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Show time.

He timed it perfectly and it was pretty much like clock work to him but this time, he'd just have to take it…a bit different.

You can do this. It's not any different to the other times when you approached him.

Dave Karofsky stopped standing by the McKinley High boy's bathroom and started to walk off; it didn't take that much effort to pass through the sea of flooding students since not everyone, but those who chose not to stand in his way, parted, or even ran away.


Kurt stood in fear, as the jock approached him, pounded his locker shut. He would've brushed it off and would wait for Karofsky to walk off, but Dave stood there, peering down at him.

"W-What do you want?" Kurt said, wanting to avoid looking into Dave's eyes.

"You dropped this." Dave said, as he handed the other boy a shiny bow brooch.

Quickly looking down, trying to spot one of his favourite accessories that was once placed on his sweater, Kurt wanted to flail about how it came off, but then remembered that he was pushed into the lockers recently and it must of dropped on the floor. Dave looked the other way, as Kurt tried to recollect himself and try to come out with an answer, but was too scared to say anything.


"Later, loser!"

Suddenly, the missing item was already in Kurt's hand, without not even remembering feeling Dave's touch. He watched Dave walk down the hallway and was speechless.

Wait, what just happened?

Wanting to erase the moment from his mind, he shook his head and went to find Mercedes.

Lunch was no different.

It should've felt like that.

Dave was around the lunch table with the rest of the boys from the football team in the cafeteria, hearing Azimio talking about his recent date and the others laughing along and talking about what they did last night. The same usual. Girls. Football. Last night. Halo. Call Of Duty. Games. Drinking. More girls.

Lunch was the same.

Even laughing along with his friends or the football team, it didn't the same. The word 'boring', wouldn't fit into how Dave felt. Something else was on his mind.

Something hit him.

A voice.

A laugh.

The crowd of people lining up for their food, the amount of noise you can hear in the cafeteria, the pointless and important mix of conversations, it was just damn loud as any lunchtime would be but something caught Dave's wondering thoughts.

"…..Really? Are you serious?"

Without even realising it, he could hear Kurt's voice from a far, even though it was at the other side of the cafeteria. Dave's mind somewhat shut itself and only focused on Kurt.

"I can't believe that! I would be caught dead wearing that!"

Kurt was bickering to Mercedes, as they both were looking at Kurt's latest issue of a fashion magazine, pointing and looking at the new trends.

"I'm sure you would rock that look anyday, dear!"

"Hmmm, really? Well, I'm sure I in fact would, if I add a bit more glitter on it. It'll rock better on me, wouldn't you agree?"

The two friends threw out a laugh, sweet and honest but it was Kurt's laugh and smile that seemed to have captured Dave's eyes.

A smile appeared on Dave's face. He didn't know why, but it was kind of…cute to see that smile.

Quickly, shaking his head, trying to get the thought out of his mind, Azimio gently punched his best friend in the shoulder, attempting to get his attention.

"What, dude?" Dave asked, coming back to reality.

"I said, are you going to eat that?" Azimio said, grinning, as he pointed at Dave's plate.

"You want my pudding?"

"Well you haven't touched it, why not?"

It only took a moment for Dave, daring not to part with his pudding but he wasn't hungry and he wasn't going to waste it in the bin either.

"…..go for it, bro"

"Thanks, man!"

The pudding was gone within seconds.

Wrong move, Dave.


The cold sink water should of woke Dave up more but it felt the same.

This is just ridiculous now….

He looked at himself in the mirror. Droplets of water on his face. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he quickly grabbed a couple sheets of toilet roll by the side of the sink to wipe his face.

What? Now? In here?

Dave found himself staring at Kurt, as he was edged by the side of the bathroom door, preparing to leg it if Karofsky would make a move. He assumed that Kurt was still scared from this afternoon.

"Hummel, it's okay, I-"

"Okay? When I simply fear for my life that I'll have a slushie in my face? How can it be okay?" Kurt said, cutting Dave off, in a blind rage, which sort of shook the jock a bit.

"Woah, hold on, I'm not going to do anything to you!" Dave protested back, as he took a step forward to the other boy.

"Or when I'm at my locker and you or your stupid friends slam me into it or shove me in the hallway! I don't know how you managed to find my brooch on the floor, but that doesn't mean that I still don't trust you!" Kurt said, pointing at Dave, full of anger.

The jock stayed silent.

"And I still don't!"

I didn't even do anything to him. Why is he so mad?

"Are you done yelling at me now?"

"W-Why are you so calm about this? You would of smashed my face by now?"

"You can see that I haven't done that yet, so….I have the patience to deal with this, which is oddly strange because you're right, I would have smashed your face or something." Dave joked, laughing to himself.

"Why are you so nice all of the sudden?" Kurt questioned, slight fear in his voice now, back against the wall now.

"I can be a nice guy as well…." Dave said, quietly, looking down now.

"I-is this all an act?"

"No act, dude, just calm down, alright?"

With that, Dave didn't want to stay any longer and left the bathroom, once again, leaving Kurt speechless. It felt awkward even talking to him and being yelled by him, even if he did nothing wrong, he felt like he was in the wrong place with Kurt still.

Stop showing up when I try to get you off my damn mind!