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"Did you see that?" Don asked as he saw Mikey running upstairs and crying.

"Why I have the feeling that Raph has a lot to explain?" Leo said making his way to the dojo.

"Please Leo; if you're going to talk to him try to… I don't know… not lecture him?" Don said.

"I'm not gonna lecture him!" Leo replied.

"Well, you always say that and you always end up doing it. Please, just this once. Raph is too upset and I don't wanna know what he could do to you" Don said sounding worried.

"Don't worry Don, I'll be ok" Leo said smirking. He found Raph sat down against the wall, his arms embracing his legs and his forehead against his knees.

"Hey Raph…" Leo said but was interrupted by Raph.

"I'm not gonna talk to you now, Leo. So don't try to make me!" Raph said angrily.

"Ok, ok! I just wanna know if you were fine" Leo said.

"Well, no! I'm not! Now get outta here!" Raph said getting up and gazing Leo with furious eyes and pointing at the dojo's door.

"Not until we talk about what happened here! Raph, I just want to help you" Leo said.

Raph started to make his way out of the dojo but Leo grabbed his arm stopping him. Raph managed to free himself from the grip and sent a punch to Leo's face. Fortunately, the blue masked ninja caught Raph fist. Raph sent another punch but Leo dodged it.

"You're not help! I wish sensei were here!" Raph yelled angrily sending a kick.

"I'm doing the best I can!" Leo said angrily and dodging the attack.

"WELL, IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Raph yelled again and sent another punch; his fist was again caught by Leo.

"DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?" Leo yelled back.

Raph kept punching him lowering the intensity by the minute. He was too tired to fight and argue at the same time now. One last soft punch in Leo's waiting palm and both turtles sighed heavily leaning against the wall and sitting at each other's side.

A moment of silence. And then Leo talked again.

"Remember when we were playing in Splinter's room with his ink?" Leo said.

"Yeah, and we stained all his sheets and his pillow?" Raph continued.

"Hehe! And then when he came back from the surface late at night, his room was dark and he too tired so he went directly to bed…" Leo chuckled.

"… and the following day he had half of his face…" Raph continued again.

"… stained in black ink! HAHAHAHAHA!" both turtles exploded in laugh at the memory. Another moment of silence… which Raph decided to break this time.

"Leo, I… I seriously didn't mean to say that to ya. Yer doin' a good job, really" Raph said a little ashamed.

"It's ok, you were just angry. I understand. So, mind if you tell me why Mikey was crying?" Leo asked.

"I just… said stupid things to him… as usual. I didn't mean to make him feel like this is his fault. He was so… hurt. I hurt him, Leo! I think he hates me now" Raph said sadly.

"He'll never hate you. Neither of us could do it! All of us are taking Splinter's disappearance kinda hard but if we stick together as a family, I'm sure we're gonna find him soon, ok? Now, about Mikey… why if you let him see you can be a great big brother and show some tenderness?" Leo suggested.

"Ya think that could work?"

"Of course! If you did that, I'm sure Master Splinter would be proud of you"

"How do ya know that?" Raph asked with a puzzled face.

"Because I know everything" Leo said smugly causing Raph to raise an eyebrow.

"Ok, ok… maybe not everything. But what I know is that he would be very proud of you. You're a good brother, Raph" Leo said smirking. He was shocked when he felt a pair of strong arms around him pulling him into a hug.

"You too" Raph muttered.

"Thanks Raph" Leo said after he recovered from the impression.

In his room, Mikey repeated mentally his brother's words. They hurt; each one of them. The more he remembered them the more Mikey cried.

By the time Raph knocked at his door, Mikey had fallen asleep still sobbing and crying. He was so tired that he didn't hear his brother calling him and pleading him to let him in.

With some of Don's tools' help, Raph opened the door just to find his baby brother in a deep slumber surrounded by tear stained pillows and soft sobs coming from his mouth. The red masked ninja entered as stealthy as he could and sat beside his sleeping brother.

"Mikey? I… maybe ya can hear me, maybe ya can't but… I just wanted to say I'm… I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to say all those things; I was… I mean, I am worried and… yeah, I'm scared too… tch, I'm such an idiot. Ya just wanted to help and I…" Raph said with the softer tone he had. His brother showed no signs of being awake so he decided to leave him sleep for now.

"…*sigh*… anyway, it's ok if ya hate me or else… I think I deserve it" Raph said sadly as he walked to the door.

"You don't, Raphie" A sleepy voice stopped him. Mikey stared at him with inflamed red eyes for all the crying.

"Did ya… hear everything?" Raph asked in surprise sitting in the bed again. Mikey nodded.

"Yeah, I understand how you feel. And don't worry, I don't hate you" Mikey said smirking a little.

"After all I said… you should" Raph said sadly avoiding his brother's gaze.

"Don't be silly. I could never do that… unless you mess up with my comic book collection, then I would really hate you!" Mikey chuckled.

"Heh! Don't sweat it; I know what yer comic books mean to ya. So… you ok?" Raph asked still concerned.

"Yep! Not a 100% ok but… I'm fine" Mikey said.

"Glad to hear it. Ya know; I'm feeling kinda hungry now. Ya think ya could make me one of yer famous triple meat lasagnas?" Raph said winking.

"Hmm… I don't know… I'm too depressed to cook right now" Mikey said sighing dramatically.

"That's bad! I wonder what can I do to cheer ya up. Hmmm… what about some… TICKLE TORTURE!" Raph said capturing Mikey and tickling him.


"Now, how ya feeling, huh?" Raph said teasingly and still tickling.

"B- haha- better! Better! I swear- HAHAHAHA! STOP, STOP! HAHAHAHAHA… CAN'T –HAHAHA- BREATHE!" Mikey said chocking a little on his spit.

"Ok" Raph left him finally.

"Man!... *cough, cough*… next time give me a sign you're gonna do something like that! I couldn't breathe!" Mikey said recovering from the lack of air and coughing a little.

"Hehe… ya need to practice yer skills so I can't catch ya, Mikey"

"And who said I wasn't practicing my skills?" Mikey said playfully and jumped out of the bed.

"If you catch me, I'll make your lasagna. If you don't, you'll have to do the dishes for a week" Mikey said preparing for the run of his life.

"Deal" Raph said.

"Three… two…" Mikey counted.

"One!" Raph interrupted Mikey and ran directly to him.

"AHHHH! NO FAIR! YOU'RE CHEATING!" Mikey yelled running down stairs.

"Ya never said the rules!" Raph followed him.

The red and the orange masked turtles ran through the lair while the others just saw them with a smile on their faces.

"Seems like nothing's gonna change when sensei comes back, don't you think Leo?" Don asked.

"Yeah…" Leo said smirking and went to his sensei's room. He touched the cold sheets softly and sighed heavily.

"… when he comes back" Leo muttered.