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Title: Frenemies with benefits.

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/ humor

Summary: Kagome calls it quits to relationships when she breaks up with her long time boyfriend Kouga. Inuyasha on the other hand decides his work is his number one priority. When they reunite they both decide that they hate each other way too much to fall in love. So they start up a relationship based only on one thing, sex. None of them realized that hate could easily turn into the single thing they're both running away from.

Chapter 1: You're breaking up with me?

"You're breaking up with me?" Kagome asked incredulously as she stared at Kouga from across the dinner table. He looked around the expensive restaurant wanting his now ex girlfriend to shush up. There was no reason for her to be so round up. He was in fact breaking up with her, but to his defense he found someone new a while back and had actually been cheating on her. He tried to explain this, but she wasn't having it. "I gave you four years… four years…" She said while getting up. Her ensemble made it extremely hard to just break up with her. She was of course drop dead gorgeous, and it seemed like tonight she looked even better.

"I know it's all so sudden… please sit down so I can explain…" Kouga whispered as people began to turn to stare at them. Her dark blue eyes were lighting with what could only be described as suppressed anger. Her ring finger was cold and abandoned. She had actually thought that he was going to propose tonight. All the signs pointed to yes. He called her at work, told her they needed to talk; he set up this romantic expensive dinner. Then out of nowhere when she was just about to take a bite out of her seafood pasta salad he dropped the bomb.

The restaurant had already taken notice when they saw Kagome Higurashi walk in. She wasn't anything huge, like an actress or a famous singer, she was just unusually gorgeous. She decided to take her gift of being strangely above average and put it to good use. She was going to become a model. She had already signed all the contracts and done a couple new photo shoots. This was one of the reasons she was more than shock when Kouga told her the news. No one just openly broke up with her. She grabbed her glass of water as he began to explain. "See… it's not what you think…. I… well we've been growing apart. You've been working so hard since you got your new job. We don't hardly get to be together…" she let him continue his ramble as she walked in her custom made deep blue dress and heels towards him. He hadn't hesitated or noticed what she was planning on doing. He reacted a bit too late. The ice cold water poured down his face soaking instantly his expensive silk tie and suit. He opened his mouth in pure shock then backed up dramatically from the table.

The restaurant called out in 'awe's' of amazement when she strolled back to her seat and picked up her purse and coat. "You can't break up with me Kouga Matsuno … I'm breaking up with you." She said as she shrugged on her leather jacket and looked around for the waitress. "Check…" she called out before turning for the door and leaving all together. Kouga had at that point begun wagging himself to remove the freezing cold liquid off of him.

She marched out into the citiy's cold night looking around for a taxi of some sort to pick her up. She watched as various people stopped to look at her. She didn't spare any of them a glance. She was so heated and so upset. This would be the last time. The very last time she let herself fall for someone. She didn't need anyone, she was independent, she knew that now. She didn't need to fall head over heels for some guy like in a stupid cliché romantic novel. She had all she needed; she had amazing friends, an awesome job, a remarkable family. She spotted a taxi letting an older woman out and she ran heels and all towards it. She'd probably use all three of those things to forget what just happened.


(A week later)

"So tell me, you working hard or hardly working?" Miroku asked as he entered the spacious office of his best friend. Inuyasha only spared him a glance before sorting more files on his desk. It was midnight on the dot, and though it was incredibly ridiculous for any one man to still be working all this time. It was even more ridiculous for Inuyasha Takashi to be doing it. He just wasn't the type, he was too tall, too young, his eyes were too golden, his physique too broad.

"You use that line every time you walk in here…" Inuyasha mumbled as he narrowed his eyes on the fine print of the contract. He didn't spare Miroku another glance. He just focused all his attention on the files at hand. Miroku was forever walking into his office and pestering him. It was any wonder he got any work done.

"Yeah I know… and it's still funny…" This made Inuyasha look up, they both knew that line hadn't been funny the first time he used it, and still wasn't funny now. "Where's Sesshomaru…?" Miroku asked as he took a seat in one of the office chairs adjacent from his long horizontal desk. "Can't he do some of this work?" Inuyasha didn't say anything. Miroku always asked the same question when he walked in. It never did any good to explain to him. He wouldn't understand any of it. His life was carefree, his parent's business was doing great, and he lived off of their profit without doing anything.

"Is there anything that I can help you with…?" Inuyasha asked while actually taking the time to sit on his chair and stare at Miroku. When was it going to dawn on him that this wasn't College anymore? He couldn't play stupid immature games, he had to move forward. Yes it was a bit unfortunate that he had to do it at the age of 23 going to 24, but it had to be done. He had been raised his whole life for this position and he was taking it.

"Ugh… yeah actually I was wondering if you knew…" Miroku trailed off, his face which was usually easy going and filled with happiness but now it was uncharacteristically depressed. Inuyasha stopped what he was doing to look up at him.

"Knew what…" He mumbled a little hesitant to know now. There was only one person that Miroku knew filled Inuyasha with complete and utter hate. That one person lived in the city and thank goodness he hadn't seen her since High School. Miroku shifted in his seat. He would have to ease into this one.

"Ugh well I read it earlier in the newspaper…" He said not wanting to drop the bomb completely. "Man… Kikyo is breaking up with you… you're number 1 on the county's most eligible bachelor list again." Inuyasha took a sigh of relief before sorting his things again. He turned on the monitor of his computer and began typing away. Miroku only surveyed his features wanting him to say something about the matter. "Inuyasha…"

"I already know she's breaking up with me… she threw my engagement ring in my face this morning…. It's over for good." Inuyasha nonchalantly said while typing away on the slick black key board. He furrowed his eye brows when he met something he didn't quite understand. It didn't take long for him to bypass it and move on to the next column. Kikyo breaking up with him wasn't something he much cared about. The truth of the matter was he wasn't really seeking a relationship anymore. He only liked one thing when it came to dating and when the other person wanted more it always ended up like this. Miroku understood this, that's why he withheld even worse information that he knew would make his oldest friend go ape shit.

"Ugh well did you know Kouga is visiting." This made Inuyasha's typing slow down drastically. Kouga had too close of an affiliation to the one thing he hated more than anything. "Don't worry he broke up with her… last week… it was in a magazine." Inuyasha clenched his teeth when he even mentioned her.

"So… we like Kouga… what did he do this time. Have another affair…" Miroku nodded and Inuyasha shrugged. She would take him back, she always did. He continued his typing before ending it and grabbing a manila folder. He only took one glimpse at Miroku and he knew something else was on his mind. "Can you please spill." He said while looking up. "You know I hate surprises."

"Miroku looked down at the polished mahogany desk before sorting out his thoughts. He had to let Inuyasha know that it wasn't Kouga's fault she was coming. It was no one's fault but hisown. "Well Inuyasha… Kikyo broke up with you…. And you said yourself it was for good." Inuyasha nodded wanting him to continue. "Kikyo is her older sister… it just makes since that she would come by and you know…. Console her a bit…" Miroku looked up as Inuyasha stared in complete anger at the wall in front of him. The folder in his hands crushed a bit and he had to take a sharp intake of air to cool down. "Inuyasha… calm down… your getting that weird look on your face… I don't much like it."


She stared at the wall of her apartment as her sister cried on the phone. "And he was just so…. So… hot…" She wept making Kagome roll her eyes before grabbing her remote from the beige TV stand. "And when I told him I was going… he didn't even care… he told me to have my stuff gone by Friday… Friday Kagome…" she said in between sobs. Kagome opened her mouth hoping to say something to console her sister, but she had her own problems. She had just broken up with her own boyfriend only a week ago. Who was going to console her? Though she had to admit she wasn't in need of consolation. She was actually holding up very well.

"I got named rising talent of the year…." Kagome said in between her sisters sobs. It just made Kikyo cry even harder and Kagome sighed. She was sure that would make Kikyo feel better, it made Kagome feel better, than again it was her award. She turned on the TV smiling as she saw herself on a modeling commercial. "Have you seen my commercial…?" Kagome asked while putting the volume up. This just made her sister cry even harder and Kagome dropped her shoulders. "Kikyo… If I told you once I've told you twice. Inuyasha Takashi is no good… he's an asshole he's only in it for one thing."

"No your wrong…" Kikyo argued while crying even more. "Kouga was bad…. He cheated on you three times… and you always take him back." This should have hurt Kagome's feelings, but of course it didn't. She only shrugged and flipped the channel.

"Yeah, but I was only with Kouga for one thing too…" she mumbled making Kikyo stop her crying for a second then start up again. It made Kagome's ears ring and she felt annoyance come over her. She really didn't want to do what Kikyo so desperately wanted her to do. "Kikyo I'm sure he'll get back together with you... he always does…" She cried even harder and Kagome sighed in annoyance. "Okay Okay… I'm coming I'll come… I'll visit damn it… but you know I'm really busy with modeling and all that…."

"Thank you thank you… You're the best sister in the world. We'll eat ice cream you'll invite Sango… I'll invite Rin…"

"We're not inviting Ayame… "Kagome warned before her sister could continue. They both knew Ayame was the girl Kouga seemed to always go back to when he was with Kagome. Though Ayame and Kagome were good friends, she knew it would only take a couple of weeks for Kagome to forgive her.

"Okay no Ayame cool… thanks I really need this…" Kikyo said before hanging up without a bye. Kagome stared at the phone before hearing a knock on the door. 'Yes,' she thought as she ran to the door. Her take out was finally here. She opened the door to see her roommate walk in as frustrated as always.

"Did you tell your sister no?" Sango asked making Kagome sigh as she turned back to her leather couch. "Really Kagome… again… I really don't want to drop everything I'm doing to go comfort your sister... again." Sango said while dropping her sewing equipment on the floor. Sango was an aspiring fashion designer. She worked for a huge fashion company on the other side of the city, but she was only the head of the business's assistant. She was waiting for her chance to get a spot. Hopefully if she stayed motivated she could get one of her dresses in the spring collection.

"Yeah… I don't want to either… everything is finally going good… I'm on TV… but she is my sister and the faster we do it the better." Sango sighed before sitting down on the love sofa. She looked up at the ceiling in total frustration. She really didn't want to ask her boss for two weeks off. She would defiantly get her head eaten right off her neck.

"Yeah, but last time we did this. your sister got back with him the day before we were scheduled to leave… and we were only down there for a day and a half." Sango countered as Kagome walked towards her room. She had a lot of packing to do if they were going back home. "I don't know… I mean between you and Kouga and your sister and Inuyasha I don't know which one is stupider."

"Mine is…" Kagome said while pushing her suitcase out of her room and to the corner. She had most of her clothes in the laundry so she was headed for the small laundry room near the kitchen. "I already knew Kouga was cheating on me two months before the break up, but I stayed with him because of the sex." Sango laughed tiredly at that before leaning the other way to get the remote. "Then I thought he was going to propose to me, and I was planning on saying yes…"

"Yeah that is pretty dumb… I hope you're not planning on getting back together with him anytime soon." Kagome threw her a look that said 'hell no.' she was done with Kouga, she was done with every guy for that matter. She was going to be celibate… well not celibate like no sex… but like abstinent of relationships. She wasn't dumb…

"I've decided to refrain from dating… you know what I'm going to do Sango…" Kagome said while piling up her bags with clean clothes. "After we convince my sister that Inuyasha is a total ass wad… I'm coming back here and opening auditions."

"Auditions?" Sango asked questioningly. She had turned in her seat to peer at her best friend. "What type of auditions…?"

"I'm sick of all guys… all of them … none want to commit… they string you around for four years… then let you go in the middle Toscana's on fourth and second. I'm completely done." She said and Sango sat up a bit in surprise.

"Wow… he took you to Toscana's and didn't propose… I'd be mad to." Kagome gave her a look before filling up her suitcase with more things. "What happened? You never really dished… tell now…"

"There's nothing to tell… he cheated on me and thought I was too stupid to notice, then he had the gull to break up with me before I even took a bite of my seafood pasta salad…."

"Well don't worry about it… you're a model now, that type of food goes straight to the thighs… but tell me what auditions are you talking about?" Kagome groaned as she looked up at her friend. Her long black hair was in a sloppy bun and a few stands escaped the hold as she whipped around. She obviously expected Sango to know this. They were best friends, they were suppose to share the same brain.

"I'm done with relationships… I need a guy I can just… you know have fun with, no strings attach no nothing. This way I can concentrate on work but still have fun…"

"You don't have to audition for that… they're called prostitutes… what time is it… I'm sure there's some working now…" Sango said with a roll of her eyes. She looked back down at the TV feeling bored all of a sudden. Kagome grunted as she examined a sweater she might bring.

"You don't understand… I need a guy, you know attractive… sophisticated, just as busy as I am… and all he wants is me... no strings attach…. You know friends with benefits…and I'm not going to pay him. He'll benefit from our fling just as much as me. Now get packed I wanna fly down on Friday… get it over with come back and find this guy." Sango shrugged with a huge sigh before pushing off her chair. "Lord knows I don't want to run into… that jack ass…" Kagome hissed before zipping up her suitcase.

"Yeah if I had a dollar for all the times he's broken up with your sister…. I'd have around… I don't know twenty five dollars…" Sango said while heading into her room. Since she'd have to go she'd need to make some calls, and pack, then order flights. The things she did for Kagome.





"I'm not interested in a relationship dad… I'm interested in our profits going up tenfold by the end of the year." Inuyasha said as he examined the chart in front of him. He was on the speaker phone with his father as he wrote something business related on a series of files. "Yeah well she threw the ring at me first… and yeah I did find it… I'm returning it this time." He said making his dad sigh harshly on the phone.

"I want grand children Inuyasha… "He said in his business tone and Inuyasha paused for a mere second before continuing what he was doing.

"Ask Sesshomaru he's married…" Inuyasha said as a rebuttal. That never really worked though. Inutashio had already asked Sesshomaru and he had said he'd do it when he was Goddamn ready. Plus Inutashio wanted grand children from all his kids. It was at this point getting extremely annoying. Inuyasha had all the time in the world to settle down, though he had to admit he wasn't the settling down type.

"I don't like how you stringed Higurashi around like that Inuyasha… your always putting business before everything."

"Yeah for good reason… before I came along… graduated early, at top of my college class. This business was going under… I pulled it up. Instead of hassling me you should be thanking me. I'm single handedly the reason why your retired now. "Inuyasha said while sitting back in his dad's old office chair. It was nice, huge, and extremely comfy.

"Well I liked it better when you were a man whore…." Inutashio said making Inuyasha roll his eyes. That was kid stuff, now he was the number one bachelor in the country, and one of the top fifty in the world. He could get any girl he wanted without trying. The one bad thing about girls was they were always so emotionally attach. If he could find one who didn't hassle him to get married. One who didn't care when he worked late. A very self ensured woman who didn't mind when he slept with other attractive women, then yeah he'd settle down, but there weren't any. All women wanted more, it was just a simple fact that he came to realize. And since he didn't want more, he decided he'd settle down with work for the time being.

"It's hard to be a man whore when you're an available bachelor… it takes all the fun out of it dad…" He could feel his dad roll his eyes while saying his goodbyes and hanging up. Inuyasha smiled to himself for a fraction of a second before getting back to work. If only there was a girl like that available. He wouldn't have to worry about finding a date for business dinners and luncheons. A girl to be there at his beck and call, physically and platonically; he smiled to himself in bemusement before getting back to work. If only one of those girls could fall right out of the sky and into his lap.





"We almost flew right out of the sky mom and into that stupid Takashi corporation billboard… I hate the planes here…" Kagome said into her cell phone while walking towards her luggage. Sango only rolled her eyes before following her best friend out of the airport.

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