The Perfect Neutral Word

By fiorae

Embarrassing wasn't exactly the word Hanson would use to describe the impromptu locking of lips he'd initiated. As his body focused on keeping his eyes hidden safely behind tightly closed flaps of flesh, his mind juggled a few words around in the hopes of finding one that could effectively describe the predicament he was in.

Impulsive? Impulsive was a good one. He had done it the moment the thought came to him. However impulsive seemed to have a rather positive connotation. After all, Judy often dragged him on 'impulsive' shopping trips with nothing but a happy grin on her face. He didn't think the situation was actually a positive thing (though not a negative one either) and so decided to try out another word for fit while unsuccessfully attempting to ignore the soft exhale of a moan that'd come from the other kissing participant.

Reckless? Another good one. He hadn't considered the consequences of his actions when he took action. All he'd thought was that they couldn't let the guys they'd been tailing get a good look at their faces. And that was the very definition of reckless wasn't it? But this word now had too much emphasis on negativity. And as he'd previously thought, the situation was neither a negative or positive thing.

As the car full of suspects zoomed past the alley, Hanson quickly relinquished the other person's lips. He fumbled backwards until he connected with the parallel brick wall, keeping his eyes focused on the fading tail lights of the car that'd just passed. His breath clogged in his throat and he felt a wave of nervousness rise in him. He couldn't look in front of him. He was too afraid of the face he'd see.

"That was … unexpected," Ioki half whispered into the night air. Despite himself, Hanson snapped a mental finger.

Unexpected! The perfect neutral word.

A/N: I'm glad I didn't have to categorize this story by character like I normally would when submitting things. I wanted to keep the identity of the kiss victim a secret twist! This was actually an abandoned attempt at a more lengthy one-shot that I was planning some months ago. But I was never able to get past that last line. So I decided it should make a pretty decent, pointless, mini one-shot. Though I do adore Hanson/Ioki, feel free to turn a blind eye to the slashy bits and just think of Hanson as really dedicated to staying undercover.