A Rat in a Cage

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."

Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet with Butterfly Wings

He sits at his desk, breathing quietly in barely suppressed rage as Mr. Martin rails at him, his face flushed in a mixture of humiliation and anger. He wants nothing more than to leap up and strangle this asshole with his bare hands, but he fears the consequences, and in his heart, Willard knows that merely strangling his sadistic bastard of a boss will not give him the satisfaction he would get from seeing his rats devour him to the bones. He smiles inwardly at the thought, his eyes gleaming in the harsh light as he allows himself a brief moment of pleasure.

One that is rudely interrupted by Mr. Martin kicking his chair out from underneath him. Willard gasps in shock as he lands on the hard floor with an unpleasant jolt, then feels more rage and humiliation building inside him as his co workers start to laugh, enjoying his misfortune, and he feels like a caged animal, being poked at and humiliated by eager gawkers. He quickly scrambles to his feet; face flushed in righteous indignation, then turns and runs out, unable to bear the laughter and mockery any longer.

Willard walks off down the street, back to the only creatures that he feels any kinship with, and muses balefully on the fact that he is going from one cage to the next.

But soon, he thinks, his Army will be ready, and then, oh, and then-he will break free of his cages.