Chapter 1~ The Chase


Between Olivia's heart thumping at a million beats a second, and her feet pounding on the cold hard ground, she was sure the policemen could hear her. But she was fast; faster than them and even if they were following her she could easily outrun them. She was running from them because they were trying to take her, take her to a cruel orphanage. Where she refused go, or she would escape. Mere minutes ago, her house had gone up in flames. Taking both her parents lives. Since she had no living relatives her only option was an orphanage. She had loved her parents more than anything. But now they were out of her life. Forever. And Olivia was running.

She knew she couldn't run forever. And it was getting dark. A cold breeze wrapped around her and she shivered. She needed a place to hide. Before her appeared a huge, majestic sycamore. It had low to the ground, sturdy branches and she could easily scale it. She quickly scampered up about 20 feet and rested, catching her breath until finally the policeman rounded the corner.

"I don't see her." A young blonde cop exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I don't even think were in Rawling anymore." The eldest remarked

"Eh… let the girl hide. She'll come back in a day or two." Said the blonde one.

And with that the two cops trudged back towards Olivia's former house.

Phew," Olivia muttered, "I thought those two knuckle heads would never lay off"

Olivia, suddenly realizing how exhausted she really was, climbed up a few more feet and nestled herself in between two thick branches. With one last sigh she dozed off.