~ What? I'm the Tenth-Generation Mafia Boss! ~

In the palace of FlockBird City, there's seven guardians. The seven holds a ring. Each ring have different symbol and color. It's just the beginning, the Maologa Ninth is choosing the next Maologa Tenth. The next Maologa tenth boss is Athle Iwami. He's the chosen one and the next Maologa X of the Maologa Famiglia. Maologa is the second strongest of all other Mafia family. The Vongola and the Maologa Famiglia are allies since generations. A Home Tutor name Kane came from Italy to tutor Athle. Natsume knows about the first generation Vongola Family and Primo and his guardians. Natsume use to be part of the Vongola Famiglia by Giotto. Now, Athle is going to be the next Maologa X by Maologa Ninth. And there more Mafia Famiglia in Italy.

A young man was walking in the hallways in Fumia Academy and said, "Where is he?" In the classroom, everybody was silent and the teacher didn't show up yet in Night Class.

"Wow, Im surpries that the teacher didn't come today. I wonder why?" said mysterious guy 1.

"Who knows? Who cares, Gino? I mean that's none of our problems." said mysterious guy 2 as he doesn't care.

Gino sighs and said, "You know, Gabriel."

"What Gino?" said Gabriel as he was reading.

"That Kenny is getting bored for the first time." said Gino looking at Kenny.

" I know that and quit reminding me, alright."

"Okay then. *thinking* Anya, Suzaku, Misha, Jr, Pit, Yuuki, Keith, Spectra, Ayano, Fang, and Ah-Hin seems quite all of the sudden. Too much to think about it."

Fang starts to speak to Kenny and said, "Kenny?" Kenny eyes was close and his arms were cross. "Don't call me by that name anymore!" said Natsume. Everybody was confused and puzzled.

"What a-are you talking about?" said Keith as he was surprised.

"That's the name that your parents gave you." said Jr as he cross his arms. "Well not anymore. That name wasn't even gave to me since I was born." said Natsume as he was serious. Everybody stands up expect for Spectra and said, "What? Your kidding?"

"What's your real name, Ken..., oh I mean Natsume?" said Gino as he wandering what is real name sighs annoying and said,

"Why should I tell you my real name? That's none of your concern, alright. *sighs again* Everybody was silent. Then Yuuki spoke, "Really? Then your real name seems serious."

"Of course, it is, Yuuki." repiled Natsume as he look at the door.

Then someone open the door and enter in. "Ciaossu!" said mysterious baby. Jr stands up and said, "Who the hell are you?" The mysterious baby jumps to Natsume. Gino gasp. The mysterious baby stands there and stares at Natsume. "Who are you?" said Natsume as he was wondering. "Ciaossu! I'm Kane, your Home Tutor. *takes out a letter* Your Natsume Crist, correct?" said Kane.

"Yes, I aa. You said Home Tutor, right? said Natsume. Kane nodded. "Yes. Here, a letter." said Kane. Natsume takes the letter firm Kane hands. He opens the letter and read it. "He's a home tutor, but a baby. A baby child like him can't tutor, Natsume." said Fang. Kane turns to Fang and his eyes starts to shine. Fang have a feeling that it was a bad sign. So, he sat down and seal his lips. Natsume finish reading the letter.

"What are you serious?" said Natsume surprisely. Kane smiles.

"You were chosen by Maologa Ninth. He choose you to become the next bo..." said Kane.

Fumia Academy, Night Dormitory

Natsume cover his mouth with his hands and ran out to the dormitory. "Sorry about that, Kane. I have to do that." said Natsume.

"I see then. Where was I... oh yeah. The Maologa Ninth chose you to become the nest Maologa X." said Kane as he was looking that Natsume and grins.

"I see. The Maologa IX chose me. Why?" repiled Natsume as he was puzzle. "He saw the deathperation flames inside of you." said Kane as he answer Natsume question.

"I see. *surpriesd* What?" said Natsume. Kane sighs deeply and said, "You're so optimism." Natsume was worry about it.

"Thanks for the advises, Kane. That didn't help me at all."

"Of course it didn't, Natsume."

Natsume sighs. "You're suppose to help me with my problems, Kane." Kane ignore Natsume and sips the tea.

"Forget that. You need to focus to become the next Maologa X, Natsume." repiled Kane.

"Okay then. *wandering* Wait, you're an Arcobaleno, right?"

"Right, I'm Kane the Sun Pacifer Arcobaleno." Natsume was wandering how Kane know his name. "And how do you know my name, Kane?"

Kane sips the tea. "The Maologa IX told me." replied Kane. Natsume thought it would a straight answer not some guessing game. "Oh, I see."

Ah-Hin search for Natsume. "Where could Onii-sama be? Hmm, in the dormitory, I guess?" said Ah-Hin. She went to the Night Dormitory to find Natsume.


In the classroom, Gino was wandering where Natsume went. "*looks at Gino* Something wrong, Gino?" said Gabriel.

"No, it's nothing." said Gino. Gino started to daydream and dazes off to space.

"Oh, I see then." Gabriel as he was still reading his book. "Anyways, who was that kid?" said Jr getting irrated. "Who knows? But he said something about Maologa to Natsume." said Fang.

"Yeah, now mention it. The Maologa?" said Yuuki.

Everyone was thinking about it.

"Wait, did he also say that he's a Home Tutor and his name was Kane." said Keith.

"Yeah, that too as well." said Pit. Then the door opens and Kane was on Natsume shoulder. "Natsume?" said Spectra. "And the baby too." said Fang. Kane ignore Fang and ask Natsume something. "Natsume, we'll leaving now. And farewell too." said Kane.

"Okay then, Kane. This academy is pretty boring here." said Natsume bored. Kane look at Natsume and said, "Well, you seem pretty boring for getting here. Your father doesn't care that you leave this place. This place is pretty dull for school. I have the best school for you."

"What you do, Kane?"

"Umm... yeah, I do. It's day class school."

"Okay then, It's been a long time since I went to day class school." as he smiles.

"Oh, you been to day class school before, Natsume. Since, your like a high school student. Your be going to high school." Natsume stops smiling and said, "Sorry, Kane. But I don't want to go to High School."

Kane look at Natsume with a insane stare. "Really? Why? How come?" as he answering the question all at once. Natsume fake laughs and said, "Hehe! *serious* It's a long story. "Kane stares at Natsume. Everybody was shock to hear that Kane and Natsume said. "Natsume, you went to day class school?" said Yuuki wondering. Natsume turns and look at Yuuki and said, "Oh, that's a secret. It's my personal life. I don't tell my personal past to someone. Yuuki was irrated what Natsume told her and said, "Oh, I'm sorry about that, Natsume." Natsume apolgize to Yuuki for his actions. Yuuki doesn't care and doesn't feel sorry that all of Natsume "You don't feel sorry at all, Bellatrix."

Ah-Hin heard eveything from Natsume. She was okay with that. "Natsume, you need subordinates for the sake of Maologa Famiglia." said Kane serious and looking Natsume.

"But I can't choose. I'm not a good chooser. You choose Kane." as he turns to Kane on his shoulder. "Oh okay then. I'll choose the best subordinates, but first."

"What?" Silent for a moment.

"Take me to FlockBird City. There someone that you need as your subordinate."

"Who?" as Natsume was confuse and puzzle. "You'll figure that yourself when we get there." Both Kane and Natsume left the academy and went to FlockBird City. "What are they talking about?" said Misha.

"Who cares what their talking about? That's how Natsume is." said Anya.

Gino look at Anya and was pale. "Anya, you know that. You don't need to be harsh on Ken... I mean Natsume." said Gino. Suzaku look at Gino and sighs ignored. He went to Gino and said, "It seem you have crush on Natsume, Gino." Gino started to blush. "N...no, I don't, Suzaku!"

"Maybe your friendship should make you two up for some reason." said Gabriel as he put his book down. "Huh? Our friendship?" said Suzaku and Gino at the same time. Anya sighs ignored and said, "Well, if Natsume was here. He'll probably fix the friendship that you two broke in 2 years even now."

"So, where's Natsume going again?" said Keith as he was wandering. "That baby said 'FlockBird City' , I think." said Spectra.

"You think, Cross." said Keith as he sighs. "Yes Tesshiro. I'm sure of it." said Spectra. Yuuki ignore them and was thinking. "That kid? He was wearing something around his neck. What's that thing?" as she thought. Jr and Gabriel went out of class and went to FlockBird City. Pit site and ignore Spectra and Keith. Anya and Misha was quite. While Anya was playing with her phone dairy. Misha was reading her book. Suzaku and Gino was writing. Spectra stops argue with Keith. Keith stops arguing with Spectra. He was thinking about Natsume and Kane and what their talking about before. "Did Kane say something about subordinates? Why do you need suborinates? *sighs* I'm confuse, alright. Why does Natsume need subordinates? Does it involved the Maologa Family? I think I should be a help for Natsume and whatever he's doing." as he thought. He stands up and left the classroom and went to FlockBird City. "Where's everyone going?" said Gino as he look around the whole classroom. "I don't know." said Spectra as he doesn't care at all what their doing. "I'm guessing that everybody went to FlockBird City. Let's go to FlockBird City." said Yuuki as she stands up and left the classroom. "Umm... okay." said Gino, Suzaku, Ayano and Spectra. Pit, Anya, and Misha left without telling Yuuki. "It seems that Pit, Anya, and Misha left already." said Gino as look at Yuuki. "Well, who cares. On come, let's go." said Yuuki.

Everybody left.

FlockBird City

In FlockBird City, Natsume and Kane was walking. "So, who's the subordinate I'm getting here, Kane?" said Natsume. He look at Kane. Kane kept walking and hear Natsume. "I told you before. You'll see for yourself. You must be worry about it. *points to the palace* Oh, let's go to the palace." said Kane as he kept walking. Natsume's confused. "The palace? But why?" said Natsume with a exasperated face. "Just go!" said Kane demared. Natsume sighs and said, "Alright then." with a disappointed look.

They made it to the entrance of the palace. Kane looks at the palace. "Let's go in, Natsume."

"Right." They open the gate to the palace entrance and enter inside. Then a mysterious person was guarding the palace doors. He saw Natsume and look determined look Natsume and walk up to him. "Who are you and what are you doing here at the palace?" said mysterious person. Kane look up at person with a blissful look. "I'm looking for a person a Aido Kobayshi." said Kane. Natsume look Kane with a surprised face. "What?" said Natsume. Kane look at Natsume and said, "You look surprise, Natsume." Natsume was undecided for Aido to get involve in Mafia. "Of course, I am. But why Aido, Kane?" said Natsume. Then Kane pet chameleon tranform into a hammer and Kane swings the hammer and hit Natsume. "Just shut up!" said Kane with a ecstatic look on his face. "Ow! Owwww! Man, Kane. What was that for!" said Natsume envious look to Kane. "Just be quite, alright." said Kane as he turns to the mysterious person. Natsume sighs and said, "Okay. I'll shut up okay." Then the mysterious person look at Kane with a aggressive look.

"Aido Kobayshi, huh?" said the mysterious person.

"Plus, you're not the person, I'm looking for." said Kane eave dropping. Then Aido was running to the palace. "Jun!" said Aido while was he was running.

Jun heard Aido voice and look at him with a disapproving look for his face while he look at Aido. "That idiot bastard, Aido!" said Jun. Then Aido was surprise to see Natsume.

"Huh? Why are you here, Kenny?" said Aido. Natsume turms around and look at Aido with a determined face. "DON'T call me by that name! Just call me Natsume for now on!" said Natsume as he gave Aido a cold look. Aido shivers and predict the cold look on Natsume.

Then Kane look at Aido said, "Wow! Impressive! He predict that cold look that you gave to Aido and he quickly predicted fast."

Natsume ignore Kane and said to Aido, "Now, you know that. You're going to tell Aido that..." Aido was confuse what Natsume and Kane was talking about. "Huh?" Tell me what?" said Aido anxiously.

Jr, Gabriel, and Keith came to the palace. "Jun, let Natsume go." said Keith.

Jun bows to Keith and said, "Yes, your highness." He went in the palace.

"Are you kidding that Athle should throne the city with Shirley, Leena, and Wolfram. Keith?" said Aido determined.

"No, I'm not kidding, Aido." said Keith seriously. Then Natsume said, "I have to agree with Aido, Tesshiro. Their still young and learning how to be the emperor and empress. Plus, their not emperor nor empress." Then Pit, Ayan, Misha, Yuuki, Spectra, Gino, and Suzaku came to the palace.

Gino smiles and said, "Hi guys," Everyone was silent. "Huh? Why so quite all of the sudden?"

Then Kane interrupted the silent and said, "Can we discuss this in the palace?" Then Yuuki look Kane and said, "Sure thing." as she raise her palm hand out.

They went inside of the palace. Kane gave Natsume a list of the Maologa Family Tree. "What's this, Kane?" said Natsume confused. "This is the list of the Maologa Famiglia Tree. Since the the first generation boss. Your his great-great-great grandson. The person who bloodline of the Maologa Famiglia is the boss." said Kane as he sip his tea. Natsume look at the list boss of the Famiglia Tree of the Maologa Famiglia. "Huh? But why me?" said Natsume meditative. "I was order by the boss of the Maologa Famiglia, the Maologa IX." said Kane as he turns around and sips his tea. "The Maologa Famiglia and Mafia." said Natsume satisfied. Kane look at Natsume with a puzzled face.

"Is there something wrong, Fragola Primo?" said Kane happying.

Natsume was demured that Kane knew it from the beginning ans said, "Humph, I guess you knew from the beginning. But I can play along."

Kane look at Fragola Primo with a confident look. "So, how's Vongola Primo doing, Fragola Primo?" as he sips his tea.

"You mean Giotto the founder of the Vongola. Well, he doing great." said Natsume blissfully. Kane grins and said, "Well, you and Giotto are childhood friends. You and the Maologa Primo are like twin brothers. Then Spectra came said, "Primo, I find information about Ace." Natsume was confient and said, "Well, that's the good news. Well done, Haruko." said Natsume. Haruko was bashful and said, "Humph, I guess so. Anyways, since Kane knows who you really are. Do will we the Fragola Famiglia do now?"

Natsume look at Kane then look at Haruko. "Well, we could head back to Italy and meet them there." said Natsume demure.

"Okay, and how about the Vongola Decimo, Primo?" said Haruko satisfied. Natsume was demurred.

Namimori Middle School

Tsuna and his guardians was at school. In the classroom, Tsuna sneeze. "Bless you, Tenth." said Gokudera as he lean his chair. "Thank you, Gokudera." said Tsuna as he stuffing his nose. "Your welcome, Tenth." said Gokudera blissfully.

"What happen? How did I sneeze?" said Tsuna puzzled.

"Probably, someone is thinking you, Tenth." repiled Gokudera.

"Really? *thinking and looks at Kokyo* Could Kokyo possible thinking me," though Tsuna. Then he was imagining something else like:

Mukuro: The Vongola will be defeated by my own hands.

Ken: Yeah! Let's go and destroy the Vongola!

Chikusa: *sighs* Whatever Mukuro is doing. I'll follow and do it.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" as he stop imagining and lean on the chair and the chair fell down and Tsuna also fell down and hit his head on the floor.

Gokudera got up and went to Tsuna and said, "Tenth! Are you okay?"

Tsuna pet his head and said, "Yeah, I'm fine, Gokudera." Then Yamamoto came and saw Tsuna on the floor and said, "Tsuna, are you okay?" Tsuna nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." Kokyo and Hana came and went to Tsuna. "Tsuna, are you alright?" said Kokyo worry.

"Forget Kokyo. That's how he is." said Hana arrogant. Tsuna smiles and thought and said, "Kokyo was worry about me. She's pretty close up." with lovestruck face.

Then Reborn pops out of the classroom floor and surprise Tsuna. "R-Reborn!" said Tsuna surprise.

"Ciaossu!" said Reborn smiling. "Reborn, what are you doing here?" said Gokudera wondering.

"Well, I want Tsuna, Yamamota, and Gokudera to go the school roof top after school." said Reborn as he was confident.

"What about Ryohei, Hibari, and Chrome, Reborn?" said Tsuna wondering.

Reborn turns around and look at Tsuna and said, "Don't worry. They'll come." Then Reborn disappeared back in the floor.

After school, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, and Chrome was at the school roof top. Hibari was sleeping in the school top and saw Tsuna and the other. He come down took out his tonfas and said, "You know that I don't like crowds."

Tsuna gulp and got scared. Then Gokudera went in front of Tsuna and said, "Don't you dare hurt the tenth."

Yamamoto tries to stop them. "Now, now, can't we just get along with each other." said Yamamoto smiling. Then Reborn appears and landed on Tsuna head.

"Ciaossu!" said Reborn with a happy face.

"Tenth!" said Gokudera yelling.

"R-Reborn!" said Tsuna.

"Kid, your here." said Yamamoto satisfied. Hibari look at Reborn and said, "Baby."

"Hey, Reborn. Why did you call us for?" said Ryohei.

Tsuna got up. Then Reborn look at everybody if they are here. "It looks like everybody is here. Anyways, there something important that you guys need to know. *Everybody was silent* There's a new enemy beyond in Namimori." said Reborn as look at each one them.

Author Notes: Well, I made this anime story different but the same characters in the anime. More new characters in the story. There'll be more new characters further more in the chapter. Fragola means Strawberry in Italian. And Maologa is a name that I made up myself. I think this story might confuse yea.