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Annabeths POV

I can't believe I let her talk me into coming to this stupid place. And when I say her of course I mean Thalia. See this past year was my final senior year. (Thank god) And I was voted validictoirian and I was accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in all of California. So naturally my parents were very proud of and happy that I have been doing so good even thought my mom is well... let's not talk about it. Anyways it happens that my cousin Thalia (Also known as one of my best friends) asked me if I wanted to spend the summer with her in there mansion in the Hamptons and obviously I said yes.

I had gotten here a week ago and lets just say this place was beautiful. The scenery and the beaches (Not that I like going to them I just like the views). It was no denying that the Grace family was rich so her father Zeus of course spent well over 18 million dollars getting this house so they could use it as a summer vacation spot. The house which was gigantic was also very easy to navigate and my bedroom was amazing. Lets just say I have my own mini fridge and a bathroom and leave it at that though. Anyways I thought it would be a good summer just relaxation.

I was so damn wrong. Thalia likes going places eating out, shopping and the occasional tennis. Not only did she get up at 6 am she forced me to get up then too. And she always made the disgustingly healthy 'protein shake' for breakfast while I munched on my waffles. But I didn't always mind it because I was with my best friend and I annoyed her right back by watching the history channel on full blast WITH the surround sound on.

But I didn't really mind it we where bonding then HE came. And when I say HE I mean Thalia's boyfriend Luke. Don't get me wrong he's nice enough ,but he is or well was a player. I used to like him even till I was a sophomore and at Thalia's house for her Sweet 16 and he grabbed my ass.

Anyways they met up two day's ago and Thal's was fussing like a little girl making sure everything was perfect. He walked in with the gross smiled on his face she thought was oh-so-cute and they shared a way too long and way too loud sloppy kiss. And once he left (Thank god he did) everything was back to normal until yesterday 'this' happened.

"Hey Annabethy!" Thalia smiled wickedly sliding next to me while I watched TV. I knew she was up to something. "Oh Stonewall Jackson documentary. That's a good one." She snickered till she turned to me where I spoke before she even had the chance to.

"What in the name of hell do you want?" I spoke lightly annoyed because I had just woke up and she was all to fake cheerful to my taste.

"I was just wondering if we could go to the beach today?" She asked smiling evilly which had me kinda scared.



"NO!" I answered yet again there was no way in hell I was going to a beach to sit in the sun and swim in the ocean. But I knew no matter how many time's she said please once she let go of her puppy dog eyes I would say yes anyway. She ended up saying please 39 times if your wondering. Till she let those puppy dog eye's loose. See Thalia's gorgeous ,but she can also look very sad and very very disappointed. She opens her big striking blue eye's wide, frowns and bit and looks up at the slightest angle looking right into your eyes. And I hate that face.

"Fine ,but were going tomorrow I can't go today were going to a play." I hated that face SO much.

"Yay!" Thalia said leaping off the couch and sprinting up the stairs to her room no doubt to call Luke and tell him to go to the beach too. Great just freaking great.

Now here I am sitting in the car driving to the place I hate the most while Thalia is smiling her butt off.

"Thalia is Luke going to be there?" I asked rolling my eye's as she tried to sing a song on the radio and wasn't very good at it.

"Well maybe is depends." She said as she turned the knob on the radio looking for a song that was more her taste. "If I happen to see him here because of some strange reason then I have no idea. Maybe he felt like coming to the beach today?"

"Thalllllssss-" I moaned she knew that I didn't like him and all they did was make out all the time. They had been going out for a year and you'd think it would get old and they'd break up ,but noo not her lukie poo.

"What it's not my fault you know I barley get to see him!" Thalia said putting her hands up near her ears surrendering looking at Thalia.

"THALIA GRAB THE WHEEL!" I screamed panicking when she let go. She smirked and put her hands back into the wheel sharply turning throwing me agisnst the side door.

"Thanks I almost missed that turn." She chuckled while I stared at her like she was a mad women.

"I almost died!" I whisper shouted for no apparent reason.

"Key word 'almost'. Anyways don't be so over dramatic about everything that car was clearly turning left it's not my fault it switched at the last second." She said glancing in the rearview mirror looking at her prefect complexion.

" Thalia they had their right blinker signal o-" I started ,but she waved me off with her hand. Why couldn't I drive?

Finally after yet another near death experience we pulled into the sandy parking lot as extremely tanned girls joking around with boy's walked to the beach. I grabbed my bag dropped my flip flops into the ground and stepped into them as I walked out of the car. I checked my reflection in the car quickly. I looked fine I had short jean shorts on and a tank top that covered up my bathing suit which I would most likely not use. I slapped my Yankee's hat on my head and stalked off to follow Thalia. She was carrying a Umbrella and three towels and three straw mats. Gee I wonder why she has three. We finally settled down close enough to the ocean without being in wet sand.

"Annabeth how could you not like thi-LUKE!" And like usual she got up and tore after him in the middle of trying to put up the umbrella. So of course I has to put it up. They came walking over hand in hand making googly eye's at each other. I turned away and looked down the beach then at the ocean.

"Hey guy's I'm gonna-" I glanced behind me to see if they were paying attention. They who had just seen each other TWO DAYS AGO were kissing in the sand. "Ew gross oh my-" I fake gagged which caused them to both glance my way and have Thalia to snicker until she went back to her"Take a walk." I finished feeling my face get red while walking away from them down the beach. Poor children that have to see them... scared forever.

Thought I have to admit I was jealous of them just for the fact that they had each other. No matter were one was going if the other could get there they would be there. After about walking for 30 minutes looking out at the ocean and back to the dunes I saw him..

He was very tall with either black or very dark brown hair. He looked very strong ,but not in an overwhelming way. he had muscles and I stopped and looked at him for a bit trying to be discreet about it. I finally saw his face and holy shit he was gorgeous.

He had these bright green eye's and a six pack. He was playing football with his buddies. I glanced at him one more time and caught his eye's as he turned after catching the ball. He stood there for a second till I noticed someone running and tackling him down in one swift jump. He laughed and brushed the sand off him. I giggled and started walking again. I walked past them glancing at the horizon again till I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey I'm Percy." He smiled a me looking into my eyes. I thought I died till luckily my mind worked without me.

"Annabeth nice catch over there ,but I'm pretty sure your supposed to run after you get it." I chuckled.

"Well I got a bit err, sidetracked. Anyways Annabeth I wonder there's going to be a party at the end of the beach today I'm just wondering if your going to be there or is it not worth me to go?" He smiled again with his pure white teeth.

"Probably not I'm no into the whole 'party' scene." I said glancing around then letting my eye's flint over him. He was much taller then me. About a good 5' inches and he was well defined too. You could tell he was funny ,but could be serious practically by looking into his eye's ,but you can also see a mischiefous glint.

"Ahh I see well can I At least have your number?" He smiled and I felt my phone number tumble out of my mouth.

"But please don't call or text me after ten because my cousin will never let me hear the end of it." I begged quickly. He smiled and let out a good natured laugh.

"I'll try ,but no promises."

"I'll let you get back to your game." I said turning around before walking more before glancing back seeing him staring at me I called, "Nice meeting you Percy!"

By the time I got back to Thalia it was around 5pm so I must have been walking for a long time. I saw that her hair stuck up funny in spikes and knew she had been in the water because that's the way it dried.

"So Annabeth where were you?" She smiled. "We missed you today."

Smiled of the devil I'm telling you!Anyways the drive back was happily near death experience free and before I knew it we were in the kitchen making pasta for dinner. Me in my Pj's and Thalia in her work out clothes.

I couldn't wait till I could just lay down and go to sleep. On the beach I guess I had walked a lot and now my leg's were killing me.

"Annabeth the water is FIZZING!" Thalia screamed jumping back from the stove.

"It's not fizzing you idiot it's boiling." I said my voice in a monotone rolling my eye's dropping the pasta in.

"Well sorr-y I'm not down with all this cooking lingo." Thalia said taking some Coco puff's out of the cabinet and grabbing a bowl.

"Thalia a 5 year-old would know the difference between boiling and fizzing!" I said getting the sauce from the fridge and grabbing her some milk.

"Obviously not because I didn't." She said rolling her eye's like it was the simplest explanation in the world.

"Exactly." I pointed out looking at her with mouth halfway open and a spoon flying to it filling with cereal. She paused for a second before responding "You know what?"


"Shut up." She said happily while chewing contently on come cereal.

Finally at 9:50 we were eating our real dinner on the island across from the stove. I heard my phone ringing from the counter and I went over and glanced at the time. 9:59.

Hey it's Percy and It's also before 10 o'clock and if your cousin asks Facebook just sent you a message :)

I glanced at Thalia who was looking at me with a suspicious eyes. Which I knew meant that I would have to give her an explanation or else she would march over steal the phone from my hands then sit on me while she typed a message back. Lets just say middle school was NOT fun year.

"Umm it's a stupid Facebook message someone just added me." I lied hoping she would by it. She looked me up and down before going back to viciously munching on her food. I quickly texted back a message.

Smooth Percy so did you end up going to the party at the beach?

I switched my phone onto vibrate and went back to my chair with it. I continued to eat till about two seconds later I received another one.

I didn't go it wasn't worth it you weren't going lol :)

I chuckled inwardly to myself before glancing at Thalia and typing a reply.

You just met me Y wouldn't you go because of me?

I tucked it back to my lap. See you might wonder why am I being so secretive well I shall tell you why. In middle school Thalia went to the same school I did and the boy I liked used to text me and Thalia would ask me who it is and she took my phone and read all of the text messages of me 'flirting' with him and whenever she saw him she would need to immediately once she got onto the bus scream out 'ANNABETH I saw HIM again today!'. Which made me turn as red at a tomato and I really didn't like it so now I hide my phone from her at all costs.

"Hey Annabeth I'm going out Thursday with Luke he's taking me on some fancy dinner cruse." She grimaced quickly grimaced knowing she would have to dress up in something 'cute' and 'girly'. She called such pieces of clothing 'annoying pieces of torture that express nothingness'.

"Thalia it's not my fault he barley know's you!" I groaned taking a bite of pasta. I glanced at her knowing she was glaring at me.

"Annabeth I'm pretty sure I know my-" I cut her off right there knowing I was right. They barley ever talked to each other and if they did it was about what kind of food they were eating or something. "Oh really? What's

Luke's favorite type of animal?" I didn't know that answer myself ,but that didn't matter.

"I don't know.." She muttered into her food. "Well it's not like all couples talk all the time. But it's going to be really nice." She smiled and them went back to eating. For the rest of the time we talked about what would we rather do go a concert somewhere in town or hot air ballooning. She hated heights and loved music and it's not that I hated music or anything I just think hot air ballooning would be fun. So we were at disagreement.

By the time I got to bed I was exhausted and my muscles hurt. As I was just finally falling asleep Percy just had to text back waking me up all over again.

cause those things bore me to death anyways Annabeth who are you?

I looked at my phone strangely 'Who am I?' what the hell does that mean?I typed back a message and hit send happy with what I said.

What do you mean?

I flicked off my light and flipped over pulling the covers up. He texted back quickly making me groan as I heard my phone ringing I tried to pull my covers over my head to block out he sound when I decided that's stupid because I did ask him a question.

Well I mean your life story of course!

I groaned That was the one thing I didn't like sharing because people always said 'Oh how sad?'. I know that's what people say when they feel bad for you and I hate being pitied by people who don't even know me.

But maybe that's why they asked. To get to know me ,but like always I could careless. I looked back at the phone in my hand and sighed. This was going to be a long night talking to a seemingly annoying person.

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