This fic is based on a C-Puff Deviant Art pic I saw. The R/M dialogue was created by C-Puff and only by C-Puff; I only transcribed them and add some details of my own.

This is what the artist said about the pic:

"While attacking the Shredder's fortress Splinter was severely injured shielding Mikey from an attack. Leo got him away from the fight and to safety but had to leave him to return and help his brothers. When the fight was over and they returned to collect Master Splinter he was missing. He was too badly injured to go anywhere himself and due to stuff going down they had to leave the area and had to postpone searching for their Sensei. for the next 3 episodes the audience is kept in the dark as to what happened to Splinter. It may only be 3 episodes, but it feels like an eternity, especially since the next few episodes really broadcast the emotional turmoil the brothers go through worrying over what could have happened to their father.
This scene does not take place in the show btw."

"I remember so clearly how worried I was about Splinter during this story arc.
I also remember how utterly terrified Raph was during this time, although being Raph he shows it in a skewed way. I found it very touching how Leo, taking the role of temporary head-of-the-family, handled Raph and managed to stop his brother from completely losing it and going out to do something outrageously stupid.
In the show no-one even brings up the fact that Splinter got hurt shielding Mikey. the ONLY person who brings up this fact is Mikey himself, and he uses it to snap at Raph. Mikey keeps his personal problems and demons a well guarded secret, so to me, when he made this remark it showed he carried some heavy guilt for what happened. Yes it's only 1 line and I might be reading too much into it, but considering his character and that how he does not discuss his problems with any-one unless forced I felt it at least hinted at something lurking under the surface.

I feel I need to defend Raphael here quickly, because he really and honestly did NOT mean what he said the way it sounded. He spat the word the way he did because he found it to be utter bullshit that the only two outcomes to the situation was either Splinter getting hurt shielding Mikey (which he did) Or, if he didn't do so, Mikey would've been the one who got hurt and possibly a lot worse than Splinter was. Raph and Mikey are extremely close and Raph finds it a sick cosmic joke that the choice between who would get badly hurt was between his father and his little brother who he cares for deeply. Mikey of course, misinterpreted due to his own feelings of guilt and responsibility. And of course, Raph being Raph, can't believe he put his foot in his mouth YET AGAIN and made a mess of things. Raph has some self-issues. Everybody knows this, it's no secret.

Before any-one complains about the swearing, yes I know they don't swear in the cartoons and the most they say in any of the movies is "Damn", but in the comics Raph and Leo have no problem with cussing now and then. And I don't just mean "Damn" "hell" and "crap". I personally own a comic where Raph says "Fuck" at least twice and Leo says it once. So don't whine about "Oh how could you give them such potty mouths!" ok?If they swear enough in the comics for Splinter to reprimand them for it then I see no reason with them letting something slip when they're really stressed out.
I won't go all South Park on you guys though promise XDDD"

Well, that's what the author commented about the pic (most of it, of course) This fic will be written with the same dialogues and, yes, the bad words.

Sorry, but the pic isn't mine and I respect C-Puff's criteria.

The original title was "Between S01E23 and S01E26" but I'm gonna name this fic as "Just a Kid" because I'm planning to make the second part all of my own. So, the first part is the original dialogue between Mikey and Raph and the second part will be the reconciliation between them (brotherly fluff ^^)

I hope you enjoy it and review it please.

With Love: