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Uncommon Minds

Chapter 1

It was easy for McGee to get lost in his work. He loved the flow of a problem and the challenge in seeking the solution. Sometimes, it came back to bite him as he tended to get too lost in his reverie to hear Gibbs or Tony call for him. He'd snap his heads up once he connected the sounds as if waking from a trance. Gibbs tolerated little, but he tolerated this. Tim's intense concentration was an important element of his brilliance just as Abby's quirkiness was part of hers.

It was a Friday afternoon and Time was buried in a cold case file. While Tony and Ziva were discussing their perspective weekend plans, Tim was lost in a world of his own. DiNozzo was used to this, and knew that his last act for the week would be to wake up his probie and push him out the door for the weekend.

The cold case was going nowhere, but McGee was fascinated by the technological aspects of it. Cybercrimes had literally chased an internet stalker through the net, building code upon code in an effort to keep up with the firewalls and phony IP addresses the criminal used as decoys. McGee himself has learned these tracking codes in Cybercrimes. He'd taken them home, and practiced with them. When he needed diversion after a tough case, sometimes he'd sit down and work on these tracking codes. He wanted to develop ways to follow criminals on the web no matter how many diversions was thrown in his path. Sometimes Abby helped him, but she didn't much anymore. She acted almost wary of him these days and this saddened him greatly. He was desperate to have her close again as a colleague if nothing else.

There had always been a symmetry in how the two of them worked together. Their minds complemented one another; his focusing her mind and hers pushing his mind outside the box. It was fluid and exhilarating. The chemistry in those times was something they each protected like a precious artifact. They were very careful to not to disrupt it: Tim by creating unshakeable rules about his life and Abby by dancing away from any potential depth they developed.

Bored by the cold case, Tim had gone hunting. He was familiar enough with the pathways they'd developed together to be able to engage in a chase without Abby, and in recent weeks, he'd developed a program that detected suspicious activity.

"McGeek! Wake up there, boy." Tony was hovering over him.

McGee jerked his head back. "What time is it?"

"It is Friday and it is 5 p.m. It is time for you to put your toys away and go home."

"Time went so fast."

Tony sighed. "No one else on this planet says that about paperwork. Only you, McBureaucrat."

Tim shrugged. "Go on ahead. I have a couple of things to finish."

"That will only make me look bad, my little dork a doodle. You're already like two weeks ahead of the rest of us in regards to cold cases. Boss reminds me of it on a daily basis. It has to be stopped."

Tim gestured at the screen. "I'm not working a case. See."

"Then what are you doing?"

He shrugged. "Stuff."

"Come on, Timmy. I'll take you out for Happy Hour. We both missed lunch. We'll have chicken wings and beer."

Tim raised an eyebrow. "No date?"

"Not for another four hours. Come on. I would hate to come in on Monday and find out that you never left. Boss will find a way to blame me."

"Sorry, Tony, raincheck. I want to play a little with this idea in my head. Appreciate you offer though."

Tony shook his head. "And you're confused as to why I haze you? I mean, seriously."

One end of his mouth curled up. "Do not hurt your head with deep thoughts, DiNozzo. You haze me because I exist. End of story."

DiNozzo smiled. "I'm going to call the front desk in an hour. I find out you haven't left yet and I'm going to tell Gibbs you forget took the safety off your gun during the raid last week."

McGee's eyes widened. "Seriously, I, I'll be out of here in twenty minutes."

Tony grinned and took off. McGee knew enough to take him seriously. Gibbs would be furious. As much as he had grown, McGee still showed little propensity or instinct for acting in the moment. He was getting better, but he would never be the agent Gibbs would choose to lead a raid or an arrest. His overreliance on logic had left his gut instincts sorely underused.

He went back to the computer and climbed back into the idea of using his tracking programs on an NCIS processor. He would only dabble. Tony loved to follow through on threats, and McGee has no intention of facing Gibb's thousand yard stare.

First, he wrote in his alert program. It scanned the internet looking for things such as child pornography chat rooms, illegal hacking, and other suspicious activity. For about 10 minutes, it ran without a hitch and then it alerted him to a presence that had his criteria. The address was moving in and out of chat rooms known for snuff videos. These were videos of the violent rapes and deaths of women. He had followed this some while in Cybercrimes, and it was one of the activities that most shook his sense of decency. The name on the address was simply Sebastian and he talked about an event that was going to be happening within hours. There was no talk of how or where the event would be posted. Still, it left McGee intrigued and he initiated all of his tracking programs on Sebastian. Within an hour, he came to the realization that he wasn't the only one tracking Sebastian and he suspected that either the FBI or Cybercrimes was on his tail. He knew they would not appreciate his interference. He was getting to log off when an IM popped up reading 'Hello' from Sebastian. McGee's breath caught. The instincts he so rarely cultivated kicked in,

"I'm Tim."

"You're following me."

"Yes." Cybercrimes taught him to let the perp initiate most of the narrative. The more they talked, the easier forensics would be able to both learn about them and then track them.


Tim hesitated. It would be best to hide his identity, maybe present as a fellow sadist, but he didn't think he could pull it off. Gibbs once told him that his guilelessness was too deeply ingrained to be masked. It's why he rarely was given undercover work. "Yes, I work for the government."

"You're tracking me better than Cybercrimes at the moment."

Flattery from any source tended to make McGee blush. "I didn't know that."

"Do you want to see something extraordinary tonight?"

Tim licked his lips. "I'm not sure what that means."

"Do you want to save a young woman's life? She is very frightened. She has a 3 year-old daughter. She's begging me for mercy. Wants to see her baby again. It's both exciting and fascinating."

Tim stopped breathing for a moment. "You've kidnapped her."

"I can't share my prize with anyone. The FBI has my favorite spots under surveillance. They're a little smarter with every prize I capture. What's the good in something extraordinary if you can't share it?"

"I'm a federal agent, Sebastian. You're alerting me to felonies. It is my duty to try to stop you." Tim bit his lip. Tony would be handling this so beautifully if he were here. He would be more than dry; he would be clever and manipulative, eventually backing Sebastian into a corner. Tim could be the programmer and Tony could do the talking. It would have worked beautifully. He eyed the phone next to him, but couldn't afford to lose Sebastian.

"Of course, it's your duty. I expect nothing less, but I will make a deal with you. If you can keep up with me for the next two hours, I will allow you to see everything. Intriguing, no?"

"I don't want to play this game with you."

"But you feel compelled. You were smart enough to get this far. There has to be enough ego in you to want to see if you can go all the way, Agent Tim."

"I will alert all law enforcement if you engage in any assaultive behavior."

"Catch me if you can, Tim."

The IM disappeared and Tim blinked. His phone was on his desk, but he wasn't quite sure what to do. He had enough contacts in Cybercrimes. There had to be someone picking up the phone on a Friday night. His program buzzed and he realized he was losing Sebastian. He started typing furiously, hoping for a moment to pick up the phone and call for backup.


The program worked beautifully. The extra measures and attention that he and Abby had put into it kept him only 5-10 minutes behind Sebastian. He had to be totally to stay in this game. He had no time to grab his phone. He hoped someone, a maintenance person even, would walk by so he could call for help, but brief glance at the clock told him it was past 9 p.m. The lights in the office had dimmed. From experience, he knew that maintenance didn't show up until 11 p.m.

Sebastian pulled tricks, feinted to the left, launched countermeasures, but Tim's programming had enough complexity to it to keep up with him nonetheless. His phone rang at 10 p.m. He looked over and could make out the letters T and O. He picked it up and held it to his face with his shoulder while he returned to his frantic tracking. He breathed hard into the phone.

"Shit. Do you have a girl over there?"

Tim furrowed his brow. He had no time to disseminate that comment. "Tony, listen. Don't talk. I'm at the office. I'm tracking a killer online. I only know his name is Sebastian."

There was silence and then Tony said slowly, "Someone is pulling your leg, McGee."

"Maybe," he breathed into the phone. The office had grown hotter by the hour. "What if it's real?"

"Tell me what he said."

"Damn it, Tony. I'm tracking him. I can't do both things at the same time."

"Is he confessing?"

"For Christ's sakes Tony, he's about to show me his crime!"

"Okay, Tim. You hang in there. I'll call Gibbs and we'll be there in 30 minutes."

Tim lifted his chin and let the phone clatter to the ground. It was getting harder. He was having enough trouble to know that Sebastian was clearly the superior programmer. And then Sebastain disappeared. Sweat on his brow, his suit coat gone and his dress shirt unbuttoned, Tim cursed loudly. He tried to re-engage for about 15 minutes, but Sebastian was gone. He sighed deeply and slumped in his chair. In ten minutes, Tony and Gibbs and whomever else they wrangled were going to show up and he had nothing. Another ruined Friday night and he was to blame because he was the ultimate sucker. Tony would never let him forget this.

Suddenly Skype popped up and there was a request from Sebastian. Skype wasn't secure or supported by the Navy browser, and he would take a pounding from the tech team for bypassing firewalls, but he didn't care. His fingers danced over the keyboard until he had dismantled the protection software. Then he answered.

It opened on a very small, dimly lit room with concrete walls. He could hear muffled sounds in the background. Then Sebastian opened his call and Tim's background was just as visible. A man with a black pointed hood sat down in front of the camera. "You did 2 hours and 43 minutes, Timmy. I'm impressed. And look at you! You look like you're still an undergrad. This is really going to be fun."

"What are you going to do?" McGee was breathless.

"Here are the rules. As long as you don't break them, you get to watch. Number one, I see your face and only your face on the screen. Undoubtedly, you've tried to reach out for help. I understand that others may be there, but if I see their faces at any point, the feed goes dead. Number two, you are the only that can speak. I expect voices in the background, but if anyone attempts to speak for you, the feed goes dead. I've already engaged voice recognition. Understood?"

Tim nodded at the screen and the hood laughed. "I feel like I'm working with Doogie Howser. This is wonderfully unprecedented. Our special guest today is Aurelia. She's 19. I already told you that she has a 3 year old. That would certainly cast aspirations on her character, don't you think?"

"No." Tim stayed impassive.

"You're something, Timmy."

"My name is special agent McGee."

"Oh, I offended you, and because of that, you've given me personal information that I won't need to seek on my own. Thank you."

Tim's face reddened. His naïveté was again screwing things up.

The hood peered into the camera. "I won't torture her anymore. We had all of that fun yesterday. Today, she's frightened, despairing even. She's done begging. She's coming to understand that she will never see her baby girl again. Her only hope for survival is going to be you."

Panic rose in Tim's gut. He couldn't speak without revealing his fear.

"I'm going to leave, but I will be monitoring you the whole time. The room is sealed. If you can figure out how to help Aurelia before her oxygen depletes, then she lives. If not, then you failed and you can watch her die." The hood turned and pointed the laptop at a woman slumped in a chair. Her face was a mass of bruises, her left eye swollen shut and purple. It was horrifying and Tim's sensitive stomach would've rebelled if he wasn't already in shock. The hood leaned over and removed the gag in her mouth and cut the rope restraining her arms.

In that moment, Tony and Gibbs came trotting through the door. Tim looked up in alarm and the hood stopped. "Remember the rules."

"I have to tell them. Please!"

Not waiting for a response, McGee jumped to his feet and put up his hand. "Stay where you are! I have rules! If anyone else talks on this monitor, we lose the feed. If he sees anyone else on the monitor, we lose the feed. We can't risk losing the feed!"

Gibbs and Tony looked at one another, but stayed where they were. Tim looked down at the monitor. It went dark for thirty seconds and then the hooded man was gone from the room. The camera only held the visage of the young woman. Tim leaned over and hit a button. The image popped up on the large screen over Gibbs' desk. Tony and Gibbs stared at the badly beaten woman.

Tim leaned toward the monitor. "Hey, can you hear me? Aurelia, can you hear me talking?"

The woman groaned, the gag from her mouth sliding down her shirt.

"Please Aurelia, talk to me. My name is Tim."

She raised her swollen face to the camera. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I want to help. I want to help get you out of there."

Gibbs murmured furiously at Tony and pushed him toward his desk. Tony grabbed his phone and started punching numbers.

"You can help me?"

Tim swallowed and looked to Gibbs. Gibbs motioned at him to keep talking. Tim turned back to her. "Yes I can, but I need you to help me by answering questions."

She waited.

"Aurelia, tell me what happened. Tell me everything, every detail of what happened. We want to find you."


Two hours later, the bullpen was crowded with people. Ziva was at her desk trying to coordinate with the Metro police. Gibbs and DiNozzo were huddled around the large screen with Ducky. There were two white boards erected. One was for DiNozzo who was writing down every possible clue from McGee's conversation with Aurelia. The other one was for Gibbs and it solely held prompts for McGee to use in questioning her.

McGee was an island of sorts, sitting alone at his desk peering desperately into the monitor at Aurelia. They had pinpointed that she was somewhere in the D.C., and Metro cops as well as NCIS and FBI agents were scouring neighborhoods based on whatever directions she gave.

Aurelia didn't remember much. She'd been taken outside a club three days earlier and drugged. Her story tended to be infused with possible hallucinations from the drugs. A Cybercrimes unit was on site as well, doing their best to breakdown Sebastian's addresses so as to clue in on the Skype location.

No one was having much success.

Aurelia was badly beaten and bruised. She held her arms tightly around her middle, and Ducky had surmised that she had broken ribs. She was 19 years old, and it showed in her youthful frame, but her bruised eyes held the weariness and fear of someone much older. She kept trying to talk to Tim about her daughter, but he kept steering her back to her story. Finally she walked up to the camera and yelled, "Enough!"

Tim's head snapped back.

"Talk to me like a person, Tim. I don't have much time."

"I, uh…I'm sorry, Aurelia. We're working very hard."

"It's the same questions over and over. I don't have new ways to answer them. Do you see me, Tim? Do you see what is happening to me?"

"I do." He said simply.

"What if these are my last minutes?"

Tim shook his head. "They aren't. I promise you."

"You care, don't you?"

Tim let out a breath. "Very much, Aurelia. Very much."

"Listen to me about my daughter then."

Tim hesitated, sneaking a peek at Gibbs. Gibbs shrugged. It was not the response McGee was hoping to see. He looked back at Aurelia. "Tell me about Gabriella."

"If I die, she has no family. My sister is in jail. My mother died of a drug overdose when I was 15. I never knew my father. My cousins are drug dealers. My grandparents are dead. My uncle abused me. There is no one. She'll be raised by the system just like I was. Look how I turned out."

Tim furrowed his brow. "I don't understand. Are you asking me something?"

"I've only known you for a few hours, but I need someone good to watch after her. You're a good man."

"We can't talk about this, Aurelia. I don't want you to give up hope. We are very close."

"Promise me that if you don't find me in time, you'll make sure she is well taken care of. Promise me, please."

Tim swallowed and looked at Gibbs for answers. The tough marine closed his eyes. It wasn't an answer and McGee wanted to scream. He was on his own here and it sucked. He turned back to Aurelia. "I don't know exactly what you're asking. I am a single man who works 60+ hours a week. I don't know anything about babies. I think it's best that we stick to the matter at hand."

She sighed. "You take your promises very seriously, Tim. Another man would have just said what I wanted to hear. I'm not asking you to adopt her. I just want someone to watch over her, someone decent like you. Don't let her get lost in the system. Please!"

He closed his eyes for a moment and then he sighed. "We're going to find you, but at the same time, I'm going to give you some peace of mind. I promise to watch after her if it comes to that."

"It's getting hot in here. I'm breathing heavier."

McGee knew that. He'd been watching her deepen her breathing for the last ten minutes. The room was small and all of her talking had depleted too much oxygen. "Aurelia, you need to stop talking for awhile. You can better conserve oxygen that way."

She shook her head. "I can't stand the silence. No silence!"

Tim had been sitting at his desk for most of the last 15 hours. He was hungry and thirsty. Every muscle in his body had been tensed for hours, and he wasn't certain he could rise to his feet if needed. He'd refused water because he wasn't sure if it would set off Sebastian, but worse than anything, he had fully lost himself in this. The fear he felt for her radiated through his gut and out his fingertips. He felt as trapped as she did. McGee couldn't detach. This weakness had always haunted him on cases. He would never possess the steely-eyed detachment of Gibbs, David, or DiNozzo. It was one of the many things that set him apart on this team. He could imagine Gibbs cursing in his head right now that it was McGee in front of the monitor instead of one of them.

He took a deep breath. "Aurelia, there won't be silence. I want to you to sit down and rest your head on the table. Just rest on your arms, and I'm going to talk to you. I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. You think I'm a badass federal agent, but the truth is that I'm just a geek. My friend, Tony, calls me McGeek. I play on computers and write code and watch science fiction and go to conventions. And as for girlfriends, forget about it. Seriously. I am one of those guys a pretty girl like you would have looked right through like I wasn't there when you were in high school. So, just rest and listen, and I am going to tell you about the life of a nerd like me."

He caught Tony's eye for a moment. Tony would be a master at this. DiNozzo smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up.

"Okay, let me start by telling you about how I won the school science fair when I was ten. Of course, I was too young to enter so I had some 16 year old name of Dickie Barber stand in for me…."

While McGee continued his monologue, Gibbs pulled Ducky and DiNozzo aside. Ziva followed. "How long does she have, Ducky?"

The older man shrugged. "It's hard to say. Timothy is smart to have her cease her exertions. It will undoubtedly conserve air for her. She's been badly traumatized and we aren't fooling her. Growing up as she did has taught her to expect the worst."

Gibbs turned to DiNozzo and David. "We must have 150 people on this right now. How are we not finding her?"

"It's still a ten mile radius. There are numerous abandoned buildings, warehouses, and crack dens in this zone. It could take the rest of the day," Ziva replied.

"Well, we don't have that much time, David!" Gibbs' cheeks colored. It was all he could do to keep himself in check.

"She knows, Boss," Tony added quietly. "We're all on edge."

Gibbs gestured at Tim. "It's not just this girl. Look at McGee. How long will it take to undo that trauma?"

Ducky put a hand on his arm. "I know, Jethro. I am thinking the same thing. Timothy carries his emotions very deeply. He's utterly sincere in all that he attempts, but he's been strong. I'm proud of him."

DiNozzo shook his head. "Boss is right, Ducky. I don't know how much longer he can handle himself. If there was only some way we could relieve him."

"Well, there is not," Ziva replied, her arms folded. "Tim may be the youngest among us but he is made of very stern stuff, indeed. That was no kid that came to rescue me in Somalia."

"True enough." Tony kept his eye on McGee. The young agent was keeping up a steady chatter of everything he could think to say. Aurelia rested on the table. She almost looked peaceful.

There was noise, and FBI agent Tobias Fornell came out of the elevator, two other agents following close behind.

"I hope to God they know something," Gibbs muttered under his breath.

Fornell caught his eye. "Jethro, I have agent Stockton and agent Cho with me. Stockton runs the Sebastian task force."

"There's a task force on this guy. How many people has he killed?"

Stockton maneuvered around Fornell and pointed a finger at Gibbs. "What the hell is going on here? Sebastian is mine. He's under my jurisdiction. How did he end up in a Navy cop shop?"

Gibbs was in no mood. He slapped away Stockton's hand. "Fornell, you better calm this ape down 'cause we need answers about Sebastian and we need them fast."

Fornell had Stockton by the arm. "For whatever reason, Sebastian has engaged an NCIS agent. No time for turf wars. Answer his question. Now!"

Stockton closed his eyes for a moment and looked at Gibbs again. "We've been tracking this guy for almost 18 months. He's got five kills under his belt. He's a cyber nut. He grabs females and then puts on a show online. Now answer a question for me. Where's your agent and how far has this thing gotten?"

Gibbs pointed at McGee.

Stockton looked around and cursed. "Damn! Is he old enough to vote?"

"He's been a field agent for 7 years, Stockton. He's no probie." Tony said. Behind him, Ziva stifled a grin.

"What stage? How far into this is he?"

Gibbs looked at Ducky before answering. "He engaged Sebastian at 01800. Sebastian led him to a Skype site at around 2230. Sebastian left him with the victim at 2300. He's been with her the last four hours."

Stockton turned to Cho. "He's in stage 3."

Cho shook his head. "Your man tracked him for over 4 hours. That's amazing."

"What's stage 3?" Gibbs asked.

"This is not the right man for Sebastian," Stockton murmured to Cho while observing McGee. "He's a kid."

"Hey! I'm talking here! What's with the stages?" Gibbs' eyes were as hard as stones.

Stockton turned back to him. "It's his M.O. His signature."

"What's stage 4?"

"She dies." Stockton said and then walked over to the bullpen to watch McGee.

Cho shook his head before following his boss. "This is going to get much worse."

Gibbs grabbed Fornell's arm. "They better learn how to communicate with me right now or I'm going to shoot them and bury them under the parking garage. That is my agent over there, and I could not be taking this situation more personally."

Tobias nodded. "I know."


At 0530, Tim's voice was gone. He spoke to Aurelia in a hoarse whisper. She had slept for two hours, and then she woke up suddenly and started frantically gulping. She did this for about ten minutes before her head fell to the table again. McGee tried to talk to her, but it was if she was alone in that room again. Instead, he had to watch, horrified. Gibbs' white board told him to find out if she was still conscious. He bit his lip, "Aurelia, wake up. Aurelia, please talk to me."

She didn't move.

Tim sat up, agitated. "Aurelia! Aurelia, look at me! Aurelia!"

There was no movement. Tim looked at Gibbs, and his boss shook his head. "Ducky?"

Ducky sighed. "I've been watching her closely. Her skin has been changing over the last few minutes. If you look carefully, her skin has started to gray. She's dead, Jethro."

McGee heard this and looked down at his keyboard. His chest started to heave. Stockton stepped forward. "Tell him to calm himself. Tell him to calm himself now! Stage 5 is coming, and we still need him."

"I don't know, Stockton. He's not ready for it." Cho said from the laptop he had perched on DiNozzo's desk.

Gibbs glared at Stockton while speaking to McGee. "Tim, hold it together. The mission isn't over. We need you to hold it together."

McGee choked a couple of times and rubbed at his face vigorously.

"Stockton, carefully explain stage 5 to us now." Gibbs looked like he was ready to climb over his desk and strangle the FBI agent.

McGee's computer started beeping.

Cho looked at Stockton who said, "I guess you'll have to find out for yourself. Sebastian is calling for you, Agent McGee."

Rubbing his eyes, Tim looked at the monitor again. An IM came up, "Timmy, are you crying?"

McGee hit the keyboard. "Yes."

Cho turned back to his laptop and hit keys furiously.

"Good man. You were so sweet for her. You've been such an unexpected surprise. I thought the end was peaceful which, admittedly, was disappointing for me."

McGee swallowed and typed. "This is how you get off, you sick beast. We're going to get you."

"Oh yes, sounds about right, but I want to do a little debrief with you."

McGee knew that keeping him online was important. Otherwise, he would have picked up his monitor and thrown it as far as it would go. Slowly, he typed, "What do you need to know?"

"Let's discuss how you failed."

"Okay. Tell me."

"It's a concrete room so I'm sure you concentrated on basements."

McGee looked at Gibbs and he nodded. Tim typed, "We did."

"I know. Your people searched the building that held Aurelia 3 ½ hours ago."

McGee's breath caught. "How is that possible?"

"You forgot to probe more about the noises she heard when she woke up."

Sweat dropped off his lip. "She couldn't describe or identify those noises."

"You didn't ask about elevators."

McGee rubbed at his face. "What about elevators?"

"A very small room, Timmy. Exactly the size of an elevator. If only the police had thought to search the elevators in buildings."

His fingers were typing automatically. "Elevators aren't encased in concrete."

"Slabs of 2 inch concrete are easy to procure. You never allowed yourself to see the elevator. If you were smarter, more creative you would have seen an elevator through the concrete. She's on the fifth floor of an abandoned building on Weston and 37th."

Tim's mouth dropped.

"She would be in the hospital right now, and someone would be bringing her the precious Gabriella. You would be there just to make sure she was okay and she would personally thank you. It should have happened that way. How does that make you feel, Timmy?"

McGee couldn't look at the screen anymore. He started to breath hard.

"Tim!" DiNozzo said when McGee heaved. He looked up and DiNozzo threw him a wastebasket. McGee started vomiting into the pail.

"Did I lose you already, Timmy?"

No one answered Sebastian.

"I'm not done with you yet. Hope you're better prepared for battle the next time."

The IM stayed on for another minute, but DiNozzo didn't care. He grabbed the basket away from McGee, and then pulled him up, wrapped his arm around his shoulder, and walked him off to the privacy of a bathroom.

Gibbs threw a stapler at Stockton, hitting him in the chest. "You son of a bitch! You knew that was coming! You knew what stage 5 was!" He rounded the desk and headed for the agent. Fornell threw himself in front of Gibbs while Ziva roughly pushed Stockton out of the bullpen.

She pointed at the elevators. "Get out now! If he catches you, Gibbs will tear you limb from limb, and I will let him! I will stand there and watch with a smile on my face."