Yay its Christmas part 4! Let's see what happens next!

Jason's pov: wow piper's sister was hot. She had a massive ass and medium sized tits and a killer body with legs that went on for days! Now she was asking to have a threesome! Fuck yes! I glanced at piper and didn't hesitate to say yes. Piper seemed to be okay with the idea too. I pulled out of piper and went over to Emily.

"are you sure about this?" I said, "have you ever even had sex?"

"I want it in me." she said half lidded. Then she grabbed my cock and pulled herself closer to me and she rubbed my left peck with her other hand. "I want… ALL… of it in me…"

"wow," piper said, "she's good."

"and I'm not a virgin either! I've fucked before… I think I'm pretty good…"

"I say we give it a shot, Jason. Thinking about threesomes is making me super hot…" said piper.

"okay! Let's get started!" I replied. Emily took off her night gown to reveal only a t-shirt and a shaven pussy and those perfect legs and ass. She went down on me and piper joined after a while. First, she started by pumping my cock a couple of times and then stuck me in her mouth. Piper went to the base of my cock and started kissing up til' she got to the head exactly when Emily started licking down my shaft until she got to my balls she licked them and got them moist first and put both of them in her mouth and sucked for a while. Piper started deepthroating my cock right away. She didn't have any trouble swallowing the whole thing and she was very much into it. It made me so hard! I was close and I yelled out "I think I'm cumming!" and like clockwork piper put her right hand above the base of my member and Emily used her right to grab the top part they jacked me off in sync not missing a beat and then to finish me off, they started licking my head at the same time and when I came, Emily grabbed my dick and pointed it at piper and she opened her mouth and got some of my load in her mouth and all over her face and then she pointed it at her self and I unleashed another load and it got all on her shirt and in her mouth and some in her hair. They both swallowed!

"holy hades that was hot!" Emily yelled.

"that was so much cum! How did you do that?" she added.

"Wanna fuck Jason, emi? And Jason will lick my clit or do you wanna switch?" said piper.

"Yea! I'll fuck first!" she took off her shirt to reveal her bare tits and I ejaculated on piper's thigh by accident.

"sorry…" I said to them both. Piper just scooped the cum up with her finger and ate it.

"nice tits, emi!" said piper… oh my gods she was so hot! Emily got on my cock and yelped at first, which I found really sexy, but she got used to it super quick she rode me for a bit and she was so great! She was rocking piper's bed so that it hit the wall every time! I was moaning and she was yelling "oh fuck! Oh yeah! Ooohhhh it's so ! Oh yes! Feels so good! You like it when I ride you Jason, don't you? Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I came in her and she loved it! I wasn't licking piper's clit, because she decided to rub herself and she wanted me to finish her off. I went up to her and picked her up bridal style and laid her on the bed so that her legs were hanging off the side and I rubbed her pussy with my head running it up and down until I found her g- spot and stuck my self in her. I went slow at first and Emily was fingering herself to the action on a chair for a while until she came up next to me and started making out with me. piper just made little groans and moans and then she said the magic words.

"Fuck me!"

I went, HARD. Whenever she urged me to go harder I went faster and harder than the time before. I don't know where I got all of this energy from, but I'm glad I had it! Oh it was good! She was screaming super loud: " ! OH MY GODS! OH! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YES! RIGHT THERE! … ! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT!"

Soon I began to get tired and started to pull out but she said "NO DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING ME JASON! DO ME HARDER!"

And so I went back to her fucking her with all the strength that I had and soon I was on the edge of cumming.

Pipers pov: Jason fucked me so hard! It felt like heaven… I was almost upset when he started to stop but he went right back to it. I couldn't help but scream at the top of my lungs and soon I was ready to cum! Jason fucked me so hard that after a while I was so relaxed that I was getting tired from being pounded so deep. In a few seconds we came in each other and it was the best experience I've ever had in my life! As soon as it happened I squealed in delight and we layed next to each other both breathing heavily and I said to Jason half lidded "that was great…" and I knocked out…

"And my dick runs deep, so deep, so deep, put her ass to sleep!"


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