Very short fic inspired by one of my all time favorite Elvis Presley songs. I know a lot of you Hannah haters (like myself I must brag) will especially love this one) – reviews appreciated. This will be a 2-3 shot…unless I am inspired to write more. No promises

His Latest Flame – by Riviera41797

"I can't believe you're just telling me this now Seeley" Hannah said in an accusatory manner, hands on her hips, looking more angry than he'd ever seen her. Was it really only an hour ago he held her in his arms?

He couldn't believe how upset she was.

"Its not that big of a deal, which is why I didn't say anything before, it was, you know, water under the bridge." He replied, trying to keep his tone light. Taking a step towards her, he tried to pull her into his arms. Anything to diffuse what he was so scared was about to happen.

They were at his apartment, and he thought it would be the right thing to do to tell her about the situation that had happened with Bones the other night. Booth felt terrible seeing his partner cry that way for those few moments, the sobs wracking her body as though her heart was breaking.

Even worse than that though, was the way she pulled herself together and told him she'd be okay. Why couldn't she have had this revelation sooner? Why did it have to be after he met and fell in love with Hannah?

Guiltily, he briefly considered that perhaps he made a mistake by not conceding to Hannah at the time she asked that there might have been something between he and Bones.

Hannah evaded his attempt at diffusing her upset. Her lips were set in a hard line, her eyebrows drawn, and she was full on in her defensive posture he'd seen so many times before while in Iraq as a journalist. Booth considered himself lucky to never have been on the receiving end of that anger.

"Seeley" she said with venom, her eyes bright "I wanted to know about that water!"

Confused for a moment, he stared after her as she strode purposefully towards the bedroom they shared.

What water? He wondered irritably. Weren't they just talking about Bones?


He'd just said water under the bridge.


That water.

Rolling his eyes while sighing, he followed her.

Booth stopped short, and his breath caught as he was shocked and horrified all at once seeing her yank out her few suitcases and bags as she begin filling them with her meager belongings.

Simply staring, realization dawning on him her actions, and what they meant, he softly said: "Really?"

Unmoved by his tone, his body language or the expression of hurt in his eyes, she continued to gather her things.

She's going to end it over THIS? He thought, not quite comprehending what he was seeing or thinking.

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