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"Bulma. Do I HAVE to?" Vegeta practically whined to his wife while she was making breakfast.

"How could you say that? After what Goku's been through, it's the LEAST you could do," she replied while sliding some eggs on a plate.

"You know he won't do anything but show me up, right?" the Prince replied with a pout, the sight being too adorable for Bulma to hold back – giving her distraught husband a kiss on the cheek.

"You give him way too much credit, hun. Goku is very simple."

Vegeta continued to pout and made his way to the table.

As if awoken by his name, Goku came bounding through the door. He was dressed in his gi pants and a plain black tank-top; his hair in its usual, messy state.

"Good morning, Goku! Did you sleep well?" Bulma greeted brightly.

"Yea! Acutally, I slept like a rock!" He laughed his signature laugh.

"That's good to hear." She smiled from her place at the table while Vegeta grumbled.

After eating as fast as he could, choking several times in the process, Vegeta stood. "I will be in the gravity room," he said, addressing the wall and walking off. Damn, this is gonna be awkward.

Goku also ate as fast as he could, not wanting Vegeta to start without him. When he entered the gravity chamber, his mouth went suddenly dry because Vegeta was mid-air and stretching out his legs. Goku found himself staring at (for lack of a better word) his amazing body but attempted to shake those thoughts out of his head, but it was hard, especially since he was wearing nothing but his spandex training shorts. Vegeta looked down at him in an obvious sign he saw him, but continued.

"Are you ready to spar?" he asked.

"I supose so." "If you can call this beating I 'am about to give you 'sparring'. Vegeta thought smirking to himself.

Goku flew up to join him and looked the Prince in the face. It was aparent how much he missed him. Vegeta's eyes were clear indication of pain, love and hurt. He was so handsome when he'd use that trademark smirk. Goku found how short he was adorable and just wanted to snuggle him like a teddy. He found it so hard to imagine someone so perfect killing anyone. The third-class had decided to put that part of the Prince behind him, just like Vegeta had.

Their sparring began without word, with a kick aimed straight at Goku's chest.

"Wow, Vegeta, you've gotten stronger!" Goku's heart soared. He loved to see Vegeta happy, and he knew, perfectly well, that power was what made the warrior elite happy. "

"As if I need you to tell me that, Kakarot," Vegeta said, and continued his assault on Goku.

They continued their training until late afternoon, only stopping when Bulma made them eat – only to go right back back to training while Bulma went back to the lab.

When they finally decided they were done for the night, they started for the house. "That was some work out! Right, Vegeta?" Goku said and Vegeta grunted in what could only be called agreement.

They got to the house Vegeta climbed the stairs and when he got to the top he turned back to Goku. "I'm going to shower. Bulma will be back from the lab soon if you want to wait for her."

Vegeta awakwardly climbed the rest of the stairs and disapeared around the corner. Goku went into the living room and flopped down on the couch and hismind started to wander."Hmm. Vegeta is upstairs taking a shower. That means he's naked. He has such a nice body from what I can see outside. Hm, but I wonder under what those clothes? He could mentally envision those rippling muscles and that tight ass, and, once again, he tried to shake those thoughts out of his head and laid back. It didn't take long until he was asleep.


Goku was awakened by a small pressure on his stomach and looked up to see Vegeta straddling was emitting a sound that could only be described as a purr.

"Vegeta?" Goku asked.

"Good. You're awake," Vegeta responded in a low husky voice. Goku swallowed.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"What does it look like?" He questioned back, sliding his hands all over his chest this is when Goku noticed the look in his eyes. It was the first time he saw anything like this, and it could only be described in one word lust and it all got a million times better when he noticed that not only was he straddling him, but only in a towel. "Oh, God."

Vegeta leaned down and kissed him. Then whispered in his ear, "I like you like this, Kakarot. All hot and flustered." He then licked the hollow of his ear Without warning, he lifted Goku's shirt up over his head and through it onto the brushed his hands over his body going lower but never going past the top of his gi pants.

"Vegeta, don't tease me," he whined. Vegeta laughed low and husky.

"Patience, and you will be rewarded..."

Finally, he began stroking him. Goku became very vocal. "Ahh! Vegeta!"

Vegeta shut him up by covering his lips with his, and then nibbled his neck as he continued his works, leaving red marks. He was just at that point he could see the stars in the distance, and that's when he woke up. He was panting and sweating the sheets were wrapped aroud his looked arounf the room and noticed he was back in his little capsule house.

"...Wait...I went to sleep on the couch. How did I get here?" He fell back into his pillows enjoying the cool night air. He was too flustered for sleep.

Earlier that evening.

"Ahh, such a good day!" Bulma said as she walked through the front door and to the living room to try and find her husband. But instead found Goku asleep on the couch. "Awww! He's all wore out."

Just then, Vegeta came down the stairs, hair wet, with a towel in one hand.

"Hello, hunny," she said, hatching a plan.

"What do you want, woman?" the Prince asked, staying with Bulma as long as he had tought him alot of things and he could read her like a book.

"Goku is asleep on the couch," she said as she batted her eyelashes.

"So?" he asked; she frowned.

"Will you take him over to the guest house?" She asked.

"And why would i do that?" He asked back, which made a suggestive smile form on her lips.

"Because, if you do, there might be something for you when you get back." And with that, she raced upstairs. Vegeta slumped over to the couch and watched Goku sleep for a minute.

"Baka. The things I do for sex."

He lifted Goku up without disturbing his sleep and made a mental note that he was a heavy sleeper. Grudgingly, he started his trek through the yard and was half-way there, when Goku grabbed his shirt and mumbled his was about to drop him on his ass and tell him to go home,but then he realized he was still asleep He got to the bedroom and laid him onto the bed and opened the window since it was hot. The Prince turned to leave, when he heard his name. He looked over his shoulder and saw Goku was still asleep. "What the...?" he thought. He heard it again, it was more drawn out.

"What the hell...Kakarot is dreaming about me?"

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