so much a stretch as she would like to believe. She had known that there had been things going on at Nerv behind the scenes, but every time she had tried to get even so much as a glimpse, powers that be would politely tell her to bugger off, or the evidence would be cleaned up, but Misato recognized when a crime scene had been cleaned, and found a great deal of cleaning-up traces had been done. As much as a mystery enthralled her, she knew that she had to focus on the here and now.

As she arrived at the GPS coordinates from the text, she realized that it was the same warehouse where the mutilated Dr. Akagi had been found. Misato felt her blood inadvertently rise to a boil as she took in the dilapidated building.

'Why the Hell are we meeting here?! Is this some kind of sick joke?!'

Misato whipped into the parking lot, screeched to a halt, and practically leaped out of her car, her sidearm drawn. She wasn't taking any chances whatsoever. She slowly approached the door in a reaver stance, sidearm at the ready, looking down the sights for anything or anyone who appeared hostile. The door was wide open and she saw what looked like a cheap folding table set up in the scorched warehouse. The huge and transformed Dr. Gannon was seated at the table, sans chair as he was now so big, he did not need a chair to look down on the table-top. One of his multiple arms was writing with an old fashioned quill in a very old looking book, another hand held a cell phone to what Misato thought was his left ear, she really couldn't tell anymore with...whatever Dr. Gannon had turned into, a pair was typing furiously on a laptop that had a slew of USB cables connected to it, running off the table and well off to one side out of eyesight. As the Captain entered the building, she heard the Scottish doctor talking to someone over the phone.

"Yes, of course its all on schedule. I'm no spring chicken anymore, Grigori, but I can still use a bloody laptop, you Russian nit! What'a ya mean, ya never meant no offence? Ya bloody well call me a 'senile old goat' as a way'o sayin' 'hello'? Ya daft ol' bear! You can kiss me arse, you ugly lump'a dung, and bloody well remember yer friggin' manners! Yer two decades too young to go tryin' ta crack wise wit me! Good day to you sir!"


"Fuckin' Russian bear! Just you wait until I see ya again!" Gannon remarked as he dropped the phone on the desk rather roughly and went back to work, a fully dressed and standing Shinji Ikari massaging the bridge of his nose as though trying to ward off a headache finally taking notice of the Captain as she entered the warehouse proper.

She was just about to ask Gannon what he was doing here when she took stock of the large amount of equipment set up in the place, and one particular piece of gear made her heart skip a beat. It was a large cylindrical chamber made of what Misato thought was some kind of heavy glass. It was filled with what appeared LCL, but the person floating in the LCL made her shriek in shock and alarm.


Both of the Nephilim men all but hit the roof at the Captains startled scream, but were soon backing away from a spitting mad Misato Katsuragi who was cursing the air blue, swearing terrible pain on the both of them for pulling such a sick stunt. Trying to clone Ritsuko and replace her? Oh, Hell no! She levelled her sidearm at the chamber and was about to fire when she heard Dr. Gannon yell from his work table, "No, don't, Lass, I beg ye! That's nay a clone! That's the original!"

Misato whipped around to face the monstrous being that used to be a kindly Scotsman, but now was something...other. She aimed right between his primary eyes and snarled, "Explain!"

Emil Gannon did exactly that.

"Misato, I knew that Dr. Akagi was bein' targeted, long before I came to Japan with Shinji. Some 'colleagues' shall we call 'um were supposed to rescue her. They did. What was tortured beyond all reason and decency was, in fact, the clone. I altered the lass so no one would be the wiser. Keel thinks I made this half-angel clone of Akagi as some kind of twisted lab assistant/ fuck buddy for him. This is no engineered slave girl, believe you me. This is the original Ritsuko Akagi. Transformed into a Nephilim like me and Shinji, but with no you-know-what added in. A high dose of energy from that changed her right enough. She was given special implants to keep Keel out of her noggin' and her secret, along with her life, safe and sound".

Misato felt like falling over face first. As a matter of a fact she did. Both the conscious Nephilim in the room face-palmed themselves. Shinji, because his mentor had just dumped a great deal of information right into Misato's lap without giving her any kind of brace, and Dr. Gannon himself because he went way too much into detail, plus a simple suggestion to not let Misato know until much later was completely forgotten. They were counting on everyone's complete ignorance to complete the deception. Now that someone knew, even someone who could keep a secret this important without fail, the whole plan to gather evidence against Keel to present to the United Nations Security Council and have Lorenz Keel removed as the Instrumentality Chairman could be jeopardized. Shinji went over to Misato and turned her over, pulling a small bottle of smelling salt out of his pocket and waved it under the Captain's nose. Her nose immediately crinkled and she coughed and sputtered as she came to.

She had an odd dreamy look on her face as she looked up at Shinji and smiled at him coyly. She actually snuggled up to him and sexily cooed, "You're pretty!" Shinji cocked his head at the genuinely off-hand comment, looked to his mentor who shrugged his shoulders and chuckled like he had heard a great joke and walked off.

"Uh, Doc? Can I get a hand here? She's not letting me go, and...holy crap, she's fondling my butt! Get your ugly putz face back here, haggis! Oi! Watch the hands lady!" Misato was giggling to herself. She was actually quite sober and alert and thought a little payback was in order. She'd have a good tantrum later. Right now, she wanted to get some "Nephy-Feel".

She made a happy moaning noise, which caused Shinji's face to turn a remarkable shade of scarlet red, which somehow got even redder as Misato tightened her grip and happily chirped, "Mine!"

As Shinji and the lovely Captain got 'better acquainted', Dr. Gannon made some adjustments on the main console of the stasis chamber, monitoring Dr. Akagi's rebirth into a Nephilim. She wouldn't develop the black-blue eyes he and shinji had; well, at least not right away. She'd had what he thought was the more 'traditional' red eyes like those of Rei Ayanami, but, like his eyes did, would change as well. He knew that without Transcendance Material being directly injected into her body, that she absolutely would not go through the horrible transformations that he and Shinji had gone through. Speaking of whom, he looked over and almost passed out when he saw that Captain Katsuragi now had her legs wrapped around Shinji's waist quite provocatively and Shinji had handfuls of her lushous dark indigo hair.

Gannon quickly grabbed his cell phone, thumbed on the camera function and recorded the two young people having the make-out session on the dirty warehouse floor. He knew that when Shinji got excited, he gave off a pheromone that was a powerful aphrodisiac. A completely unintentional upgrade, he never took advantage of it. Why? Because the stupid chemical worked on him too! Gannon was ashamed at himself because Shinji was now naked from the waist down and the Captain was down to her black lace panties. He had a dart gun loaded with a system cleanser that would knock them both out and cleanse both their systems of the pheromone. There was a glaring omission though: He had left the stupid thing back at the airport! Damn security personnel!

If he tried to forcibly break it up, Shinji would attack him and possible hurt Misato and Ritsuko, both accidentally mind you, but he wouldn't be so kind to Emil himself. He knew that Shinji and Misato both would never be comfortable around each other again if this went as far as Gannon knew it would, but he didn't want to causes any kind of violence that could get innocent people hurt or damage the overall plan for taking down Keel.

Emil Gannon had made up his mind, and damn the consequences! He would just have to live with his decision. He went over to his desk, hooked up an HDMI cable to his phone and connected it to his laptop. After getting an impromptu show that lasted over three whole hours (Katsuragi was never gonna walk right again, if ever!) he uploaded the video he recorded to YouTube©, pulled out an air mattress from the crate by the table, inflated it, laid down, and took an hour long nap, muttering something about "Damn horny kids!" He never realized that Ritsuko had prematurely awoken. She had both her hands placed against the glass and was looking fonding at her old friend as Shinji continued to pleasure her.

Ritsuko smiled warmly at her friends good fortune, but knew that this was going to be a one-time fling. Shinji was a sweet boy with some rough edges (not to mention gorgeous!), but there was only one man for Misato, and Misato had broken up with him to protect him from being hurt by Misato's quest for revenge. Confuscious once said, "Before embarking on a journey of revenge, one must first dig two graves". Misato never wanted to dig a grave for her college love, but yet found she could not let him stay with her. They had spent an entire week together one last time, trying to cement the good memories with passion and lust while at the same time trying to bury the pain.

Ritsuko Akagi had her own pains to bury, but she would confront them first. She would take this second chance and run with it. She'd start by helping a cetain blue-haired puppet become an actual person, and then she'd try to atone for everything else in due course. Before she nodded off back to sleep, she had two thoughts go through her mind. Firstly, she wondered what Keel was going to think when all was said and done that his two favored scientists had outwitted him. The second thought was a bit off-the-wall, even for her: "When are those two ever going to stop?!"

Her musings were interrupted when a ghostly pale young man walked through the door and gaped at the goings-on on the floor. He put his fists on his hips and shook his head from side to side.

"Man, oh man!" He spoke with a distinctly American East Coast Accent. "Doc Carmine ain't gonna believe this shit!"

"Hey Forbes! What are you...holy shit! What the hell is this?!" This new voice belonged to Nerv's long-haired Lieutenant Shigeru Aoba. What made Ritsuko start was that Shigeru had a wicked black eye and his left arm in a sling. She wondered what had happened, but since she had seemingly been 'rescued', she could wait for later for answers. She realized there was a third person right behind the man called Forbes, and the sight of this person made her smile quite widely.

It was Maya Ibuki. As Maya got close enough, she looked like her heart was going to break anew, but clasped her hands in front of her face, dropped to her knees and quietly weeped in joy, whispering, "Praise God, Praise God. You gave me my Sempai back!" She then promptly passed out. Forbes just managed to catch her before she face-planted on the concrete floor. Forbes stared incredulously at the young women as he gently picked her up.

"After all the crap she put us through, now she decides to pass out?!"

Shigeru's answer to that was to haul off with his good arm and sock Forbes right in the back of the head, getting a high-pitched yelp out of the pale man.

As Ritsuko Akagi stared bug-eyed at the whole bizarre goings-on, she mentally cursed, "Retards! I work with a bunch of flaming retards!"

Nerv's Supreme Commander stood on catwalk directly in front of Evangelion Unit-01. He was smoking a Cuban cigar, something his 'dear wife' had hated with a passion. He blew out an impressive cloud of smoke and took the cigar out of his mouth for a moment. He looked down at the floor, as though ashamed of what he was going to say, but in reality making sure what he was going to say came out right.

It was simple, straight-forward, and honest.

It hurt like Hell.

It felt great.

"I thought I loved you, Yui Ikari. I even changed my name for you. I devoted myself to an insane ideal, all for you. I hurt and abandoned our son, all for you. I ruined myself for you. I schemed and planned and manipulated, used and abused, all for you".

The next words were easier to say, but no less painful.

Gendo liked this kind of pain.

"I hate you! I am going to strive to make sure our son gets to have a great life. I've found a way for the whole human race to make our own Eden. Why try to go back to a withered old brier patch, when we can have a lush new paradise? We can give back to our race everything we thought we had lost! We will make our own destiny. Make the rules? Oh, no. We will make a whole new game. Goodbye, Yui. I'll never speak to you again, but for one more thing: mankind will survive, and you will fail".

Gendo Rokubungi turned and walked away from Unit-01, knowing that Yui could activate Unit-01 and kill him. She didn't though. Gendo had won, and he knew it. How? Because he could just make out soft, defeated weeping coming from Unit-01. As the door sealed behind him, the soft weeping exploded into a heart-broken scream.

No one heard a thing.

Lorenz Keel was speaking with the entire SEELE Council. What made this meeting different from the others was that they all met in person, for one thing. Another thing was that they were in broad daylight, out in the open, completely exposed. They had no fear of prying eyes because of the location they chose for this particular meeting.

Chernobyl had a reputation after all.

"Well, Mr. Chairman? How's things at Nerv? Calmed down, or do we have to be more 'thorough' in our house cleaing?" This question came from a striking fellow of Mediterranean birth, classical Greek features made even more so by his ghostly white skin and eyes so dark, he made Keel's eyes seem almost luminous by comparison.

Keel addressed the man with a chuckle as he answered.

"No, Alexander. As much fun as that would be, any further action of the sort would simply turn the Nerv personnel against us completely, and we would lose out on a great deal of resources. While we do plan on a thorough clean sweep after the Angels have been eliminated, for right now they are useful, and should be allowed to be so". The Greek man looked depressed somewhat but a ghostly pale, pudgy man of Korean nationality spoke up in a vibrant tone.

"Alex, old friend, let us not focus on the negative, but the positive! Let us watch a show from our friends in Japan and our alien nemesis, and after, you can come over to my house for some 'relaxation'. How about it?"

"Thank you, Jong-il! I would very much enjoy that!"

Keel smiled as Alexander cheered up. That Jong-il would offer his home to those he had once considered hated enemies and arch-rivals. The North Korean Supreme Leader and recently Greek Prime Minister now acted like old friends.

Ah, the wonders of a psychic link!

"Gentlemen, let us bring this meeting to order, please. Now, how goes the construction of Unit-03 and Unit-04? Well, I trust?" Keel now motioned to a tall Hispanic fellow with platinum blonde hair and red eyes reminiscent of 'traditional' Nephilim. This man was Hector Trejo Juarez, the United States of America Secretary of Defence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He was directly overseeing the construction of the two American made Evangelion units. He smiled a smile full of sharp, pointed teeth as he gave his report to the Seele Council.

"Senors, I have good news. As per Chairman Keels orders, Unit-03 and Unit-04 were 'altered' using Transcendance Material. Both Units are now pure Adam/Lillith hybrids. The biological upgrades are well and truly finished, and we are, quite literally, putting the final coats of paint on them. Every single upgrade that was proposed, theorized, suggested, and originally implemented in the first place are now active. They will be so overwhelmingly powerful, that not even an army of 'original-type' Eva's would be able to defeat them in open, direct combat".

The response to this report was resounding "Congratulations!" and "Well done" from the assembled members. With two of the "Transcendant Evangelions" ready to go, they could now convert the other units that made up the Mass Production Eva series into T-Eva's, and they would bring about a new world order, one where mankind was no longer plagued from within by petty, greedy, shallow malcontents who ruin the good things simply because they think their God's gift to the world. No more brutish thugs who think vilence is the only answer to a problem, when a simple few words are all they may need to solve it.

No more abusive idiots, no more hate-mongers, no more scammers and schemers, no more religious crazies, no more losers of any kind.

Perfect people, perfect behaviour, perfect planning.

The Council had become perfect beings, or at least as close to perfect as a flesh-and-blood being could become, and now they were going to completely re-envision what it meant to be human. They were going to take homo-sapiens, or "Man of Wisdom" and make him Neo-Sapien: "Man of The New". The Council wasn't just going to revitalize man's ability to reproduce and to change and adapt. They weren't just going to get rid of the scum of the Human race.

They were going to evolve each and every person on Earth that they deemed worthy into beings fit to be gods.

Every god needed a fitting army to serve them, though. Now all they had to do really, as the Angels were feld one by one, was to build it.

Refine it.

Perfect it.

Becomings gods was going to be a trip!

Author's Notes: Well, folks, I know this chapter is a bit shorter than the previous ones, but I thoguht it was high time to set the stage. Next chapter, Shinji pays a visit to Rei Ayanami in the hospital, and tries to get her to open up, Unit-00 upgrades get underway, and we get to see how all the odd stuff we just read through happened! Stay tuned for "Some Flash-Backs, Some Flash-Forwards, and Just Plain Flash".