"Doctor" Amy sang as she sauntered into the console room "You know how I have secret conversations with the TARDIS that you often listen in on"

The Doctor smiled sheepishly "Yeah"

"You just missed the funniest one yet" Amy jumping down from the top of the stairs to the bottom "She told me you fancy me"

The Doctor's jaw loosened in shock for a few seconds then he started to argue his innocence "Nuh Uh!" He started childishly "That's disgusting. You're human"

Amy cocked an eyebrow at him "Humans are disgusting?"

'Oops' The Doctor thought "No, nononononono, not what I meant Pond. Humans are lovely. But the thought of a relationship with one. Eww"

"What about Rose Tyler?" Amy replied and she saw the Doctor pale "I know everything about '10th' Doctor. How I know?" Amy laughed tapping her forehead as a hint "I'll let you work it out"

'Your mind shields need fixing and I'm slightly telepathic' Amy thought as she walked off.

"How the…" The Doctor started, as he stood there in shock. Feeling as if someone had thrown ice water all over him. He sat down heavily on the captain's chair his head in his hands.

Amy had wandered into the library once again and flopped down into her usual seat with another Gallifreyan book called Infractus which roughly translated into Broken. Amy sat for a few hours enthralled by the disastrous love story, seemingly inspired by Romeo and Juliet. When the Doctor walked in seemingly out of breath. Amy raised an eyebrow at him wondering if he had worked it out yet.

"Mind… Shields…" He panted.

Amy marked her page and closed the book before she folded it on her lap and looked him in the eye "Well Done" She smiled at him sweetly

"But what I don't understand is how you heard my thoughts" The Doctor complained confusion clear on his face.

"Because only telepathic creatures can hear a Time Lords thoughts" Amy finished for him. "The Guardians have low level telepathy Doctor thought you knew that. Anyway I only heard when I was sleeping. It switches on when go I to sleep so I can tell if anything dangerous is going to show up and eat me or something"

"Interesting" The doctor said whipping out his sonic and scanned her before she could protest.

"What's interesting the information I just gave you or the sonic" Amy drawled un-amused.

"Both" He replied "This says you have unimaginable amounts of power. So much it should have corrupted you"

"I have six hearts Doctor" Amy smiled "Earth, Poosh, Chimera IV, Zom, Mars and Gallifrey" The doctor looked at her oddly so Amy continued "I gained each one slowly. I took my time learning to control my stronger powers before I even considered another heart, never mind taking one. Besides it's my job to fight the corrupted ones"

"So have you turned some down?" The Doctor asked curiously

"Yeah, plenty. Considering I'm the only one that can travel from planet to planet with such ease." Amy smiled at him "I want the Heart of Gallifrey back, you know."

"Oh about that" The Doctor said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Doctor. What. Did. You. DO?" Amy said her infamous temper starting to seep into her good mood.

"Nothing. I swear" He started "The TARDIS might have hidden it though"

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