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Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer (Kurt)

Lovebug – Jonas Brothers (Nick)

Naïve – The Kooks (Dave)

Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard (Blaine/Dave)

There Goes The Fear – The Doves

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"-The heck?-"





His room was a mess.

Nick felt like he was in a different world, eyeing at the sight of it. It looked like a huge hurricane hit the room, which it explains the state of the room. He was starting to find it hard to stand in. Papers, ripped posters facing the ground, books that had hardly been opened were torn, the bed covers and pillow on the floor, the lamp that stood on the bed side table, broken and crushed.

He'd been observing his angry friend trash his room, whilst hearing what it heard, to be heavy metal music. The music rocked the room and soon Mr or Mrs Karofsky would scream down the room, telling their son to turn the music off.

This is getting crazy now... The brunette thought.

Nick found his neighbour's music player and switched it off.

"-SO FUCKING ANGRY!" Dave kicking his chair down, even though it was already on the floor.


Nick pulled his friend from behind and shoved him on the bed. The angry jock looked rather baffled at the other's actions.

"Please, stop it..." He pleaded.

"David, what is the commotion?" Mrs Karofsky slammed the door open. She gasped at the sight of her son's room. "What happened in here?"

"Mrs Karofsky, I'll help David clean it up..." The brunette said quietly.

Not uttering another word, she left the room, too shocked to even say anything but Nick took it as a thank you from the gesture. Dave exhaled through his angry breath. He felt so out raged that he started to cry.

I've wanted to cry when I saw that!

The never-ending image of Kurt and Blaine kissing.

It tore his heart, that every time he'd close his eyes, he'd see it.

They were holding hands and looking into each other's eyes like lovers!

"T-This is shit!" He pounded his mattress.

"David, what happened?"

Nick knew Dave would try to push him away but his friend looked too broken and weak, which was different from the other times. He moved closer to him, placing his arm around the jock's shoulder.

I'm such a stupid!

"David..." The brunette softly said.

"D-Does he hate me...? Maybe him befriending me was...just another way to hurt me!"

"That's not true, David. He's done so much that he wouldn't want to hurt you..."

"T-Then why did he kiss that other guy?"

"He kissed someone else?"

"Yeah!" Dave bitterly said.

He didn't feel any proud or better by saying that. The image of those two came back in his mind from just saying it.

The fuck! Just get out of my mind, will you?


"I..don't want to speak to him any more!"

"You have to, David! It's a just a kiss! They could of fell or something! Just give it time! Make Kurt come back to you!" Nick exclaimed.

"W-Will he...?"

"Trust me, he's crazy about you. Why did you think he creped into your room when you were sleeping that one time?"

"How did you...?" Dave staring at his friend for answers.

Nick shook his head, thinking of how to change the subject but it felt useless to attempt.

"David, did you see what he got for you?"


"It's Christmas day already. Might as well..." The brunette spoke, finding Kurt's present on the ground. It was slightly ripped but since it was wrapped well, it somehow didn't get damaged by the angry jock. Something told Nick that Dave tried to avoid destroying his gift. "You think it's a love note?" He joked, as Dave gave him a glare.

It didn't feel like Christmas and maybe Dave's parents would of told him off earlier if they wasn't so drunk. The beaten and broken feelings didn't make the jock go into a holiday spirit.

But speaking to Nick, made it worth it.

How does he do it?

Make him feel slightly better?

Well they were close friends.

I miss Azimio though...

Dave was unsure what Azimio would say or do. In fact, he hadn't heard from the other jock since their fight. He started to feel very sure that he was hated.

The brunette watched his friend unravel the present and after taking a quick peek at it, Dave's face turned red.

"IS IT BOXERS?" His first thoughts on the gift, guessing from Dave's expression.

"No! You pervert!" Dave protested.

"Then what is it?"


"Clothes...? Like what?" Nick confused.

Dave produced a pair of skinny jeans, a hoodie, along with a note, which they knew was from the other.

"Read it, David!"

"Out loud?"


Sorry that I couldn't get you something more amazing than this but I will owe you a shopping trip. You and Me. After Christmas, I promise! I'm sure you could work those skinny jeans!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kurt xx

"He got you skinny jeans..." Nick tried not to laugh.

"Shut up!" Dave glancing back at his gift.

"That hoodie looks nice, bro! I bet those are both designer or something! That guy has a good fashion sense!"

"Have you not seen what he's been wearing?"

"I only talked to him once!"

"Whatever, dude..." Dave shook his head.

I don't think I've liked someone giving me clothes that actually looks nice before.

All of his rage and anger released from his body, he felt calm again and looking back at the state of his room, he scowled at it. He felt fed up and tired most of all.

The time ticked Christmas day away.


"David, you're free to sleep in our guest room."

"I'll sleep on the sofa tonight..."

"He'll come back. So, try not take your temper out on the boy next time you see him, okay?"


I'll try not to.

They said their good-byes and merry Christmas and soon were off to bed.

But Dave didn't get a wink of sleep that night.


The cold water from the shower head shot down on Kurt. He flailed, forgetting the temperature. He was going to adjust it later but right now, a cold shower would do him good.

The teenage boy wanted to feel more awake.

It was horrendous, his mind had been buzzing.

"Fake sake!" He thumped his fist against the wall.

Kurt felt more angry at himself than before. He'd been cursing and swearing at himself since he woke up to Carole's joyful greeting saying it was New Years Eve.

I am stupid and pathetic!

"Hey, Kurt! How long are you going to be in there? We have to get ready for our New Years party!" Finn shouted through the door.

"I'll be out in 5 minutes!" He yelped.

I'm not in a mood to do anything right now.

He ran his fingers in his hair, as he applied shampoo on it, softly singing in the shower.

Kiss me out of the bearded barley,
Nightly, beside the green, green grass...

Changing the water temperature, he continued to shower himself.

Swing, swing, swing the spinning step,
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress...

Kurt made his way to his bedroom, getting ready.

With Finn's idea, they were going to have a New Years Eve party for the night, that their parents agreed on, as long as nothing bad happens.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight,
Lead me out on the moonlit floor...

He sang as he thought about Dave.

It put his mind to rest, even though the past couple of days had been murder for him.

Lift your open hand,
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance,

Silver moon's sparkling,
So kiss me...

Suddenly, he remembered Blaine's touch on his lips. He shook his head, started to feel upset and angry again.

Kiss me down by the broken tree house,
Swing me upon its hanging tire...

His hand on his chest, his heart was aching again.

Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat,
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map...

The many things Kurt wished he'd said to Dave when he last saw him.

Accidentally saying that he loved him, he wished that he didn't say it was said by mistake.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight,
Lead me out on the moonlit floor...

He hoped Dave would get it.

That he really did love him.

Lift your open hand,
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance,

Silver moon's sparkling,
So kiss me...

Kurt glanced at his phone. There had been five messages from Blaine since Christmas and a couple from Mercedes, Tina, Rachel, Quinn and Artie but none of them was from the one he wanted to see the most.

He groaned, staring at his outfit in the mirror.

"I-I...have to tell him..." he murmured to himself. "This time for sure!"

Courage, Kurt!

Nick breathed in the heavy cold air, his nose turned pink because of the weather. His red head companion giggled, as they strolled in the park nearby his house.

Joggers, dog walkers and random strollers companied the park in the chilly New Years Eve afternoon.

The sun was brightly out but winter made it deceiving if anyone were to go outside for a walk.

"Do you want to go to mine?" Lloyd asked, looking up.

"That's fine! I haven't been outside in a while and I hardly do go outside. I guess I kind of live under a rock!" Nick laughed to himself.

The red head joined him, his hands in his pockets.

"Did you like your present?"

"Yeah! This parka coat is what I've always wanted, so thank you!"

"That's good to hear!" Lloyd breathed. "I love yours as well! Those chocolates was nice!"

"I'm sorry about it though...because I was unsure what to get for you..." Nick blushed.

The red head returned the brunette with a smile, nodding his head. "Oh, no. It's fine!"

They both shared a small laugh and then stopped walking. Both exchanging views. Lloyd felt nervous, wanting to say something out of the blue but he stopped himself, biting the inside of his cheek.

Nick peered down, staring at his new shoes that his parents got for him.

The awkward silence had started to kill him. His throat became closed and tight.

Well say something, you idiot!

He urged himself. The brunette looked around the park. It was barren, no one was in sight, except for the two.

"N-Nick..." The red head stepped a bit closer to the other.

The brunette had to stop himself from making his face turn more red but with Lloyd so close, it was impossible not resist the boy.

"Y-Yes...?" Nick hesitantly questioned.

"Tell me you feel it too..." Biting his lip.

You mean the feeling I get when I'm with you? The heart throbbing feeling? When I look like you, I want to hold you tight and do nothing else but be with you?


Is it too soon?

The red head bit his lip harder, trying not to weep.

Oh gosh! He's going to cry. HE'S GOING TO CRY! SHIT! What should I say? Fuck! He probably thinks I feel the opposite way than he does!

Nick's heart starting to thump harder and faster, he felt incredibly warm and took a step away.

It looked like it was a bad sign for Lloyd.

The red head's eyes started to water.

Great, Nick! This is what happens when you don't want to admit your lame crappy feelings!

"L-Lloyd! I c-can't breathe!"

"W-What?" The red head chocked.

"S-Sorry! I...I'm sorry. Please don't take this as a bad thing..."

"You don't...feel it don't you? T-This..." Lloyd holding onto his chest. "...You...have no idea, Nick!"

"Yes, I do, Lloyd! I DO!" Nick burst out, waving his arms in the air. "I feel it too! I try so hard telling myself to stop-?"

He was out of breath, the brunette stopped, forgetting to finish his sentence. The red head arched his eyebrows at the other.

"Stop what?" Lloyd demanded.

"I can't say it...but...I'll sing it!"

If Dave and Kurt can sing to each other, I can sing to Lloyd! He thought, quickly thinking of a song to sing.

"What?" The red head laughed, baffled.

Called you for the first time yesterday,
I finally found the missing part of me...

He began singing. Even though there was no backing track, he clicked to the rhythm.

Lloyd blushed, as Nick pointed to him.

I felt so close but you were far away,
Left me without anything to say...

The brunette danced around the smaller teen, shrugging his shoulders to the song.

Now I'm speechless over the edge, I'm just breathless,
I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again...

He bounced up and down, his hands on his chest, beaming.

The red head felt his heart flutter in the air.

Hopeless, head over heels in the moment,
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again...

Nick tugged the smaller teen to his chest and placed a kiss on his cheek.

They both blushed at the gesture.

I kissed him for the first time yesterday...

Lloyd watched Nick spin around the lamp post nearby, touching his cheek.

Everything I wished that it would be,
Suddenly I forgot how to speak...

The brunette covered his mouth, gazing at Lloyd.

He didn't nervous anymore, singing was the best opinion for him to do.

Hopeless, breathless, baby can't you see?
Now I'm...

Lloyd had never had someone sing to him and he couldn't feel any more happy, he wore the brightest smile on his face.

The taller teen air guitared to the solo, kicking his leg in the air, as the other burst into tears, laughing. Nick jerked the red head close to him again, as they both started to dance in the park.

It felt so silly but rather assuming for the both.

Now I'm speechless over the edge, I'm just breathless,
I never thought that I'd catch this lovebug again...

The two teenage boys in hand in hand, they found themselves slow dancing.

Now I'm hopeless, head over heels in the moment,
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again...

Nothing in the world could break their moment together.

They both knew how they both felt for one another.

Oh! Lovebug again...

Nick stopped singing, he moved away from the other, their fingers still closed to each other. He breathed in the cold air, recollecting himself.

They both couldn't believe what just happened.



Kurt was welcomed with a huge kiss on the cheek from Dave's mother.

He returned it back with a smile and asked if the jock was home.

Mrs Karofsky viewed down with sadden eyes. "I'm sorry, Kurt. He seems to be angry about something lately..."


"I'm not sure what's wrong. I've asked Nick from next door what was wrong and he replied saying friend trouble." Dave's mother replied, shaking her head, as she let Kurt settle down on the sofa.

Kurt assumed it was about Azimio and frowned.

"I-I'm sure...he'll get round it." He spoke, trying to comfort the other's mother.

"Thank you." She smiled. "Do you want me to tell David that you're here?"

"Oh!" Kurt stood up. "There's no need for that, I want to surprise him again!"

"I like you already, my dear!" Mrs Karofsky kissed the other on the cheek again. "Make sure David brings you back here again because you are such a nice man."

"That's very nice to hear, Mrs Karofsky! Thank you! I'll make sure of that!"

"Well you know where David's room is already. I'll leave you boys be. I'm going back to cooking lunch." She started to stroll out of the room.

"Oh!" Kurt remembered. "My family and I are having a big New Years Eve party tonight! So if you, Dave and Mr Karofsky have any free time, just for an hour or two, that'd be very nice to see you again!"

"I'll think about it, dear."

Mrs Karofsky danced her way to the kitchen, leaving Kurt. He turned to the staircase, jumped at the sight of the jock peering down at him.

Dave gave Kurt a cold stare.

The same look he gave to the other before. Way before.

Kurt felt his heart sink.


"Why are you here, Hummel?" The jock called out. His voice echoed the walls in the house. It was loud and emotionless.

"I-I...didn't hear from you since Christmas Eve..." Kurt replied weakly.

"And you think coming over here is going to help?" Dave stepped forward. "No way, fancy!"

"Fancy? This all over again?"

"You got a problem with that?"

"Y-Yes, I do! W-Why are you acting like this, again?"

Please, Dave, please stop doing this!

"Again? I don't know what you're talking about!"

"You do know!" Kurt protested. "Stop it! Why do you suddenly have that look on your face like you're going to throw a slushie in my face or worse?"

"Maybe I will..." Dave shrugged.

What the fuck?

Kurt fixed his bangs and stood up straight, having the approach of 'Look what's going to happen!'.

"Dave, I know you're outraged about something but you don't have to take it out on me. I thought we were okay talking about those kind of things."

"I thought so too..." The jock answered bitterly.

"What? Then speak to me, Dave! Speak up! Tell me what's wrong! Because I feel like we have this wall between us again!"

"Get out of my house, Hummel! I really don't want to see your face in here!"

"Are you completely crazy right now?" Kurt yelled.

The jock shoved Kurt into the wall. "Get out of here, Hummel!"

"W-What's happened, Dave?"

"Being friends with you. I knew I shouldn't have asked you to give me a chance." The jock laughed.

"Really, Dave? Then answer this for me; why did you ask me? Huh? WHY?" Kurt pushed Dave back.

The teenage boys struggled, trying to push the other out of the house but Kurt stood his ground.


Dave clenched his fists, about to hit Kurt but stopped for a split second. The other breathed heavily, gaining back his energy.

"H-Hit me! I dare you!"

"I'm too good enough not to!" Dave spoke, pointing to the door.

"Fine! I'll leave!" Kurt fixed his bangs, frowning. He headed to the door, hand on the doorknob and turned back at the jock. "I know you're angry about...something." Kurt swallowed. "But I...don't want to lose you. And that's the truth speaking here!"

The jock averted his eyes away.

"If you want this friendship to end because of this silly commotion, then fine! I get the message. I'll leave you alone! But..." He bit his lip. "...just come see me again." Kurt jawed, close to crying. "Just once, so I know that leaving your house isn't the last time I'll see you again!"

"I'm done with you, Hummel. J-Just...go."

Why are you acting like this, Dave?

Kurt didn't utter another word and left the house with the silence shutting them away from each other.

And when I thought you could cheer me up, you end up breaking my heart!

It hurt them both to close themselves from each other.

The jock stared at the closed door, hoping in every fibre in his body, he'd pull Kurt back and beg for his forgiveness but as stubborn as always, he refused not to.

"FUCK!" Dave slammed his fist into the wall, proceeding to his room.

I'm not saying its your fault...

He started to sing, peering back to where Kurt once was a moment ago.

Although you could have done more,
Oh you're so naive yet so...

The jock ran his hands through his hair, scowling and cursing at himself for his actions.

How could this been done,
By such a smiling sweetheart,
Ohh and your sweet and pretty face...

Kurt punched his friend's number on his phone, sobbing in his car. Driving home was the last thing he wanted to do because he knew he'd be quizzed by Finn and his parents if they were to see him cry.

"Honey, what's wrong?" He heard Mercedes speak through the phone.

In such an ugly world,
Something so beautiful.
Ohh that every time I look inside...

His room was a clean when he got there. He guessed his brunette friend did it.

A note was placed on the jock's desk:

You owe me big time, bro! Just try not to be so mean to Kurt.

Take care, Nick x

Dave sadly smiled at the note.

I know, she knows that I'm not fond of asking,
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me...

Dave sang to himself, peering at Kurt's gift. It was neatly fronted and placed on the end of his bed.

And I know, she knows that I'm not fond of asking,
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me!

"Kurt, I can't hear you because you're crying."

"I-I tried, Me-Mercedes! I-I really tried! B-But he...Every t-time...I-I.." Kurt weeped.

So how could this be done,
By such a smiling sweetheart,
You're so naive yet so...

The jock frowned, recollecting the image of Kurt and Blaine kissing on that night.

You're such an ugly thing,
For someone so beautiful,
That every time you're on his side...

He felt bitter and upset, remembering it.

The kiss.

I know, she knows that I'm not fond of asking,
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me.

It drove him away. After Dave saw that sight, he ran out of the house, leaving Finn puzzled.

And I know, she knows that I'm not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me!

Kurt's smile and laugh flashed to his mind, tears streamed down the jock's face.

Just don't let me down,
Just don't let me down,
Hold on to your kite...

Somewhere in the middle of the park, a brunette and red head was holding hands, smiling happily at each other, not giving a care in the world who would be watching.

But it slightly frightened the taller teen but he brushed it away, as the pair continued to head home.

Just don't let me down,
Just don't let me down,
Hold on to your kite...

Kurt couldn't find the words to say how emotional and hurt he felt to tell his friend.

"Honey, I'll come over to yours, okay?"

Just don't let me down,
Just don't let me down,
Hold on to this kite...

Those mistakes and regrets, Kurt felt them hit hard on him. It felt like he was sinking into a world of madness. The teen held tightly onto the brooch he received from the jock.

Memories of the pair, span around his head. It was getting too much. He had to go away but wanted to be by Dave's side so bad.

Just don't let me down!

Dave fell upon his bed, ending the song.

Nothing could get any worse than this! He thought to himself, sullenly. I push him away and make him cry, I'm such an idiot!

In the empty halls of Dalton Academy, the Warblers had finished their rehearsals. They all arranged to meet up during the holidays to do one rehearsal, before the new year approached.

Blaine clicked with his friends on the way out, laughing and grinning.

"That was a good one, guys!" He high-fived one of his friends. "I think that was worth going to a rehearsal during the holiday. I feel it, guys! We can actually win Regionals!"

"Totally!" David beamed.

They strolled down the corridors, making their way back home.

Wes and David, Blaine's close friends, glanced at their friend, who had a smile on his face the whole entire day.

"What's up, Blaine? You look so chipper..." Wes questioned.

"I think I found the guy!" Blaine hopped.

"Moving in too fast again, aren't we?" David shaking his head.

"No!" The lead singer Warbler exclaimed. "I don't think so!"

"What did you do to the poor guy?"

Blaine blushed, as his friends jolted. They didn't like the look on his face.

"I just kissed him!"

"Did he want any of that?" Wes folding his arms.

"M-Maybe..." The Dalton student hesitantly spoke.

"Is he the same guy who likes someone else? Blaine, you can't swoop in and steal another person's boy!" David declared.

"That guy doesn't do anything! All he does is make Kurt upset and cry. Who does that to the person they like?" Blaine affirmed, loosening his tie.

Blaine's friends exchanged glances and scowled at their friend.

"You have a reputation of being...well a bit of player, Blaine. Just stop for a moment and think what you're doing!"

"You're confusing him! Didn't we tell you not to do this like you did to that other guy from last time?"

The lead singer bit his lip, nodding his head in agreement.

"Fine, I'll do my best but when Kurt tells me that he doesn't care for that guy, I'm moving in!"

"That's so mean, Blaine!"

"Give the boy some air!"

Blaine shrugged his shoulders and stepped away from his friends. "I have a party to go to! Later my friends!" He soon disappeared around the corner, leaving his friends in worry.


"H-hey...You got a minute?"


The two jocks sat down in the sitting room, Azimio didn't look relaxed at all, he felt tense. Dave had mixed thoughts, thinking Azimio was going to punch him in the face. The time ticked away. Kurt's party was going to start in less than an hours and Dave was still wondering if he should go.

He exhaled, making the first move. "I thought I was dead to you..."

"N-No...You never was." Azimio confessed, his hands in his pockets.

"What made you come here?"


"Really?" Dave glanced up.

"Yeah...He told me that we should try to talk and I really don't want to wait when we get back to school from the holidays. I thought it'd be too late..."

"I see..."

"How's the injuries letting up?"

"Good. Just good. And you?"


They exchanged nods of agreement and once again, the awkward silence came upon them.

"What do you want to talk about?" Dave asked.

"Look. I'm sorry that I hit you and all that crap! And I'll even stop with the homo jokes!" Azimio glanced at the other jock. "I only said those things to you because I was angry!"

"You always say stupid things, Azimio!"

"I've been getting these death looks from everyone and having Toddmen glare at me is like he's asking to kill me any second."

"...You haven't told any of the other guys about our fight?"

"I said that we fought a bit but didn't get into the details..."

"Why? You could of got the best of me and said that I'm dancing with those Glee kids and I'd get slushied for it."

"Why would I do that?"

"E-Excuse me?" Dave feeling baffled.

"Karofsky, y-you're my bro! Those guys don't matter to me. I only hung out with them because I got no one else! And you were in bed resting and I was alone!" Azimio spoke, feeling upset. "Hearing you ditch me for those Glee guys killed me! I didn't mean for us to get into a fist fight!"

"Azimio, chill, bro." Dave grinned. "So, are we cool?"

"We're cool." Azimio smirked.

Hearing those words from Azimio, made Dave feel less of a bad person.

If I can get Azimio as my friend, then surely...I should go see Kurt again.

"Are you free to come over mine tonight? We can play some Black Ops and be like: 'We've been playing COD since last year!'" Azimio, feeling happy as ever.

"I-I...can't. I'm sorry. I need to sort things out..."

"You mean Hummel?"


"Don't play crap with me, Karofsky! I know you two are going out!"


Dave's chest started to feel tight and closed. Azimio peered at his friends and chuckled.

"Not denying it, I see..." Sounded disappointed.

"...I always thought you hated homos..." Dave quietly said.

"I only went along with it because everyone did..." Azimio leaned closer to his friend.

The other jock licked his lips, feeling a bit better. It startled him knowing Azimio wasn't a hater, he quickly smiled at the gesture.

"A-Are" Dave's friend finally questioned.

Dave froze for a moment, which Azimio noticed. He was about to speak, until his friend beamed at him.

"It's cool, bro. If going out with Hummel is cool with you, then go for it! I'm not going to stop you. It'll take a while for me to adjust to all of this but I can handle it!"

"T-Thank you..." Dave soft said, wanting to cry.

Keep the tears in, bro!

"I-It's strange hearing all of this...from you. I thought you would punch the gay out of me..."

"I think we're done hitting each other!" Azimio chuckled. "It's cool, bro. I'll be by your side!"

"T-Thank you..."

"David!" Mrs Karofsky strolled into the room. She noticed the other teen and smiled at him. "Hello, dear!"

"Yes, mom?"

"We don't want to be late for that party, so do you want to leave without us? Tell Kurt that, please..." She grinned.

"Okay, mom. I'll tell him for sure."

"Take care, Azimio."

Dave's mother walked away, as the two teens glanced at one another.

"I'll leave you be now, Karofsky! You need to balance your time with me and Hummel. I don't want to be forgotten!"

"You jealous, Azimio?" Dave jocked.

"Yes!" They both burst out laughing.

Dave walked his friend to the door, their friendship had been resorted and it made the jock forget why he was upset. They bided their farewells. After that, Dave span round and dashed to his room. He had to get ready for the party.

This time, no one won't be crying tonight! I'm going to get Kurt back!

"A-Are you even sure that I should let him in here after what he did to you?" Finn scowled.

"Yes, Finn! It's fine! I asked him to come over and hopefully there won't be any trouble..." Kurt folded his arms.

Finn, Kurt and Mercedes was downstairs in the boy's room, discussing and explaining that the jock was somewhat angry at him. Kurt didn't go into details about his feelings for the other but Mercedes somehow got the hint insistently. She'd been comforting her friend for the past hour and a half.

Kurt's step-brother felt puzzled, shaking his head. "You and Karofsky are...strange!"

"Finn! Just leave it at that! I'll try to speak to him...because whatever I did, it's my fault and nothing more!"

"Then what did you do to the guy?"

Kurt bit his lip and avoiding the other's view. "I-I...don't know."

"Okay! I'll leave it for now!" The taller teen, throwing his arms in the air. "But if he tries anything on you and any one else, he's out of here! Let's be glad that Burt doesn't know this...because he'd be seriously pissed off!"

"Finn..." Rachel called out from upstairs. "Can you help me with something?"

"I'm coming!" Her boyfriend said, stepping upstairs. "The party is about to start soon guys, so I'll see you in a bit..."

Mercedes placed her arm around her friend's shoulder. "It's okay, Kurt..."

"It's my fault, Mercedes!"

"Stop blaming yourself. Aren't you done doing that?"

"I...guess I can't help feel like this...because..."

"You like him?" His friend finished his sentence.

Kurt beckoned, gazing at his friend. "Y-Yeah..."

"He'll be here tonight, so don't worry, okay?"

He stood up from his bed with Mercedes following, heading to the stairs. "We look fabulous in our new outfits, I don't know why we should feel so down! Come on!"

The party hit to a full swing. The whole Glee club was there, with Mr Schue and the Glee member's family members talking among themselves. Everyone was having a good time.

Music stomped through the speakers, everyone sang and danced along with the songs.

Dave was greeted by Finn, who had been giving a stern look when he walked inside.

"H-Hey..." The jock weakly smiled.

"Hi, Karofsky!"

"Do you know where Kurt is?"

"He's around..."

"Okay, thanks."



"I swear, if you hurt my brother, I will do unspeakable things!"

Dave stared at Finn, understanding the message. He nodded his head and walked off.


"Yeah...?" Sam laughed. "What's wrong with that, Quinn?"

"And when I thought we both forgot about this!" The blonde girl scowled, looking at the rest of the dancing guests.

"Quinn, I don't know what is the big deal is with telling him..." Sam taking hold of his girlfriend's hand. "Look at me, please..." He uttered, as Quinn peered back. "I know it's strange for me to even bring it up but...I've been kind of thinking about it for a while now. Since you know, he's cool with Kurt now, so like, why not? It won't even bother him."

"Why can't we just let it pass?"

"Because I can't live with the guilt that...Karofsky thinks he's kissed my girl." The blonde boy, kissing her on the cheek. "You're my girl. And I think it's about time I tell him the truth."

Quinn smiled at her boyfriend with warm eyes. "Fine. But tell me one thing."


"You didn't feel anything when you kissed him?" Quinn staring into Sam's eyes. "Did you?"

"W-What?" The blonde boy chuckled. "I was drunk, Quinn! What am I suppose to feel? I told you that I'm not gay!"

"Sorry..." Quinn bit her lip, looking a bit guilty for asking.

Sam held her hands tight, smiling brightly. "I love you."

"I know you do..."

"Blaine! You made it!" Kurt grinned, when he opened the door to see the Dalton student.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Blaine sniffed, handing his coat to Kurt. "Are you having a good time inside, already?"

The other giggled, hanging the coat. "It's a blast! Everyone is having a good time!" He exclaimed, flushed.

Kurt's cheeks turned pink, as the Dalton student edged a bit close.


"Sorry." He spoke, stroked the other's cheek. "I'll try to keep a far distance with you. I don't want to do something that you don't want to do."

"I need to tell you something, Blaine..." Kurt muttered.

"Take your time. We have the whole night!"

Kurt agreed, as he leaded the other down the hall, introducing him to the rest of the Glee club. Members exchanged looks, pondering on Blaine's existence in the party.

"Don't worry, guys. They're just friends." Mercedes grinned.

"Are they going out?" Santana questioned. "He looks hot!"

"He's in Dalton, isn't he?" Tina asked.

"He's gay..."

"That doesn't mean I can't smack a kiss on this cutie!" The other girl smirked, twirling her hair.

"He is right in front of us!" Mercedes said, pointing at Blaine, who looked slightly nervous from the stares the girls were giving.

Kurt eyed them all, giving them an anxious smile.

"I'll leave you guys with Blaine. I have to check up on something!"

"We'll take good care of him!" Santana purred, gazing at the Dalton student, as Kurt exited out of the sitting room.

Leaving the sitting room, someone had been suddenly grabbed Kurt from behind and dragging him into the kitchen. He felt baffled by the actions and shot a look at Finn.

"What was that for?"

"Karofsky is here!" Finn spat out, as Kurt's jaw dropped. "I thought I should tell you first! You know...since you want to talk to him."

"Ohh..." Kurt buzzed. "T-Thank you for telling me..."

"Are you alright with it?"

"Of course I am!"

Kurt peering down, thinking that Blaine and Dave was under the same roof.

Great! That guy who kissed me and the guy that I like are in here! AT THE SAME TIME!

He thought to himself, running his fingers through his hair.

The knot in his chest, made it hard to concentrate. Who knows what would happen if Dave got his hands on Blaine?

"I have to find him!" Kurt said, running out of the room.

Dave spotted Kurt leave the kitchen in a hurry, about to approach him, he felt a touch from another on his arm.

He span around and saw the Dalton student, grinning at him.

A plastered look on Blaine's face spoke out: "I've seen this guy before..."

"Hey...?" Dave tugging his hands in his pockets.

"I saw you talk to Kurt back at Sectionals." Blaine started.

"Yeah, so what?"

Strange enough, he felt calm, maybe because he saw Kurt for a split second but seeing Blaine face to face, just bought back bad memories.

That bastard!

"It looks like you remember me..." Giving a devilish smirk.

"You're that guy who kissed Kurt!" The jock, trying to hold back his fist.

"Correct." Blaine arching an eyebrow. "You mad?"

"Yeah!" Dave giving a light push to the other.

"I'm assuming you're the guy that Kurt likes..."

Sam pondered around the house, looking for one of the jocks. He knew that Dave recently arrived and after his quick chat with his girlfriend, he went off to find him.

He felt terribly nauseous and his stomach was doing multiple back flicks.

If he could throw up for just telling the truth to someone, then he actually could.

He would use the excuse of being drunk but with his parents around, that would be terrible.

I don't know why I'm doing this again...Oh yeah! For Quinn...and for telling Karofsky the truth...I think? Right?

Sam sighed, sliding against the wall, sitting down.

I can't do this!

"You didn't feel anything when you kissed him?"

The blonde teen scowled at himself for not answering his girlfriend's question correctly.

You just had to lie, Sam! Great!

Throwing his arms in the air, breathing heavily.

How am I...meant to tell her the truth now?

"-And so what? Are you telling me to back off?-"

"-No! I think this should be just a friendly competition!-"

Sam's ear caught onto a conversation, hearing a familiar voice in a far off distance. He popped his head around the corner and found Dave and another teen, who he remembered from Sectionals.

Dalton Academy, right?

Knowing it was wrong to eavesdrop on another's conversation, the blonde teen continued to listen in.

Dave looked like he was about to punch the lead singer from the Warblers, his fists were already clenched and it looked like the other was making a joke out of the whole situation.

"-Competition? Are you kidding me?"

"We both know what we want and I'm sorry from what you heard from him about us."

"Heard?" Dave laughed. "I saw the whole thing! You think you can sing and dance just to get him to kiss you? I think not, dude!"

Kiss who? Sam raised an eyebrow.

Blaine was at a loss of words, doubling taking on the jock's comment. "P-Pardon?"

"You heard me!" Dave smirked. "Why do you bother interfering?"

"Not like you two are going out yet!" Blaine pointed out, making Dave cringe.

"And you think kissing him is going to make him say yes when you ask him out?"

"And you think making him cry every time is going to make him say yes when you ask him out?"

Burrrrrnnnnnn! Sam silently laugh to himself.

The two teens, both flustered at their argument, exchanged looks. The burning desire to punch the other was tempting but they both kept their cool.

Sam remained to be confused on who they were talking about.

"I-I...make Kurt cry?" Dave stuttered.

"And he comes running back to me!" Blaine exclaimed with a big grin. "Isn't that funny?"

Dave grabbed Blaine by the collar and shoved him in the wall, angered by the other. The Dalton student found it rather hilarious seeing Dave's facial expressions change every second.

"I don't see how he likes you..." Blaine shook his head.

"Back off, dude!"

"I won't! I can't stand seeing him cry! Let alone upset! If you two get together, there'll be more tears!"

"And what would you do if he goes with you?"

"He'll be happy with me, of course."

"You bastard!"

Sam thought about intruding but it'd make a fuss with Dave and seeing how mad he was now, it was out of the question.

They're talking Kurt, aren't they?

The Dalton student shoved Dave away, fixing his shirt, his grin remained on his face. It felt like bitter victory to him, knowing he could make the jock flip any minute.

"Let's make a deal here."

"I'm not going to with you! Kurt isn't a prize to be won!"

"I understand."


"I won't back off until Kurt admits his true feelings."

"But didn't you mention saying that he liked me?"

"True but..." Blaine's smile brightened. "You didn't hear it from him!"

"You asshole!" Dave shoved the other into the wall again.

"Woah, calm"


"Karofsky, yes, are we clear about this?"

Dave bit his lip, knowing talking to Blaine didn't matter. Seeing Kurt was his main priority.

"Dude, I don't care! It's Kurt that matters right now!" The jock storming off, into Sam's direction.

The blonde teen quickly crawled away, recollecting himself. Dave almost tripped over but caught the boy's gaze just in time.

"What are you doing?" He demanded, as Sam rosed from the floor.

"H-Hey! I need to tell you's kind of important."

"Now?" Dave begged.

Sam, what are you doing? He needs to see Kurt but...he's here now. So say it!

"It wasn't Quinn you kissed at Lloyd's!" He threw out towards the jock.



"Then...?" Dave frowned. He quickly caught on it was Sam by his shy expression and averted his gaze, both were blushing. "A-Are you serious?"

"Y-Yes..." Sam chocked. "Quinn only agreed to put herself in the position only because we were both worried about everyone would say if they knew that we kissed. And since...we're not would-!"

The jock stopped the other from speaking. "-Shut up! I have to do something!"


"Look, Evans! I have to do something and right now, I couldn't care less about Lloyd's!"


"We'll talk some other time, Sam!" Dave moving away, leaving the other speechless. "Later!"

It wasn't hard to find Kurt. He would be drinking or dancing with his friends or rather conversing with others in the party. Blaine's eyes danced, scanning each room, trying to find the other.

He was in range view of Kurt, who was talking to Mercedes. They were near the window of the sitting room. Kurt looked worried and upset about something.

The weak expression on the other, made it easy for Blaine to come swoop in and make him feel better. He felt like he won already.

Blaine is here, Kurt and you don't have to worry about a thing! He smirked, checking if his outfit was in order.


The lead singer was approached by a blonde teen, he raised his eyebrows, remembering Sam leading a duet with Quinn. He gave the teen a smile.

"Your performance at Sectionals was stunning! I look forward to seeing more from you!"

"Thanks but..." Sam trying to think hard what he was about to say. "...Um, I know I shouldn't be hearing other people's conversations but I think you should back off from Kurt!"

"And why is that?"

" I really think Karofsky likes the dude a lot."

"I do too." Blaine spoke, getting straight to the point. "Kurt isn't going out with either of us, I see no point in trying."

"But what you said back there was kind of rude!" Sam protested.

"I understand your concern over Kurt and Karofsky but right now, I'll be off."

"Blaine!" Sam tugged the other back firm.

It was true. It was none of Sam's business, but he didn't want his friend to get hurt by the Dalton student.

"I knew you way before Sectionals!"

"That's quite flattering...strangely, I don't on your behalf."

"I know I didn't go to Dalton Academy but I used to go to the boy's school kind of near yours before I moved here! You're that Blaine kid that broke every guy's hearts every second!" Sam admitted, remembering the dirty truth about Blaine.

The Warbler had to take a step back, not believing what he just heard.

Keep your cool, Blaine! He told himself, wanting to brush the comment away.

"You're nothing but a player, Blaine! You don't even give people a chance!"

"That's probably silly rumors you must have heard!"

"Don't play dumb with me! You have this reputation of being a player and jumping in and stealing people's boyfriends!"

Blaine scowled at the other. It started to get to him. "Fine. I'll admit that but...since you are bringing this up. May I ask if you were one of the guys I stole and broke your heart?"

"I-I'm not gay!" Sam argued.

"With that dyed hair you're totally not!" Blaine grinned.

The blonde teen clenched his teeth, annoyed and pissed off.

"Just because you dyed your hair, doesn't mean that I don't know you!" The other chuckled. "You are Sam Evans. The cute shy boy in the back of every room. You once visited at a Warbler singing festival. And you couldn't keep your eyes off me!" He hissed.

The blonde protested and pushed Blaine against the wall.

"Lost your words already now? Gee, I wonder why?" Blaine laughed again. He was enjoying every moment of this.

"You asshole!" Sam spat.

"Are you jealous because I have my eyes on Kurt and not you?" Sam twitched to Blaine's words but the other carried on. "Come on, we only talked once back then. When you shyly came over to me after our performance at that festival and you congratulated on how well we sang!"

"Shut up, Blaine!"

"You look better as a brunette, Sam."

"I SAID SHUT UP, BLAINE!" The blonde pushing the other more hard against the wall.

"You're just like Karofsky. You silly angry boys. You make me laugh!"

"Blaine, I swear!"

"Trying to keep your cool? It's a party, Sam!" Blaine jerked the other away. "You should just relax!"

Fucking hell! Sam cursed, kicking the wall.

"He told Karofsky?"

The girls of Glee club confused at the head cheerleader's remark. She bit her lip at their worried and baffled gestures.

"He hasn't told me yet but I assume he has..." She quietly said.

"Sam isn't gay, so you don't need to worry!" Santana frowned. "And you're going out with him!"

"He won't dump you for Karofsky anyway!" Tina trying to comfort her friend.

"Yeah, Kurt has his eyes on him..." Mercedes uttered.

The rest of the girls eyed their friend, even more baffled.

"K-Kurt...and Karofsky?" Quinn puzzled.

"But he isn't a gay shark, is he?" Brittany speaking about the jock.

Her friends brushed the comment away, wanting to get into the gossip about Kurt.

"Ladies, you promise not to tell anyone else, please! I said that by mistake!" Mercedes pleaded.

"Isn't that just angry sex?" Santana giggled about the two boys.

"May I point out that I sort of saw this coming!" Rachel claimed. "They've been friends and probably had their secret meetings and hang outs. We were clearly blind to this!"

"Do you think he turned gay after he made out with your boyfriend?" Santana glanced at Quinn.

"But that's not the point!" Quinn affirmed. "Right now, I don't know what to say about this..."

"Has Kurt told him yet about how he feels?" Tina questioned.

"No, not yet but he plans to tonight!"

"How about that Blaine guy?"

"I don't know but something funky is going on between those two..."

"Two guys at once? Hot!" Santana licked her lips. "I never knew Kurt was such a player!"

"I'm sure he's all for Karofsky though!" Mercedes spoke. "Remember, girls, please don't say this to the other guys!"

The girls agreed, as they turned their attention back to the party.

Kurt past the dancing people, trying to sight Dave but he couldn't find him.

He jolted at the touch of his arm. He glanced up and saw the Dalton Warbler grinning at him.

"B-Blaine!" Kurt flushed.

"Hey! I need to talk to you!"



The stunned teen smiling warmly, peering at the jock.

"D-Dave! You're wearing the clothes I gave you!" Kurt gazing Dave.

"I need to say something to you!"

Blaine and Dave exchanged their stern looks at one another.

Who knew that they would find Kurt at the same time?

The Dalton student was losing to Dave and he quickly had to do something.

Something that would grab Kurt's attention back at him. He ran to Puck, who was DJ-ing the party and quickly whispered something to him.

"Bro, I won't do it if you don't cough some cash up!" Puck chuckled.

"Fine!" Blaine passing the other with a ten dollar note.

"It's nice making business with you, dude!"

"Just play it!"

The song choice of the room quickly changed, a good beat blasted through the speakers. Blaine put on his game face, getting ready what he was going to do.

There's a place off Ocean Avenue,
Where I used to sit and talk with you,
We were both 16 and it felt so right...

Blaine started to sing. Kurt and Dave gazed at the singing Warbler lead singer.

"What is he doing?" The jock demanded.


Sleeping all day, staying up all -
Staying up all night...

Blaine circled the pair, as he pulled Kurt towards him. Dave threw a glare at him, troubled by the other's actions.

The Warbler threw a look at Dave: "Showdown, Karofsky! You in?"

"Fucksake!" He spat, as the jock pulled Kurt in his direction, joining in the song.

There's a place on the corner of Cherry Street,
We would walk on the beach in our bare feet,
We were both 18, and it felt so right...

Kurt blushed by the two, unsure what was truly happening. Dave stood in front of Kurt, peering down at Blaine.

"Challenge accepted, Karofsky!" Blaine laughed.

Sleeping all day, staying up all -
Staying up all, night...

"Are they singing for Kurt?" Santana confused.

"I think they're fighting for him more like..." Mercedes rolled her eyes.

The two singers, was suddenly surrounded by the guests of the party, all interested what was going on. They circled the pair, with Kurt standing in the middle.

If I could find you now
Things would get better,
We could leave this town,
And Run forever...

The pair sang the chorus, getting into the song.

The girls cheered for the singing jock, seeing him out of his comfort zone. Dave felt thrilled and yet nervous at the same time. He never had to sing in front of a huge group of people. The Glee club was intimidating but this was nerve racking but he loved it!

Let your waves crash down on me
And take me away, yeah yeah.

Kurt was dazed at the singing teens, his heart fluttered every time Dave would catch him stare at him. He joined the crowd, not wanting to be in the centre of attention right now. It was their turn to sing, even though he had no idea why those two started to randomly sing.

Dave looked at Kurt, singing his line.

I remember the look in your eyes,
When I told you that this was goodbye,

You were begging me not tonight,
Not here,
Not now!

"H-He's me?" Kurt whispered, feeling the temperature on his face raise.

Blaine lightly shoved Dave out of his way, his turn singing to the other.

We're looking up at the same night sky,
And keep pretending the sun will not rise,
We'll be together for one more night,
Somewhere, somehow.

The Warbler gave a wink, before Dave and him sang out the last of the song.

If I could find you now,
Things would get better.
We could leave this town,
And run forever.

Everyone in the room cheered, whooped for the pair. The Glee members danced along. Kurt clapped to the beat. He couldn't take his eyes off of Dave.

Seeing Dave look happy, singing his heart out to him, it made him forget his silly and ridiculous feelings from their encounter at the other's house.

I know somewhere, somehow we'll be together.
Let your waves crash down on me,
And take me away, yeah..

The song ended on a good note. Everyone seemed to be impressed by the pair's actions. They clapped with glee and applauded the pair for the song.

Dave bit his lip, as Finn and the rest of the boys in the club high-fived the jock.

"That was awesome, dude!" Mike exclaimed.

"This is why you should join Glee club!" Artie whooped.

"I don't know yet..." Dave shyly spoke, viewing down.

"If I knew you were singing, I wouldn't ask that Dalton guy to give me some cash, but oh well!" Puck laughed, regarding back to his note.

The boys left Dave along as he spotted his parents looking at him.

"Mom? Dad?" His heart dropped.

"Sorry that we're late..." His mother warmly smiled.

"I've never seen you do this kind of thing before..." His dad added. "That was rather...interesting."

"U-Umm...errr...I..." The jock at a loss of words, knowing that his parents saw the whole thing. "That was done on a spar of the moment!"

"Don't bother arguing with us, David. That was good." Mr Karofsky nodded.

"I haven't heard you sing outside your room..."

"I need to go pee!" Dave dashed away, avoiding his parents.

He caught Blaine and Kurt heading downstairs. The jock frowned at the sight but followed the pair.

"I don't know where that came from but that was..."

"Amazing? Breath taking? Stunning? Fabulous?" The Warbler finishing Kurt's sentence off.

They both sat down on Kurt's bed.

Kurt had to talk to Blaine and it was now the time but it would of been easy if his heart would stop racing, remembering the moment when they first kissed.

"It was...yes, amazing, Blaine but a tad out of line..."

"What?" The Dalton student confused. "I sang my heart out there for you! And that was a performance I've done without any help from the Warblers!"

"Blaine, I understand and thank you but I'm talking about what you did on Christmas Eve..." Kurt looked down.

"You mean when we kissed?"


"Kurt, I'm sorry I moved in too quickly but..." Blaine fixing Kurt's bangs. "I can't stand to see you upset."

"T-That was my first kiss...and I thought it would mean something..."

"And it did! My feelings for you!"

"But you've only known me for about a month or less, Blaine! You know I like someone else!" Kurt claimed. "How could you do such a thing when I'm confused what's going on?"

"You're confused with the wrong person you like!"

"I know you're trying to protect me and I know what is best for me!"

"And I know how to make you happy!" The Warbler rose from the bed. "You think I enjoy seeing you upset every time you come crying to me! You need me, Kurt!"

"NO, I DON'T!" Kurt yelped, standing up. Blaine gasped. "I...don't! I'm sorry! I should of pushed you away and I didn't even know that was going to happen!"

"Yes you did!" Blaine shouted. "You looked straight into my eyes! And you wanted it to! YOU WANTED ME TO KISS YOU!"


Kurt stopped himself, he couldn't say it. If he did, it would hurt Blaine like it already does.

"What, Kurt?" Blaine feeling tired.

"...I can't tell you..."

"You can tell me anything!"

" just stop then? The flirting, kissing my doesn't help...You're only giving out mixed messages to me!" Kurt shed a tear.

"I can't help it...if I like you that badly, Kurt..." Blaine holding the other's hand.

"We're friends, Blaine! And nothing more!"

"Wow..." The Dalton student mouthed. "I've never had someone say that to me before..."

"I-I'm sorry, Blaine!"

"No, I'm sorry for not trying hard enough..."


"Karofsky is all yours..." The Warbler headed towards the stairs. He turned round and smiled weakly. "I'm always a phone call away. I understand your feelings now. I'm sorry about everything and I'm not going to hold back if you come crying to me again..."


"Bye, Kurt. Happy New Year."

He left a kiss on Kurt's cheek and vanished out of the room. Kurt hugged himself, uncontrollably sobbing.

It was hard to say good-bye to Blaine and leaving their friendship off like that.

He felt like he lost a friend.

Sam stood outside the house, taking a deep breath in the cold air of the decreasing year.

He heard someone leave the house and turned round and greeted Quinn.



"So what?" Sam asked.

"Did you tell Karofsky?"

"Yeah but he doesn't care about it, which is good."

"That is good..." Quinn agreeing, standing next to her boyfriend. "Why are you out here?"

"Just catching my breath..."


"I just remembered these lame feelings I once had for someone..."


"This popular person, I fell for them, head over heels like a fool..." Sam bitterly spoke. "I had my heart crushed when I found out that person was dating one of my friends..."

"I see..."



"I love you..."

"Would you please stop saying that?" The blonde girl frowned. "You make me feel even more nervous!"


"You say all these things about loving me but you don't do anything!"

"That's don't want any of that and I'm taking it slow..."

"I know you are but...I get the feeling you'll dump me!"

"I'm not going to, Quinn!" Sam stepping closer, holding her by her hips. "And I never will..."

They both embraced each other, Sam ran his fingers through Quinn's soft blonde hair.

Their moment was ruined, as they saw the Warbler stroll out of the house.

"You two make a cute couple!" Blaine beamed.

Quinn shyly giggled, as Sam looked at the Dalton student. "You going so soon?"

"I have more things to do before this year ends..." Blaine spoke through the cold air.

"See you at Regionals then..."

"Yeah! I hope to see you guys sooner though!"

The Dalton student strolled off, leaving the couple be.

Before Blaine was out of sight, the teenage boys eyed each other, remembering their feelings when they first met. Sam held his breathe, trying to rub the feelings away. Quinn looked at the blonde teen, squeezed his hand tight. The year wasn't over yet but it felt like they've been going out for much longer.

Dave exhaled and inhaled for a while, before entering Kurt's room.

The crying teen had been wiping his eyes with tissues, sitting at the end of his bed. He jolted, as he peered at the jock.

He coughed slowly, keeping his eyes on Dave.

"You haven't been out of your room since the sing off..." He started, stepping closer to the other.

"S-Sorry...I feel like a wreck right now..." Kurt quietly said, as the jock sat down beside him. "I-I'm so glad you're here, Dave..."

"Same here." Dave wiping the tears from the other's face. "Did you think I wasn't going to be here tonight?"

Kurt nodded and slightly laughed to himself. "Is it that bad that I thought you wasn't?"

"I'm here now..." The jock whispered.

"Are you still angry at me?"

"Yes...and no."

"It's all my fault."

"No it isn't, Kurt!"

"Then all that yelling and shoving and pushing back at meant nothing, right?"

"I'm sorry that I told you that I'm done"

Kurt blushed at Dave, smiling.

His heart pumped rapidly, they were so close to touch the other's lips. Kurt quickly pushed the thought of his mind. No! Kurt! Not now!

"Where's Blaine?"

"He went home...or somewhere else."

"I see..."

"I told back off." Kurt deeply breathed.

"I thought you liked him?" Dave chuckled.


"You're friends, aren't you? And he's I've heard."

"Oh..." Kurt frowned.

He doesn't like me, does he?

"D-Do you...want me to go out with him?" He painfully asked the jock.

Dave looked at Kurt with sadden eyes. "If that's...what you want."

You stupid, jock! You'll never know!

"If you want me to, then I should of said yes right after he kissed me!" Kurt spat out, jumping to his feet.

The jock bit his lip, stunned by Kurt's reaction. Bringing it up for once between them, it felt terrible for the both to hear it.

"Woah, calm down!"

"You're so stupid! You are so stupid, Dave!"

"Stop saying that!"

"YOU ARE! Why must you always be oblivious to all of this?"

"TO WHAT?" Dave stood up now.


Dave gave out a small laugh at Kurt, shaking his head.

"You think I don't notice about us?"




"You think I don't know jack shit? I was there when you kissed Blaine! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THAT HURT ME?"




Kurt stopped again. He lost his words from the embarrassment of him and the jock yelling at one another. His face turned red from anger. He had to calm down.

Dave threw his arms in the air, confused and baffled. He just wanted to tell Kurt.

They both wanted to tell each other their feelings but doing a shouting contest wouldn't help.

"How much what, Kurt? Tell me!" Dave urged.


"No, what?"




Dave stared at the other, who was breathing heavily at his comment.

Silence grew upon them, they were both flustered because of their yelps and shouts.

"You what...?"



Dave found his lips occupied by the other. A brief moment later, Kurt moved away from the jock.

No words could describe how they felt right now.

It felt electrifying.

Their hearts were racing 1000 miles away, they could probably hear it in the quiet room.

They both leered at each other, but Kurt ended up averting the jock's gaze from his actions and sat back down back on his bed.

"I-I...wanted you to be my first kiss..." he murmured, not regretting what he did.

"Y-You wanted me to stop you guys from kissing each other?"

"It was pretty much like a gamble I guess!" Kurt giggled.


"I-Is it true? What you just said there?"

Dave replaced the empty space and went beside Kurt, kissing him on the lips. This time, it didn't like a dream.

It was real.

"Yes..." he finally answered.

"T-then why did you finally notice me until now?"

"It took some thinking, a lot of thinking...and Nick to convince me. I guess I do have a thick skull..."

"I'm sorry about what I said back there..."

"No, I'm sorry for not kissing you back at the green room." Dave said, as both of their faces turned red.

"You just did doesn't matter anymore." Kurt beamed, taking hold of Dave's hand. His eyes glimpsed at the other. "I love you."

"It took you that long saying it to me, huh?"

"You're ruining the moment, Dave!"


"That choice of music was rather strange between you and Blaine. Next time, you should perform a piece from Wicked!"

"W-What? Singing already?"

"But it was cute! I never had two boys sing..." Kurt paused. " me."

"You only have me to sing to you now." Dave leaning towards to the other again, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"That was unbelievably cheesy...even for your standards!"

Out of here,
We're out of here,
Out of heartache,
Along with fear...

Fireworks owned the dark sky, their beautiful colours staining it.

There goes the fear again,
There goes the fear..

Everyone stood outside in the back yard, watching the lovely view. It hit the new year minutes ago and everyone ran outside after they cheered to each other, greeting the new year.

It was an amazing feeling. They got through the year with less drama and it felt good.

And cars speed fast,
Out of here,
And life goes past,
Again so near...

"Are you cold?" Dave asked Kurt.

There goes the fear again,
There goes the fear..

"O-Oh? No..." He replied, as their hands found each other.

Close your brown eyes,
And lay down next to me..

Sam viewed the pair, a frown appeared on his face.

Close your eyes, lay down,
'Cos there goes the fear,
Let it go...

"Aren't they pretty?" His girlfriend said, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah..." Sam replied, turning his head at Quinn.

You turn around and life's passed you by,
You look to ones you love,
To ask them why?

"Regionals is so soon..." Finn spoke.

"Are you nervous?" Rachel concerned.

"A little bit...but I know we can do it!"

"That's my man talking!"

You look to those you love,
To justify...

"This is my first new years without my wife..." Mr Schue laughed to himself.

You turned around and life's,
Passed you by,
Passed you by, again..

"Urgh! Too many couples around!" Santana scowled.

"We can just remain single for a little bit, huh?" Mercedes laughed, as she glanced back at the fireworks.

Think of me when you're coming down,
But don't look back when leaving town...

Not that far away, Nick was over at Lloyd's house.

There was a huge party going on and Mr Toddmen was setting off a load of fireworks in their back yard. All of his guests were outside, in astonishment.

The brunette and red head was back inside, watching the view because it was too cold outside.

"My parents doesn't know about me..." Lloyd whispered.

"Neither does mine..."

"We'll tell them together?"

"Sure..." Nick grinning at the other.

Think of me when he's calling out,
But don't look back when leaving town...

Somewhere, inside another's house, Blaine was celebrating the new year with his family.

He looked up at the colourful sky from the window, having only one person in his mind.

Think of me when you close your eyes,
But don't look back when you break all ties,

"Happy new year, Kurt..." He uttered under his breath, as party poppers erupted inside the sitting room.

Think of me when you're coming down,
But don't look back when leaving town today...

"So...?" Kurt beamed.

"So what?" Dave laughed.

"When are you going to ask me out, you knuckle head?"

There goes the fear again, let it go,
There goes the fear, let it go..

"Oh!" Dave got the hint. He gazed into Kurt's eyes and smiled warmly. "Do you want to go out with me?"

"I'd love to!" He answered, giving him a kiss on the cheek, as a few Glee members noticed.

Mercedes gave her friend a thumbs up for his excellence and Rachel waved at the new couple of the year.

Finn eyed at the jock, giving him a look that said: "You be careful with my bro!". Dave nodded back at him.

Think of me when you close your eyes,
But don't look back when you break all ties...

"Looks like Kurt is going out with Karofsky now..." Sam said.

"Now isn't that strangely cute?"

The blonde couple smiled at Dave and Kurt, who's parents were eyeing their children but they let it pass them because of the occasion.

Now wasn't the time to argue, it was time to say good-bye to the old year and say hello to the new one.

The new year just started and it already felt remarkable.

Think of me when you're coming down,
But don't look back when leaving town today...


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