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Way Back To Love: Part I

He doesn't say a word on the walk back to his dorm and for once she doesn't know what to say, so she keeps quiet. Her stomach curls uncomfortably because the silence is so uncharacteristic of their relationship, as is the utter lack of glances that he steals in the silence. She knew he tried to be discreet, but she always caught him looking. Whether they were studying together or spending time with friends. He was always looking.

He opens the door to his room and waits for her to walk in first. Always the gentleman, she thinks, even with purple bruises. She moves straight to his bed and sits down, the silence now deafening as he drops down onto the edge of the bed and stares at the floor.


"It's always been him," he says, finally looking at her. "Hasn't it?"

"You don't understand," she tells him, thinking that she doesn't really understand, either. There is so much about her and Logan that she doesn't understand. So much that just is.

"You know, I thought things would be okay since he was with Parker. They were happy. We…" he trails off.

"We were happy Piz," she tells him. "Happy enough."

He shakes his head, his body flinching when she moves toward him on the bed. Gently she lays a hand on his arm and tells him, "I'm sorry he went after you, Piz. He's protective, stupidly so."

"Yeah, I got that after the first few punches."

"Look, I'm not happy about what he did. It was ridiculous, and completely unfounded-"

"No, it wasn't," Piz interrupts, looking over at her. "If I were him, I would have done the same thing."

"Beat yourself up?" she jokes awkwardly, futilely hoping to lighten the mood. Piz gives her a fraction of a smile and shakes his head. "This isn't going to work, Veronica."


"And it has nothing to do with me being in New York or you going to Washington. I can't compete with what you two have. There's all this history between you two."

"I like you, Piz," she offers softly, her words sounding like an apology. A sad grin tugs at his mouth as he replies, "But you love him."

She can see the fraction of hope in Piz's eyes that she will fight him. Although most of him is resigned to the fact that he will always be second best, there is a part of him that still hopes they have a chance. The longer she hesitates, the darker his eyes become, but she can't fight him. She knows he's right.

Switching gears, Piz says, "If nothing else, dating you has given me some street cred, right? I was in a very public fight. Should boost my points with other girls."

"Piz, I'm so sorry."

"It happens," he says with a shrug. "You don't always win the girl."

She leans forward and kisses him softly on the cheek. "You're a good guy, Piz."

"Well that's no good," he retorts. "The good guys always lose."

She chuckles softly and reminds him, "Not always."

"Well, I appreciate your vote of confidence on my part. Now, if you don't mind I think I need a little time by myself. A little guitar. A little beer."

She nods and says, "Yeah, of course. I'll go."

As she leaves he says, "Thanks for giving me a few months, Veronica. They were nice."

His words hit her hard and the final bit of guilt kicks in. Despite their ending, he had been good to her. Smiling sadly she agrees, "Yeah, they were."

Piz had set her free and with the pity party he was most definitely conducting by himself in his dorm room, she thinks it only fair to him that she makes his sacrifice worthwhile.

I have been here way too often in the past few days, Veronica thinks as she walks into the lobby of the Neptune Grand. She moves smoothly to the elevators and presses the button to go up. Seconds later the doors open and she steps in, pressing the button for the top floor. The ride seems longer than she remembers, which she logically accredits to her nerves. What if Logan had moved on? She had been pretty adamant in her rejection of him, and she was pretty sure he had done enough pining and wallowing this year to last him for several subsequent breakups.

She makes herself knock at his door and holds her breath when she hears a click and the door swings open.

"Veronica!" Dick enthuses, leaning on the doorframe. "What is your little blonde self doing here?"

"Is Logan here?"

"Nope, he's out."

She frowns and says, "Oh, then I guess-"

"I guess you will just come in here and wait for him," Dick suggests jovially, grabbing her arm and pulling her into the penthouse. "Just so happens, I need a partner for Mario Kart. You game, Ronnie?"

The knowledge that Logan will return soon leads her to shrug and say, "Sure, why not?"

Logan walks into the penthouse, stopping short when he sees Veronica and Dick sitting on the couch playing Mario Kart. His first thought is, why is Veronica here? Closely followed by, When did she get so good at Mario Kart?

"Dude, Ronnie is like totally kicking my ass at this!" Dick calls out, shaking his head. "Who would've known she had some mad Xbox skills?"

"I'm a woman of many trades," Veronica answers easily.

"And I don't like losing," Dick retorts. He stands up and points at Logan with the controller. "Time to suit up, my man. Kick her butt, okay?"

Logan chuckles, stepping forward and taking the controller from his hand. He sits beside Veronica, glancing over at her warily. "So, what are you doing here?"

"You really shouldn't have beaten up that guy. He's in with the Sarokins."

"He was being a jack ass," Logan says with a shrug. "And having previously been a jack ass, I felt it had to be addressed."

She smiles slightly and says, "Well, thank you. You kept me from using my tazer on him."

A comfortable silence falls between them as the game begins. Their eyes are on the screen, their cars zooming down the multicolored roads, but their attention is on the space between them on the couch.

"Parker and I broke up," he says suddenly, voice soft.

Eyes not leaving the screen, Veronica tells him, "Piz and I broke up."

Both look toward each other at the same time and their lips pull into similar sheepish grins as they avert their eyes. Dick returns to the room and takes a look at the score. "Logan, dude, what the hell? You're losing!" He plops himself on the armrest beside Veronica and complains, "How is a chick so good at this?"

"And I win," Veronica says with a grin, dropping the controller into her lap. "Good game."

"Unbelievable," Dick gripes. "Move over, Ronnie."

Without warning Dick squeezes in beside Veronica on the couch, shoving her toward Logan. Distance now closed, Veronica glances over at Logan, inhaling sharply at the sudden closeness.

"We should order some food," Dick announces. "And you, Ronnie, are not leaving until you have suffered the wrath of the Dickster beating you."

"Well, Dickster, I'll take you up on that. But you're paying for my burger."

Dick snorts and says, "Fine, Logan's tab picks up everything anyway! I'll go make a call."

Dick pulls himself from the couch and wanders over to the telephone. There is now an entire cushion free of bodies, but Veronica doesn't move. Her arm brushes against Logan's as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. He glances over at her and asks, "You really staying?"

"I think the Dickster has made my presence mandatory," she answers.

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

She looks over at him and says, "I want to, okay?"

He smiles softly. "Okay."

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