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Three Months Later

"This has to look strange to people passing us," Booth mused out loud as he sat, blindfolded, in the passenger seat of his partner's car. He didn't know where they were headed, or what would happen once they reached their destination. All he knew was that Bones had some big birthday surprise planned. "They're going to think that you've kidnapped me."

Brennan frowned as she remembered the times he'd actually been kidnapped. "No, they won't. It'd be more logical for a kidnapper to put you in the trunk than the front seat."

"True, but not everyone thinks as logically as you do." As a memory from the first year of their partnership suddenly jumped into the forefront of his mind, he laughed.

"What was so funny?" Brennan asked.

"I was thinking about the time I picked you up at Dulles before the Cleo Eller case."

"After you asked airport security to detain me so you could stage a fake rescue," she recalled with a smile.

Bones identifies bodies for us, he had told the security guard.

Don't call me Bones. And I do more then identify.

"Yeah. I thought you'd be so grateful that you'd agree to help me with the case. But of course it didn't work out that way. When I got you in the car, you said that if I drove another block you'd scream 'kidnap' out the window."

Brennan chuckled. "I probably would have if you hadn't stopped."

"Oh, I know you would have." He joined her in her laughter. After they finished, both were silent for a few moments. When Booth spoke again, his tone was serious. "We've come a long way since then."

Brennan matched his tone. "Yes, we have."

More silence followed as each partner thought about how much their relationship had grown over the years. Again it was Booth who broke the silence. "So will you give me a hint about where we're going?"

"No. We'll be there soon enough."

"Come on, Bones!" He said with mock indignation. "Tell you what. If you give me a hint-just one little hint- I'll try some of that organic vegetarian stuff the next time we go to the diner."

Brennan considered his offer. "It would be much better for you than your normal fare."

"So you'll do it?" He threw in the charm smile to seal the deal.

"For the sake of your health, yes. Your hint is that our first destination is approximately 42 kilometers from downtown D.C."

"What's that in English?"

"As the official FBI liaison to the Jeffersonian, you really should have learned the Metric system years ago," she teased.

"I will…someday. But since it is my birthday, will you translate for me, oh noble Queen of the Squints?"

Brennan laughed. "26 miles."

The wheels in Booth's brain started turning. "26 miles…what's 26 miles from downtown? We're not…that would be weird since we were just talking about…Bones, are we going to Dulles?"

She smiled. "No, we're not going to Dulles. We're there now. I guess you can take your blindfold off." He did, squinting at the sudden invasion of light. As his eyes adjusted, Brennan parked the car in the long term parking area and popped the trunk.

"I didn't know we'd be going on a plane," Booth said, wondering what their next destination was. "I don't have any luggage."

"You do," Brennan assured him. "I removed your overnight bag from the SUV."

They took their bags out of the trunk and headed toward the main terminal. "So where are we staying overnight?" Booth asked.

"New York."

"Why New-?" He stopped himself as the answer came to him. "So we can see Edwin Booth's statue!"

"Yes. I remembered how much you enjoyed sitting in first class on our flight to China, so I got us first class seats."

"Two first class seats?" Booth whistled. "Wow! You must have spent a fortune."

"Not really; I am quite wealthy, Booth. I was happy to spend my money on something that I knew would make you happy." Entering the terminal, she grinned when she saw two familiar faces among the throng of travelers. "And I actually bought three first class seats."

"Three?" Booth's brow wrinkled in confusion. "Someone else is coming with us?"

"He is." She pointed to the boy with blond curls standing beside his mother.

Booth's face lit up at the sight of his son. "Parker!"

"Dad!" Parker ran to his father and hugged him.

When he'd finished hugging his son, Booth wrapped his arms around his partner. "Thank you, Bones. You're amazing."

She gladly returned the embrace. "I know."


During their hour and a half long flight, Brennan tried to teach Parker as much as she could about the history of New York. He listened attentively at first, but before long he was distracted by the view his window offered, declaring it "awesome". He also enjoyed making his seat lean back as far as it would go, just like his dad. As Brennan watched father and son talking and laughing together, two familiar thoughts ran through her mind.

The first was that Booth was an excellent father.

The second was that he was the only father she'd want for her children.


When they arrived in New York, Brennan, Booth, and Parker took a cab to Gramercy Park.

"According to my online research, the statue is near the south gate of the park," Brennan said.

"What statue?" Parker asked. Booth and Brennan hadn't told him about it, wanting to surprise him.

"You'll see, bud," Booth said. After a few minutes of heading south, he spotted a bronze statue of a man standing before what appeared to be a throne. "Is that him, Bones?"

She smiled at the excitement in his voice. "That's him."

Booth started jogging toward the statue, and Brennan and Parker followed. When his partner and son caught up with him, he pointed to the inscription on the statue's base. "Look at that, Parker!"

"Edwin Booth, 1833-1893," Parker read out loud. Sounding as excited as his father, he asked: "Are we related to him? Was he a king?"

"We are related to him," Booth said with pride. "But he wasn't a king."

"Then why is he standing in front of a throne?" Parker asked.

"Good question," Booth said. "Bones?"

"Your ancestor was a very famous actor," Brennan explained to Parker. "The artist who did this statue, Edmond Thomas Quinn, is showing him portraying Shakespeare's Hamlet. Hamlet was a prince of Denmark, thus the throne."

"But Edwin wasn't just an actor," Booth added. "He was a hero. He saved President Lincoln's son Robert."

Parker's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Really," said Booth. "Robert was on a crowded train platform. It was so crowded that he was pushed up against a train car. When the train began to move, Robert fell off the platform. Seeing him fall, Edwin grabbed his coat collar and pulled him back up, saving his life. Edwin didn't even know that he'd saved the president's son; he'd helped him because it was the right thing to do."

"Cool," Parker said. "You've saved a lot of people, Dad. Maybe someday they'll make a statue of you!"

Booth laughed. "Maybe. Assistant Director Hacker once told me that I was one of the best agents in the history of the Bureau, so maybe the FBI will give me a statue as a retirement present. They could put it right next to the Hoover building."

Brennan smiled as she pictured it. "I hope your statue will include your 'Cocky' belt buckle and an unusual pair of socks."

"Of course it will!" Booth said, laughing again. "I bet your statue will have a Jeffersonian lab coat."

"My statue?"

"You'll definitely get a statue someday for being the greatest forensic anthropologist ever."

"I am exceptionally gifted, but 'greatest ever' would be hard to quantify."

"Even if you're not the best squint who ever lived, which I doubt, you're still the greatest partner- and the greatest friend- I've ever had." Booth slid an arm around her shoulders. "Forget the Hoover building! They should put our statues right next to each other in the Jeffersonian Museum. Booth and Bones, side by side forever."

Brennan let herself lean into him. "I find that I like the sound of that."


Thirty years later, Brennan, remembering the conversation she and Booth had had in front of Edwin Booth's statue, commissioned Angela to make a statue of her and Booth. The statue would honor his retirement from the FBI and serve as a present for their wedding anniversary.

The finished product showed the partners/spouses standing side by side, with Booth's hand resting on the small of Brennan's back. Each was dressed as the other had imagined thirty years before. On the base of the statue was the inscription:

Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth

Everything Happened Eventually


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