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Team 7…

Sasuke stared out the window of his dimly lit room. The sky was dark and gloomy, black clouds hovering over like a depressed umbrella. Sasuke's room wasn't happy either. Dark blue walls surrounded him and would shy away in the shadows engulfing it. The only light that could be seen in the house was emanating from his giant widescreen TV plastered on his wall. That, and well if you counted the mounds of bright yellow and very stand outish pink hair sitting in front of his legs.

"Saaaaaasuuuke, I don't get this movie!" Naruto whined. Sasuke sighed. Movie nights were never his favorite. Naruto would whine, complain, and ask stupid questions throughout the whole movie while on the other hand Sakura would cling desperately to his arm, barely noticing the movie as she instead watched him with big, dewy eyes of admiration. All in all, you could say that by the time they left he would need a good night's sleep and probably a bottle of aspirins.

"Hn. Dobe." Sasuke removed his gaze from his annoying blue eyed teammate and started reminiscing to himself once again. How the blonde couldn't understand such a simple movie, he did not know. It was one of those cheesy romance movies. The guy hates the girl, the girl hates the guy, they are coincidently placed in a situation that suddenly pushes them together, and they fall in love, the end. Like he said, simple.

"Awwww! No! I wanted Peter and Julia to get together!" Sakura put her hands up to her mouth and looked just about ready to burst into tears.

Sasuke shifted his head to look at the screen. He watched, surprised. Peter and Julia were the main characters in the movie. With the constant flirting and definite innuendos, he was almost positive they would have gotten together as a couple. Instead, he watched as a supporting character swept Julia into his arms and laughed merrily as she gave a startled gasp and then burst into a fit of giggles. While they were having their moment, Peter was seen on the far side of the screen, smiling sadly and holding a small flower. Without another glance at the happy couple, Peter trudged away, dropping the flower at his feet, and shoved his hands in his pockets, looking up at the sky as if to find any sign of hope in his love life. Then the movie ended.

As the credits rolled, Sasuke's room got considerably darker. It's probably going on about 11 o' clock. Yawning, Sasuke flipped the lights back on and switched the TV off.

"Hn. How lame."

Sakura gave him a look of disbelief. "Lame? That movie was incredible! It was so powerful and heartbreaking!"

Sasuke just shrugged. "It was too complicated. They should've just gotten together and gone on with their lives." Naruto frowned.

"Well," he started slowly. "Maybe the director wasn't looking for that direction. Maybe, he's trying to state that not all love stories are fairy tales and that the guy doesn't always get the girl."

Sasuke gave him a wary glance. "Hn." He turned back around and headed into his kitchen to get a glass of water.

"Hn? Teme! Speak some damn English for a change!" Sasuke glared at the blonde, irritated.

"Dobe. Learn to keep your voice down for a change. Even better, sew your mouth shut. God knows how many headaches I could do without."

"Screw you, bastard! I'll shut up when you stop grunting like a gorilla!"

"Hn. Your one to talk. You look like one."

"WHAT? TEME!" Sakura pinched the sides of her eyes. Those two could get really annoying when they fight.

"Guys, guys. You're both pretty. Can someone take me home now? My parents will be worried about me." Her eyes looked up hopefully to Sasuke.

"I'll take you home, Sakura! You can count on me!" She groaned and shot a deadly glare in Naruto's direction. Sasuke smirked as he sipped delicately on his glass. Shaking his head at the two, he pushed them out of the house just as soon as they started bickering. Closing the door, he gave out a relieved sigh.

His relief soon turned to a slight feeling of loneliness. Even if Naruto and Sakura got on his nerves, they were company. After all, company is definitely preferred to the solemn silence in his home and the dreaded memories that followed it. He went back into his bedroom and sat between his TV and the bed. He watched the movie again. There had to be something he missed. Some sort of argument, perhaps? Maybe a secret revealed?

No. He hadn't misinterpreted at all. He frowned deeply at the now blank screen. Climbing into his bed, he lay down on his pillow, eyes still wide awake.

This movie…was ridiculous. The girl had willingly left her boyfriend heartbroken and had instead chased after some person she knew almost nothing about. It unsettled him. Did people do this to their lovers? Even to him, it seemed kind of cruel. He contemplated it in his mind for a little bit and decided on his answer.

Only the weak can't handle a relationship. So I guess Peter wasn't the stronger lover.

Sasuke rolled onto his side and drifted into sleep. No way was there an exception for being submissive in a healthy relationship.

7 years later….

Sasuke groaned as sunlight seeped into his eyes and the ringing of his alarm clock stung his ears. He silenced it with a sharp tap. Grunting, he made his way into the bathroom and took a shower. Coming out, he pulled on a pair of onyx jeans that matched his hair. He then slipped on a Guns N' Roses t-shirt with a rose and two guns pointing in opposite directions. As he clambered out into the hallway, he wasn't surprised to see a tall, blonde haired guy sitting in his kitchen, sipping on a cup of orange juice while reading a comic book.

When the male noticed him, he gave him a wide grin and closed his comic book. Sasuke grunted and looked in his refrigerator to look for something to eat. Ham, eggs, and toast. Perfect. Just what he's had for the past 3 months.

"Brought you your pitch black, totally gross, utter horror of a cup of coffee." Naruto teased. Sasuke glared but continued eating. Sometimes it was just easier to ignore his ex-teammate. He glanced uninterestedly to see what he was wearing. A white t –shirt with some blue jeans. Good. The fewer stares they were given the better.

Scooping up the remains of his breakfast, Sasuke started on his cup of coffee. He sighed pleasurably as its dark, rich taste flowed freely down his throat AND went even more downwards to his lean stomach to spread warmth.

Naruto rolled his eyes. Ever since he had introduced Sasuke to miss lady Starbucks, the teme had been addicted to the nasty crap. Coffee was good in all, but Naruto preferred the salty and soothing taste of ramen. He practically drooled at the thought of a bowl of Ichiraku's special miso ramen.

"So…what do you want to do today?" Sasuke looked up from his coffee and glared at Naruto.

"Hn. The same we've been doing the other days…"

Naruto looked up hopefully. "Train?"

Sasuke scowled and set down his coffee so hard it started to spill out. Naruto looked down at the coffee table in defeat. He sighed, raising his hands up in a submissive pose, and walked out the doorway. No point arguing. Another walk in the forest it is.

Sasuke glared heavily at his now soaked table. Things were so very different. If only…

He shook his head. No time to get caught up in the past now. He followed Naruto soon afterwards. He smiled softly to himself as he closed the door. I wonder if I'll get to see her today…

Naruto sighed happily as he walked in the clearing. Yes, this is where he needed to be. Out in the bright sunshine, blue skies, and crisp air. The weather wasn't going to last forever this way, however; reports of rain had been spreading all around Konoha. Whistling, he moved with a skip in his step to the old donut shop. Glares were sent to him from almost everyone around him, but he didn't care. He was used to them again (a/n …again? *hint*).

Sasuke stormed through the streets with a heavy scowl plastered on his face. He was given looks of distrust and fear every once in a while, but Naruto…the looks they gave him were pure hatred. He growled in his throat as he watched someone bump into Naruto harshly, almost knocking him to the ground. Even worse, Naruto seemed unfazed by it and continued as if he was merely tapped lightly.

It was an accident…why can't these stupid villagers let it go…

Sasuke waited outside as Naruto went to get his donut. He always hated this place. Not only did he not like sweets, but the owner was absolutely horrid to Naruto. If Naruto wasn't a paying customer, Sasuke was sure he would have treated him like a mound of dirt.

Sasuke didn't have to wait too long. Naruto came out soon after. He held no donut. Sheepishly, he rubbed his head and gave him a nervous smile.

"I-I guess I really wasn't in the mood for a donut." Sasuke rolled his eyes at his friend's stupidity. Turning around, he didn't notice the sign that Naruto had intentionally been trying to block.

It read, "No demons allowed."

Sasuke watched, amused, as Naruto tried to walk with his eyes closed. He eventually ran into a tree. Smirking as he watched Naruto whine about the pain in his forehead, he decided to take a break from their walk and sat down. Naruto instantly perked up.

"Oh Sasuke! I forgot to ask! How are you and Hinata?" Sasuke bristled. Clearing his throat, he turned to look in the opposite direction.

"I have no idea what you're talking about…"

Naruto glared suspiciously at him. "Well I do. The other day, you said that you liked her and would ask her out. Well?"

Sasuke looked at the ground for a long while. Naruto got the message. He sighed.

"Damn you, you stupid teme. You know, she's not going to be available forever." Sasuke shrugged. Like he didn't know that. He had seen the looks Hinata's been getting. Not exactly innocent looks, either.

Sasuke frowned. "I know, dobe. I'm just waiting for the right time to tell her."

"Oh, what time is that? In a decade?" Naruto retorted. "Saucy, you need to tell her now. You've had a crush on her for like what, ten years now? It's ridiculous! I mean, I told Sakura my feelings…" Naruto's voice trailed off after saying her name.

"Oh, and look how that went." Sasuke muttered sarcastically. Naruto heard it. His face saddened and he distracted himself with a blade of grass. Sasuke instantly regretted his words.

"I'm sorry…I forget…it's just that…well…" Sasuke couldn't think of any other reason why he was so moody. "I guess I don't like my nickname, Saucy." He shrugged lamely. Naruto smirked at him and shook his head.

"Sorry, Saucy, but it stays."

"Hn. Dobe."



"Duck's ass."

Sasuke glared at him. Naruto only laughed.

"So anyways, don't try to change the subject. Why won't you date Hinata?" Sasuke glanced up at the tree's leaves, collecting all his thoughts and debating on how to say them. He grabbed a leaf between his forefinger and thumb.

"Dobe, it should be obvious. There are so many reasons why we can't be together. The first being that I'm an Uchiha and she's a Hyuuga. Our clans absolutely hate each other. Hiashi would rather have Hinata date a rat than me."

Naruto scoffed. "Forget Hiashi. He's a hard ass on everyone, including Hinata. The guy's got a humongous stick up his ass."

"Second, I'm completely untrustworthy according to the people of Konoha. Ever since I left the village and you brought me back…"

Naruto stopped him. He stated softly, "They won't find you untrustworthy forever, you know…plus, I've heard from Hinata herself that she doesn't seem to think you're a traitor. Just maybe misunderstood."

Sasuke's hope went up a little at this. Sometimes, the dobe could really cheer him up. That still didn't stop him from continuing his reasons.

"But there is the uttermost important reason."

"Which is…?"

Sasuke let the leaf go in his hand. It danced with the wind, twirling and fluttering upwards like a ballerina. "Naruto…we're complete strangers to one another. If anything, we've talked once much less held a full blown conversation…"

"You've talked to her before though. A lot more too."

"Hn. That doesn't count. She doesn't remember me."

Naruto grabbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well, you know everything about her."

"Yet she knows nothing about me."

"You're the only one who knows she likes mochi."

"Only because I stalked her pretty much all over town. I never bothered to ask."

Naruto groaned irritably. "Teme, we're going around in circles! If you ask me, these sound a lot more like excuses than reasons. If you think you guys are barely acquaintances, why don't you just request to spend more time together?"

Sasuke snapped. "Because I'm afraid of being rejected!" He was standing up, glaring furiously at the very daring blonde. Naruto looked up, startled at his best friend's reaction. Sasuke eventually calmed down and slumped to the ground.

"What's the use? Hinata will never know how much I like her. I can barely talk to her because I'm so nervous. She'll never know…" He glared down at the ground, silent.

In front of him, Naruto shifted uncomfortably. He hated seeing the only person who acknowledged his presence so defeated.

"Well, if you can't tell her…" He fixed Sasuke's eyes to be in level with his.

"…then prove it to her." Sasuke stared at him, transfixed.

"Show her how much you care for her. Prove to her that she's worth it." Naruto smiled genuinely at him. Without another word he left Sasuke to his thoughts.

Prove it to her.

Naruto's words rang deep into his mind. He wandered aimlessly in the streets of Konoha, occasionally bumping into another person. The sky was slightly darker now, the sun shielded by the shifting gray clouds.

Prove it to her? How can I? I'm just so…Uchiha…

This thought may have sounded childish, but it was so true. Uchihas weren't well known for showing affection to the ones the love. Sasuke could tell right off from his mother and father's interactions. The stoic man rarely gave any indication that he even had a wife. His mother the same, although her personality was bubbly and encouraging.

"A-ano! S-sasuke-san!"

Sasuke's head whipped around so fast he gave himself whiplash. Cringing, he massaged the injured area with his hand while glaring softly at his not so obvious interest.

Hinata stood in front of him, glowing and pure as usual. Her raven hairr came all the way down to her waist, flowing from her head like graceful water. Her pale, lavender eyes were wide and genuine, staring prettily at him. She wore a headband around her neck, which was exposed despite her overly large hoodie showing pale, soft flesh. Unlike her hoodie, which concealed her upper body, her jeans hugged her curves suggestively. Sasuke forced himself to look back up to her, eyes lingering maybe a second too long.

He scowled to the person next to her. Shino. As silent and stoic as himself, yet she could make eye contact and talk to him like she would talk to the girls. Now, her eyes were cast off to the side and she looked uncomfortable.

Wow, am I really that intimidating? He pondered over this for a moment and decided to stop glaring. He put on a slightly bored expression.

"U-um, g-good morning…" She said quietly. Sasuke opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. For the first time in his life, he was tongue tied. He felt aggravated and slightly embarrassed. Uchihas never get tongue tied! He took his anger out on Shino.

Poor Shino could almost see fire coming out of the Uchiha's eyes. He gulped. He looked absolutely murderous.

Hinata fidgeted in her shoes. She had other things to do and someone to meet with, so she was getting slightly impatient. Sighing softly, she mumbled a quiet apology and turned to go back in the other direction.


She turned around quickly, afraid that she had somehow offended him. She stared silently at the ground.





Sasuke wanted to slap himself in the head. I'm an idiot. Of course she's uncomfortable. I'm not starting anything.

"W-well if t-that's all Sasuke-san, I r-really need t-to be g-going…"

Sasuke grabbed her hand desperately. "No, wait! I'm not finished!"

Hinata jumped, startled. She started to blush furiously. "A-ano?"

"Um…well…" He sighed and looked down to his left, his ears turning slightly red from embarrassment. He took a deep breath. "I was wondering…if we could catch up some time…and get to know each other…" Hinata gave him a shocked look. She smiled at him shyly.

"A-ano…I would l-like that very m-much, S-Sasuke-san." Sasuke smiled softly from beneath his bangs. Shino saw this and gave him a knowing smirk.

Hmm…how interesting, indeed…

Shikamaru walked in from the front gates, yawning widely. A three month mission could make anyone tired.

How troublesome…

"Aww! Sasuke! Don't be like that!"

"Shut the hell up, baka! I don't want to hear it!"

"But Saaaasssuuuukee! I wasn't spying! And that wasn't a camera!" Naruto hid the black thing behind his back.

"Screw you!" Sasuke flipped him off.

Shikamaru sighed. This is what Konoha is like. This is what he came home to.

Oh home, sweet home…

Naruto and Sasuke forgot about their argument when they spotted Shikamaru.

Naruto looked delighted. "Shika!" He ran his way over to him. Sasuke walked, glaring angrily with hands stuffed in pockets. Shikmaru looked warily at the hyper blonde and yawned.

"Still as energetic as ever I see."

"Damn right! How was the mission? Where did you guys go? Why did it take so long?" Shikamaru stared at him. He was avoiding the question he knew he would desperately want to ask.

"…Ah, how…is she…?" Naruto asked quietly. Sasuke froze up. Shikamaru glared silently at the ground for a few moments.

"…She's fine." He clenched his teeth. He watched as Naruto started to fidget in front of him. Sasuke remained as impassive as ever. Still, Shikamaru frowned at him. His eyes said differently. They looked…sad. And shockingly guilty. He would have to question the Uchiha later.


Shikamaru said impatiently, "Yes, yes the baby's fine too." Naruto sighed in relief. Sasuke was no longer even acknowledging their conversation. Shikamaru wondered if Sasuke knew. Knew about Sakura. Knew about the baby.

Knew about the abortion.

"…The mission went great. It was an A ranked mission to protect the Rain Village. Thugs from nearby were terrorizing them. It took so long because on our way we were ambushed. Other than that, nothing too big." Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders. Naruto nodded.

"Well, that's great!" He pondered over something for a minute. "…Was Sakura hurt…?"

Shikamaru gave him a stern look. "Naruto…"

Naruto sighed irritably. "I know, I know! It's not like that. I just want to check up on her." His eyes saddened. "I'm not in love with her anymore…" Sasuke fidgeted behind him.

"I think we should go now." All around them the villagers were giving them dirty looks. No matter how casual Naruto would look, he would still be picked out and glared at. It made Sasuke uncomfortable.

Shikamaru nodded. "Okay, I'll see you around then." He walked off in the direction of the Hokage's headquarters, hand waving casually in the air signaling them goodbye. Naruto and Sasuke waved back and started on their way.

"Well that was nice, seeing Shikamaru." Naruto grinned at Sasuke. Sasuke shrugged in response.


Naruto rolled his eyes and decided to sprint ahead. Ignoring the glares that were thrown at him, he ran, laughing merrily and trying to stay as positive as possible.

Sasuke watched from afar in bemusement as his friend tried to chase a bird down. He hoped it could be like this forever. With Naruto happy and himself, well, being himself. And maybe a few adjustments too. For instance, Hinata actually liking him back.

He sighed, running a hand through his dark hair. I guess Mother Nature had other plans for him, however.

The sky was now a dark, dark gray.

Naruto still had bounds of energy left and kept sprinting. He closed his eyes, arms outspread, enjoying the time outside and letting the chilly air cool his now burning skin.

"OOF!" He promptly landed on his behind. Note to self: Watch road while running. Results of not doing so could be hazardous…

Slowly, he tilted his head up to apologize to the person he ran into, and froze. He stared, eyes wide and lips trembling. No. It couldn't be. He gulped.


"Naruto…" Said person glared down at the blonde in front of her. Her nose scrunched in disgust.

"Sa…kur…a?" He said dumbly. She rolled her eyes.

"You're in my way." Naruto blinked. He then looked at the ground sadly. It's been months since they've last talked. Couldn't she try and see the bright side of their situation?

"Sakura…can we talk…about the…you kn—"

"No." Her words were curt and harsh. Naruto winced. He got up from his position and glared at her.

"Sakura, this can't go on—"

"Don't care."

"You can't just act like this isn't some big deal—"

"Watch me."


Sakura glared at him coldly. "Oh, you should be spending time alright. But it definitely isn't with the thing inside my belly." Naruto flinched, eyes growing wide with shock.

I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing….

Just praying to a God that I don't believe in…

He stammered, "H-How…who..told—"

"Word spreads quickly around Konoha, Kyuubi." Naruto growled.


"What's the matter, Kyuubi? Didn't think I'd hear how you lost control?"


"How you unleashed that fucking demon inside of you?"


"How you killed half of the villagers? Including Tsunade? Including Chouji?"

"Sakura, no—"

"Including my parents?"

"STOP! STOP! STOP! I'M SORRY! PLEASE STOP! I'M SORRY!" Naruto's eyes were filled with unshed tears.

Cause I got time while she's got freedom….

"I'm sorry," he whispered. Without looking back, he ran. Ran as far away from her as possible. He couldn't relive the memories that flashed through his mind. The dead bodies scattered all around him. The blood on his hands. He couldn't. He ran building to building, leaving Sasuke alone on the streets and not knowing where he was.

Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't break even….

The sky was almost pitch black and droplets of water were starting to fall.

Sasuke wandered through the streets, wondering where Naruto had gone. I hope he hasn't gotten into any trouble…

He stopped in front of a café. Sitting at a table, he noticed it was sprinkling. He shrugged and put his attention on the people scrambling for cover. He smirked. He never minded rain. It was like being in a big, open shower. He loved it.

Suddenly, he spotted a silhouette in the distance. His eyes widened profusely.

What the hell was Hinata doing out in the rain? Not that he wasn't happy to see her, but she might catch a cold.

She was walking towards him. He started to fidget. Could it be that she wanted to talk to him? He unconsciously tried to fix his wet hair. He tried to get rid of the scowl on his face. The more pleasant he looked, the more comfortable she'd be around him.

"Hinata! Hey!" Sasuke groaned. Of course. He had gotten his hopes up way too high. Of course she would be walking over here only to talk to Kiba. She was friends with him.

Friends, he mused to himself. Hinata had wanted to take up his proposition. He smirked quietly to himself. He had some sort of chance, didn't he?

He got up from where he was standing and teleported up on the roof. He'll have to settle from watching her from afar.

He stood watching for a minute. They seemed to be talking about the weather and such. Nothing really interesting. He was paying more attention to Hinata than really Kiba, anyway. His eyes narrowed however when Kiba supposedly said something that made her blush. He scowled.

To his immense surprise, Hinata flashed him a wide grin and took Kiba's hands. Kiba had a wolfish grin plastered on his face. Sasuke was leaning heavily over the top of the roof. What was going on? What interaction was happening? Why is she-?

Sasuke stiffened. He ceased breathing for a moment. Sudden flashbacks ran through his head.


"Play with me, Sasuke!" She flashed him a shy smile.

He returned the smile and ran to catch up with the cute and blushing girl.


"Shut up, baka! People will hear you."

"But! Why now?"

"What do you mean, why now? I've always liked her."

Naruto fainted.


"When are you going to tell her your feelings?"

"I'm leaning towards…never."


"You know, she's not going to be available forever."


Sasuke watched as his whole world came crashing down. His crush. His first crush. His ONLY crush. He watched helplessly as she leaned forward. Watched as their lips touched. Watched their lips move together, like a dance. Her lips. God he can't remember how many times he had fantasized about them. He imagined them so soft, so pink, and so pure.

He watched as Kiba and Hinata made out in front of him.

The rain was pouring heavily now. The two didn't seem to notice. It only added onto the romantic scene.

Sasuke felt his walls begin to crumble, and for once, he wanted show someone his non-stoic self, a totally different person that only Naruto would know. He especially wanted to show it to her.

He felt water cascade down his cheek. He licked at it. Salty. Tears….

He glanced up at the sky. It shed tears along with him, crying for his loss while at the same time mocking him. He had messed up. Big time. Admiring from afar when he could have took the initiative to start up a conversation. To become acquaintances. Friends. Lovers.

He ran.

What am I supposed to do, when the best part of me was always you…

As Sasuke ran, he didn't notice Naruto. Naruto had seen the whole thing and felt anger boil within him. The fucker! He knew! He FUCKING knew!

His realization was confirmed when Kiba flashed him a sly smirk and a wink.

Naruto watched his best friend run away. He didn't stop him. He was emotionally exhausted himself and could only hope Sasuke would get through this. Sasuke…

What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're okay…

Sasuke made it to his home, and went down on his knees, holding his hair. Why was everything so fucking messed up? His whole body trembled and he broke down into sobs.

I'm falling to piiiieeecess, yeah…

I'm falling to piiiieeeceess, yeah…

He couldn't take it anymore. Naruto's attack on the village. His return and betrayal. Sakura's lies and pregnancy. How everyone treated him and Naruto. His obsession with Hinata. He broke down, shattering like glass.

I'm falling to piiiiiieeeeeces….

(One still in love while the other one's leaving)

His sobs became quieter. His eyelids drooped tiredly. How low the mighty Uchiha has fallen. All for a girl. He didn't care though. He just felt so…

Naruto sat in his isolated spot, on the swing set. He watched the sky turn a dark blue and blend in with the bright stars. He dropped his gaze sadly to the ground. He felt so…


I'm falling to piiiiieeeceess

(Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't break even)

Break Even by The Script.

Love that song

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