Oh yes, his face was priceless. I almost said told him that out loud, but I wanted to practice some self control in this situation. I mean, I didn't want to rub it in his face. Okay, I totally did. I was thrown away by him, but I found someone better than him. Someone with a sexy beard and those bright, gorgeous blue eyes. Even the baseball cap looks good on him, while it would look absolutely ridiculous on anyone else. Oh, got a bit off topic didn't I?

Anyway, Luke invited all of us to his house in France over the summer again, and when I say all of us I mean Chaz, Shari, Pat, and I. The thing he didn't know when he invited me because he wanted to "remain friends" was that me and Chaz, Chaz and I, we are together, in just about every sense. We have been dating for a year or so and we just got married without telling anyone. We even talked about having kids the other day!

So, I told Chaz that we should ease into the announcement about us being together. I must not have been that convincing because all he did was nod his head with that stupid, yet extremely hot, mocking grin on his face and say "sure we will honey, sure we will"! Then the next thing I know he is walking off with Luke for a little "chat" and giving away our secret. Not just that we're together, oh no, that's too boring, he also had to go tell him that we are married, which no one knows!

All of a sudden, Luke throws a fit. He has this ugly frowny look on his face that I probably would have found attractive before I was with Chaz. Now I just think he is being aggravating. Jesus, I can live my own life. Just because he gave up something great doesn't mean I have too. He came over to me and was going on and on about how I really hurt his feelings and he was disappointed in me, but he still wanted to be friends. Oh, what a load of absolute crap. All I was thinking about was how great Chaz looked in his bathing suit and how hot sex would be tonight now that all of our secrets are out.

Shari and I had a little chat afterwards and she was totally cool with me and Chaz getting married without her there. Well, she was cool with it when I explained that we were going to have an extravagant party that she could plan and everything. She was jumping up and down and stuff, but I said we could talk later.

"Hey, sweetie." I said as I came behind Chaz, putting my arms around his waist and my chin his shoulder.

He started chuckling as I nuzzled his neck. "Now that was fucking hilarious. Did you see his face? It turned all blotchy and red. That is what happens when you mess with Lizzie Nichols."

"Not Nichols anymore big boy."

"Can we go celebrate now? PLLLEEEAAASSEEE? Lizzie?" Chaz said in a whiny tone as pulled him towards the house to get changed.

"Not yet. We have to go get some Diet Coke, I have been crazing some since we got here." I replied

"Then can we celebrate?" Chaz asked.

"Yep, and we can even work on that baby thing we have been talking about!" I replied cheekily as I dragged my husband along, laughing.