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Actually, this story is mostly for stress relief on my part. I've been dealing with a lot of tension and anxiety lately and I figured, why not relax through writing? Hopefully having this little writing project on the side will help me a little. Then again, it's not just about me- I do hope you guys will enjoy this story. I got the idea and I just couldn't resist...

This will eventually be a Vlad and Danny story (not slash though). I've realized how much I love the two in the father-son relationship and I really want to try something new with them. We'll see how it works. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy and keep reading; of course I love writing, but the reason I ever continue is because of you guys' support. I hope you guys will enjoy this. Oh, and this story takes place right after the ultimate a few weeks later.



Danny is forced to participate in the annual Casper high Insomniathon due to his spiraling grades. During the weekend-long all-nighter, Danny starts acting strangely. When his odd behaviour continues, the hybrid's parents, family and friends start to worry. Desperate to save their son, Danny's parents turn to the only person that they know can help...Vlad.


Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Edward Lancer was his remarkable ability to drone on endlessly about subjects that no one but him could be bothered about. Though, that was probably what made him such an amazing educator that he was not only teaching three subjects, but also acting as temporary vice-principal at Casper High. Today, he drawled on about some obscure author of the nineteenth century, under the impression that his students were obediently taking notes and never once daring to imagine that over half the class was busy sleeping, playing cards, or chatting quietly... loudly in Paulina and Starr's case. And in the back of the class sat Tucker, Danny and Sam, whispering quietly.

"I'm going crazy. Absolutely crazy." The raven-haired boy leaned against the rear of his chair, letting himself slide down a bit against the metal backing. He brought a hand to his head and started rubbing his temples…things had not been going well for Danny lately.

Apparently, this was very clear to Sam and Tucker, who shot each other worried glances as they observed Danny. Sam, who had turned in her seat to face the two boys, put down the comic book she'd previously been entertaining herself with, and gave a concerned frown before placing a hand on Danny's outstretched one. "Danny, don't say that. You're fine."

"No, I'm not," he replied firmly. "Yesterday I was fighting about seven of those little blob ghosts, and then 'poof!'- just as I was about to get in another punch, they disappeared. They just vanished."

Tucker frowned. Giving Danny a skeptical look, he pointed out, "Well, dude, they're ghosts. Isn't that what they do?"

Danny sighed. "Yeah, but not like that…I mean usually they fly off, or they'll turn invisible and fly off. I can't see them, but I can sense them until they leave the area. These ones though- they just vanished! I dunno…I'm starting to question whether or not I was even fighting them…"

"Dude, maybe you're just imagining things because you haven't gotten a good night's sleep in.…how long now?"

"About two weeks," the young halfa replied absentmindedly, not quite realizing how outrageous his statement was, though true.

Sam looked surprised. "Ouch. You've gotta get some rest, Danny. This really isn't healthy."

Stealing a glance from Mr. Lancer, who was far too intrigued in whatever nonsense he was teaching his students in order to pay attention to them, Danny suddenly gave a weary smile. "Yeah, well neither are Lancer's lectures, but we've still gotta endure them."

Tucker snorted while Sam gave the two boys a pointed look. She was about to say something, but lucky for the boys, the school bell chose that precise moment to ring.


Everyone clambered out of their seats, forcing Lancer to yell in order to make himself heard over the bell and the racket made by the students. "Austen's Emma, people!" he cried as he swerved to avoid Paulina's vanilla-scented hair swishing in his face. "Don't forget to get your permission slips for the Insomniathon signed! Remember, it is not optional to those with a current average of seventy percent or less. And for the rest of you, don't miss out; it's for a good cause!"

Danny rolled his eyes as he made for the door. "Great," he muttered under his breath. "So you allow your grades to drop in order to keep your fellow citizens safe and you're rewarded by having to spend forty-eight hours with no sleep in the same room as your dorkwad classmates." While trying to push his way through the bustling crowd, Danny felt a hand rest on his shoulder. "Mr Fenton, I'll be seeing you at the Insomniathon, I trust," Mr. Lancer said. More of a statement than a question, Danny nodded in reply.

"Yes, sir."

With a satisfied smile, Mr. Lancer returned to his desk. Danny quickly left the room, his friends at his side. As they walked through the halls, Sam noticed Danny's sulky expression. Sympathetically, she tried to cheer up her friend. "Aw, cheer up Danny. It'll be fun."

"Yeah, about as much fun as having Vlad over for a slumber party," Danny replied, the thought causing his face to scrunch up in disgust. "Why are you going anyways? You and Tuck already have pretty good grades…"

"Hey, it's for charity," Tucker shrugged. "Besides, staying up for a whole weekend around all these hotties?" With a grin, he gestured at the girls in the hallway, many of which were applying makeup at their lockers or giggling giddily with their friends. "After all that lack of sleep, one of them's bound to agree to let me take them to the Spring Dance."

"Don't hold your breath," Sam said teasingly. Tucker stuck his tongue playfully out at the goth girl.

Danny opened his locker and let his books fall in with a loud thud. Stuffing the permission slip in his backpack, he slung the purple bag over his shoulder. After stopping at Tucker and Sam's lockers, the three freshmen fought through the crowd of students and headed outside, the fresh air beating against their faces.

"So we're still up for the movie tonight?" Sam asked, wrapping her jacket around her bare, cold midriff.

"You know it! Monster Mania 3- it's going to totally blow the last Monster movie out of the park!" Tucker exclaimed, punching the air with fist out of excitement. He'd ordered the tickets three months in advance through his PDA and was boasting to everyone who would listen that he'd beat the box office rush to the best movie of the year- possibly the decade!

"Yeah, I'm still up for it too," Danny agreed. "I just need to get home and sign this permission slip before I meet up at your place, Sam."

Tucker looked disappointed. "Can't it wait, dude? We're scheduled for a videogame marathon till six."

"Nah," Danny said with a sigh. "I'll probably forget if I don't do it now…and then Lancer will give me detention for the rest of my life. I'll meet up with you guys in a bit, 'kay?"

Sam and Tucker shrugged and continued towards the girl's mansion after bidding their friend farewell. Danny headed to the nearest fire hydrant and, crouching behind it, he let two white rings appear around his waist and travel to either ends of his body. He loved going ghost…it was like he was releasing a burden of energy that he had suppressed while in human form. And the feel of the ghostly energy around in his hands was so invigorating that sometimes he just 'went ghost' in his bedroom in order to feel the power…although that was a habit he'd given up recently. After his meeting with his dark future-self, Danny had become much more cautious with savoring the feeling of his powers…

Taking off into the air, Danny headed for his house, with only the wind in his face to keep him from falling asleep.

Danny's fingers drummed against the blue vinyl covering on the kitchen table as he waited patiently for his mom to finish reading through the sheet he'd given her.

"I dunno, sweetheart," Maddie said uncertainly as she read through the paper her son had given her. "You've already been so tired lately. Is it really a good idea to go to this Insomniathon?"

"Well, I don't really have a choice, Mom," Danny answered, passing his mom a pen in order to prompt her to sign it. Just for added measure, he gave her a 'I've been a good boy so can you please just sign it now?' look.

Reluctantly, she took the pen and signed the slip of paper. "But be sure you get plenty of rest before going, alright dear? I don't want you to overexert yourself."

With an absentminded nod, Danny took the paper and the pen. He mumbled a quick thank you and was about to leave the kitchen when Jazz walked in, holding a textbook in one hand an empty plate in the other.

"Hey is that for the Insomniathon?" she asked excitedly, noticing the paper over her brother's shoulder. "Oh you're so lucky you get to participate! It'll be loads of fun."

"Yeah, says you," Danny raised an eyebrow.

Rolling her eyes, Jazz headed for the fridge. "Danny, you'll enjoy it. It'll be good for you to go out and have some fun."

"Whatever," Danny muttered under his breath. Then turning to his mother, he said, "Okay, I'm gonna go to Sam's, mom."

Maddie had returned her attention to the ghost detector she'd previously been working on and was therefore unlikely to respond in the near future. Taking her ignorance of his statement as a 'yes' Danny exited the kitchen. Happy to be out of his family's company for awhile, Danny quickly headed for the door before he could run into his father, who would probably want to blather on about his newest invention. Once out of the house, he let himself transform into his alterego and flew towards Sam's.

Well? Very short, I know, but this is just the prologue. One of the things I really want to work on in this story is lengthening the chapters a little. I also really want to work on improving my descriptions for this story instead of just filling it with any suggestions are welcome ;D

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