It was a beautiful Christmas morning. Double D sat next to the tree, alone, with all his presents just waiting to be opened. His parents were very busy with work, and had no time to be there with him at Christmas morning. But Double D didn't mind, this is how it always was with his parents. The bright wrapping paper gleamed underneath the shimmering christmas lights. Double D was in his yellow footy pajamas, now fifteen and a freshman at Peach Creek High. He carefully undid the wrapping paper, peeling off tape and removed the top of the box. He gasped and picked up the content. Inside was a brand new Pennacle Chip, able to increase his inventions speed and the computer's internet connection he had gotten just last year. Forgetting about his other presents, he jumped away from the other presents and bolted upstairs.

At the Pennacle corp.

The buisness men were talking over each other about the newest breakthrough in micro chip technology. The Pennacle Chip. "Wait! We weren't supposed to send it out today! Who issued for a release?" A buisness man in blue asked at the end of the table.

"I did." The man at the other side of the table said, turning his chair around to face the other dramatically. He had a balding gray head of hair, not very strong, wore a black buisness suit, and had an eyepatch for who knows what reason. His eye wasn't injured at all.

"Do you know that we still have one flaw in the chip Mr. Rives?" The man asked, panic in his voice. The man with the eyepatch raised a brow.

"What kind of flaw do you speak of?"

"Well, it's not a common one. It is activated only if you press a mass number of keys in a certain order, and then, to activate it, press delete." He said. The eyepatch man smiled.

"And what exactly will happen if you do all this?"

"Something horrible will happen, you will turn into... a FREAKAZOID!" The entire table of men gasped.

"What is this 'freakazoid'?" One man asked.

"The flaw in the microchip. It will enable to give you all knowledge on the internet, also giving you great abilites. Now, we must call back the Pennacle chips!" He was frantic, tugging his hair and begging the lord for them to cooperate.

"Now now there Mr. Venous, calm down. In what chances is there of someone activating the flaw?" Mr. Rives asked.

"About 5,000,000,000,000 to one."

"Then what is there to worry about? Does anyone else know about this... flaw?"

"No, just me."

"Alright then, guards!" A loud gunshot was heard. Mr. Venous fell down, dead. Mr. Rives laughed and soon, the rest of the men did as well. "This flaw may be of use to me..." He said.

Back in Peach Creek

Double D put the lid back on the computer and started it up. Now his connection speed would increase, along with many other details that I cannot describe because I'm not a computer whiz. The destination code popped up on his screen. Then, a big gust of wind blew all his papers off his desk. "Oh dear... where did those code notes fly off to?" He asked to himself. Ed came inside randomly then.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS DOUBLE D! Ooohh~ Pretty colors..." Ed said, eyes not being taken from the computer screen. He sat in the chair that was previously occupied by Double D. Then, a butterfly flew inside, seeking warmth. Ed tried to catch the butterfly in his mouth, pressing keys and buttons without realizing it.

"ED! Why are you standing on my keyboard? Get out!" Double D yelled, finally finding his note and shooing the Ed away. Double D sat at the seat in front of the computer. "What is all this? I hope he didn't break anything..." He mumbled before hitting the delete button. Lights flashed on the screen, and soon, the smart Ed was gone in a flash of light. Now zooming through cyberspace.

Just outside of his house

The chilly air hit Anais's face as she brought in the last of the boxes from the moving truck. Her mom was right now unpacking in the kitchen and her dad was at work. They had moved from sunny California for that very reason. Breathing hot air on her freezing hands, she took off all her snow gear and began to unpack. Her chocolate brown hair fell, framing her pale face and rosy cheeks. Sea blue eyes searched through the piles of boxes in the living room. Hands on hips, still wearing her old school uniform, a black short pleated skirt with white knee high socks and white button up dress shirt. "Hey mom! When's dad gonna be home again?" Anais asked for the fourth time again.

"Late, you know he has a lot to do at that new computer technology he's been working on."

"Yeah... I know." She sighed. He promised to ice fish with her when he got home. Something they've both been dying to try out. Something knocked loudly on the door. "Coming!" Anais yelled. She opened the door to be met face to face with two guards from Pennacle Corp. Where her dad works.

"Is Mrs. Venous here?" One of them asked.

"Um, yeah, she's in the kitchen." Anais said. They shoved past her and Anais heard a loud scream.

"ANAIS! RUN!" Her mother screamed, and a loud electricity buzz hit her. Anais grabbed her boots and ran, not caring about the cold weather. One of the guards ran after her. Anais ran across yards until she saw an opened window. Climbing up a tree, she clambored into the window and shut it. The guard was banging on the front door loudly.

Anais was panting on the floor, gasping for breath on the carpet. "Hello there!" She heard a jovial voice say. Looking around, she couldn't see anyone.

"Um... hello?" She asked, not knowing where the voice was coming from.



"Hello! You've got a pretty voice!" Anais flushed pink at that comment.

"Who and where are you?" Then, a flash of light occured and something fell in front of her from the cabinet it was sitting on. It was a boy, just about her own age. He wore yellow footy pajamas and had a ski hat on his head. Peachy skin and dark eyes.

"Oh my! Wha- What's going on here?" He asked. Anais looked at him, puzzled. He didn't sound like the guy from before. "And who are you?" This question reminded Anais of the situation.

"Oh crap! Look, can I hide out here for a bit? I've got a bad man hunting for me just outside your door and-" The front door smashed open, you could hear the wind howling downstairs. "My name is Anais Venous. Just please help me!" She was silently praying to god that he could help her. The guards footsteps came up the stairs and banged loudly on the door. Anais just knew that something was going to happen.

A large flash hit her eyes as the door slammed open. She opened her blue eyes to see the boy gone and what now stood in front of her wasn't even human! It had the boys same dark eyes, but this person was a bit more muscled, wore red tights with white gloves and boots. It had a big 'F!' on his chest. His hair was really wild, black and had a white lightning bolt. He also had a mask. But the most bizzare thing was his skin, it was blue.

"Nice to meet ya Anais! I'm Freakazoid!"