Chapter 35

We were procrastinating. We had told every one we would be gone for two months. The two month mark had been and gone weeks ago. We were so wrapped up in each other, neither of us wanted to tear ourselves away from each other.

We started with 'after the next hunt we'll head back', but each time we went hunting we got carried away and it took days just to emerge from the forest.

The excuses and reasons for staying just another day, 'it's better for us to travel at night, we can pack tomorrow afternoon'. Always tomorrow, we would touch or catch the others eye and end up indulging in each other yet again.

We are insatiable. As Vampires we don't tire. Our only need, apart from each other, is blood. We have made hunts into foreplay.

We had been on honeymoon for four months when we agreed we needed to head back. I did have a deal sweetener. The little cabin that I showed Jasper all those months ago had a few improvements made to it. I had Roy install a back boiler to the stove and put some solar panels in. Hot water, such a simple luxury. The cabin had an extension put on the side with a huge, sturdy wet room in it. Roy told me while we were still in Volterra that he had done everything I requested and added a few extras. I hadn't had the chance to find out what the extras are as Roy was determined to keep it a surprise.

The idea of moving into the cabin when we returned was enough to get us separated long enough to pack up, tidy the house and lock it up.

I should have been a two day drive but we got waylaid in Yellowstone. We desecrated some hot springs for a week or so. The combination of hot water, not having to breathe and abundant wildlife made the place idyllic until we were nearly caught by some hikers. We were out of season for tourists and extremely remote but still! We were distracted in our favoured position for the location, '69' in the hot water. We discovered that even without the need to breathe, surfacing to fill out lungs had other benefits; not only the contrast of hot water and the cool air but the benefit of releasing the air from our lungs when back under the water. I love the feel of bubbles directed over my clit just as Jasper enjoys bubbles running up his shaft or hitting his sensitive head. We were so busy teasing each other we never noticed them hiking towards us until it was almost too late. We heard them as they were getting all huffy about finding our clothes discarded. We had to run back to the car in the nude. We would have had to make the return journey that way regardless of getting caught as our clothes were too badly ripped to wear again. We were still giggling like naughty school children when we got back to the car.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. We managed to keep the tone light in the car. Jasper drove and kept his eyes on the road. I kept my eyes locked on the road or out of my window. We learnt early in the drive that if I so much as glanced at Jasper, my lust kicked in. As an empath Jasper immediately picked up on my feelings and reciprocated. We fed each other until neither of us could hold back.

We were talking and laughing about almost getting caught up at the springs as we arrived at Peter and Charlotte's house, they have the better track to their house than I do to mine!

They four of them had hear the car approaching. They all stood waiting for us.

Peter just can't help himself. As soon as we got out of the car he started with his ribbing, "Well I never, look it's the honeymoon couple. Did you get stuck on his cock?"

Jasper's demeanour flipped from laughing and joking to angry and protective.

Peter and Charlotte took an involuntary step backwards, they lowered their head and eyes taking a submissive posture. Garrett and Kate noticed their change in stance then looked back at us. With one glance, they too lowered their heads and eyes.

Peter's voice was clear but meek, "I'm sorry Major, I meant no offence to you or your Mate".

Jasper looked at me, his anger at Peter had gone. Since Jasper and the Major have combined he is more protective of me.

I could see the sparkle of humour in his eyes, "You should know better than angering a newly mated couple. I will let you off this once but I will not be so lenient in future. We are going to the small cabin. We are not to be disturbed unless an emergency arises," he kept his voice cold and hard just as 'The Major' would sound.

He winked at me then sent me a wave of amusement.

The four of them kept their eyes firmly on the ground. We ran into the woods in the direction of the cabin. Jasper pulled me gently to a stop and gave me the signal to raise my shield.

We stood and listened. It was nearly five minutes until we heard a voice, "Are we clear?" Charlotte whispered.

After another minute Charlotte whispered,"Why is The Major out? Will she be all right?"

Peter replied just as softly, "I don't know why the Major is back, I'm sure she will be fine, she is his Mate just as much as she is Jasper's Mate. We will have to watch what we say. The Major hasn't got a sense of humour".

Jasper was giggling as he heard them panicking about 'The Major', "We can have so much fun with this".

I looked at Jasper and shook my head. Boys!

"You can tease Peter a bit but he is your brother. Seeing you as the Major will bring back all their memories of the past. Let them know you are whole now. I think it will help them heal. How about we go and christen the cabin then come back and put them out of their misery?" I suggested.

He pouted slightly but agreed not to keep the changes from them too long. At the mention of christening the cabin his eyes darkened. He grabbed my hand and set off like a shot.

We reach the cabin. Jasper had to stop to unlock the door. He is one of the rare men that actually can multi-task! He pulled me too him, I crashed into him. Our lips locked. He turned the key but we didn't get as far as opening the door. We went slow enough to remove our clothes intact. Jasper peppered my face, throat and chest with kisses. As soon as we were free of barriers he pushed my back gently up to the door. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lined us up. He pushed in tantalisingly slow. The feeling of ecstasy filled me from head to toe as he stretched me, filling me with his dick.

He held me tight to him, rolling his hips to plunge back in with increasingly more speed and pressure.

I cried out incoherently as I hit my high. He held his rhythm as I pulsed around him. As I came back down from the peak he pulled me away from the door and leaned me backwards. I hung in mid-air parallel to the ground. He supported me with his hands on my ribs. The new angle and the unrelenting stroke pushed me over again. The intensity for this one pulled him with me.

We at last made it through the door into the cabin. The changes to the interior didn't interfere with the feeling of serenity I had felt before. A look of peace and contentment came onto Jasper's face as he took in the simple room.

"I've lived in all sorts of mansions and over the top houses with the Cullen's but I've never had the sense of Home that I feel when I walk in here," Jasper murmured as much to himself as to me.

I concentrated on the feelings I felt on entering this small cabin. He just nodded with a soft smile.

"Do you know how much it means to me that we both take pleasure from the simple things in life? I spent so long trying to conform, to be something I'm not, to make others happy. I love that I can make you happy just by being myself," his words trailed off as my love and respect for him bought him to a halt.

We went to investigate the 'wet room'. Let's just say it was bigger than the original cabin. The Spas Alice dragged me to have nothing on this! I think every water based relaxation or treatment was represented in here. They had gone to town and then some yet they still managed to keep a rustic feel to it all.

After all our intentions of christening every surface in the cabin we just ended up curled up together reading a book, soaking up the peace this place exudes.

We read the book at almost a human pace. When we finished I could feel Jasper's emotions as he unconsciously projected them to me. The peace and contentment gave way to determination and resignation.

"We are going to put them straight?" I asked him in confirmation.

"Yes, you were right. They need to know. It might take Peter and Char a while to get used to though," he answered with a wry smile.


It did take them a while to get used to 'The Major' being about. As the months passed they came to realise that 'The Major' and Jasper were now one. Peter still tenses when Jasper's stance or eyes take on the characteristics he recognises as the Major, staying wary as it slips away just as quickly.

Garrett and Kate had an easier time accepting the changes Mating had bought forth in Jasper. Kate had known Jasper Hale but not well. Garrett had got to know Jasper during all the conflict as he came to terms with himself so the final merging hadn't been a shock.

When Peter first thought 'The Major' was tamed he took a while testing his boundaries, so to speak. The loss of appendages was a common occurrence for a while. Fortunately fingers and toes are easier to reattach since they were the more frequent losses but arms and legs were also casualties. A 'mellow Major', I think is the closest Peter came to describing the differences in Jasper. Peter and Char had seen Jasper through his highs and lows. They were both happy for him to at last find peace for both sides of his ego.

The six of us were family, not the bickering 'God gave us our relatives, Thank God we choose our friends' style of family but we managed to get the best of both. We got to choose our family, I couldn't wish for better.

The extended family, on the other hand, came with their own personal flavours of drama, some more than others. Some of the Cullen's still couldn't come to terms with a Jasper that isn't compliant. He tries so hard to stay polite and stay true to himself. I find things nearly as bad when they slip into treating me like the young fragile human they once knew. After about a week of visiting the irritation that needs suppressing combined with an empath that is now all leader starts reaching breaking point. So we stuck to small doses of them, to keep our stress levels manageable

Charlie got his happily ever after. I don't get to see him in person very often but technology allows us to stay closer than we have ever been.

Our love just grew day by day. In our ever changing world we enjoy each other and our family in this window of peace and happiness.

Thank you to those that have followed my story and reviewed each chapter. I found your continued support invaluable for finding the energy to rewrite this story after I lost the original. I have so many new twists in my head that I could add but I think here is a good place to break. I hope you enjoyed.

Many Thanks to all the readers that made it this far! It's great to see the traffic stats and see how many have taken an interest.