Warning! Crossdressing, lemon

They returned to the inn they stayed at earlier to pass the night before continuing their way to the base. Since the both Hidans had killed all the citizens present at the inn, they could take another night without paying anything. They were going to their rooms when they heard a familiar sound.


They turned around to see the blonde Akatsuki artist, Deidara.

"Blondie bitch? What are you doing here?" White Hidan said with a mocking smile.

"Don't call me like that, I have a name! UN! Leader-sama gave me a solo mission and I wanted to sleep in an inn... Why is everyone dead? Un…" He said as he raised an eyebrow in wonder.

"The Hidans killed them yesterday. We finished our mission and we're going to sleep before we return to the base." Kakuzu explained.

"I'M GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER!" Hidan screamed as he ran to the first bathroom he saw.

"YOU WILL TAKE ALL THE HOT WATER FOR YOURSELF YOU PRICK! UN!" Deidara screamed as he followed him, hoping he could get some hot water too. The two misers and black Hidan looked at them as they rushed for the bathroom.

"Are they always like that?" Kuzu asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah… they only care about bitching at each other... but they're kind of friends anyway." Kakuzu sighed, walking to his room.

In Kakuzu and Hidan's room

Kakuzu removed his cloak, hood, and sat at the table, reading the bingo book, trying to see if there were some bounties they could kill near Suna while Kuzu made ramen for black Hidan so he would stop whining. Kuzu gave a bowl of instant ramen to his lover and sat at the table with two cups of tea, giving one to his double. Kakuzu mumbled his thanks, still looking at his bingo book and occasionally writing something on his map.

They stayed silent for a while, listening to the soft sound of the shower in the next room, until Kakuzu got up his eyes on the bounty hunter in front of him. Kuzu was looking at Kakuzu's map, it didn't look like his world and it reminded him that he was lost in a world he didn't know.

Sure, when Kakuzu looked at his double it was as if he were looking in a mirror. Same red and green eyes, same tan skin, same long dark hair, same scars... but somehow, they were different. They both had scars but for different reasons, they both went to jail but for different reasons and surely Kakuzu didn't live through the same things as Kuzu when he was there.

Kakuzu was a ninja, wearing the traditional pants and the Akatsuki cloak, Kuzu looked more like a Mafioso with his suit and tie. Kakuzu hadn't hesitated to let out his masked heart in the previous battle but Kuzu only used Taijutsu and occasionally his jiongu to immobilize his opponent.

His doubles behavior was rather different, but he knew it was only because of the worlds where they lived and the different roads they'd both taken. However, they were physically similar and one thing continued to bug him...

"You pray to Jashin, don't you?" Kakuzu asked and Kuzu finally looked at him instead of the map.

Confused, he asked: "What?"

"You came back to life just like him." Kakuzu said as he pointed at Hidan.

"I didn't came back to life, Hidan healed me. He's a medic, he heals me often."

Kakuzu frowned. "No he didn't. He just cried over your dead body. You came back to life and I want to know how you did that."

Kuzu was about to reply when... "Black Hidan wants ramen!" The black Jashinist interrupted them.

Kuzu looked at him. "What? Again? Damn, you're the only person I know who eats that much..."

The black priest looked at him, confused. "He wants to spank me? Here?" He doesn't really understand the meaning of 'again'. Kuzu just sighed and gave him more ramen before he resumed talking.

"People cannot come back to life. If I'm still alive, it means that I wasn't dead."

"I didn't feel your chakra. You were dead."

"You really believe that I was dead and I came back to life without Hidan's help?" Kuzu was starting to get irritated.

"I don't know... It's just... weird." Kakuzu said as he looked at the black Hidan.

He was snapped out of his thought when the door opened and the other two Akatsuki members came into the room. He briefly looked at them before he returned to his bingo book but he quickly turned his gaze to the duo who just enter the room.

"I LOST A FUCKING BET!" Hidan shouted before he turned his head to Deidara, who was still laughing. "And if you continue to laugh you fucking bitch, I will fucking rip your guts out!"

"Where the fuck did you find that?" Kakuzu asked, smirking under his mask at the view of his partner wearing a cute black and white house cleaner dress. He specially liked the white half-thigh length stoking and he tilted his head, trying to peek under his skirt in order to see if he was wearing something under it.

"We found it in the maid's room." Deidara replied as he tried to suppress his laugh. The black Hidan didn't really understand the situation but he found it quite funny, he retained himself from laughing because he saw that his double was angry.

"Remind me to not make a bet with you again." Hidan said bitterly.

Deidara ignored his comment and laughed. "Ahah! I told you that you would be so cute in a maids dress!" Before Hidan could reply by insulting the blond, Kuzu stood up and punched the albino priest on the face, making him fall to the floor.

Hidan sat up quickly, a hand on his cheek and looked angrily at the older man.

"What was that for?"

"You're a boy! You cannot dress up like a girl!" He said angrily.

"It's his choice if he wants to look like an idiot." Kakuzu said to his double calmly, but the other man didn't reply, lost in his memories.

"You're such a good boy…" a white light was blinding him. He was wearing a pink dress and sitting on the bed, his head was spinning. What was he doing here? "Look at the camera sweetie…" He clenched his fist at the memories of the day before he cuts himself. "I like it when you look so shy…" The flash blinded him a second and he closed his eyes.

Kakuzu asked, worried: "Are you alright?"

"YES!" Kuzu yelled angrily before leaving the room, followed by the black Hidan.

The taller Akatsuki member ignored them and gave Deidara the "get out of here" look and the blonde bomber quickly returned to his room. He had something much more important to do than bothering with his double or the blonde teen. Kakuzu looked at his partner sitting on the bed. He let his eyes examine the Jashinist from head to toe and decided that he really liked the view.

"You look so cute in that dress, Hidan." Kakuzu said in a lust-filled voice and licked his lips. Oh, the things he could and would do to his sexy priest... just thinking about it was enough to make him hard.

Hidan noticed it and he spreads his legs, a smirk on his face. How he loved the hungry look on Kakuzu's face. The Jashinist started to unbutton the front of his dress but Kakuzu stopped him.

"Don't remove it…" he kissed Hidan gently and made him lie down on the bed. Hidan wrapped his legs around Kakuzu's waist and pulled him into another passionate kiss. The younger man opened his mouth slightly to let Kakuzu's tongue sneak into his mouth, deepening the kiss as they rub their hard members together. When they broke the kiss, they were both panting hard.

Kakuzu knelt between Hidan's legs and started to reattach the buttons Hidan have detached earlier, trying to ignore the obvious erection under the Jashinist skirt.

"What the fuck are you doing? Forget about that damn dress and just take me already!" Hidan said in an annoyed tone as he changed position to sit on top of Kakuzu.

"You should always wear that dress. I like it." Kakuzu said, running his hands under the skirt to grope the albinos firm ass.

Hidan smiled; "Perverted old man."

"Oh really?" Just because he liked to see Hidan in a dress meant that he's was a pervert? Let's see… "Turn around." Kakuzu smirked as Hidan did as he was told, even if he clearly wondered what was going on.

The older man had a firm grip on the priest hips and pulled him until he was able to make his head disappear under the black skirt, driving Hidan own head closer to his erection still confined in his black pants.

Hidan gasps when he felt Kakuzu hot tongue slide along the length of his member, from the tip to the hilt, before he gently kissed and licked his balls. Hidan unconsciously rubbed his cheek against Kakuzu bulge. It's only his third time and he was way too sensitive down here to stay in total control of his heated body.

"Hidan… do it too…" Kakuzu said in a lust-filled voice, his hot breath against Hidan's private part sent shivers down his spine as he tried to register what Kakuzu had just said. His shaky pales hands worked on Kakuzu's pants as the older man continued to gently lick and suck. When Hidan was finally able to free Kakuzu's rock hard member, he gripped it in one hand and stoked it slowly.

He didn't want to take that in his mouth. Damn, Kakuzu pissed with it and he even shove it up his ass yesterday! Kakuzu can feel Hidan's hot breathe against his own member as the younger man pants and moans loudly.

It irritated him to know that those delicious soft lips and a wet hot mouth were inches away from his swollen member, but he couldn't do anything about it… well, maybe he could. He smirked, as Hidan almost yelled in pleasure when he took the Jashinist entire length in his mouth and gulped down, like he was trying to swallow his cum even if the younger man hadn't come yet.

The albino bucked his hips, making Kakuzu deep-throat him but the older man didn't care. Hidan shut his eyes closes tightly and rubbed his cheek against Kakuzu's member again before he decided to try it. He blushed a dark shade of red and shyly stuck his tongue out to lick the side of Kakuzu's erection.

The missing taki-nin moaned when he felt the timid lick on his member, the vibrations in his throat around Hidan's length sent lustful pleasure through the albino's body. Hidan bit his lower lip nervously before he took Kakuzu's weeping head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He winced a little at the salty taste but it's wasn't too bad. He took more into his mouth and started bobbing his head, occasionally dipping his tongue on the sensitive slit.

Hidan blushed when he felt Kakuzu's cheeks-scars scratch between his buttocks and his moans were muffle by his partner's prick in his mouth. The thought of having a cock in his mouth was hard enough to deal with, no way he would lick… lower. Hidan struggled. "Don't do that… it's dirty…"

"It's not, you took a shower."

"I… I know but the act itself is dirty!"

"Shut up, you like it." He said harshly and Hidan moaned, proving Kakuzu's point. Even if Hidan though it was dirty, he also found it terribly exciting.

A lot of pre-cum was leaking out of his head and landing on Kakuzu's collarbone. Having his partner's dick in his mouth and his tongue between his cheek was starting to be a little too much and he felt his orgasm getting closer, his erection twitched in anticipation.

"Ka..Kakuzu…" Hidan moaned as he jerked his hips, trying to rub himself against Kakuzu to get the friction that he desperately needed… but Kakuzu stopped. "Turn around."

Hidan returned to the position he was before and slowly impale himself on Kakuzu, the saliva made it much easier. The bounty hunter sat up and put his arms around Hidan before he pulled him into a hot, wet kiss. He gave him some time to adjust, but we all know that he's not a patient man, especially when it comes to sex.

Kakuzu's gripped Hidan's hips firmly and thrust against him, making both of them moan softly. A light blush on his cheeks, violets eyes clouded with pleasure, his pink soft lips and pale smooth skin… if his partner wasn't so muscular, he would almost look like a girl... and how Kakuzu loved to make his little priest shiver in pleasure, crying out his name again and again.

The larger man picked Hidan up, still holding his hips, and roughly brought him down, earning a deliciously soft moan. He repeated the motion, setting a fast rhythm. He felt the other man shiver in his arms.

"Kaku… gah! Kakuzu!" The Jashinist said between gasps and moans. They both knew what Kakuzu have hit inside Hidan. There are no sign of control left in Hidan anymore, he was just reduced to a moaning, shaky form.

Kakuzu got on top of Hidan and closed his eyes to lick and kiss the younger man's collarbone, holding him closer. The Jashinist threw his leg over Kakuzu's shoulders, allowing him to reach deeper than before. Soon, Kakuzu started to thrust wildly, some hair was stuck on his face covered, their bodies were covered in shin of sweat. His length twitch in anticipation, he was so close… He was still pistoning his long and hard erection inside his partner when he felt the muscles clamp down on his length as Hidan came with a loud moan, staining the front of his black skirt.

The unbearable, sudden tightness, threw him over the edge and he buried himself to the hilt, filling the younger man with his hot sticky seed as he growled. He fell on his lover, exhausted, both trying to catch their breath. "I… love you." Hidan brought him into a passionate kiss before he replied; "I love you too." Kakuzu laid his head on Hidan's chest. "Hidan?"


"If I died, would you cry?"

"Ninjas don't cry…" After a moment of silence, he added: "But I don't think I'd be able to restrain myself from crying, so fuck ninja rules." Hidan gave him another kiss, this time more gentle.


Kuzu ran until he was surrounded by mist. He stopped and looked around him, but he couldn't see anything because the fog was too dense. He felt someone bump into him and turned around just to see his black and white partner.

"Ah... At least I didn't lose you. Damn, where did all this fog come from? There's no fog in the desert..." He said more to himself than to Hidan.

Hidan pointed behind him: "Jashin-sama."

The bounty hunter quickly turned around and saw a dark silhouette in the mist. He tried to hide his lover behind him in a protective way. Sure, if Jashin came into the human world it's only because he wanted something from his follower. No way Kuzu would let Jashin take Hidan away from him.

"What do you want?" He asked, trying to sound confident because after all, Jashin is the God of the suffering and destruction.

The silhouette continued to walk in their direction until they were able to see him. He looked exactly the same as the picture in Hidan's bible.

Jashin smiled at them. "Don't worry; I will not take Hidan away from you."

Kuzu looked at him confusedly: "So... what do you want then? Why did you send us here?"

"I gave you a mission but it didn't work out like I planned. I was forced to act and now, we could say the mission was a success." Jashin explained, but Kuzu didn't understand what he was talking about. When the god saw that the man didn't reply, he sighed and tried to explain clearly:

"You're dead. Hidan asked me to take his life too, because he wanted to join you in the afterlife. I sent you here because I didn't want the second Hidan to die as well. You were supposed to make the other Kakuzu and Hidan friends, because the god of death wants their souls. However she cannot take them if they're together, because Hidan will not let Kakuzu die and Hidan cannot die."

"What? I don't remember dying... What will happen now?" The stitched man asked holding his lover's hand tightly.

"Well, you will follow me to the afterlife. You can't stay here forever and we can't do more that we already have for the other Hidan. If they get separated, Kakuzu will die and Hidan will probably be neutralized. I will think about something to make them return to life in case something like that happens." Jashin smiled and offered his hand to Kuzu.

Kuzu looked at the hand presented before him and looked at Hidan next to him.

"To the afterlife, neh?" he asked Hidan, who smiled. He decided to take Jashin's hand and they disappeared into the mist.


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