Absolute Boy: Next in Line

Chapter 2: Our Glorious Life

'I've activated a sex monster! What should I do?' a terrified Hikari thought as she backed away slowly "Stop!" she yelled to him seeing him stop and blink "But you don't want to make love…?"he asked her pouting a little bit before going over by her and caressed her cheek "I would be very gentle if you it's your first time…" he told her but she continued to back away "No! I want to fall in love first before I make love!" she called to him frightened "A man should NEVER force himself on a woman! Ever!" she said to him shakily against a wall before seeing him stop and smile at her. "Well ok if that is what you want girlfriend." he told her softly before holding her close to him again, which made her blush a lot. 'My chest is…pounding so hard…but we just met…oooh this can't be happening…' Hikari thought looking up at him "L-Lets…get you some clothing shall we..? I mean…you're going to be living here right…" she said nervously to him looking for something to wear 'Why does dad still have his uniform from high school? Oh that doesn't matter! It'll fit!' she thought grabbing it and put it on him "Hmmm…" she froze mid-step and heard the phone ringing. Looking nervous she went and answered it "Mochi mochi…O-Ohayo Gaku-ojisan…" Hikari said nervously "Ohayo Hikari. Hmmm…what is that noise in the background." Gaku said to his 'niece'. "What's this?" the figure said looking at the family pictures "Uhhh! Nothing Uncle! Just…a classmate and I practicing for a-" "You used that CD didn't you…" "Yes..I'm sorry…" Hikari shook and lightly sobbed "Oh brother…I'll help you out kiddo…but don't expect it to go well…your mother had the same problem…she made a Nightly Figure too. It's also how your mother and I met…because I was the one who sold him to her…and after a series of events…the figure used his life span to love your mother…which is how your mom ended up with your dad…" he explained. "Mother…did…the same…thing?" Hikari paniced and slammed the phone down before looking at the figure who was now hugging her from behind "Mmmmm…Girlfriend…can you tell me your name?" he asked her softly "H-Hikari.." she told him softly but was blushing very much while speaking. "Will you give me a name…?" he asked her nuzzling her 'Snuggly…an option I chose..? I should probably read his manual…' Hikari thought going to pick it up "Hmmm…a 5 day Trial…ok…so I have five days to return him…no big deal…" she whispered to herself before looking up at him before looking over at her bookcase and saw a manga series she read "Hmmmm…why not…Hatori…" She said having looked at her Fruits Basket manga. "I love it!" Hatori said cuddling her "Oh thank you thank you Hikari!" he said squeezing her "Can't….Breath…" Hikari choked out squirming again as Hatori let go and blinked at her "Sorry." he said nervously "What shall we do girlfriend?" "Well it's Sunday so I don't have to go have to go to school." "What is school?" "Oh uhm…well…it's..a place where people like me go to learn things…" she explained to him a little. "Ooooh that sounds like fun! May I come to school too?" Hatori asked her innocently only to get a flat out no. "Hey Hikari!" Shiro called from the hall "Oh no! Hide Hatori!" she said pushing him into her parents room. "I'm coming in…" Shiro said "H-Hang on! I'm getting changed your pervert!" she hissed before going and opening the door with a pouty look "Geez you made a mess already…" Shiro said cleaning up "Then again Mr. Asamoto said you were messy like your mother used to be…hmph…you got a mail order…?" he asked seeing it "Oh! Ignore that…I'll clean that up later." she said pushing him out "Hey! I hear Saito calling you! Why not check up on him!" Hikari paniced while pushing him out. "But he just-" "What is he clogged your toilet again!" Hikari pushed and shut the door before seeing Hatori coming out.


"Hello…Yes I'm calling about an order made by Hikari Asamoto." "Gaku? Hey long time no see you little pansy ass bitch." Yuki had answered and sounded sarcastically happy to hear from his older co-worker. "Pansy…Bitch…?Yuki! Oooooh heeey Yuki…" Gaku sneered "did you sell my niece that Nightly Figure…" he asked annoyed. "Why yes I did…who would've thought Hikari was Riiko's daughter!" Yuki cheered "She's also SIMILAR TO RIIKO TO!" Gaku yelled "Well damn is she going to go through all of Riiko's pains too? Hmmm…this may turn out to be…FUN oh yeah someone here wants to talk to you." He said handing the phone over to his special friend. "Hello?" Gaku said "Hey Gaku…Remember me?" came a familur voice "Night?" Gaku freaked "Oh my god you're awake after thirty years!" he sounded shocked "How have you been..as well as Riiko and Soshi..?" He asked with a soft smile. "They're been pretty well…they've had a daughter who had ordered a Nightly Figure just like Riiko." "I see…I want to help her…" He said seriously and looked at Yuki "I hear Toshiki is her English Literature Teacher…make me her math teacher…"He told him seeing him shake "Yeah yeah…sure thing 01-" "That's Tenjo-sensei to you." He teased before going back to the phone "What is her name..?" Night asked Gaku "Hikari." Gaku said and as there were discussing, things became a little…hairy for Yuki. "What do you mean I need to watch over 01 02 and 07?" He yelled "Gooo…goo go gaa!" "That translates to: Because if you don't I'll fire you! NOW GO!" said the baby speak translator lady. "Yes Boss…" Yuki sighed and got going.

Back to our Heroine

Hikari sighed laying in her room curled up with a sad look "Misuki…" she whispered looking at her cell phone with sad eyes looked at her ceiling "Hikari~" Hatori called to her "Do you want to have sex?" he asked her only to get a shy no and he pouted. "I'll…go shopping and get you…some clothes ok?" Hikari told him "Guard the apartment alright?" she asked him softly seeing him nod and then cuddle her "Be safe Hikari…" he whispered in her ear flirtingly before she blushed and walked out shutting and locking the door. "Ooooh…Hatori…"She whispered a little with a smile now making her way to the streets to go into town. Oh her way though she sighed a little stopping at a diner that Shiro usually worked at and blinked seeing Misuki. "So did you really ditch her?" "Yeah man. I mean come on she's a total space cadet, she was even zoned out when she bumped into me." "Wow what a ditz." "I know right!" The four males laughed before Hikari got up angrily and splashed her iced tea on him "You…You jerk! What the hell was I thinking!" "Dude she's stalking you!" "No I'm…I'm not!" she said shakily with teary eyes. Shiro was listening to the commotion and glared about to go over and save her, until…Hatori came up behind her and hugged her tightly "What did you do…to my girlfriend!" He yelled and smashed his face in growling "Hatori?" Hikari looked up at him seeing him "Don't ever make her cry again! EVER! Or I'll do much worse!" He warned taking Hikari out of there. Shiro looked at Misuki and gave him a cocky smile before kneeing him the stomach "I'm sorry but I quit if I know assholes like him are going to be talking badly about other classmates here" he said elegantly as he walked out 'Now who was that…no way Hikari could of gotten a boyfriend…there is no way…' Shiro thought a bit.

"Are you ok Hikari…" Hatori pouted asking her and was holding her close to him. "Hatori…how did…you know I…" "Shhhhh…it's because I'm your boyfriend…I'm supposed to know that!" He told her "Come on lets cheer you up with a bit of shopping and arcade games!" he suggested trying to cheer her up now. Which seemed to work because Hikari looked up at him and smiled widely "Ok Hatori lets go!" she said. Once at the mall, the two of them began shopping for clothes for Hatori as well as Hikari, went and played some arcade games Hatori showing off his skills that Hikari had picked to be in him. She smiled and looked at her phone before deleting Misuki's picture and put her phone away before sitting down leaning against Hatori. "Lets go home Hikari…" Hatori whispered lifting her up and was carrying her home.

Gaku caught the two and had Yuki by his side "Shhh shh here they come.." Gaku whispered to Yuki who nodded at him as a response. However, once they saw they two they stared a little 'No way…he's carrying her…home? Why on earth would you carry all the bags and the girl home?' Gaku thought, though, Yuki just smiled at them "That's precious…are you sure we should jump in?" he asked his former co-worker "I'm positive! Hikari shouldn't end up like her mother did…though…I'm sure Night may be surprised too, seeing Riiko's daughter." Gaku sighed and took Yuki back to his house "Ok Night…tomorrow you're going to be Hikari's teacher for Algebra 5 which is honors…I think Hatori should be registered in the school system…though…should text Hikari to make sure…" Gaku sighed 'Hikari…I'm sorry…' he thought and looked at Night who was sitting there "What?" he asked him. "Well…I was wondering…if I'd get to see Riiko or not and Soshi too…" he said though Gaku made a face "They're married buzz out!" he scolded and sighed as Night pouted to him a bit "Oh fine." He sighed and looked Yuki who was looking outside "I never thought…you would shut down 01..so when I saw you come back I was kind of surprised." he said looking outside "I can't believe we're going through this again…" Gaku and Yuki sighed before seeing Night chuckle "I hope Hikari is going to be surprised to find out that I used to date her moth-" "SHE'S NOT ALLOWED TO FIND OUT!" both stressed out to him before he sighed and pouted "Fine!" He crossed his arms "I'm going to sleep…"He said sleeping on the couch.

"MOTHER!" Hikari shot up and was in her parents room looking around 'Why am I in my parents room…?' Hikari thought before looking at Hatori seeing him looking at her "Hello sleepy headed Hikari." he smiled before looking at her get up "I need to make a phone call ok?" She said and he nodded smiling seeing her go out. Hikari sighed happily before hearing the phone ring and stared "Uncle Gaku you have impeccable timing…" she muttered and answered "Mochi mochi…" she said "Hikari…is Hatori going to school with you?" "How did you know I named him Hatori…" "Uhhh that's not important just answer my question…" "Yeah he is why…?" "Just wondering…I'll come over tomorrow and pick you two up" He said and sighed in his head "So how did you know I named him Hatori…" she repeated "Well I…er…I kind of heard you call him that when I saw you out…see you were at the arcade and I was…" "You better not of been stalking me…" Hikari pouted "I'm not 6 anymore!" she whined at him. "No no I was going shopping for groceries! Can't a man food shop?" He retorted to her as she sighed "I guess…Good night Uncle Gaku…" She told him with a smile and hung up before going back to where Hatori was "U-Uhm…is it…ok if I sleep in here…?" She asked. Hatori smiled and nodded allowing her in beside him and held her watching her sleepy lavender eyes close with his soft ones. He began to stroke strands of hair away from her face and began to watch her sleep.

Next Chapter….School Begins…Night is now Hatori and Hikari's teacher…will Shiro find out Hatori is a figure? Will Night keep quiet about being Riiko's old boyfriend to Hikari…will Shisuru find out about Hikari FINALLY getting a boyfriend…? Find out in Chapter 3!