Absolute Boyfriend: Next in Line

By Sesshomaru'sChildMaria

Chapter 1: You're a what..?

It has been thirty years since Riiko Izawa ordered a Nightly Figure from Krono Heaven's, and even though Night Tenjo was chosen as her boyfriend, his internal circuits became over worked and he slowly shut down. Knowing this, Night prepared Riiko to be happy with Soshi, Riiko's neighbor who had moved to Spain, with a letter and a ring that matched one the Riiko had. Thirty years later Riiko and Soshi have a daughter of their very own named Hikari.

"Mother, Father, I'm going to school now." a sixteen year old Hikari called going to school "Be safe hunny! You know your father and I will be leaving later tonight on business in Spain right?" Riiko called to her daughter "Yes mother I know." Hikari called back as she put on her shoes. "Hikari…"Soshi said behind her "I'm telling your this for your own good Do Not talk to anyone with a weird cosplay on. If he tries to sell you something walk away from-OW!RIIKO!" Soshi looked at his wife seeing the evil look in her eyes "Run along now Hikari, mother needs to punish father…"She said evilly. Hikari looked up at them and lightly smiled "Alright. I love you guys." she said as she walked out now going to school.

"Now what was that you were going to tell her Soshi.." Riiko asked him with a glint of anger in her eye. "Well just so we don't end up with another dilemma like YOU did to yourself thirty years ago." Soshi pushed up his glasses before gently hugging onto his wife "Besides…I believe Hikari is still a bit young to have a boyfriend don't you?" He asked "Oh? Coming from the person who asked me out at sixteen." Riiko teased "Come on dear lets get ready to pack." Riiko said. At the elevator, Hikari was just about to enter when she was knocked forward by their neighbor who gave her the oddest look "Hikari..?" he said. "Oh good morning Shiro!" Hikari said cheerfully as she got on "Sorry didn't mean to bump into you.." Shiro said to her as they both got on now and were heading to school. Though Hikari didn't say anything Shiro was looking at her seeing the long black haired girl was tired, probably from studying "You have a test today don't you…"Shiro said to her raising a brow "Huh?Oh yeah…"She let out quietly fiddling her fingers "English Literature with Shirasaki-sensei"Hikari said looking up at him "everyone says he's forty-six but he looks so young…I wonder why…"Hikari thought aloud. "Hmph…I highly doubt a young man like Shirasaki-sensei is forty-six." Shiro pushed up his glasses looking at the shorter girl.

Once at school, Hikari was by her best friend Shisuru with a smile "So did you ask him?" Hikari asked the brown haired, amber eyed girl sitting beside. Shisuru was 5'6 in height and was very beautiful compared to Hikari. She even had a fan club! "I did…he said you were pretty cute…but…he didn't know…"She said coyly "No one would date a giant boobed perfectionist like you Hikari…" came a remark from a certain silver haired boy with glasses. Upon the remark, Hikari punched him in the head "Shut up Shiro!" she yelled blushing "I don't think anyone asked you!" "I think you two would make a cute couple-""WHAT?" both started at Shisuru with a blank look "I would not go out with a frumpy, grumpy, over protective, serious bookworm like Shiro!" Hikari pouted and Shiro gave a look "Good to know how you feel about me..get to class.." He told her coldly going to their English Literature class.

Hikari sighed looking at them both leave before following, but got lost in the hallway spacing out and bumped into her crush "Oh! I-I'm…I'm sorry Misuki-senpai.." she said bowing and looked up at him seeing him looking at her funny. 'My heart is pounding what do I…' "Uh..S-senpai…I um…I…I like you! Will you please be my boyfriend!" she said nervously "I'm sorry Hikari but I already have a girlfriend…"He told her 'He didn't even hesitate…' "A-Ah…I see..well that's ok…uhm..I'll..see you later…"She said going to class with teary eyes and was sitting in her seat once she got there looking down at her test that everyone had begun taking. "Hikari what's the matter?" Shisuru asked her in a low whisper so they wouldn't get in trouble. Hikari's lavender eyes filling more and more with tears she quiet sobbed "Misuki..has a girlfriend…"She said upset and filled with sorrow taking her test with teary eyes.

Shisuru after the test, took Hikari to the bathroom "It's alright…I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend…just not right now." Shisuru thought 'Yeah right…you'll never get a boyfriend…' She thought snickering in her head. Hikari nodded and sighed getting up hearing the bell ring for the end of the day "I need to see my parents off…see you." Hikari said to Shisuru and waved as she was walking off. Once at home, she saw her parents getting into a Taxi "Bye Mother…Bye Father…"She said quietly now going inside and sighed "Alone…it's…lonely…"Hikari let out sighing. The entrance had only one set of shoes, black school shoes that belong to Hikari. She walked along the cherry wood floor boards into a silent kitchen that always had either her mother and father bickering about who was cooking or her father who would be cooking something delicious for that night "Maybe I'll go out..I won't seems so lonely then…"She said quietly. Putting on her shoes again, Hikari had changed into a out and about skirt that was plaid with a black shirt and black knee high's "Hmmm.."she also grabbed her her plaid purse and began her descent to the streets heading toward her favorite café "Mother and Father left me 500,000 yen..I should be ok for three month's…well if I don't blow it all on junk…"She said quietly and sighed now stopping at the café hearing something.

"Hey miss…miss!" the voice called to her. "Who is…there?" Hikari said nervously before seeing a short man looking up at her "Hello ma'am I am a sales man from-Hey! Where are you going!" He called to her "I'm sorry…my father told me not to talk to a sales man especially ones in weird cosplays like you are…" she said to him nervously "Well that's rude…"He pouted to her "I just thought maybe I could help you…"the male huffed. He had dirty blonde hair and deep pools of hazel in his eyes. As he slowly turned, Hikari looked back and sighed "What could you possibly have for me…"She said sighing softly. "Ah!Well…what is it you're looking for young lady~" "A boyfriend…" "A…Boyfriend…?" the mysterious sales man stared a little 'No way..this can't be Riiko's daughter..? Can it?' he thought "Yuki Shirasaki, nice to meet you young lady, may I have your name?" he asked "Hikari Asamoto…"She said quietly 'Holy cow it is her! Riiko…you never told your daughter about Night have you…?' Yuki thought before giving her a CD "Here..look on this website and you can find a man of your dreams." He told her before waving. Hikari looked at the CD and blinked before going into the café and was eating something. "So you're Riiko's kid eh?" came another voice who was teasing.

"Uncle Gaku?" Hikari said cheerfully "Ey Kiddo! Long time no see." He said "Uncle Gaku…do you know someone named Yuki Shirasaki?" She asked him and saw his face go pale "Well…yes and no…see he used to be my boss." He said to her as she giggled looking up at her 'uncle' who had graying black hair but none the less looked like the same Gaku. "So why did you ask..?" he asked her "Well…he gave me a CD-" "Toss it right now.." "Why?" "Because that was bad news for your mother" Gaku warned "What harm could a little CD do.." she said as Gaku sighed at his 'niece' "I'll pay for you dinner and walk you home…DO NOT use that CD!" He told her. Hikari nodded up to him but then looked at it again 'He said I would find the perfect guy on here…hmmm…should I really listen to Uncle Gaku…then again he said Yuki Shirasaki used to be his boss before he opened his little food stand…hmmm…' as the girl pondered she looked at her uncle while walking home. "Don't use it Hikari I mean it!" Gaku scolded once she was home "Hai, Gaku-ojisan. Oyasumi Nasai." She told him bowing before shutting and locking the door hearing Shiro yelling at his brother for clogging the toliet. She giggled and went over to her laptop inserting the CD without thinking"Krono Heaven's? I have a message..?" Hikari blinked clicking on the message and was reading it "Welcome to Krono Heaven's! We sell products that could increase your bust size, your booty size, rare valuable items, and we can hook you up with a boyfriend! Just create an account and start shopping!" "Well that's a nifty little message…hmmm…Oh here it is!" Hikari smiled softly seeing the boyfriend tab. Quickly making an account name, she clicked on it and was browsing through "Wow…Hey…this one…looks like someone mom dated a long time ago…" She said and was reading it " Lover Figure Model 01. Choose options below to customize your boyfriend." it read though Hikari blinked and flipped through it a little more before stopping at Model 07, which had spikey hair in the front with long hair in the back. The color of hair could be chosen as well as the eyes and skin color. Also personality traits. "It's kinda like a make your boyfriend service…hee hee sounds fun!" Hikari said now doing it "Lets see…Peach skin, black hair, lavender eyes like mine..he has to be sensitive, sweet, strong, daring, a little flirty only toward me, faithful, snuggly, comes to my rescue, hmmm…good at sports, and must have cute puppy eyes!" she clicked on all of those and submitted it "He should be here in 24 hours or less…well tomorrow is Sunday so I could stay at home and wait for it…"she thought before shutting the computer off and going to sleep now.

Waking up the next morning, Hikari was in the kitchen cooking an egg roll when suddenly she heard "Delivery for Hikari Asamoto!" "Coming!" Hikari called before turning off the stove and put her breakfast onto a plate. Walking tiredly toward the brown door she opened it seeing a huge package "Just sign here Miss Asamoto and we'll be on our way." said the male "Yes sir." She replied signing the form and moved the box into the living room "After I eat I'll open it…"She said now going to eat though her excitement grew more and more with each bite of her egg roll. When she was done, she went over by the 6 foot tall box and was opening it, until a naked male fell on top of her "KYAH!" she screamed and look at him "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" she paniced before thinking back to when she was a little kid after she had looked over the males body.

"Hey Daddy! What's that…" a 5 year old Hikari asked her father. Soshi had stared a little "Well hunny…that's uhm…Daddy's pee pee…and Daddy would apperciate it if you didn't tug on it…" he told her "Why don't I have one…" Hikari pouted up at him "Well…that's because you're a girl and Daddy is a boy sweetie." He told her nervously "Will I get one when I'm older!" Hikari asked excitedly before hearing her mother walk in "Soshi…don't tell Hikari lies…"She hissed a little.

Hikari shook her head "Wow…I can't believe I was thinking about that…"She sighed and looked him over before seeing a manual "Nightly Lover Figure…to active your new lover figure you must kiss his lips and hold it for 5 seconds…then to permanently keep him from being stolen by another woman, you must…must…oh no…"She blushed before looking over at the naked male laying on her floor "I'm sure it's..not required right…what could possibly happen…"She said before slowly pressing her lips on the sleeping figure's lips and held it. After a few seconds she felt warm arms gently wrap around her and she pulled back seeing the lavender eyes looking back at hers "Hello my sweet girlfriend." he said to her with a smile "H-Hello…"Hikari said shyly "Shall we go to…your room…?"He asked her seeing her face light up "N-No…it's ok!"She said before she was lifted up "No!No stop!"Hikari squirmed and got down "What have I done! I've actived a sex monster what should I do!"

Find out in chapter two as Hikari and her new lover shall begin their life together!