Alphonse was suddenly aware he was facedown on something, but he wasn't sure what it was.

The room came into focus, and Alphonse could make out small pieces of the smoky cellar.

"What happened?" he wondered as he pulled himself up. He remembered trying the transmutation to bring his mother back, but after that nothing. Then he saw his body.

"A suit of armor? What is this?" Alphonse gasped out loud. Was he inside it? It didn't feel it. He looked up and saw a small figure curled up on the ground.

"B-brother? Brother!" Alphonse shouted running towards Ed.

"I'm s-sorry Al..." Ed grimaced in pain as he spoke.

"Brother your leg, and arm. What happened?" Alphonse cried as he pulled Ed into his metal arms.

"There wasn't much time..." Ed gasped. "I gave up my right arm in a t-transmutation. All I could get was your soul, I attached it t-to the suit in the corner."

Alphonse was silent.

"I-I'm s-so sorry Al-"

"No, no hold on a second." Al said putting a finger up. "I need some time to think about this."

Ed stared at Al. "Wh-What?"

"My soul is the same as your arm?"


"My entire soul...My ENTIRE soul...Is equal to your right arm."

"Alphonse I-"

"My FREAKING SOUL is just worth your right arm."

"A-are you ok?"

"Well no Edward." Al said curtly. "Because I just realized that on the scale of Equivalent Exchange I am worth nothing more than somebody's arm."

"Alphonse it's not like that" Ed grunted as he clenched his wounded shoulder tighter, fighting off the white lights that were clouding his vision.

"I can't believe this!" Al pouted. "You get all the girls, you get all the attention, everyone says your the prodigy while nobody even looks twice at poor me. And now when it all comes down to it I'm worth one arm!"

"Al...I know your upset..." Ed breathed. "But...I think I'm bleeding to death..."

"See there you go! Trying to make it all about you again!"

"No I wasn't-"

"You know I didn't even want to go along with this plan! Its not like Mom liked me anyway, you were always her favorite!"

"Alphonse..." Ed moaned, clenching at his wounds.

"You and your poor arm! How will you survive without one? Oh but a soul, those are a dime a dozen."

"Can't breathe...getting dizzy..." Ed gasped.

"I think the universe just likes to make me feel bad about myself..." Al wailed.

"Goodbye Al...I'll always love you..." Ed said slowly as his eyes drooped closed.

"Yeah Yeah..." Al sniffed. Then he looked down.

"Crap brother you're bleeding a lot."


"No seriously that is a lot of blood. Its amazing you're even alive..."



It was awkwardly quiet as Alphonse realized that his brother was on Death's door.



A/N: I still don't understand how an arm equals a soul.