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Good Talk

Veronica is a big fan of South America. In fact, she pretty much enjoys everything about it. She likes staying up until the early morning with Logan, and sleeping until past noon. She likes the constant sunshine and hair-curling humidity. The lazy pace of life that allows them to never leave bed. She even likes the familiar soreness and constant state of mess her hair seemed to gravitate toward (both Logan's fault).

They have yet to talk, but even this she can overlook in the absolute utopian bliss that she is experiencing. We can talk later, she keeps telling herself. And every time she decides that talking is very, very necessary Logan reacts in the way that he does best and she loses all ability to speak coherently.

Still, she is fine with it all. There is no one to call her out on the still vast expanse of non-communication stretching between them, and there is so much else going on that she barely notices the absence. This all changes the afternoon that Dick barges into their room, however, Mac on his heels.

"Dick!" Logan yells, covering a very naked Veronica with the sheet. "What the hell?"

"Hey Ronnie," Dick says with a wide grin. "Cute tush."

"I hate you," Veronica spits from under the cover. "I thought you were spending time with your dad."

"Turns out I'm not too big a fan of my pop," Dick says. "So I decided to reclaim my spot on this vacay. And then Mac here stopped by to drop something off for Logan and I convinced her to come with!"

"You hate sunshine," Veronica says to Mac, covers pulled up under her chin. "And the salt water and general cheer. You hate it!"

Mac shrugs and says, "The kid is persuasive."

"Out," Logan says, shooing them away with his hand. "Both of you-out now."

"You gonna come with us to dinner?" Dick asks, clasping his fingers and raising his hands over his head as he stretches.

"Let us get some clothes on and then yes, we will join you."

"Awesome sauce," Dick says, nodding his head hapilly. "Dress yourselves and then let's get some grub. I'm hungry."

"Why are they here?" Veronica grumbles when they leave, burrowing her head into his chest. He kisses the side of her head and says, "No idea."

"This means we can't be naked all the time," she complains. "And Mac will make us talk."

"But you want to talk."

"Not when we could be doing so many other, wonderful South American things."

He chuckles and sits up, bringing him with her. "We can still do those wonderful South American things. We'll kick them out of the villa."

"We can't do that," she chides gently. "We will have to behave ourselves."

Logan frowns. "This was so much better before they came came."

"Amen, brother."

"You look unhappy," Mac notes, walking with Veronica as they head toward their dinner location. The boys are walking ahead of them, Dick gesturing excitedly as he went on about something that seemed to interest Logan little. "Sorry for bombing your vacation."

"No, it's not you guys," Veronica sighs. "It's just, now we have to talk."

"I thought that was the point of this vacation."

"Yeah, it was."

"And you want to talk."

"Yes," Veronica says shortly. "As everyone keeps pointing out, I do indeed want to talk. But I want to talk in theory. In execution, not so much."


"Both of us have some serious issues," she admits, chewing on her bottom lip. "This talk isn't exactly going to be easy."

"Well, just think about all the make-up sex you can have after," Mac offers optimistically. Veronica's eyes brighten for a moment and Mac presses, "See! Silver lining, my friend."

"So, you came with Dick?" Veronica says, shifting gears relatively smoothly in the conversation.


"What's up with that? I know you, and you are not easily persuaded to do anything."

"He's not a bad guy," Mac answers. "When you get to know him, he's actually sort of cool."

"Are you two, like, bonding?"

"Maybe," Mac answers, mulling over the answer for a bit. Her face changes several time from confusion, to acceptance, and back. Finally she says, "We understand each other, at least where Cassidy is concerned. We both loved him and lost him." Veronica's eyes darken at the mention of the younger Casablancas but she holds her tongue. "Anyway, he's cool."

"Well, I'm glad you think that."

Mac catches the undercurrent to Veronica's statement and warns, "Don't go all Yente on me."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Veronica says innocently. "Besides, I have enough relationship problems to deal with myself."

"Yes you do," Mac agrees.

They return from dinner and Dick easily convinces all of them that since it is Friday night, it is only natural for them to delve straight into a drinking game. Veronica is the only one who shows slight hesitance, thinking of the talk that it is becoming more and more likely her and Logan will share tomorrow. She does not want to have a hangover for that.

She is convinced, though, and thinks to herself that Dick happens to be quite persuasive. Maybe he does have employable skills, after all. They're sitting on the ground, a near empty bottle of rum at the center. All are beyond the point of actually playing games because none of them would be able to remember the rules.

"This was a bad idea," Veronica slurs, leaning her head heavily on Logan's shoulder. "You know I get bad hangovers."

"Water and aspirin," Logan answers in a deceivingly coherent voice, considering he had twice as many shots as Veronica. "You'll be golden as good, babe."

She giggles at his misuse of the phrase and corrects, "Good as golden."


"You mean good as golden."

"No, you're drunk."

She laughs and reaches up to poke his nose. "You are drunk."

"As I should be!" he answers proudly. "I had seven-eight shots. You had, like, two."

"Nuh uh," she refutes, shaking her head. "I had way more than two."

"I think you had three," Mac interjects, reaching for the bottle and pouring herself another. Before she hits it back she mocks, "Lightweight."

Dick watches Mac with barely concealed awe, his jaw slack and dropped into a slight o shape. Mac grins and hands him the bottle. "You're kind of cool, Mac," he says.

"So are you."

"For someone with so much game, he is really bad at flirting," Veronica says to Logan.

"I think he's actually being genuine."

Veronica turns her attention to Mac and Dick and breathes out, "Oh, wow."

The next morning Veronica and Logan drag themselves to a local diner to have breakfast. Both of their eyes are swollen with hangovers and they don't attempt to speak until copious amounts of coffee and eggs are ingested. Finally, after a long spell of no talking, Logan sighs and says, "Alright, let's do this."

She looks at him in surprise. She had thought that she would be the one to press them toward the talk and yet he brought it up. She smiles a bit and thinks, we're maturing.

"Figure I can't be in anymore physical pain than I am right now," Logan says, taking a long sip of coffee. "So, lay it on me. Let's talk."

She nods and attempts to suggest a starting point. She opens her mouth and then closes it, realizing relatively quickly that she has no idea where to start. "Um, well…"

"Don't tell me you can't think of anything to talk about."

"My brain isn't functioning yet," she says. "It's too early."

"It's two in the afternoon."

"Fine, I don't trust you," she says. She realizes that she has never said this aloud and is somewhat surprised to hear it come out of her mouth. Logan looks equally surprised and pauses for a whole ten seconds (she counts) before saying, "Well I guess we're going to start at a sprint."

"I know that you love me-"

"I do."

"And that you never want to hurt me-"

"I don't."

"Logan," she sighs. "This will be a lot easier if you don't interrupt me every other sentence."


"I know all of that, but I have a hard time forgiving you for what you did with Madison."

"I was drunk," he interjects. "And have regretted it ever since."

"I know that," she says. "I know. And the happening is not even what really bothers me. I mean, you can't take it back. What bothers me is that you didn't tell me about it. Even when we were back together and I asked you if you had been with other people, you didn't say a word."

"I didn't want to hurt you."

Veronica makes a noise similar to a horse snorting and takes an agitated stab at her plate of food. "People need to stop worrying about my damn feelings all the time. Because all they do is make everything worse!"


"I would rather know then have you keep it from me. Would I have been upset? You bet. But I want to know!"

"So, we would have been fine if I told you."

"No," she says immediately, shaking her head. "No, we wouldn't have. But we could have worked through it. You just had to tell me."

"So, full disclosure," he says slowly, unsure if he is heading in the right direction. He smiles in relief when she nods her head and says, "Exactly. Alright, um, your turn."

"You mean I actually get to have a role in this talk?"


"Okay, you need to not put yourself in danger when you don't have to. I know you help your dad out, but he would not want you in half the situations you put yourself in. If you have to do something risky, I want you to take either me or Wallace with you."

"A babysitter?" she asks sharply, scrunching her nose.

"No, someone to save your ass. I've seen the situations you get yourself into, Veronica. I know you think you're invincible, but you're not. And you're tiny."

"My tiny-ness has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations," she retorts.


"Okay," she relents. "I-I will take you with me if I am doing anything that I see being dangerous."

"And I will not keep anything from you," he says, nodding slowly.

"Okay," she agrees. They don't say anything for a moment and then both reach for their coffee at the same time. Nearly in synch, they take a sip and return the mug to the table.

"Good talk?" Logan asks warily.

There is still more to get through. And they have a lot of still unresolved issues. But they made progress. "Yeah, good talk."

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