By Delia Lavender

(I DO NOT own the T.V. Series Lost, or any character appearing on it. I write only for my own amusement.)

He knew where he was without opening his eyes. He could hear the sound of gulls, he could smell the salt air.

He could feel the grittiness of sand beneath his bare skin.

He had, he thought, been sleeping for a long time.

What had he been thinking? Before the Light had taken him?

Perhaps he'd been the only one to feel it...the loneliness beneath the awe.

But then...he was alone.

He had always been alone.

She was not there anymore. She had never really been there...

A memory of grief passed grimly across his consciousness.

Maybe this was forever. His isolation...the Island...

His own personal eternity.

But this felt right. So maybe he needed no one...

She had not needed him...not really. It was just an illusion. He'd been replaced by her real soul-mate.

He was glad for her. Truly...he was.

He still wanted the best for her.

And he wasn't the best. He never had been.

Nobody actually needed him.

Not that it mattered...



"Boone? It's time to wake up...come on - wake up."

Oh, Lord...a familiar voice...

"You promised, Boone, remember? You said you'd stick by me."

Locke? that you? I can't move...

"Open your eyes, Boone. Come on, boy...I need you. We have a lot to do."

Boone opened his eyes.

Locke was there, leaning over him. He remembered his kindly expression. The twinkle in his eyes, green as the waters around the Island. How had he ever forgotten?

Locke was dressed in his old Island duds. He had an ancient backpack strapped to his back. He moved off as Boone watched him, pausing several yards away. He looked back at him, the squint lines around his eyes deepening as he smiled.

"Don't be lazy, Boone...come on. I'm waiting..."

Boone got to his feet and followed his mentor.