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"Is everything ready?" Danny asked.

Everyone was at Fenton Works fully armed. Maddie and Jack were each holding a twin and Jazz, Tina, Andrew and Tucker were armed with ghost weapons, "So where is he Dani?" Danny asked.

"David said Washington D.C." Dani said transforming into her ghost form.

Everyone nodded and Danny and Sam transformed into their ghost forms. Jazz, Tina, Andrew, and Tucker got in the Spector Speeder and followed Dani, Sam, and Danny.

They arrived in Washington D.C. hours later, "Where is he Dani?" Tina asked.

Dani looked around, "Um…" Dani said.

Suddenly, there was a scream. Dani gasped, "David!" Dani yelled and flew towards the scream with her family and friends not far behind.

Team Phantom arrived at an old abandoned house. Dani phased threw the wall with Danny and Sam not far behind, "We'll use the door then," Tucker said as Jazz landed the Speeder.

Dani, Danny, and Sam saw Uncle Ted holding David by his neck in human form. Dani growled and fired her ecto blasts at Uncle Ted sending him into a wall. Dani flew down to David who was unconscious. Dani ran a hand through David's hair then glared at Uncle Ted. Danny and Sam flew down to Dani and David and Danny charged up his ice powers along with Dani and Sam charged up her darkness powers, "You are so dead," Dani said.

Uncle Ted laughed, "I'm already-"

Dani knocked him into a wall, "I'm not stupid!" Dani yelled.

Uncle Ted just smirked, but was soon thrown into the wall again by an ecto blast, "I suggest you just go to The Observants," Tucker said.

Uncle Ted glared at the eight of them, "Not going to happen," Uncle Ted said.

Uncle Ted fired at purple blast at them which all of them dodged. Danny and Dani fired their ice blasts, Sam fired her darkness blasts, and Tucker, Jazz, Tina, and Andrew fired their weapons. Uncle Ted yelled in pain and fell to his knees, "I'm not that easy to beat," Uncle Ted said weakly.

The eight of them fired again, this time successfully knocking him out. Danny pulled out a device Clockwork had given him on their first yearly check in. He pressed a button and Uncle Ted disappeared, "The Observants will deal with him," Danny said putting the device away.

"Uh, Dani?" Jazz wondered when she didn't see her niece.

Everyone turned and found her over with David. Danny went over and picked David up, "Come on Dani," Danny said and they all went to the Spector Speeder and flew to Fenton Works.

David woke up and found himself at Fenton Works, "What?" David said and sat up.

"David!" Dani yelled and hugged him.

"Dani?" David said.

"Welcome back David," Danny said as he held Samuel.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked as she held Alexandra.

"Yeah," David smiled and held Dani close, "I'm fine."

Everyone smiled, everything was back to normal.

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