A/N: A short drabble related to another Glee fic of mine, Frustration. Will make absolutely no sense unless you read that first. I don't know why I wrote it. Because I could, I guess.


Despite Kurt's departure to Dalton, Friday night dinners were still held in high regard in the Hudmel household. If they had to be postponed by an hour or two because Kurt had Warbler's practice or because the roads were icy and the trip to Lima went a little slower than usual, so be it. Burt Hummel was determined to keep their new family as tight as possible and so far, it was working excellently.

One rule he had never managed to enforce though, was the 'no cell phones during dinner'. Both Kurt and Finn had given him wide, panicked looks when he mentioned it, as if he had just demanded that they hand over their lungs for the duration of the dinner. Thus he had to give in.

It wasn't that big a deal anyway. All of their friends knew not to call during dinner time and when they did, they always had something important to say (or so claimed Kurt. Burt didn't quite get how 'sale at Express' qualified as an emergency, but there you go). Burt didn't care for the interruptions, but they were inconsequential and sometimes even entertaining (for example, Finn spending five minutes on the phone arguing with Puck whether "spooning with another dude while sleeping, and that dude is my cousin anyway" counted as gay, then being interrupted by Kurt grabbing the phone and telling Puck in a very deadpan voice that there was no going back now, he might as well buy some skinny jeans and go to the nearest gay bar).

One recent incident in particular stood out.

It was a normal dinner. They talked about the boys' respective schools, what songs they were doing in glee, Burt's business, Carol's new boss swallowing a pen (how did he manage that anyway?). Then Kurt's phone started ringing.

"I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock, your peacock-cock! Your peacock-cock-cock, your peacock!"

Kurt blushed from root to toe as he scrambled with his phone, trying to answer it. He let out a mumbled curse as he saw the caller ID and quickly stood up.

"I will murder you," he hissed quietly as he answered, obviously not wanting his family to hear. "I will pour every hair product you own on your stupid curly head and light you on fire."

Burt, Finn and Carol raised their eyebrows in sync.

"Removing your personal ring tone and replacing it with Peacock," Kurt sneered. "And then calling me during family dinner. Very original. I'm in stitches." He paled. "What the hell do you mean by every ringtone? I have over hundred of them Blaine, you can't have deleted them all!"

Apparently he could have, as Kurt let out a long string of colorful curses and threats. Burt scratched his head bewilderedly.

"What's going on?" He asked no one in particular.

Carol smiled. "Boys." As if that explained it all.