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Rusl and I were sitting by the Faron Pool, after gathering firewood for Rusl's family. Rusl usually stopped at this pool before we headed home for the day. I don't mind stopping, it is nice to stop and take a break after a long day. Also, sometimes Rusl will tell stories about Hyrule and the Realm of Twilight.

"Tell me," Rusl said, staring at the pool, "Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?"

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.

"They say it's the only time when our world intersects with theirs." Rusl answered.

Sometimes Rusl got into these moods where he will talk about the Twilight realm as if it is an actual place. Most people in Ordon will ignore him, but I try to at least act like I'm paying attention. While he is well respected in Ordon many people consider him strange, mostly because he traveled a lot when he was young. Apparently that gave him "ideas".

"That is why loneliness always pervades at the hour of twilight." Rusl says mysteriously, "But enough talk of sadness, I have a favor to ask you, Link."

"Sure, anything." I reply.

"I was supposed to deliver something to the royal family of Hyrule the day after tomorrow." Rusl said

"You mean the sword?" I ask. The sword was a master piece that Rusl and the blacksmith had been working on for weeks now as the Ordon Providence gift for the 16th birthday of princess Zelda. Since Rusl is the one of the few people who has left Ordon, it was unanimously decided that he would be the one to deliver the gift.

"Yes," Rusl answered, "It was a task set to me by the mayor, but would you go in my stead?"

For a moment I sit there stunned. A chance to leave Ordon and see the rest of Hyrule was something I have always desired.

"You have never been to Hyrule, right?" Rusl asked after my continued silence. I was still too stunned to say anything.

"No never." I answer after I find my voice, "Why do you want me to go? What is it like? Do you really think I can go?" I look over at him.

"In the kingdom of Hyrule there is a great castle," Rusl begins as an answer, "Around it is Castle Town, a community far bigger than our little village. And far bigger than Hyrule is the rest of the world the gods created. You should look upon it with your own eyes."

And with that we fall silent, both staring at the water. I'm still a little shocked that Rusl would ask me if I would deliver the gift. I mean it's a big deal, this gift. The gift will represent all of the Ordon providence and it was a great honor for my village to be asked to make and deliver it. Also, I know Rusl was looking forward to going to Castle Town, to seeing his friends there.

"It's getting late," Rusl says, standing up and stretching, "we should head back to the village. I will talk to the mayor about this matter tomorrow."

With that I head over to Epona, my horse, who has been quietly munching grass this entire time. She is loaded down with the firewood Rusl and I gathered earlier.

We walk back home in companionable silence. Rusl makes sure to lock the gate after we cross the wooden bridge that connects the Faron woods to Ordon. When we arrive at the clearing where my house is we find that Rusl's wife and young son, Colin, are waiting for him. Rusl grabs his firewood and then they leave, Colin waving to me before they head into the village.

When they are gone I climb up into my house, which is actually a tree house. I use to live with Rusl and his family but about two years ago I decided to build my own house. It is just outside the village, in a clearing where people have to pass by to go to the Ordon pool and the Faron woods.

Once in my house I see a small pot of soup sitting on my table. Rusl's wife, Uli, must have left it for me while she and Colin waited for us.

When I sit down to eat I hear Epona whinny at someone. I get up and go look out the window. As I'm looking I see Epona being led away by a girl. It was Ilia, the mayor's daughter, I realize. Ilia is a petite girl with dirty blonde hair. She is probably taking Epona to Ordon pool to be washed. I don't even protest at this, I'm so use to her taking my horse whenever she pleases. I swear, the only reason Ilia even speaks to me is because I own Epona. The girl has a slight obsession with my horse.

Sighing I turn away from my window and go back to eating. As I finish up I hear Fado, a ranch owner calling to me.

"Hey! Link! You there?" he shouts.

I get up and open my front door.

"Yeah," I call back, looking down at him, "What do you want?"

"Hey you mind helping me with my goats? They ain't listening to me lately." He asks.

"Sure," I reply, "I would be glad to."

Fado owns a ranch on the other side of Ordon and almost every day I go and help him as a ranch hand. The goats are what Ordon is known for. We take good care of them because of that. Since I am the only person in the village with a horse, I get the job of herding them most evenings. Thinking of my horseā€¦

"Hey, where is Epona?" Fado asks.

"I think Ilia took her to bath her." I answer, "I will go get her."

"Okay," Fado turns and starts walking to the village, "I will meet you at the ranch," he calls over his shoulder.

I sigh as I climb down to the ground. Ilia is a difficult person to deal with, especially when it comes to Epona. I mean don't get me wrong, Ilia and I are friends, it's just she always knows best and can get very bossy at times. I walk down to the dirt path to the Ordon pool. When I get there I see Ilia gently petting Epona and whispering to her. She looks up and sees me standing there.

"Oh hi Link," she says, "I washed Epona for you."

"Thanks," I reply, "She really needed it."

"Epona is a girl too, so you have to treat her like one!" Ilia says heatedly.

See what I mean. Geez, you would think I beat Epona with the way Ilia is always carrying on.

"I know that!" I say defensively, "I can't help that she gets dirty."

She just frowns, unhappy with my supposedly abusive ways.

"Look," I say, wanting to be gone already, "Thanks again for washing Epona, and now I have to take her to Pat's ranch."

"Oh, but listen Link...could you do something for me?" she pleads, "Can you use a piece of grass to play that song for me? You know, the one Epona likes."

I suppress a sigh. It's getting late and I really need to help Pat before it gets completely dark. I don't have time to play for Ilia. Though, admittedly, the horse does seem to like that little tune I play. Finally I decide to do it, mostly because Ilia will let me leave afterwards.

I walk over to where some thick grass grows over by the pool and pluck a strand. I quickly play the tune Ilia loves so much.

"It's such a nice melody," Ilia says dreamily, "Epona looks happy. Well she's all prettied up now, so I suppose you can go now. But don't make her do too much, okay."

I just nod. It's no use trying to argue that Epona is my horse and therefore I'm the one who decides what she does. Ilia would just brush off anything I say.

When I finally get to the ranch Fado is standing in the middle of the field with all the goats contentedly munching on grass around him.

"Sorry to get you over here in such a hurry, Link," Fado says as I ride over next to him, "These guys have been awful skittish lately. They won't listen to a word I say. Sorry to ask, bud, but will you herd them into the barn real quick?"

"It's not a problem, Fado," I say, "I will get it done quick."

"Much obliged bud." He then runs over to the side of the enclosure that holds the goats.

Since there are only about ten goats out it doesn't take long for me to herd them into the barn. When I finish Fado offers to set up some fences so I can practice jumping Epona. I'm pretty good at it but it's always good to practice. After a few rounds I take Epona home and happily go to bed.