His Latest Flame

Booth made it through drinks and burgers while hearing all about this great new girlfriend Sully seemed to have fallen for overnight. He felt mixture of hurt, betrayal, grief and jealousy over the situation. Several times he found himself looking up, in an effort to keep the tears that he found in his eyes from spilling over.

The crowd was light at the Founding Fathers bar that night. He and his old co-worker sat at a corner table, talking and watching the room's activities as they spoke.

Actually, Sully was doing most of the talking. A lot of the talking.

About Hannah.

His new girlfriend.

Love. Or whatever.

He wanted to shout at him that Hannah was HIS girlfriend, and that Sully could just sail off the edge of the world for all he cared. What was it with this guy? First he steals his partner away from him, now his girlfriend.

Wait what?

Sully didn't steal Bones away from him.

Bones was still his partner!

Where did THAT thought come from? Booth thought uneasily.

Shifting his attention back to the conversation the other man seemed to be directing, he cleared his throat and went for a subject change. Anything to get the guy off the topic at hand.

"So, you know I have to ask, have you talked to Bones at all?" he met Sully's eyes across the table, gauging his response, looking for deception.

"Of course I have Booth, what kind of man do you think I am?"

Looking down at his plate, picking up a stray french fry and then back up at him again, Booth said nothing, waiting for an explanation.

Sully sighed.

Gazed around the room,

Leaned back in his chair.

Met Booths steady gaze again.

"We've corresponded primarily via email, a few phone calls. Not a lot, but some here and there."

Sully picked up his beer bottle and took a long swallow before finally going on.

"I just get the feeling her heart isn't in it anymore, us I mean" he clarified.

Booth felt his stomach do a somersault.

"What?" he found himself asking.

"Come on Booth, don't play dumb with me. You know what I'm saying here" Sully said, a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Well what do you expect? You left her 4 years ago, you think she is gonna just patiently wait for you? Seriously?" Booth wondered aloud, his tone sarcastic.

Sully looked away, then stood.

"I've gotta go. I didn't come to argue with you about Temperance, I just hit town about a boat, to finish up a few loose ends, and tell you about my new girlfriend."

Startled at his friends sudden decision for departure, yet somehow glad to see him go, he stood as well, and offered a handshake, even though it was the last thing he felt like doing.

Sully paused for just a moment before accepting the shade.

"Best of luck to you Booth" he heard the other man say as he strode out of the bar.

Still standing beside the table, Booth heard himself say quietly "Yeah…..best of luck…."

End this chapter