District One:
Cree Sooke - Girl
Matt Dresdon - Boy

District Two:
Ashkai Dayson - Girl
Sulla Hart - Boy

District Three:
Lindy Waterson - Girl
Crawford Reed - Boy

District Four:
Ryan Caroline Archibald - Girl
Nolen Rivers- Boy

District Five:
Alexa "Lexi" Stevens - Girl
Flint Westbark - Boy

District Six:
Aurora "Rory" Tinsel - Girl
Oceanus Shaw - Boy

District Seven:
Pearl Anderson - Girl
Alei Bran - Boy

District Eight:
Maximo "Maximum" Mao - Girl
Tycho Weatherby - Boy

District Nine:
Lowell MacKenzie - Girl
Cormac Tabben - Boy

District Ten:
Luna Bell Luve - Girl
Luka Charn - Boy

District Eleven:
Kai Lucas - Girl
Kekoris Foreman - Boy

District Twelve:
Abrielle "Abbi" Robinson - Girl
Ferris Peterson - Boy

The completed tribute list! Thank you to all those who submitted and helped me out. Look for the Reapings next-I might be able to do some tonight. May the odds be EVER in your favor :)