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Blaine spun around upon hearing his name to see a man in his early thirties running toward him. His blond hair bounced over his eyes and made Blaine want to laugh.

"Mr. Duvall? What are you doing here?" The man came to a halt in front of Blaine and leaned over, trying to catch his breath.

"I'm...the new...Dean...outta shape...need to stop...eating candy bars."

"You're the new Dean!"

"Hey, why so surprised?" He puffed out his chest, stood as tall as he could, and put his "serious face" on. And he was still scrawny, still an inch shorter than Blaine, and still looked like a dork. Blaine laughed with the man as they walked down the halls of Dalton together.

He never thought he'd be in his new school with his old Assistant Principle.

"They said I was, you know, fresh. Different from all the other Deans here at Dalton. I was on my way up anyway, and they needed someone to fill the position. I'm probably not all that qualified, but I'll catch on."

"No, no, you'll do just fine." Blaine smiled at Mr. Duvall as he waved and ran down the other hallway, shouted a "howdy there!" at any students he saw. Blaine shook his head with admiration.

The guy was a total goof, but he knew what he was doing. He was the only authority figure at his old school that actually listened to Blaine and tried to help him. The Principle was useless, but he was the only reason Blaine hadn't transferred sooner. He genuinely cared about his students.

"Hey Blaine, come join the study group!" Jeff was on his feet in a flash and Blaine ducked as a book came sailing at him. He picked it up and read the cover.

"Advanced Calculus? Aw, come on! Why now?"

"Because," Jeff said, throwing himself onto a couch. "I was absent from school for two months with mono, and I'm failing this class now. I needs me some help from the most smartest Warbler ever!" He gave Blaine his puppy eyes and the boy sighed but took a seat next to the blond. He had missed Jeff the past two months, but he was glad that Jeff had missed all the drama. He didn't want his little ball of happiness to be sad. He opened the textbook, about to start in on chapter thirteen, when something came to mind.

"Wait, you've been out for two months with mono?" Blaine asked, incredulously. Jeff smiled and started chewing on his pencil.

"Why dost thou asketh?"

"Um...Didn't Nick have mono, too?" Blaine started cracking up as Jeff's cheeks went from creamy pale to bright red. He got up, threw the textbook at Blaine again, and announced that he needed "sustenance" before leaving the room.

"Nice one," Wes took Jeff's abandoned seat. "You get to see him for the first time in two months, and you embarrass him."

"What are friends for? Wonder how much longer Nick will be gone..."

"At least another month. His immune system is tosh."

"Hello, dear friends o' mine!" David took a seat on Blaine's other side. They muttered their hellos and went silent. Blaine suspected they had something to say to him, but he let them take their time.

"So...How are you feeling?" Blaine rolled his eyes. Of course that's what they've been wondering. Since coming back to school, Blaine kept to himself a lot. Most people didn't know about what happened, besides a few of his teachers, and Blaine was still sorting things out in his mind.

"I'm okay. Miss the days when I could actually get sleep, but I'm...I'm healing." His friends smiled at him as his eyes focused on a far wall, his thoughts carrying him elsewhere.

"And how is Kurt?"

"Someone say my name?"

Blaine tore his eyes away from the spot on the wall and toward the door. Jeff had come back, and he was standing next to Kurt. Who was wearing a Dalton uniform.

"This 'ere lad says he be wishin' to speak to the cap'in. Yar be lucky t'get ahold o' this one, ya be." Kurt looked highly amused by the rattle of non-sense coming out of Jeff's mouth. Blaine stood up and wondered over to the pair. He stared at Jeff for a second before looking away.

"You know, I really wish you hadn't giving Nick mono. You were so much more calm with him around."

"Oh my god, shut up!" Jeff hit Blaine with his back pack (what he had re-named his "purse") and went to go talk to David about Pokemon.

"Hey there, stranger," Kurt said. He sounded out of breath, though it was clear that he hadn't been running.

"What are you doing here?" Blaine watched with fascination as Kurt tilted his head to the side, making him look even more adorable than ever.

"I wanted to...to be with you."

"You transferred for me? Why would you do that?" He was stunned, but something deeper inside him stirred. He tried to beat it down, but the look in Kurt's eyes only fed the hope in his heart.

"Because...Because I love you."

Oh. My. God.

Upon noticing the blank expression on Blaine's face, Kurt started talking a mile a minute. And Blaine let him, because it was cute to hear him sound so unsure and embarrassed for a change.

"I would totally understand if you didn't want to, you know, be with me, or if you just don't feel that way I'm fine with that, I just wanted to tell you and...and just yeah, don't worry about-"

Blaine ended Kurt's adorable rambling by pressing his lips gently against his. He could smell Kurt's beautiful scent, taste what was uniquely him, and most importantly, he felt the love that only Kurt felt for him pouring into his soul. He felt lighter than air, lighter than he had felt in his entire life.

When he pulled away, Kurt had a soft smile on his pink, swollen lips. He leaned down a little and pressed his forehead to Blaine's. Blaine reached up and cupped Kurt's cheek in his hand, stroking softly.

"Welcome to Dalton," he whispered, before dragging him in for another passionate kiss.


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