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Danny phased through the roof of Fenton Works with a sleeping Dani in his arms, "Dani!" Sam yelled and ran to her husband and daughter.

Tina, Andrew, Jazz, Tucker, Maddie, and Jack followed suit after Sam, "So," Jazz said as Danny turned human and set Dani on the couch, "The ghost who took Dani only wanted her so he could get David?"

Danny nodded, "Yes," Danny said, "He threated to kill both me and Dani."

"But, why would he want David?" Tina asked.

"I don't know," Danny said, "But the way David was acting I have a feeling it's not for a family reunion."

Dani slowly woke up, "Dani?" Sam said.

"Mom?" Dani asked tiredly.

Suddenly, Dani eyes flew open, "David!" Dani yelled and sat up.

"Dani calm down," Danny said.

Dani looked at Danny and tears came flowing from her eyes, "Dani what's wrong," Maddie asked.

"That ghost, David's uncle," Dani said, "He's… he's abusive."

"What!" everyone yelled in unison.

"I have a feeling David's been through all that stuff before," Dani said tears coming out faster.

Danny and Sam went over and held their daughter close, "So Danny," Jack asked, "What do we do?"

"I don't know," Danny said, "We have no clue where they went, we don't have a tracking device; and it'll take months to make one, we're down one team member, and we still have to make sure all the ghosts get back in the Ghost Zone."

"Well," Maddie said, "Jack and I can get started on the tracking device, you and Dani can make sure Sam is treated well, and Jazz, Tucker, Tina, and Andrew can put the ghosts back if they get out."

"But that'll take months!" Dani said, "Who knows what David could be going through!"

"Dani," Jazz said calmingly, "By the time the tracking device is done, hopefully your new brother or sister will be here and we'll go get David while mom and dad watch the baby. It'll be four Halfas and four ghost hunters against one ghost, okay."

Dani sighed, but nodded, "Okay."

"Good," Danny said, "Now how about we all go home?"

Dani entered her room and plopped down on her bed tears falling, "Please be okay David," Dani whispered before letting sleep take her.

David's Point of View

Uncle Ted threw me into an old version of my room, "You do realize that I'm 16 not 5," I said angrily.

"Be glad I gave you a room at all," Uncle Ted said, "Now get some sleep we do some 'shopping' tomorrow," and with that said slammed my door closed.

I growled and turned into my human form and sat on the racecar bed. I sighed, "I hate this," I said, "But it's the only way to keep Dani and the others safe."

I lay on the pillow and let sleep take me.

A/N I know short started, but the rest of the chapters will be longer. This will be how David and Dani deal with their lives until they go rescue David. Now I need to know what you want… Do you want the baby to be a boy or a girl? Give names too format like so… Girl/Boy First Middle Fenton. Thanks.